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3.3 out of 5 stars69
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2008
I have had my Mr Site website for a while now and have had no major problems and any minor ones were sorted out quickly by their customer support.

It's not a site for those who know how to design sites themselves as there are other avenues that can give those people more options & I don't think Mr Site was ever designed for them. It is however brilliant for those of us who want a web presence on a budget that you can have control over. I turned to Mr Site after having paid a web designer a fancy price for a website, that took ages to materialise and then I had to keep paying them every time I wanted an amendment such as adding new stock! Mr Site has more than paid for itself for what I want and at less than £100 per year for the pro version it was basically set up within 24 hours, I can add stock whenever I want and put up whatever special promotion or links I want to without having to wait ages & pay through the nose for it to be done......yes I have to put my own time into it but adding stock takes minutes whereas with the professionally designed site it was at least days if not weeks before it was done in which time I could have been selling the stock.

A website can also look slick if it's just a simple site that you want providing you stay with a classic simple style template.

The problems seem to arise (talking to other users) when more experienced designers add extra features or already have artwork for logos as Mr Site is designed as a cheap website presence for those of us who know little or nothing about web design.

Other reviewers are right in that you can't back up the website but then I paste copies of each page into word documents & keep records of the options I used when setting up so incase I make a hash of something I can just copy the pages back in which I am prepared to expend the time to do because it is a cheap website presence that gives me control even with my limited level of computer knowledge.

I wholeheartedly recommend it as a first step at web pesence for those who don't know about web design & ideal for community groups,bands,event organisers and individual artists & photographers who need a basic portfolio showcase to direct customers to.

Great value for money!
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on 6 September 2011
On the face of it this product looks good but is in fact mediocre at best. But that's fine and will do a job for many users. The real problem is in dealing with the company, the support site would need to improve greatly in order to be pathetic. I had the smaller package previously in order to dip my toe in the web and find out what I really needed. My first site was pretty awful so I abandoned the site and chose to start again this year with the bigger Pro version on offer here at Amazon. Just activating the site was a nightmare as they would not release my domain name for use with this site.(I have owned the name prior to being involved with mr site) There was not a particular issue, it was just impossible to get anyone to understand by email (either they were extremely thick or didn't have an adequate grasp of the English language) we just went round in circles until I phoned the premium phone rate help line. Once I was able to get him to understand the problem he fixed it in seconds and I happily activated my site. For the next 3 weeks I tried in vain to set up the site, came to the conclusion I was too stupid, and asked someone for help. They also had problems, checked to see what was active on the web and discovered that the site didn't exist. I informed Mr site and they sorted it out instantly and made the site active on the web. As I had wasted 1 month of my subscription because of something they had failed to do I requested that the timer be reset to twelve months from the time they rectified their error. Many comically ridiculuous emails later, I have been informed that they will not give me the full 12 months to which I am entitled.

From all the correspondance I have the overwhelming feeling that this is not the sort of company I would ever deal with had I met them face to face. I simply do not trust them.
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on 29 March 2009
MrSite Pro offers an easy way for a small business to get into the world of online shopping. It has many useful features, particularly the ease at which stock can be removed and added. The "Word" style interface for inputing data is particularly welcome and easy to use.

Site boosting tools for search engines are very useful in placing you at the top of the pile for shoppers searches.

The only major drawbacks I have found with MrSite Pro are the tie into Paypal and the MRSite postage system. With MrSite Pro only using Paypal which seems very expensive to use, the MRSite Pro owner is somewhat limited for payment options, it would have been better to also offer direct tie in's with payment gateways such as Visa, rather than having to go through a middle man such as Paypal. The Postage system is fine but lacks flexibility, you have a set amount for each item or a final cost this is fine but doesn't allow for deals and flexibility.

Otherwise MRSite Pro is highly recommended for the small business user and can save your thousands on having a website created.
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on 29 January 2009
Having had no experience with web designing before buying this i was a little nervous, but after a few hours tinkering i had actually produced a simple and reasonable website for my new business. I have noticed people reviewing saying that the cheaper Mr Site Packages may be better value, i do not agree, Mr Site Pro has the site optimization facility which enables you to get the site registered with Google & Yahoo to name a few. Once i had learnt about keyword placement and meta tags i actually managed to get my company on the first page on Google and 1st line 1st page on yahoo this has given me a huge advantage over other companies in my area all for £70.00 my previous place of employment paid hundreds for that privelage, obviously it is going to depend on your keywords but all in all i would recommend this package over the others if you want your site high up on the search engines
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VINE VOICEon 25 April 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've looked at a few website creation packages now, and this is my least favourite. The basics are definitely there, but the finesse isn't. The website creation options are frustratingly rudimentary and the resultant pages feel underwhelmingly antiquated in style and execution. The blurb boasts about how simple it is to create an online store, but managing this is possibly one of the most cumbersome and infuriating elements the package has to offer. It creaks along and hangs often enough to make you think your system has been paralysed. All in all, a poor offering and one best overlooked.
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on 22 September 2010
I read the reviews on here before purchasing Mr Site Pro and thought them generally favourable. I decided to give it a go.

I'm sorry to say that I just don't rate it highly at all.

I had high hopes when I first started putting my Mr Site website together. But things started to niggle as I went along. The main problem for me was the speed (or lack of it) when adding things to the store. It may be okay if you only want to sell a handfull of items but not if you want to list lots and lots of items. It seems to take forever to save just one item to the store. Tedious is a word that springs to mind. Think back to those days of listing on ebay with dial-up, when everything is running slow and you get the picture.
Even then, it wouldn't be so bad if, when you've spent an hour listing items and you click to save the store, there wasn't a message saying 'oops you've forgotten something. Please check your item has a name and price and that all numerical fields have numbers. No letters allowed' So, after checking all the items, you click to save again and get the same message!! Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I don't know but it's head pounding on the desk time as you realise you've wasted your time.

If you can get around these problems (maybe there's a reason it didn't work well for me) then the functions on offer from Mr Site are very good value for the money. The express checkout is excellent and the whole site building set up is generally easy to use.
When I did finally get a few products listed, they looked fairly well presented too. But I just ran out of patience after a few days (managing to list half a dozen items) and gave up before all my hair was pulled out.
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on 5 February 2011
Just wanted to create a very simple website to advertise my computer repair business. Obvously for this price i wasnt expecting anything out of this world.

I'am in no way website/html/program savvy, hence i brought this package, but I'am experienced with using a computer.

The software is easy to use, and as advertised i was able to create a simple website in a couple of hours.

Since then I have struggled to achieve anything with it and have an unusuable website.

The main problem being when you spend 30 mins making changes to your website and then save and publish them to the net the changes don't take affect. Want to change the background on your website? Wait 2 hours and see if it worked. Want to change the font on page 1? change,save, publish and then wait 24 hours and maybe half of the page has changed....

As i said i wasnt expecting rocket science, but this software fails on the basics.

Unfortunatly i'am now stuck with a domain name which is on all my advertising, business cards etc... that is not up and running. So the choice is ditch mr site and waste even more money getting new cards, flyers etc.. or carrying on with this unusuable product ???????

I generally don't write reviews, but wanted to warn people what might happen if they buy this product.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 June 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I bought this with a mind to use it to set up a simple website for my village residents association. I've recently moved here and have managed to get involved with them and as none of them are technically-minded I wanted to give them something hassle-free that would look decent but be cheap and easy to maintain. After about half an hour of using the Mr Site service I realised I'd made a mistake and that this wasn't going to be the solution.

There are a few good points. The inclusion of the domain name helps out. And the step-by-step creation of a site is reasonably simple if a bit on the troubled side, so for anyone who wants to get a very simple web site set up without paying for a professional website then this will work. Just about. However it is worth bearing in mind that there may be better routes to go down.

If you want to do anything slightly above the basics with this site then you are going to have a hard time. The templates are pretty poor, not looking very good and like any aspect of business the web is as much about having an appealing shopfront as the high street. The look and feel you get from these sites is not going to blow anyone away. Fine you might say, I don't want to win any awards for design. However what you will want to do is easily and quickly make changes to your site to keep it relevant and useful. And from my experience Mr Site does neither. I found it either fell over or just wouldn't plain log me in a number of times, and when it did it often refused to apply changes or just threw the toys out of the pram and went home. So for my mind this is a product that neither looks particularly good nor is easy to use for the beginner. If I had been relying on this as my web solution and had no knowledge of other options I'd have been extremely upset.

My advice is to give this a miss unless you really do just want a fairly unspectacular and rarely updated website then you could get away with this. For the £[] it is now on sale for it is probably just about worth it. Just have a think about how professional a site you want to have and if the web is going to be a big thing for your business or personal use then investigate other options and spend that bit more on it.
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on 24 June 2012
I have used Mr Site Professional for my business for several years and using it's SEO tools it has allowed us to achieve a page 1 ranking with Google for many of our products and services.

My reason for leaving this review is as a warning to new buyers!

The renewal fee has risen again and is now £105 per year!

Make sure you will be happy to pay the increased renewal fee in 12 months time because it rises every year well above inflation:(

This means that next year you will probably be paying around £30 more than you bought it for today!
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on 21 July 2009
I bought this product to build my own web site to my own design and cost.
It is reasonably easy to understand and I set my site up complete with 6 pages including shopping trolly access with paypal in 1 hour.
It is best to read book first before registering this so as to get everything ready first and not loose any valuable time routing round in fustration when the book explains what you need and how to do it first.
I only experienced 1 problem and sent an e-mail to mrsite this was done and problem resolved effeciently within 24 hours
I would highly recommend this product to anybody who wants to build there own site at a very reasonable cost.
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