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4.1 out of 5 stars19
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2004
I am no film critic/reviewer, but there are some films that you never get sick of watching, and in my (so called) mind this makes a good film !
I think this dvd is in the genre of "Giallo" which is an Italian crime story/thriller, like an Alfred Hitchcock book/film, but with graphic violence (which is excellent !! not really the type of cinematic violence which is repulsive, it's never real enough to actually upset you).
The story is about a group of Italian girls who leave the city after the upsetting death of their friend, only to find that impending death has followed them.
It's not a complicated film at all, it's an enjoyable thriller/whodunnit.
I like the fact that all the fashions and cars are from the 60/70's, the film is seedy but enjoyable in a "Scooby Doo" type of way !
It's basically cheap and nasty, but it has such class !! and style, it's very enjoyable and sometimes there are some great (directorial) "shots", like when the killer is stalking his victim through the foggy woods, displaying a menacing silouette, lense flare and also 60's flared trousers!!
Or shots of young "sexy chicks" zooming around Italy in a mini !
Hmmm who did it ?? who is the murderer ?? why ??!?
The music is cool, sleazy jazz in a 70's styley, european slow tempo'd jazz trumpet, saxophone, going into hippy acoustic guitars and flutes !! yea !!! get stoned !! free sex
(or is that what happens ?)
I love this film, ultimately it's daft, but it's great fun, and it's really well made, and the HUGE benefit of having it on DVD, is that you can see the film the way the director intended, in beautiful clear colour, instead of watching a wonky vhs that your mate copied 4000 times, with no colour left in it.
I give this DVD 5 stars !!
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on 2 January 2009
Glad to see there is some agreement in the reviews here of Shameless' release of "Torso"..."Where Whores Meet Saws"? Come on guys, treat the films you release (and the people who buy them) some some crumb of respect. I honestly don't want a copy of this film on my shelf dressed up like this...I have the R1 Anchor Bay version and I wouldn't swap it for this.

For anyone that doesn't know, "Torso" is a mid 1970's Italian giallo-type horror thriller that tells the tale of a group of girls being stalked and slaughered by a masked killer. OK, so that synopsis gives away the fact that the film is somewhat catering for the gore market, but it does have a certain amount of style that many other slashers don't have. Sadly, it does not make much sense in places, and the "giallo" elements are poorly implemented (some rubbish about what colour scarf someone was wearing is a very weak attempt to add mystery). But what does work is the central device of getting the group of gilrs holed up in a remote villa at the mercy of the killer. The standout scene for me is the one where heroine Suzy Kendall has to hide in a closet while the killer is dismembering the girls he has just murdered and all she can do is watch in horrified silence and try not to scream lest he realises she is actully in the room - a great scene!

The acting is mostly good, the girls are beautiful, and there is some suspense as the survivors try and escape from the house. The gore is a bit shoddy, effects are rubbery and very cheaply done, but they still have impact.

Shameless need to have a re-think of their marketing of this stuff. They've done the same thing with "Killer Nun" (Father, I've Been a Murderous Slut!), the fairly serious "Flavia the Heretic" (Flay Me Baby One More Time!) and "Night Train Murders" (Whore Aboard!). What's with the "whore" insults? None of the victims in these films are prostitutes or even promiscuous women! Using this type of tagline is marketing the films at naughty 6th formers out for a I said, there is an audience for cult 70's shockers like this, and I for one am not impressed.

Film - 4 stars
Shameless - 2 stars - Total of 3 for this release
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on 23 November 2009
Well, don't expect too much in the way of acting or production but once that is established this film creates quite a bit of tension in the latter half. The gratuitous topless students provide some distraction in the first half of the movie but once everyone is installed in the villa at the top of the hill, the real suspense kicks in. A little more gore would have not gone amiss but overall quite a satisfying view which should be enjoyed by fans of the giallo segment.
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on 13 December 2007
Finally Torso gets a uk release, which means all those who dont wanna fork out £40 for the region 1 can get it at a resonable price! This is one of those Italian horror classics thats actually worth the wait. Not as well put together as argento or fulci, but packed with really great jazz tinged music and some totally unforgetable scenes, mainly the beautifully shot murder in the woods and the final showdown in the house with Suzy Kendall(of bird with the crystal plumage fame) and the masked killer. Also torso contains some truly original ideas and cinematography. If you like horror from this genre then you should check this one out. Ignore the awful uk dvd cover, thats just to be expected, oh and dont expect too much gore, its not actually that bloody. Almost a classic. Just a shame the final scene lets the pace down a bit. Enjoy.
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on 8 October 2012
I have to admit that I was somewhat put off by the title of this one. If that sounds somewhat dismissive, it is mean to. Titles like this were meant to capture the unadventurous imaginations of a jaded public who would rather indulge Hollywood's latest trite outpourings than take the chance on a little, otherwise unheard of film lurking on the bottom shelf of their local video rental store. In addition, Shameless Video, all too aware of this, have done their best to take us back to those heady times, of standing round in crowded, smoky rooms staring at row upon row of uncertified films, by presenting Torso with a particularly lurid cover and citing the by-line "Where whores meet saws". The fact that the original Italian title is hidden in the small print only confirms their commitment to its one-time-notorious video nasty status. On the other hand, the fact that the Italian title, I Corpi Presentano Tracce Di Violenza Carnale, translates as "bodies bear traces of carnal violence" means that they needn't have gone to so much trouble.

At its heart, Torso is classic giallo, no more and no less. The basic premise is of a killer with a damaged childhood killing off women and men (just for a change) in a variety of gruesome ways for reasons that are disclosed in the film's closing minutes. No surprises there then. However, what lifts this particular giallo out of the mire, if not to the dizzy heights occupied by the likes of Blood and Black Lace and Tenebrae, is solid direction from Sergio Martino and the ingenious editing skills of Eugenio Alabiso. Together, they have conspired to create a cracking thriller that moves from admittedly sketchy early scenes to a tense trapped-in-a-chateau final that would have tickled Hitchcock.

There are the usual shortcomings, of course. The acting is mostly functional. This is hardly a surprise considering the characters are little more than a parade of victims and red herrings. Still, since I mentioned Hitchcock, you could hardly call the likes of Lila Crane and Sam Loomis three-dimensional creations. The special effects leave a lot to be desired, too. Rubber heads are crushed in close up and latex limbs are sawn off with little realism. Taking into account the limited number of special effects technicians working in Italy at this time (the days of the great Sergio Stivalletti were still some eight years away), the parade of crude effects can easily be forgiven.

I know it seems that I am now running off a set of excuses for the film's various shortcomings, and, yes, I could go on... But if you are reading this review, chances are that you probably have a penchant for low budget horror and know what to expect. So do yourself a favour and check out this satisfying entry in the great giallo tradition. If nothing else, you can be assured of a more entertaining time than with Hollywood's recent disappointing efforts.
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on 24 September 2009
This is by far one of the best Slasher/Giallos I've seen outside an Argento or Mario Bava effort. Its lethargic but never tedious, full of suspense and has some genuine edge-of-the-seat moments. There is a highly intense scene where the beautiful Suzy Kendall must hide from the killer while he dismembers three of her friends. The plot is simple but there are plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing. There is a very eye-catching female cast and the acting is pretty good. The only down side is the mediocre special FX. But this can be forgiven as the story is so good.
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on 14 May 2011
This giallo is one of the better of it's type. Giallos ruled Italian cinema from around 1970-77 so it's in that peak era and it's a good one directed by the talented sergio martino to boot. Shameless does a great job as usual on this release. I have emailed these guys though and requested giallos that have never been out before but to no avail as this one is out accross the world. Anyways if you can get a all region blu ray player you can grab this one on blu ray as it is due for release in America on that format.
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on 1 January 2008
Guided by the other review and general word of mouth I decided to get this film despite the lurid stupid cover. I adore Argento's work and the giallo genre but sadly, up until now, these films are rarely seen in the UK.
What we have here is a beautifully photographed and stylish film, a typically off the wall Italian murder plot, some gore but not much and a bit of frisky nudity (nothing wrong there) and some well handled suspense. If you like early Argento - Bird with the crystal plumage etc then there is a great deal in this film for you to enjoy. It kept me gripped throughout.
How I wish that on the reverse of the cover Shameless had given us a copy of the original film poster. It's a classy little film and really deserves better.
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on 11 September 2013
Though Torso never drags it does get its feet stuck into no plot until the later stages where a story starts to reveal itself.

For the first half, seems very disjointed.

The film is full of naked beautiful women, the gore as per usual with Shameless chosen films isn't all that good or effective. However the film has been well directed and the final 30 minutes are superb stalk n' slash classic.

Made in the mid 1970s, you wonder how many directors were influenced by this film, can you hear me John Carpenter?

All in all I think there are better giallos out there, but Torso is good enough.
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on 3 January 2008
I really liked this film, it had suspence, some gore and a bit of nudity. But the cover makes out the film is horrible, sick, cheesy, I was acually embarassed buying this in my HMV and the staff gave me a funny look with the title saying 'WHERE WHORES MEAT SAWS', yes this is quite sleazy but not as bad as the cover has made out.
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