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4.2 out of 5 stars18
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2008
After owning the original Medal of Honor Heroes and loving every minute of it, I had high expectations for the follow up. Sadly Medal of Honor Heroes 2 falls short in every aspect.

The main part of the game is the single player campaign, but it is incredibly short. There is some replay value i guess for getting new costumes for online, however as the missions themself aren't as fun or imaginative as the first game. This is because there is not much variety to them at all, and the route through the level is very linear, in comparison to the original where there were more places to look around for medipacks etc. In my opinion the biggest letdown MOHH2 is the AI. They are not hard to kill, and on the harder settings they put in more enemies rather than making their shots more accurate, and this is just frustrating.

There is a good online mode in this game. Medal of Honor for PSP still gets around 100-200 players playing online, with up to 32 in one game, so as long as you join a popular game there is strong gameplay. However the online maps are the same used in the single player which I think is just lazy. It worked well for the original as the maps were more suited towards multiplayer anyway, but here it just isn't right, and there are only 7 maps anyway. In the lobby you'll see common gametypes like Capture The Flag and Team Deathmatch. Deathmatches work well on any level like before, but Capture The Flag and Domination really depend on the map, however none excel at these tactical gametypes like Medal of Honor Heroes 1 did.

There is also another thing missing in the game- Skirmish Mode. This was so much fun in the first game, where you would choose a map and weapon and get straight into a free for all game against computer opponents. This was quick action perfect for the PSP, so why leave it out??? It's a very strange ommission, and I feel for people who don't have online as without skirmish there really isn't much else to do.

The weapons in MOHH2 are the same as the first game, but this is no surprise as they are great anyway. The snipers work better too. There is good variety in the weapons, and something for everyone. However in online there are weapons that just won't do any good, like the Thompson machine gun, reliable in campaign but unplayable against other people with shotguns. The control system is the same as the original, but again this worked surprisingly well and it doesn't feel like you need a second analog stick at all. L button to scope, R to fire and the face buttons to aim.

So to conclude, Medal Of Honor Heroes 2 has nothing new to offer. It's impossible not to compare it to the first game as that was revolutionary and the best shooter for the system by far. Here the campaign is uninspired and way too short, Skirmish mode is missing, and the maps are boring. Online again is very good and runs smoothly even with 30 players in a game, but the game still doesn't give enough value at £30 when you can get the much better original for half that. I suggest Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow instead if you want lots of action with a long missions.
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on 3 April 2008
If you're a fan of the genre and like a good PSP FPS then, let's face it, you're probably going to buy this game anyway. If you are undecided and don't own the orginal then please buy MOH1; cheaper, much more in the gameplay and more extras. MOH2 is good, the graphics are slick, the sound effects will have you ducking your head to avoid incoming and you will have probably around 8-14 hours of gameplay before you reach the last level. Incidentally, the previous reviewer is absolutely right. The last level is a variation on the 'Get out of the building before it blows up' against the clock theme and is probably the most frustrating, infuriating and annoying thing to hit a computer since those ZX Spectrum tapes which used to make a screeching noise while loading. Simply impossible to complete without anger manangement classes. Other than that, not bad. There are better but if you've got more money than time to look around why not?
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on 13 August 2008
This game will keep you busy for hours to try and complate it. Its a great game to play. Theres nothing like getting killed, trying again and shooting the hell out of the nazi soldier for revenge. Pistols, Grenades, snipers, AK47, machine gun, Thompson, loads to choose from.

The only bad things are it only takes a few hours to complete and some times the soldiers freeze and dont move which forces you to carry as a lone soldier. They catch up later on. It didnt really effect me so it isnt a major thing to worry about.

Great game to play, great shooter. Must buy.
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on 4 January 2011
I happen to have this game for the Wii. And although I loved the graphics and the storyline, I hated the Wii's controls. I got it free with my PSP, and I may say its superior to the Wii version in many ways. The PSPs controls are not exactly superb, but they're good enough for this game. You can't complain at them. I think the graphics come close, if they're not a par, with the Wii version.

I was pleasantly surprised by this game. I thought the graphics were fantastic. The levels are very linear, and the game is very short, but for a casual gamer like me that suited me down to the ground. Even if you find the main campaign too small, the multiplayer is incredible! With maps with up to 32 players, there's plenty of deathmath mayhem to be had. As well as team deathmatch, capture the flag etc.

The AI isn't great. They will hover in the same spot sending hails of machine gun fire your way. Thats about the extent of the enemy intelligence.

I'd say this game succeeds very well in bringing the medal of honour series to the small screen. It may not have all the bells and whistles of the big console games, but its a great little FPS to pass the time of day with. And I'd heartily recommend it to everyone.
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on 6 July 2009
it's a brilliant game a good game for call of duty lovers but whatever you do don't by it in france unless you're fluent in french anyway you're a man on campaigns and there is easy , medium , hard i did hard and it seriously is really hard anyway overall a really good game
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on 11 November 2009
this is such a good game for the psp, i haven't played the games that this predceded but am sure that they were not as good as the others, sure the graphics might not be amazing but are exceptional for a psp and you have to take this into account.

the campaign is excellent and took me quite a while to complete and is a great game to be playing whilst in the car as the hpurs just fly by.

the guns are very good and the sights are very good and useful

overall this game gets 5/5 from me as it is a great quality game not just for the psp but also a great game in general

if you are thinking about this game buy it
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on 26 February 2009
This game has amazing graphics and is one of the best 1st person shoot em ups on the PSP! I love it!
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on 2 July 2012
The game is a good one. The graphics aren't bad at all. Though I haven't played medal of honor before, I have to comment that I noticed some 'missing' things. Such as you can't climb most obstacles and there is much less in terms of physical contact/engagement that other games provide. However, the story line is ok and there's enough to keep one occupied.
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on 13 May 2013
Great game for the PSP, showing the old handheld can produce a Medal of Honor game worthy of higher spec consoles.

Wonderfully realised ww2 environments, pretty amazing graphics for a handheld and really in depth gameplay. More solo missions than the first Heroes game which I prefer. Just wish I wasn't stuck near the end!
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2008
After enjoying the original medal of Honor Heroes, I couldn't wait to have a go on this.
The gameply is much the same as on the original, challenging and fun. There is a good variety of levels to play through, but my only complaint is that they aren't linked to real campaignes like in all other Medal of Honor Games. Even so they are still enjoyable.
The graphics aren't too bad either and serve their purpose well. The main reason for the 4 star rating is that there is no auto aim. Call of Duty roads to victory makes great use of the auto aim feature making the gameplay more enjoyable and challenging.
But I'd reccomend this as one of the better PSP FPS.
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