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4.4 out of 5 stars37
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 January 2008
After the excellent 'Four Flicks' dvd showcased The Stones to such effect I wondered about the POINT of 'The Biggest Bang', how many MORE versions of these songs do you really need? Also, as they age, how can their performances do anything except slowly diminish? Well all this is true...BUT these old guys can STILL put on a great show! True, Mick can't sing with quite the gusto of a few years past and Keith on the whole can't really solo properly anymore but the Stones' flame has NOT gone out!
The Austin show on disc 1 is a good stadium gig, highlights include 'Sway' - good solo from Ronnie doing Mick Taylor finest moment-, a cracking 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg' and a high energy 'Get Off My Cloud' which is a joy to hear! There are also two unusual cover versions 'Bob Willis Is Still The King' & 'Learning The Game' which are both interesting , the latter especially so as Keith makes it sound like something HE wrote with his wonderful ragged off hand performance.
The Rio de Janeiro show on disc 2 is worth it just for the shots of the truly MASSIVE crowd of 1.2 million fans! There are good versions of 'It's Only Rock n' Roll', 'Midnight Rambler' and especially a great cover of Ray Charles' 'Night Time Is The Right Time'. Disc 3 features selections from concerts in Japan, China and Argentina. Theres a great performance of 'Gimme Shelter' from Shanghai but the real treasure is a truly incredible show in Buneos Aires. The huge stadium crowd generate awesome noise and energy and the whole band rise to the occasion. 'Happy' plays on in a wonderful jam as Keith starts improvising a song he has largely played much the same way for 30 years! 'Miss You' has the crowd doing the vocal parts louder than Mick and great guitar licks from Ronnie and especially Keith - who CAN still do it when he wants to! 'Paint It Black' sounds like a football chant - the crowd are so loud and 'Satisfaction' has THAT riff sung by the crowd louder than Keith can play it! Again, this song is extended and clearly improvised as seemingly no one wants the song to end - the energy passing between the crowd and the band is almost tangible.. man what a show! Disc 4 has some interesting short documentaries - the best being the one about their performance on the 2006 Superbowl with a good version of 'Satisfaction'. The Stones can't turn back the clock, but as this dvd illustrates, occasionally they can still BEAT it - if you are a long time Stones fan you won't regret getting 'The Biggest Bang'.
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on 16 August 2007
The Rolling Stones follow up the Bigger Bang tour with a great DVD set. Taking more than a hint from the format of Four Flicks you get two full concerts (Austin Texas and Rio), several documentaries and selected songs from several other concerts across four DVDs.

For the first time on DVD the Rolling Stones have great sound quality. At last they have a DTS sound track with clarity and separation of the instruments and less crowd noise.

In terms of performance, it is in keeping with all that you'd hope. These guys defy their ages and Mick Jagger probably does little aside from workout to be in top shape his energetic performances at these concerts.

Good quality packaging as well, a real addition to any collection.
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on 20 February 2011
I had the 4 dvd set of 'the Biggest Bang' and naturally wanted to upgrade when it was released on Blu- ray. There is only one Blu- ray disc and given that you can easily fit 4DVD's worth of material onto one Blu-ray I was expecting to see the same content. What a shame then that half of the DVD content has not been included, the reviewer above has already helpfully set this out. It's very irritating as the Copacabana beach concert is well worth seeing along with 'the rest of the world' only some of which is on the Blu ray. unless there is going to be another 'special' Blu ray of Copacabana, I cannot see that this release is anything more than cynical.

The music and filming are first rate but I deduct stars because of Universal's apparent contempt for fans. The Stones are a big enough band to have the muscle to stop this type of thing happening.
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on 14 July 2013
Pretty much the last decade or so I would snort with derision at the mention of The image of them was of money grabbing rockers who played endless stadium tours charging inflated prices and in a perpetual state of v.i.p seclusion.
This changed a couple of Saturdays ago when I watched them at Glastonbury.
I thought they ruled.BIG TIME.In my opinion they embarrassed every other band who are in some cases 45 years younger.Artic Monkeys???I nearly passed out in bleary eyed boredom as the band bashed out tunes that all sounded alike....sexless,zero charisma....bizarrely dressed like Richard Hawleys nephews.The Vaccines???Boil in the bag top shop indie.
Jagger was just immense....strutting around with the energy of a teen on heat.And the TUNES....Start Me Up,Sympathy For The Devil,Brown Sugar,Jumpin Jack Flash...on and on it went bashing the audience over the head and highlighting everything missing from bands of today.
These dudes are rock stars.Us mere mortals need to be separated.Thats how it was.No photos of Jagger in trackies buying a loaf of bread.....he would get the finest flown in with its own first class seat on a plane.
All over the t'net,papers everyone was talking about it.Whether you thought "we are not worthy" or [I pity you]"rubbish" you had an opinion and that speaks volumes about a band that have been knocking about for 50 years and have the combined age of a dinosaur.People mocked in the usual ageist,british sneery way but to me the legacy of this band is nothing but astonishing.
Anyway Bigger Bang is a generous 4 dvd set jobbie featuring a gigantic show in Rio and Texas,this as is Stones style a monster tour.Whats so mind blowing is the demographic of audience kids,blonde babes,crusty rockers,tipsy housewives,bank managers,moustaches,beards.....all here.
If 80,000 fans want to pay 100 squid for a ticket,who is anyone to argue???Everyone looks like they are having a whale of a time.Something more then money is driving these guys.....Jagger is still driven,still ambitious....playing for two hours all over the world for a year at this level at their age is not easy.
Sorry if my review reads more as a rant but hey so what.
The Rolling Stones are an amazing band.Greedy...yeah but shrewd.
Ultimately when boiled down its about THE SONGS.Songs that 30 40 years later still rock,still roll,still excite and resonate.
We ain't ever going to see the likes of them again.
Pay some respect!!!
Essential dvd,great entertainment,greatest band.
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on 2 August 2007
After a wet Sheffield gig last year i thought i`d treat myself to this..i wasnt disappointed but wouldnt a compilation of gigs from around the world be better....not as good as Four Flicks but good all the same
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on 11 December 2009
It's a pity that it's just one dvd instead of the original 4 dvd set, but the quality of both sound and picture are great. You can see almost every wrinkle on Mick's face. And ofcourse the guys are still having lots of fun during playing and rehearsing. Still the greatest rock'roll band in the world!
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Another stunning box set of dvds from the worlds greatest rock band ever. I have the Four Flicks set, which is also amazing, and was not sure whether this would be as good. Well it is and it is sufficiently different to warrant purchase. The highlights for me were the Rio concert, absolutely incredible show and preparation, and the Superbowl halftime mini-concert, incredible energy and a glimpse of the split second organisation needed to pull it all of.

The sound quality and the filming is all first class, as you would expect. The band were still cutting the mustard live during this tour although I reckon that, unless a miracle happens, Keith will be the reason they stop touring. The swelling in his first two fingers on his left hand is increasing and is probably arthritis related, so that is not going to help at all. Ronnie Wood plays better on this tour than the Forty Licks one of a few years before.

Like the Four Flicks dvd set, this moves around a variety of venues and has a load of songs, some new to the setlist, some new, and the hoary old chestnuts.

The bonus features on disc 4 contain mini-documentaries with Ronnie, Keith, Charlie and Mick that are a pleasure to watch. Charlie is so completely natural and self effacing that it is hard to believe he is one of the best known drummers, certainly seen by more people in concert than any other drummer ever, in the world.

Like the Four Flicks set, this is a thousand times better than the Shine a Light release.

Essential purchase if you already have Four Flicks, if not get it first.
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VINE VOICEon 5 August 2007
I think sometimes it's important to put things into perspective - it's especially true when the subject being discussed are the Rolling Stones - often proclaimed as 'the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world'. I've read a number of glowing five star reviews of 'The Biggest Bang' in a number of reputable magazines and yet if taken into the context of their rich musical history (which includes of course the Stones magnificent highs and occasional lowpoints) 'The Biggest Bang' just about holds its own as a boxed set which is in no way embarrassing to the Stones rich legacy but there again it adds very little of any merit to it either.

The real strength of 'The Biggest Bang' is its sound. The band play remarkably fresh and vital much of the time (especially on the Austin, Texas DVD) especially when performing less played numbers such as 'She's So Cold', 'Under My Thumb' and 'Get Off Of My Cloud' - The DVD's sound appears less produced than on their previous effort 'Four Flicks' and the vitality found on many of these tracks is simply infectious.

However, the DVD's shortcomings are there is nothing to be found here that is the slightest bit enduring. In other words none of the performances ever manage to create a strong enough impression to ever really stay with the listener over an extended period of time - the performances are certainly not deep or profound like the Stones were often capable of being in the 60s and 70s - it's just the Stones bashing out another riff alongside Jagger's typical series of poses. Even Jagger's more natural sexually orientated dance moves have been replaced by slick showmanship often in an attempt to embace as many of the audience as possible.

Taken over their more recent past (1989- present day), however, 'The Biggest Bang' does seem perhaps a more attractive proposition than usual -as well as having a more raw and spontaneous approach, Jagger also seems more self conscious about the quality of his singing. There are times when his voice is a little heavy handed to the subtelties needed to fully realise the potential of a number of the songs but at the same time he is generally making an effort and is not merely coasting (like he's been known to in the past at times).

'The Biggest Bang' (the music in addition to the occasional documentary) is a nice souvenir of the tour and is certainly worth investigating for the average Stones fan but it's really too slight and insubstantial to ever really leave any lasting impression.

Take the five star ratings with a pinch of salt.
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on 15 October 2008
I love these boys and whilst they are strictly speaking no longer relevant in the 21st centuty, they do put on the best live shows that you will ever see.

Biggest Bang falls just short of the 5 star Four Flicks but in its own way it enables you to relive memorable gigs that you have been to.

If you've never seen the Stones then buy this DVD as an introduction to their stage craft and solid on-stge performance.

If you have seen the boys then this is the change to recapture that night at a venue somewhere in the world.

As the boys sang "It's Only Rock n Roll" and boy do we like it.
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on 26 March 2014
Excellent BD, worth buying, a must for collectors
Spectacular show of this band, which continues as if it were 20 years boys, audio and video in high resolution without words.
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