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on 22 October 2007
Recently I received my xbox back from repair and my friends urged me to get Halo 3 and get back on Live so I followed their orders and realised my headset had gone missing. Seeing this little gadget I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and utilise the windows messenger feature with this keyboard and Halo 3 chat with the headset.

So I read reviews and a lot of people said it was good. So I bought one and they were right on the mark with this piece of kit in my opinion. It fits snugly on to your 360 controller and has a little microphone port designed for the headset that comes with the 360. Whilst yes it does not have your standard headset jack you do get a headset to plug in that fits with the keyboard so unless you've got some amazing headset that has the 360 controller connector you haven't got much of an excuse to be upset over this little niggle.

I am a fluent touch typist and at first I had to go back to using my eyes for the keyboard rather than the screen but after two days of using this gadget I'm finding it increasingly easy to touch type. It's a lot like texting in a way but broader due to the bigger keyboard.

A lot of people have said "Just buy a usb keyboard" but that involves wires and unecessary clutter. You'd have your keyboard, headset and controller all floating around and causing annoyance in my opinion. This keyboard fits in nicely and is fully wireless if you don't plug in the head set. The response is quite sharp and on the whole a good response time. The keys light up when pressed which makes it very easy to see them and the Green and Orange buttons show let you access the symbols you would need (even have certain language symbols used by certain languages)

Also when you receive messages on Messenger the little Messenger buddy icon lights up and you can push that to pull up a little dialogue box. Good for switching in and out to keep up with your buddy chats.

Great piece of equipment and very enjoyable. Highly recommended.
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on 21 August 2007
Ok... let's get things straight - not everyone might need this item.

However, if you use the text messages on the 360, or like to relabel your saved music tracks from the names the console gives them automatically, then this is a god-send.

Not only that, but it's lovely to behold. It fits snugly in the bottom of the controller and doesn't interfere with play at all.

Even better, all the keys light up green.. and when you press the shift button, they change colour to let you know which symbols the keys represent.

All in all... this is a joy to use and MUCH better than using the on-screen keyboard or plugging some nasty USB keyboard into your sleek 360.

Also... if you're planning on using the 'save and share' movies in halo 3 (and let's face it, who doesn't want to share their amazing halo 3 moments with the world) then this keyboard will make it quick and easy to add titles and descriptions.

Well done microsoft - another wonderfully designed 360 accessory.
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on 3 September 2007
The RRP of this thing is £24.99, checked with Game, gamestation and (its £19.99 on there)
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on 2 November 2007
Microsoft must be reading my mind. I have been moaning EVERY time I need to title a saved game image or type a message to a fellow gamer. I did use a USB keyboard for a bit, but it's too awkward and takes too much space.

This messenger kit keyboard is a work of art. I just held it in my hand for the first half hour marveling at the design. Once it's fitted to the 360 controller it's even better. It fits so well that you would believe it's always been there.

It is so easy to use, does not get in the way and it always there when you need it. No more excuses for leaving the default ambiguous names for files.

I would buy another, but that would be just silly :)
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on 25 June 2011
Great for putting in those long xbox codes but other than that I found I didn't use it much after the first 2 weeks I bought it. I mainly use my Mic and Headset which you get for a fraction of the price of this and is much more functional.
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on 25 July 2014
I had no idea something like this was available, it was only through looking at headsets that I found it. Brilliant addition to the Xbox. No more scrolling around an on screen keyboard. Only compatible with Xbox controllers, but still a useful item to have and great quality for the price. I was concerned it would add too much weight to the controller but it feels comfortable. Reading reviews of other chatpads this one came out top, suited to a British typing system, all keys are clear and well positioned. I definitely think it was worth the few extra pounds, and you get a headset with it too. Its a win win for me!
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on 29 August 2014
Great buy! It makes messaging much easier and is compatible with all games, such as for writing signs in Minecraft without opening up the Xbox Text box. However I found the packaging is very difficult to open and I ended up cutting it to shreds in rage. The keyboard also seems to drain my battery pack which means I now have to charge my remote much more often! The weight is a little heavy at first but you soon get used to the fairly small added weight
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on 26 January 2008
I only recently set up an MSN account on my Xbox 360. The interface itself is great. I used a USB keyboard to start with and sending instant messages was surprisingly simple. But the cable for my USB keyboard was barely longer than a meter, so I decided to go for the "Chatpad".
Overall I am pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone. The buttons are large and easy to press and the backlight offers extra user-friendliness. The headset it comes with is sturdy, and plugs directly into the back of the chatpad so you can use both simaltaneously (and for SEPERATE chats and functions). But for me there is just no overlooking the slight flaws that could have been ironed out.
Sorry to contradict anyone, but I really don't think the chatpad fits quite so neatly onto the conroller as microsoft proclaim. You cannot hold the controller properly with it on and playing games such as Gears of War is made troublesome by its bulk. Games like Oblivion, Mass Effect and PGR4 will be fine, since they don't require such quick "movement" (for want of a better word) like Gears of War or Halo 3.
Secondly, I think it's a bit of a shame that normal functions on the 360 can't be done while in chat mode, which makes the on-screen chat fairly pointless.

However, there is no denying that the Chatpad is a very useful product that is much more convenient than a USB keyboard or controller.
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on 8 October 2008
The keyboard is quite cool and novel at first, but after a few days the extra weight and bulk it added to the controller got very tiring, and it was a relief to take it out. Pulling it in and out as I needed it then just got to be a nuisance, and although I could type a lot quicker than with the controller, it was still quite limiting. On the whole I found it just got in the way too much and I used a wireless USB keyboard instead. There just seems to be so many reviews about it not getting in the way, I thought so for the first while but it adds a lot of weight and changes the shape and balance of the controller...
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on 5 February 2008
If you try to balance chatting with friends on MSN or playing the Xbox like myself, you may want to consider buying one of these must have devices. The piece attaches on like a wireless headset and the keys are easy to press and you can still hold the controller normally and press the keys with your thumbs. Overall simple. (unless you have very large thumbs in which case you may want to buy a USB keyboard and plug it in)The keypad also has a hole which you can put the wired headset in (if you don;t have a wireless one) which also adds to convenience (although i would recommend a wireless headset as the wired heaset makes the controller feel big and frankly... ugly)

Personally I think this piece of equipment is great as long as you have internet connection and can link up to msn or play via xboxlive (makes sending game invitessomuch easier).
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