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4.2 out of 5 stars117
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2011
Having had to push an electric bike several kiles with a flat rear tyre, I was keen to avoid a re-occurence. With 40Kg of batteries and me at 100Kg, plus the occasional 15Kg+ of groceries I have not had to put in so much as a breath of air in over 12 months. True the tyres have kevlar in them but I beleive the Green Slime has also played its part. I have also found it is still possible to deflate the tyre with the GS installed.
Used as a prevention rather than a cure, GS does its job well.
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on 30 August 2010
I bought some slime for my bike, but it did not work on my narrow valves - so I used it when my lawn mower had a puncture (I have had loads as we have a hawthorn hedge) - it worked a treat and is still going strong after the summer. Be careful what size you get and how you use it - read the label - it says spin the wheel after filling.
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This bottle contains 237ml of green 'Slime' to pump into bike, wheelbarrow or scooter inner tubes to repair small punctures on the tread as soon as they occur.

As someone who likes to cycle along canal towpaths and other rough ground as well as roads, I consider it essential. I've used it in my bike tyres for years and if I should accidentally ride over a thorn then Slime quickly seals it from within the tube without having to embark upon the tedious process of a fiddly roadside repair. In fact, since using it, I haven't had a single puncture at all.

It's easy to apply, simply remove the tyre valve using the tool in the cap of the bottle. Unfortunately, mine cracked and I had to buy a SILVERLINE Tyre Valve Core Remover but following this the process took only a few minutes to squeeze 118ml into each inner tube, replace the valve and reinflate the tyres.

This 237ml bottle contains sufficient to treat both bicycle tyres (use 118ml per tyre) or a single wheelbarrow tyre (use 237ml). Two bottles will be needed for a scooter tyre (473ml).
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on 21 May 2013
Picture the scene of frustration, two days, two punctures. Both times I had repaired or replaced the inner tube, then the next day on the way to work, that new inner tube punctures as well.
I had had enough of punctures, and I had heard of slime, but been a little sceptical. This was the final straw, as a quick fix, I purchased some magic green slime from my local dealer (sounds dodgier than it is).
Applying the slime to a schrader (car type) valve is incredibly easy. The plastic lid is used to unscrew the inside of the valve, the tube is connected, and half a bottle squeezed in. A little messy if you're not careful, but much less taxing than changing a tube.
I gave the tyre a few quick spins, then inflated it. Almost miraculously, the puncture was repaired. I was a convert to the mystical healing powers of slime. "I must go and review this with 5 stars on Amazon", I thought. But of course, one must give the product a full and fair trial first... ;)

A couple of weeks later the other tyre also punctured, so I used the slime in that tyre and it fixed it immediately. Amazing.
I didn't notice any difference in the feel of the bike, so everything was happy.

For a couple of months all was good, but then the limitations began to show.
Firstly, I experienced a puncture in the middle of the ride. I heard the tell-tale hiss of air, I cycled on, hoping that the slime would fix it. After a little way I stopped to see a small amount of green goo spurting out of the tyre. It hadn't worked yet, but I kept cycling and within a short period of time it seemed to be ok. I made it to work and home again later that day, albeit with a bit of a reduced pressure. However, that night I tried to pump the tyre up to my usual pressure of 80psi, and the repair failed :( the tube could no longer keep up the pressure. I thought this must have been some huge puncture of the type rarely seen, but actually when I changed the tube, was probably notably less than 2mm on its longest length (the size it claims to protect up to).
However, I did notice on the tyre a significant number (maybe 4-6) smaller holes that would easily have been slow leaks, or even fast ones, were it not for the green stuff.

So the slime does work, but not as well as you might like. I would hope that the 'technology' will develop over the future such that this is an even better solution.
It definitely has its uses as a form of protection that will make it much more likely that you will get where you need to go on time, but the higher the pressure of your tyre, the smaller the hole it will protect you from.

In hindsight, I should just have switched to more puncture resistant tyres sooner. I have just switched to Schwalbe Marathon Plus, which have very good reviews in terms of the many years various cyclists have gone without punctures, and I suspect that this will be the more effective solution in the long run. Most of my punctures seemed to come from small stones getting embedded in the tyres, and I can't imagine the 'smartguard' on these tyres being perceptible to such things. It's a case of prevention vs cure, and it's also perfectly acceptable to use both better tyres and slime.
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I've bought this stuff as I travel to work on a bike and have suffered from quite a few punctures over the years.

Slime is a green liquid in a bottle that comes with a nifty little key to enable you to unscrew the core out of your innertube valve. This provides a clear run to inject/pour the slime into your tube. You just put half the amount into each innertube. To do this you simply turn your bike upside down, take the valve core out, ill with slime and screw core back in, inflate tyre and you're away! Dead easy.

The slime is a liquid suspension of rubber fibres and a coagulating solution. The slime is in constant motion around the inside of your innertube as you ride and as soon as a hole appears the slime solution rushes to where the air is flowing out and plugs the hole forming a rubber seal. Very clever.

Slime will last unopened for approx four years and once inside your tyre will remain active for two years according to the people who produce slime.

I've only had it in for 8 weeks to date but I've had no punctures touch wood or slime! and I have rode over glass shards, thorns and snapped off twigs, brambles along my usual route with no problems.

It appears to be the real deal.
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on 2 September 2014
Make sure you get absolutely all the air out of your tyre before applying. Or as I found (on first application) it can be a messy and wasteful experience. Once I got a good amount of the stuff inside the inner-tube I was very happy. Have been riding the same tyre to this day (from purchase date) and have not had to change it. My other tyre's valve was sliced by the metal part of the rim and even with a big slice in the valve the slime held the tyre till I got home and then surprisingly for a following three months. Just shows how the stuff really works. Definately will save you a few quid on tyres, just make sure you read all the instructions carefully as application is one of those things you can make mistakes on. I asked my bike shop that like charging me for new tyres and they hated the stuff. I think I know why!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 11 June 2016
I bought this for prevention rather than cure, I wanted to treat the tyres on our 2 new ebikes as I don't fancy having to push one several miles in the event of a puncture while pootling about on holiday in France. So, I can't vouch for how well it fixes punctures (yet), but I can vouch for how easy it is to use - very.

You just let the air out, use the black top to unscrew the inside of the valve and remove it, then with the now-valveless-tube about half way up the wheel (don't do it with the valve at the bottom or you will get in a terrible mess), you attach the bottle using the supplied clear tube which just pushes on, and holding the bottle upside down, squeeze in about half the bottle in to each tyre (yes I bought 2 bottles). If you pull the label off the bottle, it is easy to see how much has gone in, just keep releasing the bottle to allow air to flow back in so you can see the true level left.

Then screw the valve back in, inflate to your desired pressure, and then spin the wheel slowly around a few times to disperse it. Job done.
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on 6 August 2013
I have a nipper 360 double buggy, I was forever getting flat tires as I am in the park everyday with it walking the dog. It was really doing my head in having to limp home with a flat or trying to change the inner tube in the park and getting really muddy whilst my boys were screaming at me from the buggy itself wondering what mummy was doing and not paying them attention!
Then I found this and slimed my inner tubes, I have not had a flat since, this stuff works a treat and I don't have to think about buying a new buggy now, so thanks a lot :)
I did see in it my local Wilko's the other day and think it was slightly cheaper so if you have a Wilko's near to you check out the bike section if not, buy it today you will not be disappointed at all, its much cheaper than new tyres or buggy! :)
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on 25 January 2015
It's exactly 1 year since I emptied a tube of this stuff into my Brompton's tyres. I haven't had a puncture since - hardly even have to pump the tyres up.

Why is this so incredible? Prior to that I was getting punctures every 2-3 weeks. I'm still cycling the same route. Presumably I'm still getting punctures but they're getting automagically sealed as I ride.

I always hated getting the tyre off, fixing the puncture (or spending five quid on a new tube), struggling to get the tyre back on, etc. It's the downside to cycling. But I just don't have to do that anymore. It's superb.

Unless you enjoy puncture repair, get some of this stuff.
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on 18 December 2015
Having used "okio" in previous bicycle tubesfor years I decided to try out this slime as an alternative.. I was not impressed, had a puncture on my first few uses and even reinflation by adding air didn't help the situation and I was back to using patches. Would expect better from a product who's only function is to seal tubes. On inspecting the tube during the patch repair I discovered that the hole was quite small and was well within what I would expect from this product. Considering that this "slime" interferes with the ability to use a low pressure pump to inflate the tube and it doesn't work too well I wouldn't recommend it.
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