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4.4 out of 5 stars1,213
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2008
This is the updated version of the Pure battery pack, first available at the start of December 2007. I am using it with a Pure One radio.
It is a package the same size as 6 C type batteries, with a short cable and connector at one end. You plug the connector into a mating connector inside the battery space at the back of the radio, then fit the battery pack into the battery space. This is easy to do. Once fitted, the radio operates with or without mains power being connected. Whenever power is connected, the battery pack charges up and the radio operates from mains power.
The instructions recommend a 24 hour charge initially, which I did though the indicator suggested it was fully charged long before that.
In use I found it lasted for about 20 hours before the radio died. The indicator sits at 4 bars for most of this time then drops off quickly. From the drained state it took about 10 hours to charge again. However, I find it easier to keep the charger at my bedside and plug the radio in each night, so it does not normally fully discharge. This way, it is fully charged by morning and can be used anywhere in the house during the day for as long as needed, without running out of power.
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on 9 January 2008
After having replaced normal batteries a number of times, I bought this item. I also tried some of those cheap batteries from the £1 shop - lasted less than an hr (don't bother buying)!

I am pleased with the item, however potential buyers might like to know........

1. Once the product starts to loose its charge, it can run flat in a short space of time. I recon from three bars on the radio charge indicator to the radio ceasing to work was about 25mins. This can be a pain, so I now make sure that it is connected to the mains every couple of days...not a great problem, but buyers should be aware that the battery pack can loose its charge quickley, like its smaller re-chargeable battery brothers.

2. (Update April 2009) When coonnected to the mains, the unit only appears to charge when down to "one bar". I had originally thought there was a problem, as connecting to the mains when only partially discharged did not initiate charging. Having used now for over a year, I understand more how the product works.

Would I buy the item again - yes.
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VINE VOICEon 28 December 2007
This battery is compatible with the Pure Evoke 1S radio , it is expensive but lasts for a long time ( I had it for 2 weeks and so far no need to re charge ).

You might need to order from the pure evoke company directly as it seems to be a shortage at present.

It is fiddly to fit in but there is no need to remove the battery to charge it , just plug the radio the power supply and will recharge quickly.

I wish the radio had one of these fitted to reduce the price a bit.
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on 15 September 2008
I have owned the previous version (C6X) of the chargepak for around 2 years. Currently it gives around 15 minutes of play before it dies. When I called Pure's customer helpline, I explained that the product was out of warranty and that I appreciated that I would not be refunded. However, the lady who answered was quite defensive and explained that, as the product has a one year guarantee, Pure expect it to last only around 12 months. If this is so, then £30 seems a lot to pay for occasional use away from the mains in one year.

My experience of rechargeable batteries is generally far better - mobile phones, digital cameras and multi-purpose rechargeable batteries. I feel that there must be something wrong with the chargepak if Pure have such low expectations regarding its lifetime. I also have a Pure Oasis which has given many years of excellent performance under recharging. Maybe the chargepak unit is unsuitable for the Evoke 3 in which I use it. The lady at Pure would not give me any information as to whether they had any issues with the unit, or whether other customers had cause to complain.

I was informed that Pure have upgraded the C6X to the current C6L unit. When I asked, the lady at Pure said that this unit too was expected to have an approximate life of one year.

I consider the chargepak to be an expensive waste of money and, judging from the above conversation with Pure, a product designed to last only one year.
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on 9 December 2009
I find it difficult to understand why some reviewers have found it so dificult to fit this item. Please believe me that I am not trying to appear "smart". Yes, it could be better designed but it took me less than two minutes to fit and required no special tools. The connector is perfectly adequate and the pins wont bend if the connector is aligned properly before it is pushed into place. The operation just needs a bit of patience and some thought about what you are doing.

The following technique worked for me: Place the radio face down on the lap or a firm surface with the battery compartment open. Hold the battery pack horizontally just above the battery compartment using one hand. With the other hand, bend the connecting cable vertically downwards and bend the connector end of the cable back to the horizontal again (away from the battery) so that the cable forms a "Z" shape. The cable will stay in this shape and it is easy to hold the battery in one hand and align the plug correctly against the pins on the connector in the radio. Unless you have large fingers (in which case use a small flat screw driver blade or similar) push the plug firmly into place on the connector using a finger tip from your free hand. This does not require undue force. Finally, twist the cable into place so that it forms a neat loop between the end of the battery and the radio. I had no difficulty getting the lid of the battery compartment to slide back in place.

So why only 4 stars? Because the battery pack should be included as part of the radio, not an additional item. Overall, the battery pack has made using the radio far more flexible for me and I would recommend it. The signal level is not very good in some parts of our house and the battery pack makes it really easy to move the radio about to find a suitable location with a reasonable signal level.

I have been using it for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be maintaining charge well.
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on 18 December 2009
I've owned one of these for almost 18 months. Had to reset my radio today, so removed the battery pack and was shocked to find the cell had expanded so much that its completely deformed the plastic case. I'm not going to be putting it back into the radio because I'm worried that it's unsafe. Very poor - rechargeable packs should last longer than this.
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on 3 December 2007
An excellent, efficient and certainly less expensive method of running a
truly portable radio. Operates like a dream.
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on 21 May 2009
I don't usually write reviews but I have to say that I was so unimpressed with the battery life of my first chargepak that I feel compelled to tell everybody else how bad it is. I too phoned the lady at Evoke and she was similarly defensive saying that you should expect a year's worth of life out of it...! That's pretty bad by today's rechargeable technology standards. I actually thought the battery was faulty when it first started 'paking' in (couldn't resist the pun)...

My Evoke 2xt is great, shame about the battery... When technology is this bad you've just got to say something...
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on 7 January 2009
Buy carefully if you have a cold house! Got this at Christmas to go with a Pure One. Couldn't get it to charge - it was as though there was a connector problem, the charging icon wouldn't come on except momentarly and by the time you got the battery compartment closed it was off again. So - got a replacement, same problem. Found a blog suggesting that it might be ambient temperature related. The weather has certainly been very cold of late and I'm too mean to turn the heating up. Seems its operating (ie charging) range is 15-45 deg C. Tried a few experiments in a warmer than average room and got it to charge OK.
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on 3 May 2009
Well seems everone is having the same problems with origional charge pak. I invested in the evoke 3 when it first came out along with the battery pack, works as you would expect at first, but closer to 12 months reduces work time rapidly to only minutes and even seconds. havings dimantled this product,(being a qualified electronic engineer)found a suspect circuit board more fitting for a calculator, not a battery pack. well lets draw our own conclusions then. As pure cant or wont explain. I think I will buy separate rechargeable cells and charger as it will be a lot cheaper and last a lot longer, although very inconvenient.. bad move pure. the word tax comes to mind.
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