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on 9 December 2007
I own all the Pippa Funnell titles for the PC and this one is the best yet! The graphics are really realistic and I think the fact that you can choose your own ending is great, I've completed both of them! I love the way you choose the outcomes which leads to different paths in the story. It's also great that it goes through each season and has a clock which represents real time (a bit like The Sims) and you can even ride and train your foal when it's old enough. Overall I would give this game 10/10 and I hope they make more!
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on 31 December 2007
I got this game for Christmas and I must say I do not think it is that bad, but not brilliant. I will tell you what happens. You are a girl called Emma who stays on a stud farm with a boy called Oliver that she meets. Oliver lives with others named Flora, Michael and Carol. Flora is taking control of the stud farm, as the real owner has vanished and nobody knows where she is. I cannot tell you everything as I am only on level 2, but so far so good. Level 1 was the best, and you meet Oliver at a bus stop. You ride a horse called Thunder, although I am not sure everybody gets him. You do dressage, cross-country and show jumping and you can care for your horse by picking out his feet and grooming him. Sometimes you need to give them treatments if they are unwell as you are a trainee vet. In level 2 you are free to do whatever you want, and Flora calls you if she wants any help. You can go out on rides through lakes, or forests and take pictures of animals such as squirrels, deers and rabbits. You can go on walks in the day or night, in the village, or in the dark, scary abandoned alley. It does tell you when to go home to bed, and when you wake up you can choose your clothes. This game has good bits and bad bits(e.g you don't know what to do sometimes and you have to work it out yourself which is quite hard.) but I think it is worth buying if you are intrested in horses and ponies like I am.
Ella Molloy
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on 14 June 2009
My daughter has wrote a review about it;

I thought this game was completley fantastic. The plot is great and the graphics are amazing. Normally, dressarge is boring on horse games. However, the dessarge was completely non-boring!

You are a girl called Emma and you are in a cab beacuse you got a good job as a vet in France and you are going there. When you are in the cab, it breaks down and you go off and find a small village. There you find Hugo who tells you a bus comes soon. So there you wait for a short time, then a boy,riding a bike, called Oliver tells you there is no bus after-all. You tell him that you are a vet and he invites you to help him and Flora,Micheal and Carol,beacuse the owner has disapperd,for a few days and in return they give you a place to stay. You agree to help and you have to help a mare to give birth, then after you tell Flora if you want to stay or go. If you choose to stay, there is a breath-takking adventure to discover. You and Oliver sneak around and find clues about Marie's, the stud farm owner, disaperance. You find a cyrpt with her diary in it and also find out ,by recorving the diary, that someone was death threataning her. Then there is a photgraphy contest and when taking pictures, you find a small cabin and explore it. There you find Esteban who nearly hits Oliver,but you save him, and it turns out he is a old enemy of Flora's. If you choose to trust him, he gives you a key to the safe. Inside you find a stuffed animal and Flora tells you that it was Hugo's. Then when you go to Hugo he runs away, when you finally catch him he tells you that Marie told him when somebody gave him the teddy to show them to the door. The door leads to the abandoned village and then you go in the closest door which is a old prision. You find a snow globe but suddenly you get trapped by the Mayor, he found out about you and Oliver and he is trying to kill you. Then Oliver comes after a few days and helps you out. When you get out Hugo gives you a recording of the conversation you and the Mayor had. Then you offer to help out as the sound person at the Mayors live TV speech. There, you put in the recording and the Mayor gets arrested. Then when you break the snow-globe it has a letter saying who the heir to the farm is. You rush back and give it to Flora and it goes to Free Mode.
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on 30 December 2007
I have all the Pippa Funnell titles to date for pc and have finished all of them, but the current one so far. Every one has had good game play, but had problems in other areas.
Secrets of the Ranch has excellent game play, but as another reviewer comments, the website has not been set up. I also had major problems with the graphics. Characters sometimes appeared 'blocky'. parts of their bodies were sometimes of a very strange hue (or sometimes missing altogether). Signposts do not always show up, important messages become unreadable. Scenery can be very strangely coloured, or missing and... worst of all the game no makes my computer switch itself off after about 20 minutes of gameplay!
lexis numerique and ubisoft should test their game properly before release... or were they too busy rushing it out for christmas?
Nevertheless, despite these graphics problems, I have enjoyed playing the game so far, but I'm not sure whether I will be able to continue any further
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on 21 January 2008
This game is very good. I got very fed up of having a rota to follow on the last 2 games, and was so glad when I got on the game and found it to be actually having to move around the yard like the first game. It is a little slow, but I think it's my computer as it's getting a bit out of date.
The fact that the game no longer revolves around winning competitions is great, I love how you can choose what you want to do. What shows you want to do, where you want to live, how you play the game and the idea of different endings has really improved.

I have a few minor problems with the game.
Firstly, the way the time is now set out. Things like exploring on a hack are as good as impossible. I'm hardly out 5 minutes before it's dark and being under constant pressure to finish something before it gets to late is a little frustrating. Sometimes it's hard to get all the simple things done like caring for the horse in the day, let alone compete. Also, why does it take about 2 hours of the game play to get to the village?

Secondly is the rides out. I am getting board to tears of the fact every game is just following paths, I'd love it if you were more free to move around fields, woodlands etc instead of getting stuck on paths and not being able to move anywhere else.

Finally is the anatomy of the horse, it seems to have got worse since the first game. Ok the front half of the horse is ok, but what's up with the back legs? They've got worse instead of better through the games and the horse looks prety crippled. Also, when the person is riding, why do their legs appear absorbed by the saddle or the person appears to be sat on the horse's backside?

Apart from that, the game so far has been very enjoyable. I'm getting an update on my computer soon, which should speed the game up so I can play it properly. Really enjoying it, the fact that the game plot has been changed from the main person seemingly objectively confused by their love lives has really made the game better. Love how you can now choose what you do, instead of it being dictated.
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on 1 September 2008
I say buy it its an amazing game dont miss out! Anyone who buys will not be dissapointed.
The only thing I found a bit boring was dressage but even that was exellent!
Every second counts as 1minute (you can make her have 2hours sleep! how does she stay awake?)

It took me a little time to get used to what they meant but anyone who likes horses should get this game
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on 8 February 2008
If you still need help with the TV Reporter bit - go to the church door at midday and speak to Father Louis, then go into the church to find the reporters. After that conversation, head out of the village and you'll find them again near the village entrance, infront of the lady who's always sweeping.
Hope that helps!
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on 1 January 2009
I have just played this game, and i got stuck into straight away. The way you have to solve different clues before you can access fifferent parts of the game is really goood. I found you didn't interact enough with the horses and the training could have been better presented. Apart from these small problems. I found this game exremely brilliant, but a bit slow.

I did have it crash on me and i had to shut down the PC but i played it for 7 hours continous and it was fine.

5/5 its great!
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on 21 July 2008
I thought this game was great it was really fun to be able to groom your horses and ride them in the country and compete. Most people who have written reviews say they have the other games aswell, I have completed this one quite a few times now (in all the different senarios) and could do with a change if somebody could suggest another games that they have enjoyed that would be helpfull. =]
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on 11 November 2007
i bought this game and it is fab. the game is brilliant because you can choose your own finish, showjumping crosscountry and dressage is better than ever. however i am struggleing to find the new website we have been promised. if anyone knows the address please could they write it on another review thanks :)great game:)
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