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3.7 out of 5 stars120
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 21 December 2008
Kenwood Multi-Pro Libra FP950 Food Processor

I chose Kenwood because I have previously had a Kenwood food processor, which lasted at least 25 years and a food mixer that is still going strong after 30 years. This model FP 950 multipro Libra is also recommended by Good Housekeeping.
There are lots of attachments with this model and it seems to do everything. If you do not need all the functions, one of the simpler models would suffice, but if you enjoy doing lots of cooking - this machine is ideal. You will need somewhere to store all the attachments, but the processor itself looks very stylish and I am happy to keep it out on the worktop.
The weighing scales are handy as you can zero it and add further ingredients to the bowl or you can put the weigh plate on and just use the scales.
The rasping disc grates Parmesan really well; I have squeezed oranges, juiced apples, chopped nuts and grated vegetables. There are two sizes of feeder tube, so you can feed one carrot down the smaller tube and it doesn't fall to the side. The mini processor bowl is also useful for smaller quantities. I haven't tried the dough hook or the twin beater geared whisk yet, but I have only had it a few days. The mill and the liquidiser are both thick glass and together with the metal base of the machine, it appears to be a sturdy machine that is built to last.
Amazon delivered the food processor so quickly, even though it was ordered close to Christmas - very good service and good value.
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on 8 November 2010
This is only my second food processor and I purchased it because it was recommended by Good Housekeeping, was on sale and does indeed look fab on my kitchen counter! I use it mainly to start bread dough, making pesto sauces, chopping herbs, vegetables, grinding nuts and seeds. I have not used the juice extractors. The intergrated scale is a nice bonus.

So far, I have found that the bases (which connect to the blender and grinder) are very poorly designed. Firstly, the plastic is smooth and difficult to twist on and off the hefty glass containers; my husband always has to do it for me and he struggles! Secondly, the rubber sealer on one is already slightly damaged because when grinding nuts or coffee, the blade base has to fit over the glass up-side-down and the rubber keeps falling off or getting stuck in the blades. I find it somewhat odd that both bases are exactly the same but not interchangeable (according to other reviewers) so am always having to make sure I don't mix them up or risk breaking the things. The nut chopper / coffee grinder is very tiny and I need to make several batches. My older cheaper Philips model takes almost double the amount and processes in half the time!

The spindle that fits onto the base of the food processor always falls off when removing the bowl and makes a mess all over the place. This happens when soft foods make their way up through the blade attachment and enter the hole at the top and ooze down the middle.

When making bread dough, I have to remove it while it is still soft and sticky otherwise the machine starts wobbling and threatening to jump off the kitchen counter.

On the plus side, I put everything except the blades and motor into the dishwasher and have had no problems at all. This machine does the job and the price is quite reasonable, but don't expect state-of-the-art technology here!

Update 6 January 2012

Since publishing this review I feel the need to deduct another star from my original 3 star rating! Just over a year old this machine is already falling appart : the flimsy click&lock notches of the plastic blender base snapped off and it's now useless, the rubber circle to seal the glass mill when connecting to the base if almost in shreds and the handle of the main bowl keeps coming off! We have glued it back on a few times but the pressure required to lock the bowl into the base means the handle is constantly being pulled back and forth. I am now looking to buy a replacement (anything but Kenwood) foodprocessor and try to sell this one for spares! My advice is to avoid this machine if you are a serious cook and need a reliable piece of equipment, this is not it!!! I cannot believe GH gave this their stamp of approval?!
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on 9 May 2010
After doing lots of research on different food processors, I opted for the Multipro 950, as I liked the fact that it has built in weighing scales. I'm really happy with my purchase - it's a great machine. I keep it out on the worktop and have used it every day since I got it. I use it for chopping onions and tomatoes for a quick pasta sauce, I use the dough blade for kneading bread, I do cake and biscuit mixes in it, I whizz up smoothies and soups in the blender attachment and use the centrifugal juice attachment for apple and carrot juices.

The built in scales are a godsend and make it very easy for weighing out cake and bread ingredients etc and saves on the washing up. The blender attachment is a good-sized glass jug and I've now done away with my old scales and liquidizer and have much more room in my kitchen.

The only problem, which I've read in other reviews, is the central spindle, which tends to come off when you lift the main jug, and then goes flying across the kitchen floor. Luckily it hasn't broken.

All in all, however, an excellent addition to my kitchen and I would recommend it.
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on 19 December 2008
I love this food processor. I spent quite a lot of time exploring the alternatives before making a purchase and am really happy with the decision I made. The blades are really sharp and care is certainly needed while washing them. I find this quite easy to clean. There are so many attachments and accessories that they are bulky to store and don't all fit neatly inside the machine when it is not in use. Initially I had a problem with the liquidiser goblet leaking and I exchanged it for another one. I have read that others have had this problem too, so it is worth checking when the package first arrives.
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on 20 January 2010
This food processor does everything I want and more, I love it, I've made pasta, cakes, juice, pastry, cut vegetables, and only had it 4 weeks! There is one annoying thing though, every time I lift the jug off the base the piece that goes up the middle to turn the blade around goes flying across the kitchen, I am concerned that eventually it's going to break.
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on 11 July 2008
I needed a food processor fast as my old one had broken and the need to make baby food was approaching and so bought this one very quickly without knowing anything about it. It was definitely the right decision. It does everything I need and some things that I may never need but are quite useful to know they are there. I now use it on a daily basis to chop up all the veg for dinner (which I used to hate), making pastry in minutes, making baby food in the mini bowl, grating cheese, weighing ingredients, blending smoothies etc etc. I have not yet used any of the juicing functionality but all the rest seems to work brilliantly.

On the down side there are an awful lot of bits and pieces to store so you'll definitely need a spare shelf in a kitchen cupboard (it took me nearly half an hour to unpack and wash everything when I first got it). Also the processor can wobble a bit when it is on a high setting or there is something heavy in it but it is easily steadied. I've also heard that the whisks can be a little fragile but I haven't had a problem if I start it on a low setting first and build up.

Otherwise, I am yet to have a problem. This is a fantastic bit of kit and great for anyone who likes cooking or baking and exploring new recipes etc. as the Kenwood can cope with most things and takes away the mundane side of food prep. However, if you're limited for storage or will only use a few of the attachments then you're probably better off with something with a lower spec.
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on 3 September 2012
The general quality and build of the processor is good. However, there are few things which really disappointed me.

1. the blades for grinder (mill) and the blender are to be shared. After having spent £120 (originally £240)on a high-end food processor, i would expect the grinder (mill) to have its own blades. Also, its very inconvenient to remove the blade portion from the blender to the grinder.

2. This may be a specific issue with the one i bought, but when I poured in milk to make a smoothie in the blender, it started to leak from the blade portion. So, i can't use either the blender or the mill.

3. When i tried to return the item, the Yodel service couldn't be more pathetic. The driver did not arrive to collect the parcel and i had to reschedule the collection twice. And the customer service was a sham. they told me that driver came over and dropped in a card that he missed us. That was a total lie. there was no card in my mailbox, nor did anyone knock on my door.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the entire experience! I have bought tons of stuff from Amazon before but never had to go through such a pain before.

Overall, the food processor itself was extremely pricy for very few features.
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on 30 May 2013
I bought this processor to replace a Braun one that I had owned for about twenty years, and used daily. My kitchen scales had broken and I thought the integral scales would be great. I gave my Braun processor to my daughter and it is still going strong, I wish I had kept it.

First the centre spindle - it is most irritating. You have to jiggle the blades to get them on and then the darned thing falls off when you remove the bowl.
The small blender is great for many things, but I have no idea how you are supposed to get the lid on to it without dislodging the silicon ring between the base and the top, the ring is constantly dropping inside and being shredded.

My blender blade got stress fractures where the blade joined the centre, I have no idea why. When I spoke to customer support they had no idea either and tried to suggest I was misusing the machine in some way. Doing what i have no idea. They did eventually agree to replace it as a gesture of goodwill as it was out of warranty.

However, after five or so years use this processor began to slow down and get very hot when used. I spoke to customer support as no one locally will mend Kenwoods. There are only limited repairers who will repair them, so be prepared to travel to find one,I have to drive 30 miles to mine! I drove the 30 miles to have mine looked at and they charged me £20 just for looking. They could find nothing wrong and returned the machine to me minus it's little pushing insert in the lid, which they had lost. They promised to post me a replacement but have not done so. They had spoken to Kenwood who told them that I must be making my mixes to wet as the mixes were also travelling up the tube and swamping the entire mixer, or too dry as it was slowing the machine down.

Two weeks on the machine has just stopped. The scales work fine, but it no longer mixes at all. I will try the 30 mile drive to the mender on Saturday and when I get there maybe they wont charge me a second £20 to look at it and maybe they will have found my push lid.

I wouldn't really recommend this processor. If you have problems the customer care is appalling, you get a lot of extras you are unlikely to use and which will take up space in cupboards and the build is not great. Maybe I will email this review to Kenwood and they will take note but somehow I am not sure that they really care.

Edited: I sent the review to Kenwood who followed up with an email to say that they would respond within 48 hours. They have never responded at all. No surprise there. I did in fact take the mixer back tot he repair shop, and they tried to charge me for a new bowl and lid as the lid click closure on the lid had broken. I said not and collected only it to discover when I next went to use it, that they had kept the centre spindle. Now the thing is completely useless. I will never, ever buy anything from Kenwood again.
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on 31 January 2011
Some of the observations in this review apply also to other Kenwood food processors sharing the same architecture, such as the Kenwood FP730 Multi Pro Food Processor (White).

The spec sheet is impressive, but in real life, the product does not stand up to real use. It's as if the engineer who designed these had never actually bothered trying one out. Disappointing for a name such as Kenwood.

1) Basic functions:
- The quality of the attachments is not great
- The combinations in which they can be used is surprisingly restricted -- for example, inthe FP 950, you get 2 bowls (fitting inside each otehr) but (a) you will still dirty the large bowl when using the small one and (b) you can only use the small one with 1 blade. A simple detail would have enabled to use the small bowl for slicing/shredding/julienne.
- The attachments are not smart: the juicer, for example, requires to have the motor on while holding the fruit. There is no "clutch" like in all 20 Euro juicers, to put the attachment in motion when pressing the fruit. Designing such a clutch would take me about 15 minutes, wonder why Kenwood didn't bother.
- The scales are too slow and the resolution (2g) is too coarse. A 14 Euro scales "made in China" does a better job.
- There are design flaws of a magnitude that in the US would justify a class action. For example, when making dough, the mixture rises inside the accessory, down the motor spindle and ... onto the base unit. Putting additional strain on the motor. When you slice a carrot (or a mushroom, or an onion...), the last "chunk" won't be cut because it's not held in place in front of the blade. So you get 90% or correcltly sliced vegetables or mushrooms, and 10% of "large chunks" that you have to finish by hand using a classic Sabatier knife.

2) Bonus functions
- The grinder and the liquidiser are the same attachment -- which means they do neither job particularly well. The only barrier to leaking is a rubber joint, which gets damaged and worn out on each use.
- I haven't tried the centrifugal juicer yet
- Storing the attachments is messy -- an ugly container is provided (KenStore?) but for example there are three slicing discs, but only space for 2 in the kenstore. Again, a case of the designer not having thought through how the product was gong to be shipped.
- Aren't you bored yet?

In summary? Not my greatest kitchen purchase ...
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on 18 May 2010
I trawled through many reviews online while searching for a new food processor for my mother. The majority of the reviews for this machine were glowing and although a few negative comments were bugging me, my mum had always used Kenwood so I opted for this machine.

The machine comes with many attachments - however the quality of these attachments is abysmal. Most of the attachments require a separate plastic spindle to connect with the motor. Other than the fact this spindle falls in to the bowl when removing the attachment, the poor design means that connecting parts of the spindle and the attachment are seldom aligned, resulting in the cheap plastic becoming distorted.

On most occasions this is simply inconvenient because the attachments get stuck, however, when using the blade attachment this can cause serious injury because it becomes so difficult to remove - which is exactly what happened to my mother who is an experienced cook.

Kenwood have attempted to overcome this serious design flaw by including ridiculous limitations to what the machine can be used for and how it must be cleaned. For example the instructions say the whisk attachment must not be "immersed" in water and simply wiped down. I don't know if Kenwood have ever tried whisking anything but food residue gets everywhere and it is almost impossible to clean without immersing in water. The options then are: food poisoning from all the food left on the attachment or invalidating the warranty by washing it.

There are many other ridiculous "exclusions" and warnings about how to use the machine which means it is unsuitable (and dangerous) for anything but very basic and occasional use - completely contradicting the marketing which positions it as a "professional quality, high end machine".

The idea's are great (like the inbuilt weighing scales) but it's let down by very poor build quality and even poorer customer service who start quoting paragraphs from the manual and then refer you to their legal team!

Very disappointing and the majority of the reviews seem to be from marketing staff pretending to be customers.
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