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on 1 March 2009
I bought this Wrap Up Compact Camera Case to protect my Sony Cybershot T500. I had previously bought a leather case for it but it was cumbersome to lift the camera in and out every time I wanted to use it, and it also increased the camera's bulk in my bag.

But this case is perfection! It screws into the tripod hole on the camera and then simply wraps round the camera and fastens with Velcro. When I want to use the camera, I just pull the flap and let the case go - and it hangs down out of the way. When I've finished taking photos, I just wrap it back round and put it back in my bag. I can grab my camera and be taking photos in moments - but keep the camera protected in between shots.

The case is made of squashy, thick, stretchy nylon (I think it's called Neoprene), and offers a good amount of protection without bulk. I would think it would fit most compact cameras.

I love clever designs that solve a problem - and this does exactly that.

I ordered a second Always On case last week for my second camera, and was disappointed to find that the screw was different. On my first Always On case (a black one), the screw with which you attach the case to the camera had a little handle, which made it easy to tighten and untighten. The second case (a blue one) just has a screw head, so you need to use a coin or a knife edge or a screwdriver to tighten or untighten it. For many people this may not be an issue, but in order to download my photos to my PC I need to take the case off my camera so that I can sit the camera in its cradle.
I emailed the company that make these cases, and they replied saying that all the newest designs will have the little handles. Obviously I had an old design.
I still absolutely recommend these excellent little cases, but thought it was worth mentioning to anyone thinking of buying one: perhaps check to make sure that it's the new design with the handled screw on.
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on 10 March 2009
I bought this for the Panasonic LX3 and although its tight when you wrap it round at first, it soon stretches. I have 4 other cases for this camera but use this all the time. It fits well into the pocket, is easy to go from wrapped to ready to shoot in no time. Also it easily slips round on the screw in the tripod socket of the camera, to enable access to the battery and sd card. First class get one and you will not regret it.
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on 22 July 2009
On reading one of the earlier reviews, I too bought this case for my panasonic LX3 ... and I too reckon its spot on! It does fit around the camera very snugly (it appears to be a very tight fit at first until the material has 'stretched' around the camera a few times) and is very easy-to-use, adequately protective of the camera, and sufficiently small enough to fit in your pocket. And all at a reasonable price too!
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on 7 October 2009
While the wrap is a decent enough product and for the most part well made, I have a few reservations when fitted to my Panasonic TZ7.

Neoprene is not as thick as you think it will be.
The open sides leave the camera exposed to grit and dust to scratch the case and large screen on the back of the camera.
The black plastic bar across the bottom of the camera has no padding between it and the camera so could mark the bottom of the camera.
The metal hinges between plastic bar and neoprene can touch the bodywork again potentially marking the case of the camera and if coming into contact with the glass screen on the back again can chip the lower edges.
Care needs to be taken when pushing on the velcro to close it as it is directly over the automatic lens cover of some cameras which may damage these flimsy shutters, if fitted the other way, putting pressure on the screen at the back.

I feel most standard cases will give better protection without these flaws and if they are an issue you should consider this route.

Good Points:
If you want something to protect the camera from the occasional (small) bump and surface scrapes to the front and back surfaces I feel this performs reasonably well as it is convenient, relatively cheap and lightweight.

For me the flaws far outweigh the good points and I have removed this product from my camera to prevent this potential damage - at least as long as my camera is under warranty!
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on 14 August 2012
It's a common problem. You have a small digital camera that fits neatly in your pocket or bag but risks getting scratched or otherwise damaged as you carry it around. Fortunately it came with a case, which is great for keeping it safe but can be awkward when you're using the camera, not least because you have to put it down somewhere and risk losing it, getting it dirty ec: which is why many users give up on the case after a while.
This neat little product helps get over the problem, it connects to the camera base but flips open and then closed again easily. As a result you get a camera that's kept safe, and the chance to concentrate on your picture-taking with one hassle the fewer to distract you. Useful indeed.
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on 4 March 2013
I bought this when I began to get frustrated with my bulky camera case and the time it took from reaching into my pocket to being ready to snap.
Flicking open the velcro is so quick and easy, that you will be ready to point and shoot almost instantly.

The material feels lush - it's soft and velvety, and people tend to hog my camera just to touch the case! I'm not a big fan of the other design/fabric options, and would recommend buyers to get this version.

It has a screw on the base which is a standard compact camera tripod attachment. It can slide along the length of the base so will work for most cameras regardless of where on the bottom this attachment is positioned. Once screwed in, it is secure and your camera won't slip and slide.
I've used it on my Canon Ixus 80 and Powershot SX230HS with no problem. It won't fit every camera, but if yours is small, it is likely to be suitable.

The case adds very little in size to your camera. I'm conscious of size, as I like to have a camera in my bag or in my pocket permanently, and this case allows that.
I've used this cover in the rain, and when wrapped up it does keeps the camera dry, although the sides are always exposed and unprotected, so you should take this into consideration when deciding if this is the case for you.
The grey material on mine has frayed slightly, but it has accompanied me through some testing conditions, so I'm satisfied with the quality of it, and at the price I see it as great value.

I couldn't find any information on the manufacturer online, but don't let that knock your confidence in this product.
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on 12 May 2010
Promp delivery, ideal for most compact cameras. If your camera has the tripod bush at one end then camera will not sit centrally in the wrap, but a minor snag. Very practical accessory
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on 14 August 2012
This is simple, but most effective protaction for any compact camera. As the title says "Alwyas On", means there is no chance you can loose it, forget about it or be to lazy to put the camera back to the case. Also the quality is very good - we've been using it for over 8 months with no signs of wear&tear ( I think it would even be ok to wash it).
I highly recommended this product!
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on 14 April 2015
I bought this camera wrap for my Canon IXUS 265HS camera. I have had no issues with it, it fits perfectly.

The concept is simply (as with many good ideas!) and easy to install - the wrap has a little screw which screws into the tripod socket. Once it has been screwed in all you need to do is wrap the neoprene cover around your camera and secure using the Velcro fastening. Some points worth noting are that the screw has a little handle which helps with tightening the screw making it secure. Also, if your battery and memory card slot are on the bottom of the camera, you do not have to remove the cover as it can be slid along a runner allowing you to open the compartment and remove the battery / memory card.

I also like this product as it is not possible to lose it as it is connected to the camera, unlike other cases when you have to take the camera out which can be a bit of a nuisance.

The only drawback that I can think of with this wrap is that you can't use it and use a tripod at the same time.

I would highly recommended this camera wrap for anyone with a pocket camera.
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on 16 November 2011
Great product- but! Doesnt fit Lumix TZ18 as claimed...its too short and the velcro closures do not meet. Doesnt fit my much smaller Pentax optio i10 either. This fits my nikon coolpix 3000, which is very small. perhaps a rethink on sizing. for a fiver I cant moan as it will be used, but not on the camera i bought it for (the Lumix TZ18. Shame...its such a good handy product
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