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4.5 out of 5 stars149
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2010
"The Warriors" is an excellent film. I absolutely love the concept of the story, and I believe it has been executed very well. The fight scenes are put together with aplomb and there are even some impressive performances by the lead actors which, for a relatively low-budget 70s film, is a bit of a rarity.

However, Walter Hill has done what seems to be the norm with film studios these days and alter the original cut. I'm fine with this if the main draw of a new version is previously unseen footage or new bonus commentaries; however in the case of "The Warriors" the main addition is a series of animated, comic-book style stills that separate the scenes and supposedly add to the narrative. The idea is that it makes the film less of a realistic documentary and more of the stylised fantasy it was originally intended to be. This sounds all well and good on paper, though in reality it just feels out of place and a bit cheap. Worse still, there is no way to view the film minus these animations. I appreciate that this new cut is likely to divide opinion, but for me it ruined the pace of the film and really harms the enjoyment of what still is, a very good piece of cinema. If you can track down the original release on dvd, then I would recommend that instead. If you can't, then buy this version anyway and grit your teeth during the animated stills, because I don't believe that a director's unnecessary tampering should prevent you from watching what is ultimately, a very good film.
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on 5 April 2008
As others have said, the comic strip introductions to several scenes really messed the film up. As soon as I saw this cut, I rushed out the next day and changed it for the original DVD of the film. Buy the "Paramount Originals" UK DVD with theatrical poster if you can get it.
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on 27 April 2010
Released in 1979 and directed by Walter Hill with a whole load of controversy attached to it because of its depiction of violence mixed in with New York gang culture this is truly a classic of 70's cinema, who can forget going to fancy dress parties where guys were dressed in Baseball uniforms and had black greasepaint on one side of their faces and white on the other side and people quoted the dialogue like "can you dig it" and of course "warriors come out to play" and the pirate radio D. J. Played by Lynne Thingpen to great effect with her lines "let's get down to it boppers".

The story may be simple in its content but there are genuine feelings of being the pursued and getting back to the familiar and a place that feels like home which are still relevant today.

I have to agree with other reviewers and say I much preferred the version of this film I saw at the cinema to this re-cut version for this 2005 DVD release.

I may ditch this copy and see if I can find the original incarnation from 2001, I wonder if the Blu-ray could have both cuts of the film on it now that would be cool.

This release is in 5.1 surround sound and 1.78.1; the cinema release was in mono but was in the same aspect
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on 25 September 2012
This is one of those films that I could watch once a month. The weird looking street gangs and the eight anti-heroes trying to make it back to their own territory, keeps your attention without any problem. The directors cut takes nothing away from the origional for me. It does have a more comic book feel of course, but the was Hill's intention and he says this before the film.
The music fits perfectly with the chase and none of the magic is lost.
In the extras, there are some interviews with the actors as they are today, and the ageing differences are amazing! There is also a journey through the making of the movie in parts that allow all to talk about what they saw as happening and this allows a much deeper understanding of the whole film.
I have always felt that Hill should have done an immediate sequel about "The Lizzies" the only girl gang in the story, but who for me, almost nick the film!
Still brilliant!
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I am a huge fan of the monumental account by the Greek classical author and accomplished soldier Xenophon, that told the story of 10,000 Greek mercenary soldiers who were led by Cyrus the younger in an attempt to depose his brother Artaxerxes the second, who held the throne of the vast Persian empire. This culminated in the battle of Cunaxa in 401 BC, which took place in far off Mesopatamia, in what is now known as Iraq. Despite winning the battle Cyrus their paymaster was killed and so they marched back towards far off Greece, which took them across many miles of hostile terrain, where they fought many rearguard action against the Persians and skirmishes with the peoples of varied regions. It was a long and exhausting journey, and perhaps the greatest military story ever told. Even today it resonates down the years and strongly influenced Walter Hill's 1979 film "The Warriors".

In the film, nine members of a gang called "The Warriors" attend a meeting by gang leader Cyrus, who tries to unite all the gangs of New York. "Do you dig it". Matters are then complicated when Cyrus is shot and "The Warriors" are blamed. The gang have to make their way back to home turf on Coney Island, but the word is out, and they are hunted by a whole host of weird and wonderful gangs, which resemble the strange peoples that Xenophon and the 10,000 encountered. One lot looked as if they were off of the "Clockwork Orange" set! The film follows the story quite closely as the gangs leader Cleon, Clearchus in the Persian expedition, is killed early on, leaving Swan, yes Xenophon, to lead the gang back home. Other Greek elements are included with a group of deadly female Amazons/sirens tempting our heroes. The most memorable moment in the book is also reenacted when the gang reach the sea. "The Sea, the sea" to famously quote Xenephon himself.

First released in 1979 to moderate success, the film has since attained cult status. Although the film is supposedly set in the future, it is firmly rooted in the New York of the period. The Afro hairstyles, the clothing and the old pre mobile phone boxes do tend to date it. Therefore I found the comic strip inclusions in the style of "Sin City" quite refreshing. It is purely personal taste of course, but I honestly feel it has breathed new life into the film. The film contains an introduction by director Walter Hill, who interestingly says he is against introductions as a film should speak for itself. He does find time to tell us that the film is more or less the vision that he had in mind. I tend to remember Hill as the extremely competent director of the westerns "Geronimo, an American Legend" and "The Long Riders". Tony Scott has announced this year that he will be remaking the film, so lets hope he makes a good job of it! Surprisingly few director's cut films actually improve on the original, but this one manages to succeed. Whilst I don't think this film is the classic some people believe it to be, it does showcase how a good director with vision can make the most of limited resources. Please, please, will someone out there film the story of the 10,000, which is crying out to be told, and not make a botched job of it. Perhaps I am asking too much!
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on 1 April 2015
The Warriors is a perfect example of a cult movie. The cast is mainly first time actors with a few faces you may recognise. Walter Hill who directs this pic is a genius. He has done a lot in Hollywood and worked on big movies with big actors and other directors. This film probably spent most of it's budget on extras!! This special edition has quite a bit of extra stuff. Interviews with the cast and production team, and some added bits that the director would have put in if he could. I'm talking about the comic book pages and the alternate screen fades/shifts. Some people have panned this special edition because of it. People this is how the director would have done it the first time round if he could. Doesn't that make it a great extra?! I also have an original copy as it's one of my favourite films. They cost pennies. If you love the film have both. And what a soundtrack!
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on 12 August 2013
The Warriors is perhaps the most entertaining gang warfare movie of the 80's next to the likes of the Bronx Warriors. Based on the novel by Sol yurick. The Movie opens at a major gang meeting where Cyrus the president of the largest gang in New York city is organizing the gangs for a complete take over of the city. When Cyrus is shot and killed all Hell breaks loose and the Warriors get the blame for the killing and soon after every gang in new york is on the hunt for them. With every gang in new york on their tail, The Warriors need to band together and rely on each other to make it home alive.
Although a little lack lustre on the fight scenes, the over all story line is brilliant with some amazing performances from the likes of David Patrick Kelly and James Remar to name only two.
The Warriors is definitely one movie you should have for your collection.
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on 19 October 2005
I am and have been for many years now a HUGE fan of walter hill's classic gang movie the warriors so waited with baited breath for the ultimate directors cut to drop through my letterbox.What a mistake,this like star wars and so many other films directors choose to revisit and tinker with is now a sorry mess.The way it dips in and out of comic book style with its cgi style pans!!You will not believe until you see it how much the 7 extra comic book scenes really mess up the film.I could go on all day about the true mess that the film has become but it does have some saving graces which will see it stay in my collection and that is the excellent 4 making of featurettes,these are truly informing and offer a kind of no bullsh*t look behind the scenes of this cult film.Quite why all the warriors could contribute i do not know[marcelino sanchez is excused god rest his soul] but what is there is informing and quite humourous in places.So would be buyers keep your original copy and buy this only for the extras as the film should have been left unmolested and walter hill should know better!!
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on 2 June 2015
The Movie
'The Warriors' Is About One Man's Vision, Cyrus - The Respected Leader of New York's Biggest And Toughest Gang, The Gramercy Riffs - To Have All Of New York's Toughest Gangs, Settle Their Differences And Come Together In Unison To Take Over Law Enforcement On The Streets Of New York.
He calls a truce amongst the gangs and holds a 'rally' to prepare the gangs for the truce. The condition is that the gangs were to attend this rally unarmed. However, one gang member, Luther - leader of the Rogues comes with a gun, shoots Cyrus and blames it on the Warriors.

The hunt is on for the Warriors - alive or dead.

The film tells the story from the Warriors perspective and follows the Warriors' adventures in getting back to base - (Coney Island) - their turf - their territory - their home town, where whatever happens, it's a place of relative safety, where they are no longer out of their comfort zone. (Coney Island? It makes them all sound like a bunch a rich kids with nothing better to do with their time). They lose some members along the way but gains a new member.

In reality some of the cast members of The Warriors and the other gangs have died along the way, whilst others did not further career in acting, whilst for the luck few, it was the launch of a promising career in entertainment. However, none of them made A list careers out of acting, but the film has gained 'A' new generation of audiences that love this film.

At first I didn't like the Director's Cut, with all them cartoon bits in it, but when I watched it a 'Second Time Around' and listened partially and initially to what the Director had to say and why those cartoon bits are there - well - it kinda makes sense. Basically the film The Warriors is based on a novel of the same name. The film went on to made into video games and a comic book series. The cartoon bits is the Director's way of honouring all the genre's and all of the various forms of the cult classic, by reminding us that The Warriors was originally a story being told by the novelist.

Thank You!
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on 17 January 2014
You don't hear much of Mr. Hill these days, which is a shame as he was a very able director. Hill's films were on a large canvas and it was the individual performances which stood out. An interesting narrative device is the local radio station which serves and hinders - can you dig it? Was a little bit scared of it when it came out - it was rough boys' territory - but I saw it on tv a few years' ago and really enjoyed it. Traces of the film still last on in popular culture. PWEI and oddly enough Queen.
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