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4.4 out of 5 stars21
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 January 2010
I bought Series Two before this one - why? Who knows! And, although this is a great insight into climbing Everest from the North Ridge, the only problem is that unlike Series Two it really doesn't exploit the use of the climbing characters - the clients, Himex and the Sherpas. It does touch upon them but Series Two is when you really get to know the climbers before the ascent. Series One simply skims the surface but, as the forerunner, the lessons learnt here were simply put right in the next Series.

Still good stuff and certainly worth buying. I would recommend watching this before Series Two but, if you can only buy one, buy Series Two in preference to this one.
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VINE VOICEon 17 December 2007
Having watched many DVDs & read articles by professional climbers & especially their attempts at the ultimate climb, I found this presentation somewhat different. Not all of the "novices" were in fact acolytes as some had considerable climbing experience - amputated limbs - to show for it & none could strictly be classified as the "tourist" climber which has become prevalent on these slopes.

Having said that amongst the 12 would-be summiters there was an eclectic mix from the experienced to the inexperienced.

Tragedy strikes early with death of a Sherpa at the ABC - Advanced Base Camp. This sets the tone of the video that this is not a Sunday afternoon jaunt in the countryside but rather an extremely difficult & possibly fatal trip. This team appears to be extremely well equipped & prepared with even their own medical doctor in attendance.

What becomes very clear is that the key to a successful climb is acclimisation whereby the climbers ascend to a higher level & then return to a lower climb. This sequence is repeated a number of times until the climber's body can accept the altitude.

The final climb is actually a dash to the top before the effects of the altitude take their toll on the climber. This fact is brought home to one in that most deaths occur on the descent when the effects of the altitude begin to take their toll.

The "tour guide" does not himself ascend to the top but rather remains at a lower camp & by means of radio communication instructs the team what to do. This results in some tense moments when a team member refuses to obey an instruction to abort their ascent despite being only a few hundred metres from the top of Everest. One can understand the climber's frustration at having the zenith within his grasp but appreciate that it is only the meticulous calculations of the team leader in base camp with his radio & telescope which will prevent both this climber & his Sherpa guide from dying.

Sense eventually prevails but one realises the precariousness of the situation when on the descent the climber, too exhausted to continue, barely makes it down. This episode in particular is gripping & the very precarious situation is not being enacted within a Hollywood studio but rather with real human lives.

Further drama is added when a dying member of another party cannot be rescued without jeopardizing the safety of their own party.

Overall the DVD is excellent & provides one with a clear perspective of the dangers & difficulties of climbing this mountain.
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on 2 September 2009
This is a must for anyone who wants to visit Everest, with the intention of coming home safe. Russel Brice is the man who organises these trips and his expeditions are incredibly well run. The drama, ego and effect of summit fever portrayed by some of the clients is incredible. They put the lives of the real heroes the Sherpas at risk.

Compelling, stuff and a real insight into the mind of one of the worlds most accomplished mountaineers and Guides.
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on 18 January 2009
The series was made for the discovery channel with an overly dramatised commentary. The editing is a little tiresome as the cut scenes are so repetitive. On the upside, compared to many everest documentaries that are very concise and confined by one single hour, this series is able to offer a more complete insight in the day to day life in base camp and on the summit attempts.
Seeing a man of Russel Brice's calibre at work is incredible. It's great to have the opportunity to see this.
On the whole the commentary spoils it for me but if overlooked it is quite insightful of the life on Everest.
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on 10 March 2016
I can't recommend this series enough, season 1 is brilliant, season 2 is even better........season 3....well not so good as they changed the format of the show.

So what makes this show so good? well for a start it's an actual reality show - it's not scripted like some shows. What you see is what is actually happening (or rather happened) at the time. So at the start of the show the people involved are introduced with some back story. You get to see who the climbers are, who the guides are, who the sherpers are etc. The climbers are for the most part regular Joes with varying experience in climbing, but all have the passion to conquer Everest for their own reasons. What happens to them is the subject of the series. I don't want to spoil the series in anyway, but it is full of drama and actual danger. It's not a fake show by any means, people do die on the climb. It's that serious. It pulls no punches about showing you the hard reality of climbing Everest. The show unfolds like a drama, with weather and rival climbing crews all forming part of the narrative. Some of the episodes are 'controversial' because of the decisions mades by the climbers and crew but the film crew do not influence the decisions. It really is fly on the wall stuff at it's best. This show is for everyone, I've lent my DVD to my friends most of whom have no interest in climbing at all, they all loved it. One friend watched the whole series in one evening and texted me at 2am in the morning to say "Oh my God, I can't believe what's just happened in this episode".
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on 25 November 2013
This has the making of a great documentary, how ever it's strung out for 6 45 minute tv programmes and has not been re-edited for DVD.
Some what sensational with over excited repetitive commentary, dreadful sound track and so forth.
However it's still worth a look as an insight into how Russell Brice's team works. Plus the clients are quite a varied mix, including the amazingly gritty and determined double amputee Mark Inglis.
Should be cut to make a top notch 90 minute docu, but as it is for those interested in the subject it's still worth a watch.
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on 20 July 2009
This was a fantastic dvd.The case opens out to reveal all the disc and looks great.This takes you from base camp to summit showing all the dangers that the climbers go threw to summit everest,you follow a group of climbers each telling there story of why they risk death climbing everest.There is some bits you may find uneasy to watch but its what real life climbers have to deal with on everest.if your into this kind of thing then you will love it,even if your not its still a cracking dvd to watch.
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on 18 March 2009
Greattttt Series for those who love adventure and adrenaline. I totally advise you to purchase this item, you will not regret.
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on 16 January 2010
Gives real indepth knowledge of the base camp and advanced base camp on Everest. Compelling series and brilliant photography make this a DVD not to be missed. Much better than the Imax one filmed the same year but on the North side of the Mountain.
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Gives a major look into what can be expected if your looking to go to everest. Shows just how much the sherpa's are relied upon. The delights and disapointment that face people on the mountain. There is one american in particular that you will do your head in cos of his american tough man attitude giving it '' I gotta deal with the body im dealt with '' when he had a motorcycle accident, which is just unfortunate!
Other than that, worth every penny, also worth looking at the second series which is just as good, worth every penny!
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