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4.1 out of 5 stars49
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 29 December 2007
Although I pick up steps easily, even I got frustrated with Latinasize in some parts, as there were a lot of steps to learn.
This has more repetition of very simple steps, so you're not concentrating so much on the moves that you don't move as much, as was sometimes the case in Latinasize.
The warm-up is much more active than in Latinasize, so you really feel like you're doing another mini-work out.
This is folowed by five routines. The meringue, which is very easy to learn, but is really difficult when you start doing the legs - ouch!
The Salsa - I prefer the old one in this case as in this my waist didn't get as well worked out. Saying that, It did get my heart pumpiung.
The mambo is my favorite. This really works the waist, your legs get a workout to with lots of kicking, and your arms get worked out to! This is the best one if you're in a hurry and just want an all over workout.
The Tango is fine in the first part, your legs and arms feel really toned. Then along comes the floorwork. OUCH! If you can't straighten your legs straight up (most people then) it can be frustrating, and there's no one to show any easier version of it.
The African Samba - I like this but i don't feel as worked out as with the other ones. But it really does get rid of tension.
The cool down doesn't feel as nice as it did in Latinasize. Some of the stretches are difficult to get right. If you don't think you can get it right don't do them, figure out an easier version. The stretches, if done wrong, can do more harm than good. Seriously!
Overall, a good workout, I would imagine it is better for beginners than Latinasize was and I came away feeling quite exhausted (I did the whole thing - I know i'm not supposed to but I was having a fat day)and toned.
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on 25 July 2008
I've tried this DVD three times and I'm finding it incredibly good fun. The first time I played it all the way through and took my time to watch all the information. I found Lilia encouraging at the beginning, telling you to take your time and do what you feel comfortable with etc. The first time, if you watch it all the way through, she shows you in a slower mode how to do all the basic steps before each routine. I didn't join in every routine (I was tired!) but I watched it all. The warm up is excellent but the cool down a little tricky - that will take me some time. To run through it from beginning to end is about 90 minutes I think but you won't ever have to do that again.

The next time I used it I chose my own routine. This is a great idea and should alleviate any boredom I might experience. Doing it this way means you can choose a workout to match your mood. It automatically adds in the warm up and cool down and then doesn't include the instruction - so you are straight into the routines. It's great! A cool feature I haven't tried yet, but will have to as I'm not very good with a couple of the routines, is watching them from reverse angles - so you actually follow Lilia, rather than seeing her on the screen. The last time I tried it - this morning - I was able to manage 3 routines and feel really good about myself.

The other people doing the workout with her could do with a shake-up though, they don't look happy at all! If you can forget about them, this is a great DVD and one I'm really pleased I bought. I haven't watched the extras yet - Lilia dancing with Darren Bennett, some costume and make-up tips. I bought it for the exercise and this doesn't interest me. I'm certianly not very well co-ordinated and this showed on one or two of the routines but overall it's a great workout and one I'll continue to use. The best bit - choosing your own routine out of five options. The worst bit - getting the hang of the cool down.
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on 2 February 2008
I bought this DVD to use alongside my New Year diet and think it's fantastic. Although initially the workouts seam a little challenging after a few sessions they become easier. I love the fact that the DVD is so flexible, allowing you to decide your own routine, being anything from 20 minutes to an hour work out. I've already lost an inch from my waist and toned my arms aswell. I'd definately recommend it to anyone!
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on 16 January 2008
Having been bought Lilia's second DVD for my birthday on New Year's Eve I was actually looking forward to starting my new year diet and excercise regime. I have found Latinatone to be easier than Latinasize and I mastered all the routines in a couple of days, I love the merengue and the african groove and I can see my wobbley bits toning up already after only 2 weeks! i try to do at least 3 sections of the workout every alternate day. The extra dance spectacular with Darren and costume and make up tips from Lilia were an added bonus and I would recommend this DVD as a super gift for all fitness wanabees!!
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on 30 December 2007
was given this a late xmas pressie, not the type of thing i'd normally choose but my god it its good! really reasy to follow and lilia is as charming as she is on strictly, well and truly knackered after the work out but can tell that this would give good results if u do it regularly, * reconmended!
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on 15 January 2009
Doing this DVD is great fun. It leaves me feeling upbeat for the rest of the day. I really love it, and that's from someone who exercises under protest. To use the words of India Knight I've always thought exercise "marginally preferable to touching a poo with bare hands, but only just."

If you are looking for a dance instruction DVD then this is probably not for you. If you want to get your heart pumping and tone up those muscles then it just might be! It's easy enough to pick up that you don't feel totally lost and give up before you've started, but not so easy that you can do all the moves perfectly within the first day. There is some jumping etc. but you can do it lower impact by just taking the moves down a level if you're not quite up to that.

I had no problem playing it on my non HD tv by the way.
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on 3 January 2008
This is the second of Lilia's fitness DVDs and has benefitted from some great new additions including the reverse angle footage and the Latin demo with her husband and dance partner, Darren Bennett.
The routines in this Latinatone have a little more repetition then the ones on Latinasize and with the addition of the optional rear view this makes the routines easier to pick up though still challenging, varied, exciting and effective.
The Make-up and Costume Tips are a nice intersting addition to this fun DVD.
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on 17 October 2011
I bought this as I have Lillia's Latinasize DVD and wanted to expand my repertoire of Latin dance-based workouts as I get bored quite easily! I have followed Latinasize quite a bit in the past and found it quite effective so was very pleased to see a new version available.

On first impressions I was slightly disappointed with the routines as they weren't quite as interesting as the ones in Latinasize - they are much simpler and more repetitive - but actually having done most of them a few times I'm really starting to warm to them (quite literally!). I like that apart from the Salsa, you have totally different dances on Latinatone: mambo, merengue, tango (which I think is meant to be a replacement for the Rumba Tone on the previous DVD) and African groove (which I haven't quite dared to try yet but which is a really interesting addition!)

So far I've had a go at all of the routines apart from the African groove. Summary:

1. Merengue - this is my favourite, and I do it every day! It looks simple (and it is to start with) - but my God, by the end of it your legs and arms are all really telling you you've been exercising!
2. Mambo - quite good with lots of twisting for your middle. Slighly confusing to see jumps added to a mambo but once you've done it a few times you get used to it.
3. Tango - again this looks quite simple, especially with slower music - but your legs and bum will certainly be feeling it by the end!
4. Salsa - not as good as the salsa routine on Latinasize, not as varied and feels less like an actual salsa (especially when she starts putting jumps in!) But still OK.

Warm-up - the only criticism I have of this is that the music seems a bit too fast for a warm-up. The one on Latinasize was nice and slow, whereas you feel a bit rushed in this one. But again it's a very good "top downwards" approach to warm up all parts of your body and even includes some jogging and jumping. Compared to Camilla's Cardio Dance workout warmup it feels much more thorough and logical.

The staging is pretty much identical to Latinasize, with backup dancers in complementary outfits to whatever Lillia is wearing. The one good improvement is that Lilla does smile a lot more in this DVD and seems to be having a bit more fun with it, which is good. But I still find her approach of not constantly shouting encouragement at you very refreshing - she just introduces the moves and lets you concentrate, which I really like.

Extras - apart from the makeup tips I'd have to say they're not really adding much (the costume tips for example are just Lillia talking about her costumes for the DVD) The Darren and Lillia dance was nice though - rather than the costume and makeup tips, it would have been really nice to have more Darren and Lillia dances, perhaps demonstrating each of the dances on which the workouts are based.

Overall though, this is a really good workout DVD. All the workouts really feel like they're working on a lot of different body parts and I find the Latin-inspired music and costumes really help to make it more fun. If you prefer more complexity and more dancing, you'll probably prefer Latinasize - but I'd heartily recommend Latinatone for most people!
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on 7 January 2008
I just completed this workout for the first time and I loved it. I thought it was really fun, especially the African Groove. I loved the Salsa section, and the others are great too, although I found the moves in the Merengue section quite repetitive.

Altogether I found the steps quite easy to master, especially if you watch the lesson for each section before you start that routine. My waist felt as though it had had a good work out and I definitely worked up a sweat!

I also love the fact that you can devise your own routine before you start - you can choose which dances you want to do and in which order, which should be good for beating boredom once you've done the DVD a few times.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who loves dancing and wants a workout that's different to all the traditional (and often boring) aerobics DVDs.
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on 10 April 2008
You have to be quite motivated to exercise at home all the time and if your like me a mum of two you have to fit it in easily with everything else!. I love strictly and think dance is the most fun way to shape up. Believe me I have tried everything. This DVD is fun easy and the dance sections arent too long. I love mixing them up and making my workout as long as I want. It even is abit challenging in places, even for me, ie Tango tone. Give it a go and say goodbye to laborious exercise!
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