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4.1 out of 5 stars658
4.1 out of 5 stars
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'300' is one of those movies that deserve a frequent's a truly magnificent spectacle.
We begin with the young 'Leonidas' having to complete a long and hard initiation/trial to be
accepted as a 'Spartan' warrior.
Years have past, 'Leonidas' a King, husband and father......
A threat looms down upon 'Sparta' as 'Persian' hoards approach the empire, self proclaimed
'God' 'Xerxes' sends messengers to 'King Leonidas' offering a peace if he and his people
submit to his will and rule, the 'Spartan' king gives his answer.
The Spartans will now have to face the invader, 'Leonidas' seeks council climbing a difficult
rock-face to consult with the 'Oracle' before going to war, he tells of his plans to march north
to the mountain pass known as 'Hot Gate' at 'Thernopylae' to face the 'Persian' army.
A select few, the finest and bravest soldiers are selected to march north with their 'King' just
'300' to face 'Xerxes' massive force.
At 'Thernopylae' the '300' repel attack after attack, even monsters from far off lands are no
match for the 'Spartan' warriors.
'Xerxes' sends in his personal guards the undefeatable 'Immortals' to crush the defenders,
seemingly even they are no match for the skills of the '300'
Meanwhile back in 'Sparta' there is a rebellion mounting against the Kings actions led by the
leading politician who imposes himself upon 'Leonidas's' wife 'Queen Gorgo' in return for
her to address the parliament.
All this while the battle rages, want-to-be 'Spartan warrior' hunchback 'Ephialtes' having been
rejected for the fight turns traitor offering 'Xerxes' help guiding the Persians to the rear of the
'Spartan' defence.
A swords and shields spectacle to behold with frequent bloody and graphic battle scenes.
Special Features:
* Additional scenes- of the traitorous 'Hunchback' and never-before-seen 'Giant Warriors(in HD)
* Frank Miller's vision realised on film(in HD)
* 300 Spartans -fact or fiction - the shocking life of a Spartan revealed(in HD)
* Who were the Spartans ?
* How the actors built their characters based on Spartan customs(in HD)
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Brief note on the film first: a very stylised version of what the battle of thermopylae may have been like, adapted from a graphic novel and filmed with back projection to make it look as much as like the comic as possible. The result is really quite stunning, and the action and battle sequences very rousing. And bloody. The film is framed with one spartan telling others what happened, and thus what you are seeing is what they think it must have been like. This is a point lots of people seem to have missed.

As regards the dvd: this is a two disc edition, and the first disc contains a widescreen version of the film, with direct scene access, and a commentary from the director and two of the production staff.

The second disc has:

be one of three hundred: a brief bit with the director giving thanks to those who supported the project online.

A documentary about the battle. twenty five minutes long with contributions from historians and it's fascinating stuff.

A documentary about the spartans. Short but good.

Conversations with the creator of the graphic novel. Brief but interesting.

A short and generic production documentary.

a look at the making of the film in images. fascinating but moves very fast and be warned if you're eplipetic as the fast moving could give you a fit.

lots of short production documentaries, that are all quite interesting, and can be watched as one.

A great film.

And a very good package for it.
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2007
I'm not going to rate the film, that's been done to death everywhere else. What I'm going to do is rate the High-Def experience you'll be getting:

Visual: 300 visually is a stunning film. The 'crushing' technique is akin to the graphic-novel counterpart and really sets the atmosphere beautifully. I know very well that such a harsh technique will not appeal to everyone but I will say that without it the film would be left a little lackluster. Moving on to the real High Definition detail: 300 is definitely not the most detailed blu-ray film around; it certainly doesn't show off the true potential of a blu-ray disc (this is more due to the post processing of the film than anything else) but it still looks crisp, vibrant and very detailed. And if I instilled doubt in anyone reading this then please, ignore it. The film looks breathtaking and definitely deserves a 4/5 for visuals alone.

Audio: Deep, clear, haunting and definitely the best audio experience I've had in a while. 5.1 surround sound really immerses you in the experience and makes you feel you are there in the middle of the action. All I need is a red cape and I'm good to go! ;)

Features: I keep reading that blu-ray movies have no extra features or something..I won't go into it but if that's a doubt for anyone here, then drop it immediately. There is a ton of extra features that include deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews, directors commentaries, webisodes (short behind the scenes videos covering everything from makeup and costume design to how the 300 got such buff bodies) and more. The extra features alone would give this film a 5/5.

In conclusion, 300 is definitely a film to add to your blu-ray film collection. Visually stunning with incredible audio to match, and a host of extra features to give die-hard fans a second helping of possibly the greatest action film ever! I'm going to confirm what everyone is saying; 300 is region ABC or regionless (whichever you prefer) and WILL run on UK PS3s. Enjoy!
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Frank Miller adaptations are on a roll. First we got "Sin City," and now we have the story of three hundred Spartans who repelled a massive invasion.

And the adaptation of "300" is a stunning one -- literally stunning, since it bombards the viewer with larger-than-life characters, smashing visuals and tight direction. It goes a bit too fast for its own good, but it's a truly epic film that takes the historical war movie to another level -- all the more so because it actually happened.

As the introduction tells us, the Spartans were the ultimate warrior people. Babies were inspected for weakness or faults, and killed if they had any; as they were growing up, they were taught and toughened by a savage regimen. Their only true hope was to "die beautifully" for their land.

A Persian messenger arrives, telling King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) that the god-king Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) wants the Spartans to bow to him. Leonidas' response: shove the Persians into a pit. But before he can go to war, he must consult the corrupt priesthood of Ephors and their beautiful Oracle. She predicts that Sparta will fall and the gods forbid war at the approach of the Carneaian festival -- courtesy of a hefty bribe from a Spartan traitor.

So Leonidas takes out three hundred of his best men, along with their nervy Arcadian allies, and begin trouncing the Persians. But they are being sabotaged, both by a hunchbacked outcast and by a treacherous councilor, whom Queen Gorgo (Lena Headey) is battling. And so at Thermopylae, Leonidas prepares for a final battle against the monstrous Persian Army -- knowing that their story of freedom will live on.

This is not a "sensitive" movie where you have any appreciation for the bad guys -- it's a glorification of three hundred soldiers who died for their land and freedom. It just wouldn't work otherwise. It doesn't blindly adore the Spartans -- we see their darker side in their "weed out the weak" policy -- but it does appreciate them. They respect and care about each other, and Leonidas is as kind as he can be even to Ephialtes, the traitor.

And it's done in a manner appropriate to its comic book origins -- grimy, bloody and epic, but with a stylized look that is almost like CGI. The battles are shockingly good, and full of fantasy-ish creations like the monstrous creatures or the silver-masked Immortals. Even a wall of corpses. But we also get some beautiful visuals as well -- roiling seas, sunlit battlefields, Spartan cities, and the drugged Oracle in her white veil.

While the script gets a bit over-the-top at times, it's hard not to be moved by dialogue that can be darkly funny ("It's just an eye. The gods saw fit to grace me with a spare") or stirring ("He did not wish tribute, nor song, or monuments or poems of war and valor. His wish was simple: "Remember us." That was his hope, should any free soul come across that place, in all the countless centuries yet to be").

Butler and Headey are simply great as Leonidas and Gorgo -- they're both strong, passionate and fearless, and they both do a great job in their separate storylines. But the movie is filled with good performances -- David Wenham as the narrator, Dominic West as a disgusting traitor, Santoro as the decadent, arrogant god-king, and many others.

"300" is a unique, stirring, stunning movie that pushes the action-movie envelope, and gives a thrilling edge to a real-life story of overwhelming edge. A brilliant movie.
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Just finished watching this for the first time on blu ray and loved it! The picture quality was excellent (of course) the pit Leonides kicked the bloke down at the beginning seemed deeper than the dvd one! The background action going on in the battle sequences can be seen more clearly as can the creatures from the four corners of the earth that seem to come to life on blu ray. Colours are vibrant and audio excellent if you've got some decent speakers. It's CGI all the way here which I like personally.

There's quite a few interesting extras on here such as three deleted scenes, how they trained the actors, interviews with the main actors, behind the scenes webisodes and much more! So yes this is a really good disc as well as a great movie. Very enjoyable.
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on 11 February 2009
Langages :

English DolbyTrueHD 5.1
English PCM 5.1
Dolby Digital 5.1 : English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Subtitles :
English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

Pour les francophones : allez-y sans crainte, c'est exactement le même blu-ray que celui vendu chez nous à l'exception de la jaquette (en anglais).
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VINE VOICEon 4 August 2009
Half naked men with rippling six packs and bulging biceps. Nuff said really.

Oh OK, perhaps something more. Reading the graphic novel makes you realise how loyally they've remained true to the look of the story with the muted colour palette; in fact some scenes are pretty identical. Yes, I appreciate it's camp and over theatrical, but the basic facts of the story are there as well and you do get a feeling of the horror and overwhelming odds they faced (perhaps not the charging Rhinos though).

Very bloody, brutal and raw, full of testosterone, but pretty dramatic and well worth watching.
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on 30 November 2007
Personally I found this film spectacular. The use of CGI to create a sense of fantasy to a true story, all be it a very stretched one, was used brilliantly.

The film is based on a comic by Frank Miller which in turn is based on the story of the 300 spartans. I won't bore you with the history but it is worth pointing this out.

If you liked Sin City chances are you'll like this. If you liked Gladiator you'll probably like this. If you liked them both then you'll love it. Stay clear if this sort of genre isn't for you as it really is dependent on that sort of film goer.
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on 7 February 2008
I made the mistake of seeing this film at the cinema and expecting it to be historically accurate. I hadn't realised it was from a graphic novel. I was therefore pretty dissapointed at the sight of 30feet tall elephants, a half man-half retarded crustacean and a bottomless pit in the centre of a city. When I watched it again, taking it for what it was, I began to truly enjoy it.

It has plenty its share of random bloodthirsty action, although generally random stuff happens at random times, and there always seems to be a lack of Persians. A bit more money spent on extras wouldn't do any harm. Its storyline is as expected. Boy meets girl...boy kicks girl into well...Oh wait nevermind. Its generally informative about Sparta anyway =D Although it could possibly do without the bits set in the city about the Queen, more mindless slaughter I say!

Visually, this film is stunning, all the scenes are shot and directed incredibly. The whole film has a dark and sombre tone, both looking cool, and at a deeper level representing the Spartans as they're doomed from the start. The slow motion used in the film is great, slowing down the slick action as you see the helpless Persians be amusingly stabbed, dismembered and brutally cut down in the background. With, needless to say, blood flying satisfyingly everywhere.

Overall, for anyone willing to take it in a pretty light-hearted manner, go for this film! It has some of the best quotes ever, adding to my arsenal of things to randomly say along with the Braveheart speech, and random stuff from LotR. I can't help but feel compelled to shout This is SPARTA! whenever someone labels something as madness.

For anyone looking for similar films such as Gladiator or Braveheart, perhaps steer clear, it will leave you feeling a bit confused as to the random beheadings, bomb throwing easterners and a plethora of strange beasties. Other than that, its a must-see, great film as a whole.
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VINE VOICEon 7 August 2014
It is not aiming for the historical accuracy of films such as ‘Gladiator’, ‘Alexander’ and even ‘Ben Hur’, but what ‘300’ does is deliver a fantastical history lesson of the Greek myths wrapped up in gloriously entertaining action and stunning visual presentation. Direct Snyder knows what he wants to deliver, which is a faithful adaptation of an entertaining graphic novel straight to the screen. By almost 100% shot-for-shot comparison from novel to film, this delivers.

Full of stunning CG enhanced locations, this is pleasing to the eye as if you really are watching a graphic novel play out before you. It’s not complicated to follow or understand as it tells the simple story of the mighty army of the 300 Spartans defending the pass into Greece against the Persian army, full of wonderfully costumed warriors, beasts and assassins.

Gerard Butler delivers a fine performance as the tough as nails, washboard abs framed King Leonidas. He is convincing as a mighty leader and his skills in combat during the action is mightily impressive, backed up by a passionate cast around him such as David Wenham, Vincent Regan and Michael Fassbender as the Spartan soldiers.

Another selling point to this popcorn actioner is the intuitive style to the action sequences. With complete CGI blood and gore, it adds a strange artistic quality to the violence that comes across as something as beautiful to see on screen as it looks on page without being overtly graphic. With fast paced action mixed with ever-pleasing slow motion shots and sweeping one-take camera shots, every crunch, slice and stab is felt with satisfying pleasure as the Spartans clash with the Persians over the course of the film. And each battle gives you something different and the danger is increased with each encounter.

This isn’t something to take away as totally factual or a ground-breaking account of history, but it is defining in the visual presentation of a real “comic book” movie, in the same way ‘Sin City’ is. But to that extent it could be TOO accurate in a world populated by audiences who want the explosive and dazzling CGI fuelled action blockbusters. ‘300’ is for specific taste, but delivers a very satisfying action film in a unique way that is very memorable once you’ve seen it, either for the macho one-liners or graphic violence.

And any film that showcases half-naked buff bodies of Spartan soldiers for the women and the shapely naked body of the beautiful Lena Headey is always going to attract a few more viewers. This is a film that didn’t need much imagination in the costume department.
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