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3.8 out of 5 stars305
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 May 2015
Worst of the trilogy, cheesy, bad acting, badly written and spiderman spends more time crying than kicking ass, I mean a lot of crying
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on 16 February 2008
This film was simply the best out the Spider-Man trilogy. It had fantastic visuals, a fantastic feel and great acting and dialogue. I've seen that a few people are complaining about how short Venom's screentime is, but can you honestly imagine an entire movie with him in it? I think he had just enough time. The beginning feels rushed, but only a bit, but it manages to catch itself before it goes out of control. It looks and sounds great in blu ray, I reccomend that you get this.
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on 7 April 2008
...and for the most part delivered. Being a huge Marvel fan, I queued on the opening day, with a horde of shouting kids, to see what promised to be one of the best films ever. And it almost was. Sure, I could gripe about the minor details that don't agree with the comics, but that's neither here nor there. The one thing that did disappoint me was the lack of screentime for Venom, who could and should have been amazing. But he was as scary as a bouquet of flowers. Having said that, I do like the way it's left open for a certain other symbiote to appear in the future... To finish, although it's not as good as the second installment, it's certainly worth a look.
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on 16 November 2007
As pointed out there is perhaps too much going on, but did we say that about the old "Spaghetti Westerns"? No of course not. This is an exciting movie which ties up loose ends. The picture quality on Blu-Ray is awesome and so is the sound. It's not meant to be a serious piece of work, it is meant to be an entertaining movie and it accomplishes that perfectly. Finally, I loved "emo" Spidey! Very clever idea and very cleverly done.
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on 30 August 2010
The movie itself is a sheer disappointment after seeing 2 great films from Sam Raimi. The third one is just all over the place. Raimi couldn't juggle the many characters in the film.

The blu-ray on the other hand is fantastic. Great quality on Video and Audio. Decent bonus features too... The packaging is a little plain but I bought so cheap here at amazon, and it arrived fast!

Good stuff!
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on 3 June 2015
The worst of all 3 movies. Its a popcorn movie for lazy day or rainning day! 1,50£ NO, too much!!
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on 1 August 2007
This film really could've been special. But, as so many other reviewers have pointed out, its a real let-down. Why do directors always assume that more is better? The first spidey flick had its faults but it was still pretty amazing stuff and we were just glad to have a spidey flick after all the years of false starts and court battles. And the ending did just enough to whet our appetite for the next instalment.
The second one built on the success of the first and took it to the next level. Supreme casting of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock meant we had a villain that was both straight out of the comics yet believeable and another ending that left us salivating for more, turning this into a franchise that you could see would just grow and grow.
And then the inevitable. Too much, too soon. Batman Forever made the same mistake, cramming in too many characters and villains which spelt disaster and the beginning of the end for that franchise. This film could have easily survived on just Sandman and Harry as the villains and the alien symbiote could have made a brief appearance at the end, allowing for a very tempting Spidey 4, focusing on the black suit and Venom.
Ideally Raimi would pull together a director's cut collating all 3 movies and removing all the fluff and nonsense that just aren't necessary - the musical interlude and the landlord's daughter offering chocolate cake and milk (!?) in S2 and far too many instances in S3 to mention.
The franchise is by no means dead becasue of this movie but it does leave you wondering where they're going to take it next. Overall, its still a good film and the amazing effects and dedication of cast & crew just about take it across the finish line but there's no denying, every fan out there of both the films and the comics, if being totally honest, will be thinking, if only....
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on 9 January 2014
We all fell for Raimi's relaunch of the Spiderman franchise, loving the cleverness of the casting right down the line, and enjoying how well the films caught the right balance of action, comedy and old-school comic book earnestness. But third time around, bloat has set in. All the basic elements which made the first film brilliant and the second one a real pleasure are still in place, and at least to begin with, it looks like Number 3 is going to have a focus and purpose: can Spidey really remain unaffected by his growing celebrity? How long is it going to take him to notice that MJ is struggling with her own setbacks and disappointments? These potentially worthwhile ideas are undermined almost from the start: MJ's stage debut is hardly the travesty the plot then tells us it is, and Peter behaves like such a knucklehead around her that Raimi really risks losing our sympathy. As well as the clumsy handling of these key character developments, the film doesn't seem to know how much else to load around this core relationship dilemma. It comes up with a retrospective re-writing of past events to attempt to add poignancy (or something) to Spiderman's dealings with his chief antagonist the Sandman, and (as if the writers feared there was something lacking in villain number 1) throw in a secondary villain via Topher Grace's dodgy rival photographer but then barely develop his role. Other unnecessary features, like Bryce Dallas Howard's love rival, clutter up the plot and undermine the potentially powerful and complex idea of Peter's worst attributes being magnified by the weird alien sludge. It's still enjoyable to watch all the regular cast at work, and I did enjoy the black slime effects - Peter's attempts to free himself, literally, from his dark side succeed in combining both visual thrill and metaphorical depth - but the film's structure is meandering and undisciplined, and the character developments sometimes crude and uneven. Because of this tangle, the film feels too long and - the worst sin of all - some of the affection I'd developed for the characters from 1 and 2 had waned before I reached the end of this installment. To me, not a fitting end to what could and should have been a brilliant trilogy.
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Sam Raimi's Spiderman revival was a great success with two films which exceeded expectations in many ways. The third film is seen as the weakest of the three but it would be unfair to call it a complete failure...

As with Spiderman 2 the opening sequence shows brief snippets from the previous films - this cements this as a true continuation of events rather than a standalone film. The last film saw Peter Parker reveal all to MJ as the two officially get together. As one relationship got off the ground another ended as best friend Harry promises revenge for the death of his father. It's clear that there's unfinished business in Peter's private life which can only get more complicated for him when powerful foes emerge.

As before we are treated to incredible visual spectacles as Spiderman glides through the sky via his organic webbing. Good use of CGI is employed for the creation of the headline baddy of this film - Sand Man. The creation of Sandman shows the deconstruction and subsequent reformation of a human figure, it's a grotesquely beautiful sequence and in high definition it's particularly impressive. Some of the mid-air fight scenes look a bit fake but they aren't as obviously computer generated as some from the first film.

Previously we saw Peter Parker struggling with the attention he had been receiving as Spiderman, but with the Daily Bugle finally on-side he is evidently loving being the city's hero. Perhaps guilty of being self absorbed, his relationship with Mary Jane is stretched. It's a romance which has provided a strong romantic element to the films so far but it doesn't seem as strong here. I was less convinced by their closeness and I was willing Peter to ditch MJ and go for the geeky girl in the flat opposite - at least then he might get discounted rent!

The film has many strengths but is ultimately let down by its weaknesses. There are simply too many coincidences to make it plausible, ridiculous chance meetings which exist only for convenience and compromise the quality of the film. There seem to be loose ends and unanswered questions in a film which crams a lot in and doesn't quite manage to make it all stick together. There were cheesy moments in the first two films but here there's much more, there's some clumsy scripting which is overly sentimental, but in amongst it there are some beauties too: "you want forgiveness? Get a religion".

This doesn't feel like a serious Superhero film, instead of being a superweight it's a featherweight which relies on eye candy and action sequences. It does try - you can see attempts to bring depth to Sandman and complexity to the lovelife of Peter and Mary Jane, but it's too obviously done and lacks the subtly which would've allowed it to work. Peter himself remains a strong character though and it's interesting to see how his life is being affected by the celebrity status of his alter-ego. When he is `contaminated' by a symbiotic alien life-form (which just happens to land near him) we see a darker side to Peter. Tobey Maguire seems to enjoy playing the bad boy and revels in strutting his stuff. It's amazing what a bit of eyeliner and hair brushed forward can do! It's a chance to see the character in a completely different way - and although the jazz club dance scene is cringeworthy, it's still hugely entertaining.

This Blu-Ray release looks superb like the previous films, and we finally get some bonus features and they warrant a second disk here. There are short featurettes about the three specific baddies cover the story of these villains and touch on the effects which brought them to life. A feature I thought would be little more than a few trailers was the promotional material for the films - but it was fascinating seeing how the media was used to generate such a buzz. The best feature however has to be the two hour documentary which covers all areas of production, most probably won't watch it and that's a shame as there's another evening of entertainment in that feature alone!

In a nutshell: The film has problems; villains are shoe-horned in meaning that none could be satisfyingly explored, some moments (especially towards the end) are so cheesy that they look like a made-for-daytime TV special, and where romance has simmered over the last two films it doesn't grab your interest quite so much in this one. There's a drop in overall quality for Spiderman 3 but to be honest I don't mind saying that I still really enjoyed it. This might not be the best film in the trilogy but if you take it as a fun-filled bit of entertainment then it's still better than most others out there. You certainly can't accuse Spiderman 3 of not being creative.
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on 16 July 2008
The first two Spider-Man movies were hugely entertaining and well put together slices of blockbuster action. Neither was a cinematic masterpiece but they were well-written, well-cast, well-acted, and most importantly fun. All good things, however, must come to an end.

Probably the most disappointing movie from 2007's summer season Spider-Man 3 opts for the Batman Forever/Batman and Robin failure of cramming in too many new characters, too many villains, too many pointless plot twists. We're left with an overlong jumble of a movie that is utterly charmless in its execution. As many others haver commented the film overdoes the villains, with the arrival of criminal on the run Sandman, jealous symbiote Venom, and a tooled-up Harry Osborne as a new Green Goblin. For a big chunk of the film Spidey himself walks a slightly villainous line as the black costume that will become Venom later in the film corrupts him and makes him "nasty Peter". What this all means is that none of the villians has the chance to be developed like the Green Goblin in the first and Doctor Octopus in the second.

The cast that served the franchise so well in the first two films is a spectacular let down here. Tobey Maguire worked so well as Peter Parker because he looked nerdy and was likeable. The downside to that is that when he's playing dark-Peter Maguire just comes accross like a geek trying to be a hardman. Kirsten Dunst is landed with some of the worst elements of the script and is excrutiating as MJ- no wonder he's dumping her for cute-but-completely-personalityless Gwen Stacy (Bryce Dallas Howard). Topher Grace is a nice boy but woefully miscast as Eddie Brock/Venom while Thomas Hayden Church is given no room to make you give a damn.

Random annoyances are that everytime there's any kind of big fight everyone takes their masks off. Given the amount of CCTV in NYC how the hell are Peter, Harry, and the others meant to be maintaining any kind of secret ID. The ending with Spidey just allowing Sandman to float away because he realises the nasty villain isn't in fact responsible for Uncle Ben's death (anothe rof the movie's worthless conceits) overlooks the fact that Sandman has just attempted to violently bludgeon him to death and also been part responsible for an attempted murder on his girlfriend.

The material in this movie could, with some tweaking, have been split into two good films. Instead its a big mess where nothing works. Its a humourless disaster of a movie that Sam Raimi and Co really should learn from lest they go down the Batman route and follow this up with a franchise killer.
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