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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 19 July 2008
This show ran for 13 episodes but deserved so much more. The story ideas are solid but some dialogue tends to be too sentimental. Each episode sees one of the character's learn a lesson of face their issues. They live and they learn. It was a great start to what could have evolved into a great entertainment show.

It stuck relatively true to the comics. The only issues on that regard were Dinah's age and powers and perhaps depowering Lady Shiva but in that case we could assume she would have gotten better skills in the future.

The only problem I see with the show is that it needed more money. The make up of the joker even though he is only on screen for a minute needed more work and its very obvious that they had a collection of 'set up' shots such as the zoom into the clocktower or the obviously CGI sweep into the school building.

The DVD is great. It is lovingly put together in a way that very few cancelled shows are. The set comes with 3 seasons of the animated short tales 'Gotham Girls' inspired by Bruce Timm's Animated Universe. Extremely entertaining featuring Batgirl, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Zatanna. It also features The unaired pilot of the show and a written introduction by DC Comics President Paul Levitz who I can assume we can thank for such a great package.

I would recommend this to people who enjoy shows like Smallville, Buffy, Angel and Charmed or of course if you enjoy the comics.
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on 4 April 2013
I cannot understand why this series was cancelled. Can someone please explain it to me? It has a good story line, great characters, great character development, great action scenes even the acting is good. I don't understand where they could have gone wrong. The one thing that did not look great was the scenes with Batman and the Joker in them look too Brave and the Bold, or Adam West's 70's style costumes. However even that can be forgiven because this is not the story of Batman but the next generation. This story is more X-men the DC usual stories. With the growing number of Metahumans, how do the Police deal with them if they go out of control? Some (who like the Morlocks) can't hide their mutation are shunned and live in the slums.

Helena Kyle/Huntress is the daughter of Batman and Catwomen. In this series we are assuming Catwomen was a metahuman (mutant/superhuman). So her daughter has cat like superpowers. Enhanced strength, speed, agility, and in some cases a 6 sense of danger. Being Batman's daughter she is half metahuman. All that actually means is she can turn her powers on and off. After the death of her mother and disappearance of her father she is trained by Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl, who is wheelchair bound from the Joker last attack. She is watched over and guided by Alfred Pennyworth. She also saves/recruits a young metahuman with a legendary superhero parent as well Dinah Redmond. Then there is the police detective who at first despises the vigilante actions of Huntress but then see how necessary she and her team are.

The Series has great action choreography, good and plenty of fight scenes, without going over the top. The great character development of this series is that things do not just happen; relationships and trusts are built over a series of episodes. Some secrets are revelled, but still leaving viewers lime me hungry for more. There were so many questions they could have been answered and built on for another series. My wife who is not a comic book fan loved this series and screamed when she found out it was cancelled. This is a great series to add to you collection if you are a comic book, Sci-fi, or action drama fan.
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on 18 August 2010
Never saw this when it was initially released, has it ever been shown in the UK?? Enjoyed all of the episodes, not a bad episode in the series.

Bought the German version, which is fine as it is in English. The DVD cover seems to suggest that the set only includes the 13 episodes + the cartoon series; the unaired pilot resides on the fourth DVD.

Really pleased I bought the DVD set. Pity the series was canceled, though I can see the reasons why .. it was a fine show and deserved better (though the same could be said for numerous series such as Blade, Moonlight etc) At least the ending was not rushed or a downer, it did feel like a proper end to the series.

The cartoon series was a wonderful addition, as it featured Zatanna and Poison Ivy and Catwoman (but not the Huntress!) Pity Zatanna never turned up in the TV series.

Minor issues: The TV series adds new characters, why when the comic is packed with great characters? (Misfit, Lady Blackhawk etc) Instead of expanding the universe (the cast), the show seemed to be determined to keep to a small cast.. case in point being Black Canary. The show also concentrated too much energy on the Huntress, leaving Oracle virtually out of the story other than in a few episodes. Harley Quinn could have been so much more, though finally she does to get 'half heartedly' into costume eventually

Still, I enjoyed the show and the DVD set.
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on 14 April 2009
I bought this set based purely on the (U.S.) reviews and had no background knowledge of it. It turned out to be MUCH better than I expected and totally entertaining. It took a couple of episodes to get into its stride but then took off from there. A great cast and great storylines.
A shame it was cancelled after only one season but definitely worth checking out!
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on 10 December 2015
Should be more of a cult classic but it only ran for one season and, until recently, was never released on DVD. Stands up well over time - more Marvel and less dystopic/political than Dark Angel but still totally enjoyable 'transgenic' crime-fighting dark heroine.
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on 14 May 2013
Brillant. REALLY good series, well worth the price with put me off for a long time since I'd never seen it before and what I had seen didn't impress me because the 'batsuits' were very....pre-nolan. BUT suprisingly well written and engaging, a entertainment twist and rewrite of comic history, not unlike the new Arrow series. So If you enjoy that then BoP is sooooo up your street. Really liked the seller too, very nice people and the dvd was in good condition when I got it, which we ordering from American isn't always a given!
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on 30 August 2012
Fantastic. Had seen a few episodes a few years ago during late night tv. It's a great way to waste a few hours away. Just a shame there isn't more episodes as I started to get really involved in the end
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on 2 November 2012
It's an old show and only has one season, but as i watched it, i liked it more and more.
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on 2 January 2014
this is the kind of series you would watch over a weekend of bad weather when there is nothing to do but indulge in mindless tv and adventure. would have loved there to be another couple of seires so any loose ends could be cleared up!
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on 26 April 2011
have to agree with all the other reviews great series sadly cancelled after one season big fan of the gail simone comics as well, as a additional note my copy says region 1 but it will play on anything ps2 or ps3 cheap tesco dvd player laptop etc not sure if this is true of all copies of course.
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