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2.6 out of 5 stars21
2.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 November 2007
......In case anyone was wondering, this movie has NOTHING at all to do with the '28 Days Later' / '28 Weeks Later' series, it's simply been given the new title for its UK release by the clever marketing people to try and fool the general public into thinking it is so they'll generate more sales.

For the record, the real name of this movie is 'Last Rites' even though it was recently released in the US as 'Gangs of the Dead'.

So there are the facts regarding the various monikers of this film, as for the film itself, I don't think it's as bad as the other reviewers are making out, but then I'm a hardcore zombie fan, so for anyone else who is I'd say give it a go - it's certainly better than `Flight of the Living Dead' & as for "no decent zombie gore WHATSOEVER" as another reviewer suggests, I'd say that a severe hands only half-head ripped open/decapitation is pretty damn good gore in anyone's book.
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I was forced to sit through this one night with a bunch of drunk students who had bought the DVD because it read "the bums are eating the cops" on the back of the box. This is, for students, a valid reason to spend money on something, even if it looks crap. From the opening shots I knew I was in for a dreadful two hours or so. The plot of this film takes place in the space of less than 24 hours- the titular 48 Weeks are completely fictitious, stuck on the DVD cover in the very vain hope that someone will buy this by accident instead of 28 Weeks Later. This unrelated title is the only reason this film will ever get watched: as a result of a mistake - it was released as Last Rites in the US. Such a blatant cash in. My advice is to stay away from that section of Tesco altogether, lest you accidentally pick up "The Little Cars ", "Ratatooing" or worst of all, "Transmorphers".

The film itself features an incomprehensible plot, questionable acting, a rubbish score, poor editing and photography and a feeble attempt at tacking a religious undercurrent onto the list of ingredients, which also include LOTS of black stereotypes and crucially a total lack of invention in the zombie dispatch department.

To be concise, it's most likely the worst film I have ever seen. Avoid avoid avoid avoid avoid. Truly dismal drivel.
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on 22 March 2008
i agree with the other review this film is a load of rubbish i got this just as it came out for sale thinking this looks a good film,GOD i was wrong about being low bugdet i could have made a better one with a fiver, the top and bottom of it DONT BOTHER GETTING IT ....... out of 10 ill give it a 2
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on 7 May 2015
First of all, I am an avid horror film fanatic, I have around 400-500 horror films, I have seen well over a thousand. I am very fond of the zombie films... Unfortunately, 48 weeks later, at absolute best, is a mediocre film, that's being extremely generous..

Nothing unique or original. Meteorite hits homeless people, they turn into zombies. Some people are trapped inside a warehouse thing, lots of arguments, they disagree about what should be done. Most of them die. Bla bla bla.

Poor acting, poor storyline, absolutely nothing about this film is exciting, it's boring at best. Also, terrible sound and picture quality, rubbish effects. I don't mind poor effects, or poor picture quality, as long as the film is entertaining, as this was not, it just added to the misery of sitting through this.

There are some good zombie films out there, this is not one of them. I wouldn't waste your time. I would not recommend to anyone.

Nothing to do with the 28 days/weeks franchise.
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on 27 February 2010
ive got both 28 days later and 28 weeks later. so i thought are have a look at 48 weeks later i got it yesterday put it on
and watch 20 mins of it tock it out the dvd player and put it in the bin because its rubbish
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on 23 October 2007
I bought this DVD brand new for 1\7th of what they are selling it on here for and even at that low a price, it definately wasn't worth it, if i didn't have to pay for it, i would be using it as a coaster to rest my beverages on. I only watched about 30 to 45 minutes and i had to turn it off. The acting is disgraceful, the storyline up untill where i got to was, well, crap. Don't be fooled by the name people, very low budget, don't buy it.
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on 24 January 2012
This is not anything to do with the 28 Days Later films, but a shameless cash in / confusion causer. Originally called Last Rites and more appropriately Gangs of the Dead, this film is quite high on production values but doesn't deliver.

The gore effects are excellent for a low budget movie, some of the CGI stuff is a bit lacking, e.g. cars exploding but the sound levels are woefully poor.

There are too many characters for you to concentrate on them all, and they are all villains.

The story is weak, with a bleak ending. Not quite good enough.
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on 29 April 2008
I've just done a longer review for this film under its Gangs of the Dead title.

I think under this 48 Weeks title it damages what is effectively a fun zombie romp with some decent (though not amazing) performances and some neat gore sequences.

A hispanic gang, a black gang, two white cops, a dealer, and a weatherman(!!) are trapped in a warehouse whilst zombie hobos spread a virus around broght to earth by a NOTLD style meteor. Can they work together? Go figure....

Not as bad as everyone thinks
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on 9 January 2011
Nothing to do with the 28 Series of Films, This Is a Fast made Low Budget Horror. Good In Parts Lacks the 5.1 Sound That Would have give It the Edge Hents 3 Stars. Grab this Out Of Print Film While you Can You Won't Find It On A Boot Sale no More You Have Been Warned.
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on 27 April 2014
whatever you do, do not buy this movie. I love horror, but this has nothing to do with the first 2 moves, 28 days later and 28 weeks later. How the makers of this movie acquired the money to make it, they should have failed. Do Not, repeat Do Not buy this movie.
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