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4.1 out of 5 stars629
4.1 out of 5 stars
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Well, 3 Stars, 3 stars for Great Action and entertainment, good special effects and loads of gore.
Cheesy one liners, posturing and just loads of Fun. Great set pieces and drama, I also enjoyed the build up, the story and the climax.

I liked the fighting, the lighting is fantastic as is the art and costume - The movie really is worth watching for that alone, I bought my brother a Blu Ray for his birthday as a showpiece.

This is based on the 300 Graphic Novel, and only loosely based on history, so please don't start believing it.

Minus 2 stars - as I was and have been quite annoyed at the obvious Racism expressed by the original Author of the Graphic Novel, Frank Miller, and this is evident in the Film - The 'East' is seen as uncivilised, brutal, evil, degenerate, weak, cowardly, dishonourable and treacherous, whereas the Spartans - stalwarts of The West are seen as the opposite, idealistic, and noble.
The 'Immortals' as Goblins, The King of Persia as a total weirdo and monsters in The Persian army....oh kay...

But, that's what the Graphic Novel espouses so that is naturally what the Movie does too - so I give the Novel the same marks.

As someone whose ancestors are from the old Persian Empire, I was obviously annoyed at having them all represented as nothing more than spear fodder and scum, but I quickly suppressed these foolish sentiments as it's a FILM and nothing more!

All in all, very good cinema, art direction, music and acting - yes, acting, it is SUPPOSED to be wooden and as much like the Graphic Novel as is possible, and the actors perform what they do splendidly.
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Those who`ve awarded 300 the full monty of five stars have (to my mind) drastically overrated it, while the one star nay-sayers have missed something.
Historically, this film is a joke, though if you read about the legendary battle at Thermopylae - and there are now many books on the Spartans and their famous battle with the Persians - it is surprising how many details 300 gets right; almost as many as they get wrong. The Spartans were not alone, they had slaves with them, as well as Greeks, though they did fight to the bitter end.
Xerxes is portrayed as a cross between a camp Prince, adorned with bling a-plenty, and a kind of middle-Eastern Caligula. That`s a travesty. He`s played to the hilt though by the impressive Rodrigo Santoro.
King Leonidas of Sparta is given a performance of such magnificent flamboyance by Gerard Butler that one can only stand back and be led by this pectorally perfect lion of a man. Butler obviously took the role and tore it to pieces. The occasional moments of reflection or grief are all the more credible for his otherwise crazed, patriotic bloodlust.
British actress Lena Headey is superb as Gorgo, his tough, loyal, if unfortunately named wife. Her performance is as pleasingly understated as Butler`s is brazenly overwrought. I wish we saw more of this woman in a wider variety of films. But here she shines. She`s well cast, having a timeless look about her, which so few actors have. You could place her in almost any era and she`d not look out of place (though perhaps not in a Regency drama).
Dominic West as a treacherous senator is as good as ever, and David Wenham is allowed some touching moments as one of the 300.
The CGI is/are pretty stunning, though there`s an absurd amount of slo-mo action. Even when a messenger rides off to Sparta, he and his horse move in slo-mo, for no logical reason. I want to see a horse gallop, not glide!
The battle scenes are both stirring and repetitive. When you`ve seen ten heads roll, or twenty arms torn from their sockets, you`ve seen them all. I liked the way the Spartans are shown visibly, and literally, shielded by each other, a metallic, impregnable hedgehog barrier of circular shields: an appropriate one-for-all image of these brave, if foolhardy, men.
And yet...the whole thing is so chest-beatingly unsubtle. I salute the sheer chutzpah that went into the making of such a mini-epic (it`s not quite long enough to call it an epic) but regret that the finer points of reality and truth were sacrificed on the altar of blood, sweat and tears - especially blood.
Butler, bearded and booming, is a mighty warrior, fierce and feisty Headey is a wholly believable warrior`s wife, and it`s a film well worth seeing once in your life.

The Extra Features (on the 2-disc version) are excellent, the main one a half-hour docu about the making of the film and its historical background, including interviews with Frank Miller, on whose comic the film is based, its director, and eloquent historian Bettany Hughes, among others.
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on 3 March 2009
You can't doubt that the cinematography in this movie is impeccable, just as it was in Sin City but cinematography alone does not make a movie. With any comic book fantasy, it attracts a cult audience and those on the peripheries: attracted by the hype.

The brutish violence and gore made it incredibly interesting, feeding on my natural Playstation instincts of carnage. On the other hand, if you were in search of anything other than that, like a storyline possibly, than you would be unimpressed by the lack of its presence:

Man Becomes revered king, King is insulted, King defends nation against Goliath, Goliath wins. The only anecdotal point of hope is that bravery and valour are utmost.

It is the kind of movie that "you knew it was going to happen." And since you did know, there is nothing to spoil and neither can you complain that the movie was dire. Have no doubts that this movie is for carnage and gore freaks of Doom proportions- and for that, I loved it.
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on 27 July 2013
if you have never seen this film before then i would recommend watching it as it's a good watch however it's not the greatest film and their is one or two characters in it that if you took them out would have made the film a lot better and be a bit more enjoyable
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VINE VOICEon 6 December 2007
This is certainly a marmite film. You either love it or you hate it. I am not really sure how I felt about it and I don't want to upset those who loved it. I suppose it's just not really my thing, so it's probable that I would never have given it five stars. I have given it three as there is no denying, that visually, it is amazing- wonderdul sets, stunning costumes, evil looking warriers and magnificant battles. I suppose I felt it lacked any real emotion other then hate. However, that is probably fairly true to life of the spartens who were brutal to the extreme, often sacrificing the weaker children and sending young boys off to train as soldiers at the tender age of seven.

I do think that if you like graphic novels, then you will love this. I am not going to knock it- for what it is, it's good. It's just not my bag!
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Euh maybe not for me, I should have read the blurb before watching. Too much blood, and more blood and even more blood, severed heads and limbs. As it is, I tried to fast forward to forgo the gore and get to the story but it was just bloody till the end. I know it is a film and not real, but the special effects are really good, hence my dinner doing somersaults in my stomach. That is because I am squeamish, I'll admit. I gave it a 3 stars only because it is not my taste but it is actually a well made film, so, if you like history and don't mind a heap of severed heads rolling here and there, you will actually enjoy it.
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on 21 November 2011
The world of swords and sandals is pumped up to the extreme with 300 , a testosterone-tinged tale that's been operatically translated from the page to the screen for the action-hungry masses by director Zack Snyder.

First and foremost, this film is pure eye candy. Each scene demands your eye-time first. The dialogue seems very poetic and almost Shakespearian and really seems fitting for the time and place the film is meant to be set in.

The more unusual scenes of action are welcomed; armoured rhinos are a nice touch, as is the giant chained Persian that's unleashed on the Spartans.

Some viewers might feel a bit uninvolved in the action simply because the tale is as direct as it is. With little context for most of the characters, the whole thing runs the chance of simply being a song-and-dance number made up of quick-to-slow shots of steel, blood, and open-throated yelling. But really, there's not much wrong with that, just as long as that's something the audience are craving.

I could whine on about how 300 is much more style than it is substance, but it's far better to view it as a stylish exercise in how to bring graphic novels to the big screen in a way that's never been seen before, just like Sin City did.

Not really one for the ladies (sorry to genralise, but judging by my wifes reaction, i can only assume) and not really much thinking is required for this film, but it will still go down in history because of the leaps and bounds it has made with the art of film making.
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on 1 November 2011
This is somehow a total bloodbath, without being disgusting to watch. Many would probably describe this as artistic (or elegant as it says on the cover). It is a fun film to watch occasionally, but is more the sort of thing that you would flick onto if you were bored and it was on the TV, just to say "oh Gerard Butlers cut someones head off again." It has a decent cast and its not a bad film for what it is, but don't expect anything more than Butler thrusting a sword into the next bad guys chest.
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on 4 January 2010
300 is an effects extravaganza, with a visual tone reminiscent of Sin City -- another successful Frank Miller graphic novel adaptation. The production design is to be applauded on all counts as this film looks remarkable throughout. It suffers, however, from some truly portentous dialogue (although, in fairness, it's hard to imagine the conversations that took place between such people during such times). It also borders on gratuitous in its depiction of violence, with arguably too frequent use of slow-motion during the gorier moments. Most notable however, is the oddly depressive and oppressive feel to this movie. Perhaps it's because of the unrelenting grimness, or maybe it's just me. This is powerful stuff in many ways but it's not particularly enjoyable to watch. I'd give it 5 stars if the visual aspect was all that mattered but the sheer severity of the viewing experience left me a little too dispirited for top marks.
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on 8 May 2008
Well this film certainly rivals Top Gun for sheer camp carry on!

A few people seem to get a bit hot under the collar about historical accuracy - can you show me one film in the history of cinema that was factualy correct in every way? Nope. But so what, we don't go to the cinema to be educated - we go to be entertained! And 300 is, well... somewhat entertaining. The fast, slooowwww, fast, slooowww, cut of the fight scenes is effective, but sadly a bit overdone throughout - and tends to come across as lots of individual scraps rather than a more panoramic view of the battlefield - and the film is pretty much one big battle! We are distracted from this only by the somewhat marginalised sub-plot of the spartan queen back home fending off the advances of the typecast sneaky cad (forgot his name already), etc...

The script on the whole is poor - suffering from weak attempts at comedy one minute, followed by hollow proclamation of honour the next (made up mostly of Gerry Butler, sporting a full set, shouting SPARTA!!! and hugging his beefy chums).

The whole thing really is quite camp; 300 beefy, shiny, suspiciously good looking men (most soldiers are ugly and hairy) who are suitably oiled up and practically naked! (I tend to cover up when fighting hordes of angry persians). As for Xerxes - the baddie - well he is certainly scary! When he isn't chilling out in his freaky mutant sex parlour, he sort of stands on a really big throne being all God-like - but actually looking more like the only gay in village.

Visually - good but could have been better.
Script - a bit of naughty boy stealing from another well known sword and sandals methinks (starring Russell Crowe). Otherwise very poor.
Sound - nothing impressive here, the grunge/rock electric guitar eating, drum thumping with the beefy boys in slow motion just added to the comic value.

Overall - makes you want to go to the gym in speedos and shout SPARTA!!!! whilst flexing one pecs in the nearest mirror, but otherwise not much cinematic breakthrough here.

Worth buying? No.
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