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on 3 April 2008
Just taken delivery of the S70 and used it over a long weekend on the Isle of Wight. Mapping is clear and directions are absolutely spot on. Instructions are also clear and there is a helpful and quite thorough manual that can be downloaded from the Navman website.

Safety camera data is the weakness, I set mine to warn me of safety cameras at 0.6 mile distant but although it picked them up visually on the screen there was no audible alert despite it being set to give one. A phone call to Navman established that you have to be doing 8% more than the speed limit on the approach before you get an audible warning. Fine, but the maunal could have said this otherwise you think it simply does not work. That said, my S70 does not seem to give an audible warning unless you are at least 1.2 mile out from a camera. So, in summary the safety camera data is useful but far from perfect, can be annoying and should not be relied on - there is obviously no substitute for keeping your eyes on the road! Similarly you can set it to warn of excess speed. I tested mine to warn me of speed in excess of 60 mph but I actually just exceeded 70 mph before there was any warning that I was over 60 mph!!

You need a TMC cradle to access traffic functions which I haven't bought. The cradle looks neat when you see a picture but when you look at the Navman manual you realise it's not just a cradle but a rather ugly wire aerial you need to attach to the inside of the windscreen as well, so I am going to pass on this.

So, overall 4 stars as it seems very good as a directional sat nav but lose a star through safety camera and and other alert functions, which seem variable to say the least. Manual is good and there is a helpline telephone number on which you can actually speak to someone!!

I read a number of reviews before purchasing the S70. No sat nav seems to score perfectly on anything and you pay your money and take your choice. This is my first exerience with them and the S70 seems as good as anything on the market.
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on 4 September 2008
Navman S70 3D Satellite Navigation Unit With European Mapping
I purchased this for a holiday/house hunting visit to France. We had 2 weeks trouble free navigation in the UK before going to France. I set all the French post codes into the device prior to leaving and it direced me to the hotel without any wrong turns. This was a great experience as we did not have to look at a map and avoided the usual bickering with the navigator. The device was some 3.5 weeks old when the holiday started. However, mid holiday when we had planned to visit some houses it exprienced a "fatal error to the application software" which could not be reset. We had to revert to the strain of conventional map reading for the remainder of the holiday. It was just over a month old when we returned to the UK and too late fo a direct replacement from Amazon. It is presently away fo repair and I am advised this will take at least 10 days. Most purchasers expect more than a months service from a new device. It would be nice to know whether this is a common fault with this model or just a one off. If you buy one remember to always have your maps with you just in case. Can't wait to get this back for a durability run.
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on 29 November 2007
I bought the S70 after getting bored and frustrated waiting for stores to start stocking the S50. I didn't see the need to spend an extra £20 or so on European maps I'll never use. However, the money was burning a hole in pocket so....
I bought my S70 from a well known electrical chain who will remain nameless. While I waited for the sales assistant to find one in the wrehouse, another staff memeber asked why on Earth I'd ever want to choose a Navman. The reason is, I prefer the interface and you get more kit for your money than you do with a TomTom - and at the end of the day, Navman and TomTom use the same maps!
Mine is an upgrade from an old Navman icn610, and what an amazing change they've gone through! The touchscreen is very responsive, with crisp, clear images and day/night settings so you always get a clear view. You also get a choice of the colours used, so if you're a touch colour blind, you should be able to find a setting that works for you. The voice directions are nice and clear. It's great to see that now they direct you in advance where several junctions come together, whereas my old Navman would wait until I hit each junction before instructing me further.
The settings you can play about with feel almost endless, the directions for the most part are spot on (the McDonalds locations that come pre-installed are slightly out), and it looks and feels well built. My one niggle with it is, if you look at a route overview where you have several waypoints, while it shows them on the map, it no longer tells you which order they are in. As a multidrop truck driver, I used to find that a great help, as I could alter my route if I'd got a couple of addresses put in the wrong way round. Otherwise, after 5 weeks using it on a daily basis, I have no other issues with this at all. To paraphrase the sales assistant, why would you NOT want a Navmam?
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on 12 November 2007
What a fantastic aid this is.
I went for this model as I thought £135 would be good value for a widescreen screen Satnav + £35 for Bluetooth + £35 for European Maps..all seemed alot for the money without having to go and add things later.
I've done a few runs and found it highly useful and surpisingly accurate.
I like the lightness, so that it can be stowed in a pocket easily.
I like the editable map displays and the general ease of use of the software. This is because its using a much faster chip than Tom Toms and Garmin.
It also comes with 2GB of space for extra apps. and higher res. maps of the future.
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on 29 January 2008
I bought this because a review I read said that you could work it without reading the manual, and they were right. No bluetooth but it depends what you require. I love to drive on the continent, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and this covers them all with a few hitches I found in Southern Spain, so take a European atlas to be on the safe side. Other sat navs charge extra for a disc per European country so I feel this is worth the price. I know Tom Tom and Garmin oftem take the headlines but I have been very impressed with Navman and would highly recommend this product.
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on 10 February 2009
Technically a very decent unit: BUT! oh dear the maps they use are out of date... my unit for example brought mid 2008 has missing Ebsfleet - the new Eurostar station near Dartford and surrounding roads. In Oxford many streets are ONE way and it tries to steer you the wrong way down one-way lanes AND even through the main pedestrianised shopping mall!!. And then there was France... luckily we were on holiday and managed to laugh off somewhat bizarre occurrences.. Seems that the south of France maps are years old and a lot of the newer motorways are missing... by new I mean built 3 years ago and didn't make the map data.. To be fair they have a new set of maps for sale at over £60... but "cannot guarantee any improvement, as they don't make the maps"... so I decided not to buy the update... Also be aware they do not offer maps for South Africa.
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on 23 October 2007
Excellent piece of kit. Full of useful functions. Works easily straight out of the box. I'm an admitted technohopeless but got it as I left home en route to a village near Nottingham and it got me there and back after 2 minutes self instruction, including a re-route as I decided to test it by taking a different route to the one it wanted on the way home. Would be 5 stars but user manual not available on Navman website as it says it is BUT one phone call to their customer service and it was e-mailed to me while I was still on the phone - excellent. Only other thing is a bit misleading. Says it has free TMC but doesn't tell you you have to buy a £50 special cradle to get it.
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on 28 February 2008
It is funny how the same product can trigger such opposite opinions...
Anyway, for several years I used an old Navman i610 - it is simple no nonsense machine which is still working. Unfortunately it does not have any maps outside England so when I needed to travel to Europe I had to buy this "fancy" model... So I gave it a try on the route London-Paris-Hamburg and back. Well, I have to say this was not up for a job - it did not stand a chance against German spagetti junctions or streets of Paris. It is very slow with reaction to position of your car and if you take a wrong turn (which is not difficult given the poor warning system) it will take several minutes to figure out the new route. Sometimes I had to use it as a compass just to move roughtly in right direction. The pre-loaded data is quite out-of-date and it does not have even some streets/places in the UK. Speend cameras info is also misleading: for example, it believes that there is a camera every 50 yards along M25 and gives you a 30 miles per hour "warning" - some people would say rather optimistic for this road. Unless you switch off all the options like memorizing your route numerous annoying messages (like "toll road ahead") will pop up every twenty seconds, blinding you because unless you respond "OK" the map will not appear again. Touch screen is a pain too - you really need a pencil rather than a finger to enter the address. Wide screen is hardly beneficial in comparison to normal one - you need to know what is ahead not on your sides. Conclusion: despite bigger screen not much of a progress for Navman for last 4-5 years...
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on 27 March 2009
Bought the product and use it on a journey over to Germany and back. Used it in Germany on a couple of short trips, and then used it on the way back to notify me of traffic jams, speed traps etc. The journey was about 600 miles. About 100 miles from home the unit 'froze'.
Resorted to using the 'reset' button, but it then came up with a program exception from which it was not possible to recover. Support suggested connecting to PC, and resetting the software from there using NavDesk, but this couldn't work because the PC couldn't connect because of the error on the Navman. Returned the unit. It has a serious software design flaw.
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on 10 September 2008
I bought this (my first sat nav) largely on the strength of the reviews and also some of the features listed. For the money, it seemed an absolute bargain.

The screen is excellent, the interface is well designed - and simple to use. Access to key functions during a journey are brilliant. Best of all, is the ability to set-up 50 favourite destinations. The Bluetooth feature also works very well when hooked up to a mobile.

The day/night modes are fantastic - you don't have the glare of a bright screen at night time so it's a lot easier on the eye when driving. Also the trip planner is very, very good; add multiple destinations, reorder them - it's brilliant.

However ...

Within a couple of days I had a slight problem in that the arrow showing my position onscreen, instead of remaining in the same place, IT travelled up the road to a roundabout and the proceeded to disappear off the screen. I checked with Navman support ;-) and of course they said to return it. Within 2 days I had a replacement.

I was delighted when it was delivered so promptly - quickly opened the box and got started again, but quickly discovered another flaw. The onscreen keyboard - although it worked fine on the first one - didn't work properly. I would press one 'key' and another letter 2-3 keys away would appear!! Very frustrating ... and it would get stuck (hang) every now and then (not too often though).

So that one is going back too after less than a week!!

So all in all, I'm REALLY disappointed! I absolutely love this satnav - it's got so many fantastic features and the screen and way the maps are presented are SO good. Do I try it a third time??? May be I'm just unlucky ... may be it's a problem with the satnav ... :-(
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