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4.7 out of 5 stars38
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 4 March 2002
I never tire of watching this film. With Groucho's ceaseless one liners so beautifully timed and delivered with Chico, Harpo and Margaret Dumont, Chico's piano playing, Harpo's exquisite playing of the harp, Alan Jones and Kitty Carlisle singing Verdi's Il Trovatore, the Marx Brothers were years ahead of their time. They were the forerunners of the Goons, Python, Blackadder, Derek and Clive and every other alternative comedy team and duo since. The jokes come as fast as an avalance running down a mountain. Anyone who has ever seen this film must marvel at the Stateroom Scene with all those people (and hard boiled eggs!!) in that tiny room or as Groucho said 'there was more room in his trunk than in the room', then the fabulous ending when all those people were in there and Margaret Dumont opens the door and they all fall out. I first saw this as a child and laughed myself silly, I still feel the same 40 years later, the jokes may be a little dated now but they still work. For me the Marx Brothers were total comic geniuses and in today's world would be revered and greatly loved as Monty Python and the Goons are. The humour might not be to everyones taste but it certainly is to mine. If you like "screwball" comedy then you will love this. I have seen all their other films but A Night At The Opera is my favourite one.
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I think this probably my favourite Marx Brothers film with its cross-Atlantic cruise and the affectionate send-up of opera. It is a very useful film to have available if you badly need to laugh.
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on 13 March 2000
'A Night at the Opera' is my favourite Marx Brothers film - though I've only seen four so far, so I haven't come to a final decision! Chico, Harpo and Groucho star as Fiorello, Tomasso and Otis P. Driftwood respectively - three dodgy characters who team up with a failing young opera singer in order to help him win both fame on the stage and the hand of his sweetheart. The plot, as ever, is a mere excuse for the brothers to spend an hour or so just messing around. Groucho is Driftwood, nominally an aspiring social climber with the rich Mrs. Claypool (Margaret Dumont) in his sights (he quips "I saw Mrs Claypool first. Of course, her mother really saw her first but there's no point in bringing the Civil War into this..."), while Chico and Harpo play two Italian stowaways with nothing better to do than 'assist' Groucho's character. This film is really funny and contains far too many jokes to digest in one viewing. Also, it's worth noting that there's currently a two-film video available on Amazon, containing both this film and 'A Day at the Races' for roughly the same price - check it out.
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on 6 December 2000
As a new comer to the Marx brothers I can safely say that this is one of the funniest things I've seen in years. Myself and my friends never tire of quoting from this piece of silver screen, I severly recommend this to anyone who wants to laugh and not be dragged down by some of todays morally loaded films and get back to the root of entertain!!
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on 27 November 2000
If you have never seen a Marx brothers film before, this is the perfect place to start. It has all the characteristics of any of their movies. Groucho's witty one-liners, Harpo's energetic miming and Chico's.... well he's just funny. The rewind button on my remote control had been worn out by the time the film had finished. The opening night at the opera slayed me, with Harpo swinging on the ropes backstage. The plot is that Groucho persuades Mrs Claypoole ( a rich widow, played by Margerate Dumont - as usual ) to donate money to the opera house. He and his bros, after being smuggled into the country, set about sabotaging the opera in order to give an aspiring singer his big break. Alright, it's not that complex, but you don't have to be a genius to understand any Marx Brothers plot. That is the beauty of it. The musical numbers do drag on a bit, but this IS an opera! This film is the Marx Brothers at their best. Do you follow me? Yes? Well stop following me or i'll have you arrested! ( Groucho at his most romantic. ) A MUST FOR ANY MARX BROTHERS FAN - AND EVERYONE ELSE BESIDES.
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on 21 March 2000
I have been watching this film on a regular basis since I was 3 years old. Now in my twenties I still jump at the chance to see it. Every time I watch it I pick up on a new joke, an extra subtlety, another twitch of Groucho's great eyebrows. I will never stop laughing as long as this film exists. If there were more than five stars, I wouldn't hesitate to award them. JUST WATCH IT! PLEASE!
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I have heard about the Marx Brothers all my life, but have never made time to watch any of their films. I recently had a chance to catch A Night at the Opera on TV, and I'm glad I took it. This is a funny film well deserving of its classic label.

The plot revolves around a group of people trying to make money from an opera. There's Otis Driftwood (Groucho Marx), who is making a living trying to get Mrs. Claypool (Margaret Dumont) into high society (while milking her for a high salary along the way). There's Fiorello (Chico Marx) who is starting out as a manager. Tomasso (Harpo Marx) is an assistant to a spoiled star (Walter King). Then there's the female lead Rosa (Kitty Carlisle) and her lover Ricardo (Allan Jones), a member of the chorus who want his big break so he can marry her.

When Rosa gets a job singing in America, Fiorello, Tomasso, and Ricardo stow away on the boat to try to get him a job big enough to he can marry her. Naturally, they stow away in Otis' trunk, making him involved as well. With wild and crazy high jinks along the way, it's anyone's guess how things will turn out.

Okay, so maybe the ending isn't that hard to figure out after all, but the ride along the way is so much fun. My roommate watched it with me, and he describes it as one long one line movie. That's not quite the case, but it is down right close. Groucho Marx is the king of the one liner, and I couldn't stop laughing at him. Harpo's antics are also quite funny even though he never once talks. Chico is the most of a straight man of the three, although he gets his scenes as well, especially one involving contract negotiations.

The rest of the cast has the unenviable job of keeping up with the three stars, but they manage to do a decent job. Allan Jones really has the most screen time from the rest of the cast, and he excels at everything he has to do. Frankly, there wasn't a bad performance in the bunch.

And the laughs! Not only do they come from Groucho's lines but also some pretty wild situations. There's a scene where people crowd into a room on a ship that is as funny as advertised. And then there's the climax, with one wild situation after another that kept me laughing from start to finish.

The movie has so much wit and so many laughs that I actually found the musical interludes a bit of a let down. Yes, there are a couple of opera songs and a few other songs on the boat. They were okay, but really felt like they slowed the pace down to me.

That's the only flaw in the movie, however. It is funny pretty much from start to finish. If you've missed this film, you are really missing out. Make tonight A Night at the Opera.
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on 5 January 2002
My brothers and I were introduced to the Marx Brothers as children and, although we're now in our 30s and 40s, our interest has never waivered. Even though the pictures were made in the 1930s, the wit is timeless. A Night at the Opera is a masterpiece; the scene in the ship's cabin is a classic. Why don't they make films like that anymore?
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on 22 June 2014
As ever, the Marx Brothers find themselves bringing insanity to another standard plot. However, this time the studio has given them music and dance numbers and a bigger budget. Some of the earlier spontaneity is lacking (Animal Crackers and Horse Feathers seem much more like off-shoots of the stage act) but the basic characters are still there with Margaret Dumont assisting as ever in the role of stooge (and much under-rated in the role). There are plenty of laughs along the way and whether you like Groucho's quipping, Chico's mangling of language or Harpo's physical comedy or any combination of them then there is something for you (and if you don't, why are you watching a Marx Brothers film?). Personally, I don't think it's their best, but it is still way above most comedy of the time ... and much of what has followed.
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on 16 December 2011
I think it is just about the perfect comedy film ever ( not bad for a 76 year old production! )
It enthralled me when I was young and is still as capitavting now; it amazingly just doesn't seem to date and even though I seem to know all the dialogue off by heart the laughs are still as fresh.
It really has everything, including great actors, great music and so many funny one liners and scenes.
The state room scene, the Sanity Clause, and all scenes with Groucho teasing Sig Ruman, and the imperious and marvellous Margaret Dummont!
If you had to watch just one film to understand the Mark Brothers genius then this is it!!
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