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4.5 out of 5 stars91
4.5 out of 5 stars
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I have seen a few other Queen DVDs and have a penchant for concert Blu Rays in general so I had high expectations going into this. Queen Rock Montreal not only lived up to my expectations but in many areas exceeded them. Not only is the concert filmed just before the synthesizers-period, with the band absolutely playing the hell out of their instruments, but the technical aspects of the concert recording are top notch too, leaving the whole thing great in all departments.

The sound quality is absolutely superb, crystal clear and very big, which really brings to attention all the skill and virtuosity with which Queen played the gig, and that's not just the mix but the recording quality itself too.

The video, which is of course excellent in the main concert, has been scrutinized and cleaned up on the original 35mm prints before being re-scanned for maximum quality, there is even a fairly detailed description of the process in the linear notes. Consequently, the concert looks amazing and clear in a way no other Queen concert does as of yet.

In terms of the concert itself, there is no question of quality whatsoever. Queen are absolutely electric and deliver a wide array of some of their hardest and heaviest material in about as energetic and impressive a performance as has been captured on film, and mix it up with a few quieter numbers for balance and variety, leaving a full and complete Queen concert experience.

The band don't even just stick to the big radio hits either, playing material such as 'Dragon Attack,' 'Get Down Make Love,' and 'Sheer Heart Attack,' that you wouldn't necessarily expect in with the 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' and 'Under Pressure,' level songs.

The highlights for me were the excellent performance of 'I'm In Love With My Car,' with Roger both singing masterfully and nailing the drum fills to perfection as well as their fast and hard rendition of early number 'Keep Yourself Alive.'

The band's performance is excellent, the track listing is excellent and the audio visual quality is excellent. What more could you possibly ask for in a concert Blu Ray ?

In terms of extras, you get commentary from Brian and Roger, A hilariously bad 80s TV special on Queen, An interesting rehearsal/interview for Live Aid and of course the excellent Live Aid performance itself, which doesn't even require describing it is that well regarded.

Overall I highly recommend this product, I enjoy a lot of Live Concert DVDs and Blu Rays and this is definitely one of the finest I've come across, especially if you like the harder rock side of Queen.
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on 1 November 2007
I recommend it unreservedly, especially as this is video documentary of the last time Queen ever played as a 4 piece band. It is also unique in that it is the only Queen gigs ever performed with the main reason for it to be filmed (stage, lighting, crew etc had to be re-assembled for this). They have done the best they can with the visuals - no luxury of beng able to re-edit it as Mr Swimmer & Co. decided not to keep anything that hit the cutting room floor.

Oh and for those of you 'concerned' about the Live Aid footage/royalties etc. I qoute from Dr. May's website:

"It goes without saying that we are putting the LIVE AID stuff on the DVD because it's great, and we're proud of it, and it's good for the value and visibility of the disc, but also because it will make lots of money for Bob's LIVE AID. We actually didn't want to be SELLING the DVD by using any kind of 'moral blackmail' - like ..... "Every copy bought makes money for starving Children in Africa". No. That was a decision. We'd rather people bought it because they loved it for its own sake. We've taken this opportunity to put some bits of that event, which made that moment in time, out there for the first time, that have never been seen before, plus getting the maximum quality out of the original video take ... But rest assured that Bob Geldof's continuing LIVE AID work will be benefiting very well indeed!!!

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on 3 January 2011
I'm stunned! If it wasn't for the clothing and hairstyles, the fact that Freddie left us 19 years ago and that the surviving members are obviously looking a lot older now, you could be forgiven for thinking this footage was recorded only last year rather than almost 30 years ago! The picture and sound quality is absolutely superb, and of course, the concert itself was fantastic. If you like Queen (and you have a blu ray player), there really is no excuse for not owning this one!
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on 4 October 2007
This concert footage is fantastic and shows a great hard rock performance. All band members are on excellent form and deliver a great show. The bonus Live Aid footage is also amazing, arguably the best live performance ever made by any band.
I wish Queen would consider releasing some earlier concerts such as Earls Court or Houston 1977.
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on 25 March 2008
This DVD is "Queen Rock Montreal & Live Aid", the Live Aid bit lasts around 15 minutes and is Queen's set in the afternoon and Brian and Freddie playing "Is this the world we created?", there are also the odd interview and some rehearsal footage here, these bits however should be seen as "extras", the main event is the 2 concerts filmed in Montreal in 1981.

Any one who is a Queen fan, probably has the "We Will Rock You" video or DVD, well this is the exact same film, but the quality in High Definition is astounding. The band apparently did not enjoy making this, they also did not own it, apparently they now do, and this HD DVD is a Queen Production. If you need any proof it is created by Queen, listen to the commentary supplied by Taylor and May, to get an insight into the 2 concerts and the events surrounding it.

Like I said previously the quality is astounding, the picture has been greatly improved, this was always one of my least favourite videos of Queen as I thought the quality was quite awful, this has been more than resolved. The sound quality is also now excellent.

So in summary, if you have the old version of this release I would advise you to definitely buy this version to get a true feeling of the concerts. It has been turned from something I would probably have never watched again into a truly great Queen concert experience, and for that it gets 5 stars.

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on 12 April 2008
first I wouldn't agree with otherwise good review of S.J.Edmunds that Magic tour '86 was laughable. The Works tour (84-85) was really disappointing compare to other tours (and Freddie's voice was shot most of times). Especially Live in Budapest 1986 (not yet officially released on DVD) is one of best Queen performances caught on tape - this and unreleased Hammersmith '79. Queen and especially Freddie did go out in 1986 in style, probably knowing it would be their last tour. Freddie's voice is in top form there, his presence pure Command performance, good costumes, good setlist etc...

But let's go to Queen Rock Montreal. DVD was avalibale for some time on region 1, it came out on region 2 after copyright agreemend betweeen Queen Ltd and director Saul Swimmer.

There are some differences between 2 releases - most notably with disc 2, which was missing on region 1. The concert itself was shot in Mobilevision, early version of iMAX technology and it is even today superb. While American release under original title We Will Rock You has more 'monchromatic' feel of picture and it seems more movie feeling, Rock Montreal has much more colour saturation which makes picture more vivid and colours are on some shots a bit blurry and "overexposed". It probably looks great on HD DVD, Blu Ray, but I haven't seen those yet.
Secondly, there are some new angles. There is much more audience shots, which are almost absent on We Will Rock You, new angles of four members - Brian and Roger say in commentary that the team that was recording was largely unfamiliar with Queen songs, hence some missing shots of say some Brian's solos in the songs. You compare the two videos and you see that some 'absent' shots of musicians that should be prodominant (as let's say Brian's solo) are missing only on this newly compiled edition.

3.I agree that Brian's and Roger's commentary is pretty sloppy. There should be much more information, stories, anectodes ... Maybe they should have someone with them next time to ask questions?

4. On We Will Rock You there is commentary from director. He says that film rolls were only 7 min long. Camera crew was recording with 2-3 cameras at the time, while others were replacing films on other cameras at the time. Still the job is done pretty good.

5. There is complete intro to Now I'm Here curiously missing from We Will Rock You.

6. There are subtitles of song lyrics on We Will Rock You - but not here. Though subtitles can be annoying sometimes, it's nice to put them on every once a while - especially for people that don't come from English speaking world.

7. Flash / The Hero two Flash Gordon compositions are avaliable on CD edition, but not here. Brian and Roger say that is because they were cut on original release. But so was Jailhouse rock (avaliable on We Will ... as well as here) - and if "chaps" could do new montage of already done film (they obivoulsy had different camera feeds) - why there is no Flash / The Hero?

But all in all - it's still great. Queen were unit that was evovling constantly and this is great piece of their history.

So, what's next? Live in Budapest should be out soon, Hammersmith '79, Earls Court '76 and Houston '77 should be next ... And hopefully there will be official release of most pro shots avaliable.
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on 28 January 2009
Where to start? As a long time Queen fan I thought I had enjoyed as much as possible of the bands music and performances... I was wrong! This Blu-Ray DVD just blew me away! The picture (only on my 32" HD Ready TV) is ... a m a z i n g !!! Hard to believe this was 1981! Never have I seen Freddie and the boys look so crystal clear on TV! Add to that the amazing stage light show throughout the concert, the colours and images just ooze off the screen! I could not stop smiling! :-)

The performance itself is great, a very polished and tight performance. A kind of one off gig (not part of a tour). Includes their first ever live performance of Under Pressure. Some great versions of Save Me , Play The Game and Dragon Attack. The sound is great, but (as ever) recommend a surround sound system. The DVD extras are again ...a m a z i n g ! : Audio commentary with Brian and Roger (very funny), an 1982 American interview and of course the Live Aid performance with DTS option (including the rehearsal). I now hope to god they release more Queen concerts/videos (especially "Rare Live" or "Wembley") onto Blu-Ray format!

If you enjoy the music of Queen and have a Blu-Ray player then this is a total must! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this DVD. Im soon to buy a Full HD 40" TV - can it really get better??? I .. cannot .. wait!

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on 2 January 2011
Come on all you Queen fans this is a worthy DVD/Blue ray to add to your collection. The remastered disc do it more than justice vibrant colours and a soundtrack that does it more than justice Queen. Freddy Mercury at there very best all ways the showman fantastic way to spend a few hours.
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on 18 November 2008
What can you say - Freddie is in fine voice (though he does look a little bit fed up at times working so hard to get the audience involved - they aren't an over enthusiastic bunch), Brian's Guitar is brilliant as ever (despite the comment in an other review - was he watching this DVD?), Roger is on form and in really good voice compared to some live offerings (although for my taste the DTS mix is marginally over heavy on drums) and John's bass drives the whole concert with energy (how we miss him these days - come on John get out on the next tour!).

Someone commented that there are songs missing from this version but comparing song lists they are identical.

All in all the whole concert seems much fresher and the visuals are crystal clear (compared to the original NSTC release of this concert).

It is also a fantastic record of the last concert where Queen were a pure four piece band (pre Hot Space). Its also quite a heavy concert - concentrating on the heavier rock songs. Why 4 stars and not 5 - the audience which is an integral part of Queen's concerts feels slightly distant and strangely subdued: maybe it is because they are all seated.

Now I am waiting for the official release of Live in Budapest, my favourite concert by far - their "Love of My Life" is spine tingling!
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on 29 October 2007
Don't read and listen to what JJ writes before, c'mon you can't have seen the new release...!?

It's amazing what new technology can do on this new release. The first version released on VHS 1984 really got me thinking what went wrong in the final mix and editing, and when it was released on DVD as We will rock you in 2001, I was amazed on how good the picture quality was, but the audio mix was terrible (in the wrong speed, which made me feel ill after two songs).

Now the Queen production team bought the rights and has done an amazing work to present it "as it should have been in the first place".
The Montreal audience actually is part of the show, the mix has lifted them to the front and the instruments and vocals are christal clear.
The DTS 5.1 mix delivers a sound that puts you in the front seat - wow!!

I can only say that the anger the band felt about the director Paul Swimmer - (he changed everything around, cameras were everywhere to distract the performance, he changed lights, demanded that the band should make the same moves, and using the same clothes etc.)- made the show full of energy and it shows an edgy band, and the songs are very hard at times, almost hard rock in a sence. It shows a band that is performing in a more demanding way. But they play fantastic, and Freddie sings like a God.

And with the Live Aid show as a bonus - it's one of their most complete Queen DVDs ever released. Even though, Live at Wembley Stadium (released 2003) and Queen On Fire At The Bowl (2004) is great shows, the Montreal show differs because it's filmed on "real 35 mm film" and it is capturing the band in an Arena where all the lights and effects lifting "The perfect liveband" to even higher grounds.

Queen with Mercury was a force that has never been matched since.
The upcoming Blue Ray/HD versions is going to be "breath taking"
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