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4.6 out of 5 stars415
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 January 2008
This is a great film. I haven't seen the original so I can't make comparisons but I was surprised at how well crafted this version was. I bought it for my daughter (at her request) for Christmas but only got around to watching it myself yesterday and found it totally engaging and an excellent family film. Having grown up with Grease and Saturday Night Fever I was expecting to be disappointed but this is up to the same high standard. It evokes the sentiment of the time and the importance of inclusiveness brilliantly. It's a joyous experience and the soundtrack is excellent in its own right. Make every day negro day!
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`Hairspray' manages to achieves exactly what it set out to do, be a larger than life, colourful and fun musical movie. This film has a pretty great cast, what with Travolta as a woman, Christopher Walken as a gentle, encouraging dad, pfeiffer as the bitchy station manager, as well as Queen Latifah, Zak Efron and the great Nikki Blonksy as the main character Tracy. This film is full of catchy tunes and great dance routines and although I hate to say it my feet were tapping on more than one occasion. The main story is pretty light hearted (miss hairspray pageant), with a serious theme underneath (racial integration) and manages to mix both well without being too heavy or too cheesy. Everyone plays their roles well and although some songs are better than others, it manages to be a pretty good musical and if you're a fan of the genre this should be right up your street. I'm not a huge fan of musicals and I still found this to be pretty good! This shake and shimmy edition has an extras disc that has a sing-along feature, as well as a menu where you are taught the dance moves from the film. This allows those hardcore fans to dance and sing along each time they watch the film, a good idea even if not for me! Well worth a try.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 18 November 2007
Saw it with my girlfriend. Good reviews, high expectations. It does not disappoint. Possibly the perfect 'when you're ill' DVD for those days when the sofa, a blanket and a lemsip are as much as you can manage. And I hate musical films. I literally laughed my head off!!!!
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on 4 July 2008
This is not the sort of movie I go for, but having read a few glowing reviews elsewhere about the film and the quality of picture and sound, and given that it is selling for well under £10, I thought I'd try it.
If you don't like musicals then its best to avoid, but I don't mind them and hoped this would be entertaining part of the film.
From the outset, the movie is crammed with songs, maybe one or two could be better or one or two less for me, and a little more dialogue. I felt it became a bit too broadway,but seeing as this is taken from the stageshow I can see how it's turned out that way.
Some people are saying it's the new Grease or some are going OTT and saying it's better, but I can report IMO, it's not in the same Grade.
On the upside though, I was entertained, even though this is bubblegum stuff that's more of a girlie movie for most of it, I wish John Travolta had been the father and not in a fatsuit in drag, maybe he could have danced better then but thankfully Chirtopher Walken and Michelle Pfeifer play very decent parts and keep the movie from being too cheesy. I thought Michelle Pfeifer in particular was great, she has some really good scenes and wished she was in it more.
Other than that the plot gets a little dull sometimes mainly focusing on the musical numbers and could have been crafted a little better with more character involvement.
The Best thing about this BluRay apart from it being great value and having two discs, is it doesn't dissapoint with Picture or Sound Quality,
Each is absoulutely fatastic brimming with detail and colour - by God, the colours are so vibrant it's like your tv has maxed out on it. You might even want to turn down the colour setting on your tv as its so intense,I didn't but felt like it sometimes or putting it on a cool setting, just to make things a little more natural. It wasn't too distracting though and suited the poppy musical numbers.
The sound is awesome and has the full 7.1 treatment, but I don't know what it's like as I had to settle for my 5.1 speakers, though this is quite enough and extremely high quality.
The Extra's are overflowing - great for the little featurettes and extra deleted scenes and songs.
All in all a very entertaining movie - not one for me personally to watch over and over, I much prefer Grease, but I can see quite a lot of kids and girls loving this and wanting to watch it time and time again, although not every song floated my boat, they were fun to watch and most of the actors gave very good performances. I may watch it every so often just for Pfeifer.
Verdict - Well worth the money under a tenner, superb value, Entertaining performers, Good Songs,5 Star picture and sound.
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on 4 March 2008
Hairspray is one of the most talked about movies of today with very few bad reports. It's fantastic!
This remake of the 1988 version of the sixties musical is packed with lots of well known stars including: John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latiffa and Zac Efron. Also, Nikki Blonsky plays Tracy Turnblad - a very large little lady with very big dreams.

This musical comedy love story of the sixties is about a young girl named Tracy, who loved to sing and dance. However, her dreams diminish when her mother, played by John Travolta, stops her from auditioning to be on television, believing that Tracy is too fat.

Hairspray not only has a great story line but a moral too; it is set in the sixties and shows the conflict between white and black people. It, therefore, teaches the viewers that there is nothing wrong with people who are a different colour or size or different in anyway at all, everyone is equal and can do what they want!
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on 2 April 2010
'Hairspray' is an incredibly catchy, upbeat, and loveable musical. It's big-hearted and sweetly nostalgic, arch but emotionally sincere. As a piece of cinema, it's visually very imaginative and stands on its own two feet: this is by no means just a 'film version' of the stage show.

The cast is fantastic, especially at the younger end - Nikki Blonsky has astonishing presence and conviction and owns every scene she's in, which is most of them - but John Travolta, Queen Latifah and Christopher Walken are also very fine. Travolta could have been awful, but ultimately pulls off his role, and seeing Walken play sweet and supportive is in some ways even more disturbing (but in a good way) than watching him play scary.

The Blu-Ray transfer is pin-sharp, the extras are bountiful and at Amazon's current price (a tiny fraction of the RRP) it's a bargain you should not even try to resist. 'Hairspray' is happiness in an aerosol can.
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on 30 January 2012
Hairspray is a wonder of the world, a pinnacle of achievement, a work of unmatched brilliance.
One feels entertained, informed, inspired, involved, elevated, and honoured. Repeated viewing, with singing and dancing essential. It's better every time.
Top three moments for me,( no spoilers:) "Not Mount Everest!!!;" "Where you been?" (just before the fireworks;) and "Begone!"
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2010
I am not a big film musical fan, so was not really looking forward to watching this originally. How wrong was I!!!
Having seen the film twice now I have enjoyed it a lot both times, and indeed the second time was maybe better as we spotted more jokes.

This is a good fun film that whilst dealing with a serious topic never takes itself too seriously.
The cast is very good, and for me John Travolta stands out for his performance as Edna Turnblad, he manages to be funny without going over the top.
The songs are well written and also pretty catchy, and most important of all the script is good and manages to pull it all together very well.

All in all I'd say this is a good film that all the family can enjoy, and is one that you can revisit again.
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on 24 September 2010
As my 4 year old is an avid fan of Mamma Mia. we thought Hairspray would be a good alternative to make a change from seeing the same film over and over and protect our sanity. we wernt dissapointed john travolta is comedy personified. great film (even if i am getting sick of seeing it haha)
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on 26 January 2016
If you haven't seen the original version don't worry you don't need to. If you have then at least you know the basics of how the film goes.

"It's rare that a movie captures the intensity and excitement of a live Broadway musical production while appealing to a broader movie-going audience, but the 2007 Hairspray is an energetic, powerfully moving film that does just that. A re-make of the 1988 musical film Hairspray the new Hairspray is a film adaptation of the 2002 Broadway musical and features more likeable characters than the original film and an incredible energy that stems from a great cast, fabulous new music, and the influence of musical producer Craig Zadan. What remains constant throughout all three versions of Hairspray is the story's thought-provoking exploration of prejudice and racism. Set in Baltimore in 1962, the film opens with chubby girl Tracy Turnblad (Nikki Blonsky) singing her heart out in a rendition of "Good Morning Baltimore" that, while admittedly a bit too long, sets the farcical tone for the film."

I think the above statement gives you a good idea of what the actual film is about, but there is so much more than just a musical about prejudice and racism.

For one you have John Travolta playing Tracy Turnblad's mother, yes you read right, John Travolta is dressed up like a women, talks like a women, in fact is a women all through this movie, and he does it very well. That for me was enough to make this film worth watching.

If you are a fan of musicals you are bound to love this as well, its good a story that can easily stand the test of time, even though humanity has moved on from the prejudice of the 60's films like this are still an effective reminder even if done in a comical musical way.

Zac Efron plays his part well, but then this wasn't long on from his High School Musical days so he was still in the 'teen musical' frame of actorship. James Marsden also plays his role well as the presenter of the TV show at the centre of all controversy. That's not all you have the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer playing the evil TV station boss that is obviously racist and dislikes Tracy Turnblad immensely she going out of her way to make sure things don't go how they should.

The dancing, acting and singing, just make this whole movie a fun one to watch with all the family. Look out for some cameos roles from people that was in the previous version of this film. Some of the songs are the same or similar as the previous version, but enough new stuff, and a completely different take, make this different enough to be classed as difference.
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