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4.8 out of 5 stars72
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 July 2008
This is a fairly standard sitcom. Take a group of people, put them in a situation where they are all thrown together and can't get out and see what happens to them. As far as sitcoms go, that's a basic premise. So what makes this one funnier than, for instance "My family"?

Apart from the fact that "My family" is rubbish (IMHO), it tries to take itself too seriously. Benidorm doesn't fall into that trap and sees itself for what it is - a truly British romp around a fairly stereotypical group of holidaymakers in the tacky Solana resort hotel in Benidorm. It has no airs and graces and just sets out to make the viewer laugh.......and it succeeds. The jokes are just plain funny and while some are slightly near the knuckle, they're delivered with deadpan straightness rather than the nudge-nudge comedy of some comedians who like to flag a joke coming some time in advance. My favourite line has to be the one where Kate is talking to Janice about her rather nasty and particularly leathery old mother who sits out in the sun all hours and asks her "Isn't she worried about the 'c' word?" to which Janice replies, "Oh no, she's been called worse than that"

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on 30 November 2007
I came to this sitcom late having missed the first showing of the series but was soon enjoying the repeat after been made aware of the show by enthusiastic friends at work. I very rarely laugh out loud while watching the TV but I think I did during almost every episode of this brilliant new comedy. As long as you like your humour rude you will love this show; I think it's worth mentioning the acting too, some brilliant performances from some very familiar faces who do justice to this very well written 6-parter. I can't wait for the 2nd series but also can't wait for the release of this, series one. Funniest ITV series in a LONG time.
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VINE VOICEon 21 November 2007
Sit-coms have become a graveyard for writers and terrestrial channels over the last few years-the dire "My Family" apart -though shows subverting the genres like "Spaced " and "The Mighty Boosh" have done very well.Benidorm suddenly appeared with little fanfare on ITV in February 2007 in the 10.00p.m slot and from the first episode it was clear that this something sufficiently different from the normal cosy suburban sit-com to mark it out as worth watching.
Written by Derren Litten, co-writer of The Catherine Tate Show Benidorm is set in an all inclusive apartment complex-The Solana Apartments- in the popular Spanish resort. The programme exploits the stereotypical working class depiction of Benidorm and seems uncertain whether it,s revelling in the rampaging tackiness of it all or condemning it as a soulless shallow exploitative enterprise.The truth is likely to be somewhere between the two but the real crux of the matter is whether it is funny or not and Benidorm is often very funny indeed-though it is a coarse bawdy type of humour that some may find offensive.
The shows very simple premise is to have disparate groups of people interact while they lounge around the pool, in their rooms or attend any of the complex,s horrendous entertainment nights.There is quiz show champ Geoff Matlby aka"The Oracle" ( Johnny Vegas) and his mother (Elsie Kelly)who he constantly badgers to test him with quiz questions. The Garvey family -dad Mick( Steve Pemberton), mum Janice ( Siobhan Finnerhan), teenage daughter Chantelle( Hannah Hobley) who is harbouring a secret(Not very well it must be said), young son Michael(Oliver Stokes) and Janices mother Madge( Sheila Reid), a wheelchair bound sun worshipping chain smoking bundle of spite. Incidentally she indirectly is responsible for the best line of the entire series when referring to her sunbathing and smoking a character asks Janice"Is,nt she worried about the C word?". To which Janice replies "Oh no ,she,s been called far worse than that".
Completing the line up are a couple of elderly swingers Jaqueline(Janine Duvitski)and Donald(Kenny Ireland) who are constantly trying to coerce their fellow holidaymakers into their enthusiastic shenanigans. Kate (Abigail Cruttenden) and Martin (Nicholas Burns) are a married couple going through a rough patch and he has booked the holiday as a surprise much to her disgust., though she finds compensation with a philandering pool waiter. Gay partners Gavin (Hugh Sachs) and Troy ( Paul Bazely)are on holiday celebrating the opening of their new hair salon.
Over six half hour episdoes these characters endure various farcical scenarios and engsage in scatalogical cross class and culture disccusions which usually end up revolving around sex or bodily functions. Anyone who loved crass northern comedy "Rita Sue And Bob Too" will probably love Benidorm though it must be said Benidorm is far wittier than that film ever was. Fans of dire middle class fare like "My Family" are probably best advised to steer well clear. The performances are uniformly excellent but special mention must go to Janine Duvitski and Kenny Ireland as the emollient hint dropping swingers.
I,m not convinced Benidorm will stand up to repeated viewings like say "Blackadder" or " I,m Alan Partridge" but one poor episode apart i laughed out loud consistently. Benidrom has been commissioned for a second series , this time over eight episodes so it was clearly a ratings success.The Brits aboard angle has rarely been given such a forensic and salacious going over and in doing so i feel this programme has comes close to the truth as it,s possible for drama to get. It,s an uncomfortable truth but it,s quite often a very amusing one.
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on 30 August 2009
I happened to know about that series by the online edition of the German news magazine "Der Spiegel". They pointed out that the usual horrible German taste in television makes u miss so many great masterpieces of modern television. Besides that I have been a huge fan of British comedy ever since and so I ordered.

Funny enough, I know very little about bad British holiday habits, basically only from hearsay as I myself generally refuse to enjoy vacation trips most of the times. It is needless to state that the "Benidorm" series is not likely to increase that interest in going to Spain on an all-inclusive trip.

So finally, I liked the casting, enjoyed the plot (I generally prefer a certain soap element I am not hesitant to admit), love the humour (the bullfight in series 2 will always remain one of the best TV moments in 2009 in my personal perception) - so no doubt, I will be watching the series many more times in very near future.

Torsten (35)

Leipzig, Germany
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on 7 December 2007
I don't understand why this wasn't put out at prime time instead of being aired around 10.30pm. It eclipses some of the rubbish that's been passing for 'comedy' of late - lets hope ITV sees sense with series two.
Derren Little (of 'The Catherine Tate Show' fame)is such a talented comedy writer - this is wonderfully typical British humour, so sadly missing on TV these days. I'm so looking forward to the next series - this has got all the makings of a classic comedy - so PLEASE put it on at 9pm!!
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on 31 August 2008
Quite simply, thank the lord for this superbly hilarious series. Ages since I've laughed out loud and been left with such a feel good factor. The best (and they're not that good), sit com's now are American. We had lost the true british comedy farce.
Hope lots more comedy writers take note, this is what we want!
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on 27 November 2007
I enjoyed this series very much and laughed out load throughout, it appealed to my sense of humour and, although I have never been to Benidorm, this is exactly how I imagined it would be.

I am looking forward to the second series.
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on 23 October 2008
When I first read reviews on Benidorm I knew I would find it funny and had to buy it. Within the first 5 minutes of watching it I was laughing out loud. The characters and acting are first class. After a bad day at work I was able to switch off and watch a comedy that is so true to life. I was still giggling away to myself the next morning on my way to work thinking of all the really funny parts. I know it's a DVD I will never tire of watching, just like The Royle Family. I went to Benidorm about 8 years ago and even saw Sticky Vicky (she is real). My favourite characters have to be the swinging couple, they are classic. I also loved the Garvey family, I have met many people like that on holiday and in day to day life.
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on 5 June 2008
Well I have to say,6 episodes are just not enough.
How I laughed from start to finish.
Having worked as a holiday rep many moons ago I have met every single one of these charactors ten fold[yes including swingers and a knocked up daugher only this one was 14 not 16].
My husband is foreign and he was crying laughing thinking all brits abroad behave this way.Of course I told him that wasn't the case but to be honest there are more people like that on holiday from the UK then we would all care to admit.

The episode of swingers and Madge in the buggy,well,it just finished me off.I have never laughed so much at anything in my life.
I bow down to the writers of this,I cannot wait for series two to come out on DVD as I have yet to see it.
Please please keep this series going and make each episode an hour long.
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on 1 June 2008
Never even considered watching this program before i was recommended it by the last person i would expect to watch it.Unbelievably funny. Every scene has been well thought out, and there seems to be humor in every sentence. Laughing out loud funny is the best discription i can give it. On the plus side, watching the dvd without adverts has got to make a big difference to your enjoyment, I challenge you to watch just one episode at once. I couldn`t!!!!
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