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3.9 out of 5 stars128
3.9 out of 5 stars
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A group of Animal-Rights -Activists attack a primate research centre and release infected monkeys carrying a rage-virus
into the community at large.
The virus takes hold rapidly, over a very short time (28 days) the environment has been seemingly been laid to waste..
After a long period of sedation in a London Hospital 'Jim' (Cillian Murphy) awakes totally unaware of what had happened,
there seems to be no-one else at the Hospital, on the streets of London he goes looking for help but finds them also to be
It seems an evacuation has taken place, when he first finds human form they have been infected and have become Zombie
like beings.
Eventually he does link up with a couple of uninfected persons 'Selena' (Naomi Harris) and 'Mark' (Noah Huntley) together
they must try to seek a safe-haven.
'Jim' soon learns the extent of the virus, it seems it has quickly become a World-Wide epidemic ??
He now, with a handful of survivors go forward to seek refuge, unaware this was only the beginning.
There is frequent violence and graphic imagery.
A well made Brit-Horror - Better than average Zombie-Like tale.
Human life has been all but wiped out in Britain by the rage-virus, now, 28 weeks later the infected have also died - of starvation,
Britain is now infection-free ??
The American army has moved in to try and restore services and repatriate the mainland.
'Don' (Robert Carlyle) is a survivor who had escaped a frenzied attack on his home and family at the height of the devastating
His Children 'Tammy' (Imogen Poots) and 'Andy' (Mackintosh Muggleton) who had attended boarding-school at the time of the outbreak now return to Britain to reunite with their Father who will have to explain to his Children what had happened to their
However unbeknown to 'Don' 'Scarlet' (Rose Byrne) had survived, but how ?
'Scaarlet' though okay in appearance carries the virus that had devastated Britain, it will again spread, and indeed spiral out of
control as it had before.
'Tammy' and 'Andy' are helped to escape the chaos by army-officer 'Doyle' (Jeremy Renner) ....when all control has been lost
have they any real chance of survival ?
The question is, is there any real hope for mankind ? - there will almost certainly be more of this at some stage.
Plenty of blood and guts in this sequel, as we watch the virus again take hold.
Maybe not equal to the first in terms of tension but again a decent Horror-Tale.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 April 2014
I love these films, particularly 28 Days Later, real British horror classics! The problem with transferring 28 Days Later to Blu-ray is that the film was deliberately shot on small DV cameras which give it a much more gritty and immersive effect than standard cameras. It means that the Blu-ray version is no better than the standard definition version.

5-stars for the films themselves, but 3-stars for the Blu-ray giving a 4-star rating overall.
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on 11 December 2014
Stunningly photographed Danny Boyle Horror Movies with many genuine jump out of your seat moments and pulse pounding soundtracks.

Great acting all round, especially from Christopher Ecclestone in the first film and Robert Carlyle in the second.

Like an updated version of Survivors or Day Of The Triffids, but even better.

I hope Danny does make the much mentioned 28 Months Later to complete the trilogy.

A definite five star must buy purchase at a great price.

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on 15 December 2009
As I state in the title, if you buy the Bluray version you are getting ripped off.

Almost all of the film was shot on a DV camera with a resolution of 720x576, this is the resolution of a DVD.

For the Bluray they have just taken that original footage and scaled it up to 1920x1080, this is in contrast to most films where the footage is scanned at 2 or 4k (either the same as bluray or higher).

The only advantage you will get is the audio and that will be minimal. Danny Boyle made a huge mistake using such a cheap camera for this picture, it doesn't add a mood to it, it just looks like a cheap pirated DVD.
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on 25 May 2011
The quality of this Blu-Ray set is poor, the first film honestly looks like a VHS and worse than my DVD. The second film, 28 Weeks Later looks acceptable, better than DVD quality but not the best of Blu-Ray.

If you're looking for a set of films that ooze Blu-Ray quality this simply isn't one of them. Maybe that's why the double pack is so cheap, the first film does not deserve to be on a Blu-Ray disc, it's VHS level of quality which to be fair makes sense, they did use handheld cameras after all.
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on 1 August 2014
I have watched 28 Days Later, I am not a great horror movie fan and found watching this, quite stressful, in a good way. I was on a number of occasions surprised by the director not going for the easy fright, or not going for it in the way I expected. I am too much of a horror wimp to give this 5 stars, but I think it is quite a good movie.

Also 28 days has an excellent cast each delivering their roles very well. Mr Ecclestone is in a very Ecclestonian role. Very like a more modern version of the Day of the Triffids series (1981).

**EDIT** Now watched 28 weeks and changed from 4 to 5 stars. Excellent cast again, younger actors were brilliant. Cant remember the name of the actor who plays dad, do not usually like him in anything, but I though he did both parts of his role well in this. As mentioned I am a horror wimp, so was literally hiding behind my hands at times but the story and pacing carried me through.
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on 16 January 2010
This is a 2 film package, with the original film, and the sequel. The films themselves are worth watching but the blu-ray transfer is quite appalling. I'd recommend buying the first film on DVD. The second film I'd wait until it comes out on TV.
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on 27 July 2008
This is a great value for money package but, be aware (if you like your DVD extras) that the 28 Days Later disc is a vanilla one unlike the original one that was released.
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on 3 September 2009
Without a doubt the worst BD disc i've watched yet. It's grainy, blurry and the darks look awful (in some parts even a greeny colour!) It is no better than the DVD copies - in fact i'd even say they're worse.

I'm aware that Danny Boyle was looking for this effect, hence the camera he used, but if this is the best his film is ever gonna look, I think even he will be disappointed that his fans can only watch it with smudges and blurs making it virtually unwatchable. If they can upgrade films from the 80's to brilliant effect, I fail to see why more effort couldn't have been made with this.

You keep hoping that the next scene will clear up a bit but it never does. I got about 25 mins in and had to turn it off because I felt like I was watching a really bad pirate copy or something recorded on a camcorder.

The sequel is slightly better on the daytime shots but the rest is the same. It is utterly disgraceful that they've brought a package out like this and then have the cheek to charge £30 for it. These are budget discs at best and I wouldn't even waste my money on them even then!

Absolutely shocking!
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on 11 June 2015
I love these two films and being a massive horror fanatic I had to have these on bluray. . To be honest I had seen poor reviews for the quality but managed to get the pack for £5.. 28weeks is far better picture quality wise but I think 28 weeks is possibly the worst bluray I have ever seen in my life (like video quality) and it wasnt my tv I spent alot over the yrs on a high end tv and system and my jaw dropped at how bad it was just glad I didn't pay more otherwise I would have been robbed. These are 2 great films the 1st one let down massively by a bad picture which looks like it was filmed through a potato..
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