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4.5 out of 5 stars37
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2007
If you like no nonsense kick ass rock 'n' roll, buy this DVD. Disc 1 is the Bon Scott years, it has all the best known songs ( and a couple not so well known), Angus, as always is on top form, rarely standing in one place for more than a few seconds. I saw them at Glasgow, Apollo in 1976 and 3 of the tracks from that concert are on this DVD. I didn't think AC/DC could keep going after the loss of Bon but when Brian Johnson stepped into the breech, wow, it was like a new band. As disc 2, the Brian Johnson years, shows, he was more than capable and made the old songs his own,TNT/DIRTY DEEDS/THE JACK. Brian has been with AC/DC for 26 years now, the band have been keeping their fans happy for 37 years and don't look like stopping yet. If you can't get along to one of their concerts then buy this DVD, you won't be dissapointed.
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on 25 October 2007
OK, just pop in disc 1, look at the hilarious arcade computer game menu, and you know it's gonna be fun. Because AC/DC was and is always in for a bit of fun. Have a good time, while rockin' out. Judged from the content on this boxset, that is very obvious. Select "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be" and you just can't not bang your head a little bit to the electrifying sound, which, on this track, sounds absolutely brilliant, beautifully remastered for this release. The really old clips before that sound a bit muffled, probably because of age. Further on the sound is varying between spectacular and a bit cranky.
I understand that the restoration people only can do so much, but I'm very satisfied with their clean-up work.
At last, with this release, we get to see Bon Scott's funny stage persona in full, making funny faces and winking at the cameras. In "Rocker" you can't stop laughing when Angus goes into the frozen (from shock?) audience and gets in their hair. More jokes from the band as they cut off Pete Drummond's intro speech on camera, and just kick off with "Problem Child".
The selection of songs is very good, although I suspect that some fans will miss their personal favorites.
Rounding out disc 1 are some cool vintage interview clips with the band and one long interview with a very laid back Bon Scott.
Disc 2 contains live material with singer Brian Johnson. As there are several live dvd releases out there featuring Brian, most fans are familiar with Brian's showmanship. It's nice to see some of his most early footage with the band, from 1981, including some interview clips, where he admitted that he didn't realise what he was in for or how big the band already had become.
Especially cool is the VH-1 clip where we see the band in a very small studio space as opposed to the large stages we have seen them up until now, but with a good sense of being a tight unit and comfortable with each other and just enjoying playing rock n' roll together. Rehearsal footage made during the soundcheck for this session is presented as a bonus, also very cool. We see Angus playing with a cigarette in his mouth and just jamming along. The sound starts out a bit crap, because it's a soundcheck, but later on we get to hear the instruments getting into the mix and Brian's dancing along.
The other cool extra on this disc is live footage taken from the Rolling Stones 40 Licks tour, where AC/DC probably shared the bill on that day in 2003.
Angus and Malcolm join the Stones on stage to play "Rock Me Baby", an old B.B. King blues track. Keith and Ron Wood and Angus doing his usual funny thing, just a pleasure to watch. You can tell by the look on all of their faces that The Stones and the Young brothers really had some fun there.
Disc 3 contains first of all some tracks that have been cut from disc 1 and 2. Why not put it there in the first place? I don't know. Maybe to ensure picture and sound quality with a high bitrate on those discs. Maybe to give the fans some extra stuff for buying the Collector's Edition. Among the highlights is a clip with band rehearsal footage from 1983, where we see the band playing facing each other, a set up anyone who's playing in a band will recognise. Great stuff.
Also featuring on this disc is a big part of a concert filmed in 1983 in Houston, with 9 songs in a row. A bit of a shame that they didn't put the entire gig on here.
All in all, I had a great time going through all this stuff, and I'm very pleased that live material from the Bon Scott era has been made available. I still can't believe the energy Angus has when I see him play (I myself saw AC/DC play in 1988 and 2000). The way he moves like he's on full tilt and bangs his head, as if he's the greatest fan of the band, and then play so effortlessly, amazing. Especially the old stuff is great where he looks just like a kid (and probably was).
Apart from the great dvd's you get a nice booklet, and some facsimiles from old concert tickets and backstage passes, and a concert poster from 1979.
A spectacular set for a great price. Highly recommended! And Amazon, please, don't list this as a Rolling Stones release, they're on 1 bloody track on the bonus dvd for pete's sake. This is AC/DC, man.
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on 28 October 2007
This is an awesome collection of live AC/DC tracks - over 7 hours of heavy rockin' mayhem! I got it last week and I still haven't watched it all - I need to sort out my priorities! It is sorta odd how there's nothing from Blow Up Your Video and Fly On The Wall (both really under-rated records) maybe there will be further DVDs featuring stuff from them but I ain't gonna hold my breath, anyway it's really good to see stuff from Flick Of The Switch. All the Bon Scott stuff is great - though a lot of it does look incredibly old. I think the best Brian Johnson era performances are from the Circus Krone, a lot of the others pale a bit in comparison to those on the concert DVDs we already have. Some people have complained about the sound - I don't care about no surround - you can't do heavy metal in dobly anyway.
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on 17 August 2009
A great DVD, covers from really small venues in Australia in the early years to the big stadiums with Brian Johnson. One problem though I want to play the Bon Scott disc and my girl friend wants to play the brian Johnson one, so I've hidden the remote.
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on 28 October 2007
I'm a mad AC/DC fan but somehow this snuck up on me and I only saw it the other day in the record store.Bought it on the spot needless to say and boy was it a pleasant suprise. Some of the footage here is brilliant especially the Bon Scott era footage with some cracking performances.I can't understand why some people are complaining about the sound. I'd rather have the original sound (which in some cases is very good) than some electronically cleaned up stuff. It's not as if they have master tapes to start with or anything. I would have given my left arm to go and see these guys in the late 70's. They were just so tight. Legend.
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on 8 June 2010
I can't stop laughing, this is hilarious! Bought this mainly because of the first DVD and the old times, and I can already see it was well worth it. Fuggin' fantastic. Straight from the start Bon Scott is more than a singer, he's an entertainer. You can tell just how much he enjoys playing on stage, it's all a game and he enjoys every second of it... and so do I watching this. Just watch him playing the bagpipe on 'It's a long way to the top' grinning all the while, pure rock'n'roll comedy.
On to the rough and raw sound of 'School days' and 'TNT' live at St. Albans High School. Some might complain, but this is authentic stuff, as anybody will know who's ever been to bands rehearsals in underground car parks and garages.
Sound is getting better again after these two songs anyway, actually very good, and Bon Scott pulling faces and grinning as ever. And just look at the 1970's glam rock era outfits- hilarious! I think in 'Rocker' in London where AC/DC filled in the audience look genuinely shocked as they expected some one else. Angus don't care and moves in between them trying to make them part of the show (without much success and a few embarrassed smiles).

I haven't actually watched more of this yet, but it's great fun and history combined, get it.

I listened to AC/DC long before Punk and later Crossover and Speed Metal, and played in some (mostly unoriginal) bands myself from the mid-80's to the mid 90's. Most of this stuff has long since become boring with their generic ear numbing noise. AC/DC will always be fun, and I always return to them (and Motorhead).
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on 1 January 2008
The quality of this is variable - but lets face it some of these are period pieces for people to see what they were like when they were truely awesome when Bon Scott was at the helm - who would have known they were going to become as big as they have.
I was lucky and saw them and this brought back a lot of memories.
The only complaint is that some of it is incomplete e.g. just a couple of songs from a program when it actually went on for 30 or 45 minutes. Beggars can't be choosers and I still loved it.
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on 8 July 2015

I personally never went after bootlegs or rarities from any band, even the ones I really enjoy and have all the catalague, like AC/DC. So, for me, almost all the footage contained in this set was a first-time experience. I'm astonished.

Everyhting is worth here, and for such a fair price we have a deluxe edition with almost 6 hours of music and interviews. Of course, AC/DC being AC/DC, there are no interviews made especifically for this set, which is a shame... Anyway, since this is not intended to be a official doccumentary, but a "videomentary" showing live performances since the beginning, it's understandable that the guys from AC/DC don't appear exclusively for this set.

The high points are so many that it's not worth to listen them... the live version of "Gone Shooting" for VH1 is unbeliavably good and warm and gives you a hint of what these guys probably can do when they are just jamming for themselves... And what about "Ride On"?? Quite a surprise!

A sad moment is when Bon, in an interview backstage, says that they are getting better and better, that great riffs and ideas are coming at full speed, and that he thinks this would go on forever...

All in all, you just can't miss it.
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on 6 February 2009
This is a fantastic collection of all the vids of ACDC over the years and i'd recommend this to anyone, but be warned, the copy i received is in NTSC format, which means you have to change your output on your dvd player. Just make sure it can play NTSC and your TV is compatible. Please check the format line in the product details for this info. I would have given it 5 stars if it were in PAL mode
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on 28 September 2011
Being an absolutely HUGE AC/DC fan, this was quite a treat for myself... Family Jewels was so so... and I've had several concert videos on VHS, but this was just such a great release for the fans, probably since the Bonfire Box. Two DVD's, one dedicated dedicated to each of the both phenomenal vocalists, being that I'm impartial to either singer (RIP Bon), Both DVD's are just great to throw on, hook up the audio cables to the Hi-Fi and let'er rip... The audio and video quality are both great, spanning the decades of Rock, All you whiny audiophiles out there who have to have HD tv and dolby 5.1 and all that jazz need to suck it up and crank up the good ol' fashioned VOLUME knob!!! Highly recommended purchase for fans!!
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