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4.4 out of 5 stars33
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2003
Guyver: The dark hero is a film based loosly from the manga Guyver bio-booster armor. It follows the story of a boy who finds a mysterious Guyver unit, accidently activating it he is entrusted with the powers of the Guyver. And so the story starts.
Although the film and the anime are not really the same story-wise its still a good thing to watch if your a Guyver fan. Non-guyver fans may find it abit tedious and at times boring.
The main difference is that Sho (or Shaun, in the film) is now a man and not a high school boy. After the first movie, Mutronics, Shaun defeats the evil Zoalord and rescues his girlfriend.He tries to live a normal life. Although with most films like this you know that will never happen.
Drawn by the Guyver to an archeological dig Shaun must uncover the secrets of the Guyver and find his own destiny whilst trying to thwart the plans of Chronos who have suddenly emerged again.
The action is there, the romance, the drama etc. The fights are choreographed well and the Guyver suit looks pretty true to the original manga design (and it looks much better than from the first movie). I agree that the Zoanoids could of had better designs and powers. It is like they are just there for the Guyver to kill. The last fight between the Guyver and the Guyver-zoanoid is one you will want to watch again and again. Especially when they use the blades on their arms to fight.
All in all its a good movie. You will enjoy it more if you have some Guyver history though so be warned if you know nothing about Guyver.
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on 23 March 2007
I have seen both the uncut and the edited version of "The Guyver", and of course the uncut version is the better of the two.

Steve Wang captured the true essence of the Manga series, but he obviously had a poor budget judging by the costumes they used for the zolanoids. He did however make up for this with some exceptional martial arts and an "easy to get into" storyline.

The story picks up where (the by far inferior) "Mutronics" left off. David Hayter plays the lead character Sean, and is a far better screenwriter (He wrote the first and co-wrote the second X-Men films !!) and voice actor (He is the voice of Solid Snake in the "MetalGear Solid" game series !!) than he is a screen actor. But, when his alter-ego appeared (The stunt actor doing all the martial arts in the rubber Guyver suit) you was on the edge of your seat watching the jaw-dropping moves he was doing.

Overall it is a good bit of escapism for the duration of the film and hardcore manga fans will not be disappointed.

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on 12 March 2001
The martial arts in this film are good and some of the ideas from the series are translated well. But... the costumes are bad, the zoanoids in particular look like rejects from a sci-fi convention. The guyver costume is okay (I like the fact that they made parts of it move - more "realistic" for biological armour).
The music is very bad, very very bad. Some of the Zoanoid noises are particularly bad (one sounds like a cross between a bear with a sore paw and a kitten).
The acting is a little hammy, but tolerable. Interesting tidbit of info, the actor who plays Sean (David Hayter) is the voice of Solid Snake in the Videogame "Metal Gear Solid"
The fight scenes are very well choreographed (especially towards the end). Some very interesting stunts and transformation sequences. In particular the high fall stunt about 2/3 of the way through the film.
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on 12 September 2007
Even though this movie is not up to date in today's CGI Animation productions, it was still one incredible film!!! I strongly suggest this movie to all retro/old school Guyver and Power Ranger fans. All In All This Movie Is Definately Worth Seeing.
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on 11 March 2012
Quick recap: In the first film Sean Harker became The Guyver, a deadly warrior, encased in a suit of living alien armour that allows him to masterfully whup monster butt. The monsters in question are shape-shifters called zonanoids -they're human most of the time, but can transform at will, just as The Guyver does. The zoanoids were engineered by the evil Chronos organisation, using alien technology. Our hero destroyed Chronos's headquarters, along with all the monsters inside. The end.

I didn't like the first Guyver movie. I think that all the lame comedic touches ruined it. Zoanoids shouldn't rap.

This film, on the other hand, was made by people who knew what they were doing. That is to say, they played it straight. Good call.

The film takes place a while after the first film. Sean is living alone now. He believes that Chronos is destroyed. However, even without any zoanoids to battle, Sean still finds himself driven to use the Guyver to fight crime. The movie opens with him taking on a bunch of gangsters before leaving a signature for the police to find. Their response is something to the effect of "yeah, it's him again", which shows that this has become a regular practice for him. He's kind of like the Batman of LA.
There is one thing that sets our hero aside from Batman though, and that's the fact that he gives in to the temptation to kill on occasion. In this case he slices open the gang leader's throat rather than leave him to be arrested. Sean repeatedly blames the Guyver for his behaviour, claiming that "it's the one that kills - not me!" Now this is an interesting plot development which we never saw in the anime series. What if he starts to lose control over the Guyver? There's the potential for a kind of spiderman's-symbiote-suit-style subplot here, and the subtitle of the film -"dark hero"- would seem to draw attention to this theme. Unfortunately though, this issue never gets the attention it warrants, remaining both undeveloped and unresolved.
So anyway, Sean is at home watching the TV when a story appears about a so-called "werewolf attack". The killing took place at an excavation site, where ancient cave-paintings have been discovered. We see various examples of these paintings. Sean pauses the tape (he was recording it)... the camera pans down to reveal that he had been drawing the exact same images on his notepad. We learn that these images appear to him in his dreams regularly; our introspective hero desperately wants to know what's going on and decides that the dig might hold the clue to figuring out who and what he is, and what it means for him to be the Guyver. Thus the journey begins.
However, once Sean arrives at the site he soon discovers that his old adversaries, the zoanoids, still exist and that there's more to the dig than meets the eye.

Cue awesome monster fights.

Now THIS is how you do a Guyver movie! The special effects are terrific, the action scenes are well done (if a little silly at times) and the conclusions to these battles can be suitably gruesome (which was rather lacking in the previous film). Oh, and did I mention that there's NO BLOOMIN' COMEDIC NONSENSE to ruin the movie this time around?

All in all, a very solid bit of entertainment and a marked improvement on its predecessor.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 March 2014
Great live action movie based on the popular manga animated series, you don't have to be a fan to get into the movie as its a fun and very cool action sci-fi with plenty of martial arts fight scenes, great effects and practical make-up is amazing on the monster man in suit effects and the alien guyver suit, they have done an amazing job of bringing it to life, this is an extended cut that around 20mins longer I think than the original DVD release, fingers crossed this gets picked up for special edition Blu-ray release soon!
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on 28 October 2000
This film is ok but I would best recommend the cartoon series. This film is ok thou, it involves some decent martial arts but as the Guyver in this isn't 7ft tall and got all these powers like the one in the cartoon. Not as good as the first film (Mutronics) but still give it a go. Don't go by my opion as everyone has their ownb and thats all that counts!
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on 19 October 2010
I remember watching the two Guyver films when I was younger (this is the second one). What i must say first is I must have seen an edited version because this is something I would not buy for children, it may look like a power ranger type film but there are throat slashings and violence and lots of swearing. Again do not buy for kids. It is a superhero / sci fi movie based on an even more extreme animated series. It is nicely done on a budget with good effects on the suits and monsters, but people growing up in the computer age will not be impressed!
I enjoyed the few action scenes and the hero is a tortured soul trying to do good, which is intersting but its age and lack of budget do show.
A sci fi curiosity and as an adaption of a cartoon it is one that stays true to the original designs, but there is not much to recommend in this film.
I would have liked some extras and special effects behind the scenes but there is nothing on this disc.
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on 25 November 2000
This film started it for me. Now I love guyver. If I had to give my honest opinion, I'd say this film was very good, The guyver suit itself maybe rubber but its a VERY good rubber suit. The zoanoids are a let down as they have no real special powers like in the comics or anime. This film has moderate gore, the sfx were billant for saying this was done for a under $1 million budget, the sfx re better than the first. The storyline is good, written by someone who really understands the mind of thre guyvers host. The main gripe I have about this film is that I hunt for uncut and special editions of films, the PAL version of this film has about 15 mins of action taken out of it, yet the american and japense editions has these 15 mins in them. these show the romantic scenes, and seans nightmare of the guyver, also they show how much the guyver calls to him. If you are a comic/anime fan of the series find soeone in the guyver cummity toi sell you th US one, you'll like that more. The PAL version is adiqate as an action movie not for the guyver characteristion tht the US had.... but if your like me you'll have them both!!! IFyou have a DVD player buy the DVD its cheaper andyou get better quality.
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on 26 August 2014
I was a bit fan of this movie when I saw a very bad copy rented from my local video shop! Watching it again was a real memory jogger and I truly enjoyed it, even the naff "power rangers style" baddies were a lot more cool than I remembered!!
Good sci-fi popcorn movie with a unique the damsel in distress says "every girl wants to be rescued by a night in shining armour...even if he wears it on the inside...".
Get it for the silly action fix but enjoy it when you realize how much other movies and television series have borrowed from the movie story arc!!
Supplier provided regular updates on my order and delivered well in time!
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