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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2007
MySims is a really good sim game where you create your own little sim and move into a town where you help out and in the end make it a tourist filled place full of shops.
You get loads of clothes to buy and choose from, do mini-games to earn the money and have your house to buy furniture for.
Very fun to play, even for people who don't particularly like The Sims as there are a lot of mini games to play like making flower necklace things for the florist in town, paragliding, sky diving, dowsing, racquetball and much more! You meet lots of different people in the game along the way to making the town a better, funner place. I would totally recommend it!

Disadvantages: When the game ends there is nothing to do really, like you have no goals left so all you can really do is walk around town all day.
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on 21 February 2008
This game you will never get bored of it's great.
You are helping to run a town. Choose out of boy or girl decide their skin colour, hair and buy clothes for them at the shop.
Then you can buy stuff for your house.
Play loads of mini games like paragliding, skydiving, scubadiving and more.
Meet new people and help keep tourists happy.
This game is great for all ages.
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on 28 December 2007
When i first got this game for christmas i thought i would be bored with it within a couple of hours! But i cant put it down! There are so many mini games to play while also playing the main game! and im still unlocking mini games.This is a must for any age group, the graphics are good for a DS and very colourful!
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on 9 October 2007
This is a deviation from the usual SIMS games. Endless hours of fun and plenty to keep you busy. Unlike the other SIMS games, and a big plus in my opinion, you don't keep having to pee, wash and eat etc. The only minor irritation is the slow interaction between SIMS. When you offer them gifts etc. or when you catch the bus it's a bit slow and you get impatient.

Overall though, a really fun game, well designed and thought out.
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on 16 October 2007
I cant stop playing this game, I got to name my own town and go around playing, meeting new people and doing nice deeds for residents of the town. For this you get money which allows you to buy clothes (great for girls) furniture for your house and items to make the town look good.
For instant I met a character and I did some fishing, I caught a barracuda...Wicked. In return the man paid me.

Its addictive and great for all ages boy or girl.
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on 2 November 2007
This game only as one word to describe it. Brilliant. This game is jam-packed with endless fun. Its got a wide selection of clothes, hair styles, colors. You can choose from skirts, dresses, bikinis, tops, belly tops and jeans. Its really good. You can also decorate your house with really nice furniture. I brought a mansion of this rich Sim called Elizabeth. I done that up too. Its a 3-bedroomed house. I made a kitchen, bedroom and living room. Theres also a bus or known to the game as a trolley service. Thats a really big help because the size of the town. Gosh! Its fun decorating places like the Highlands and Forest. The shopkeepers also update there shops every day or so. This game is 10/10. I recommend it to any Sims fan. This game is one of the greatest games invented. Thanks EA and Nintendo. I really love it. I`m gonna go play it now in fact :)
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on 18 February 2008
I bought this game a few days ago with my new DS. I was looking foward to it because of the cute animation and Sim interaction.

Basic Plot:-
Design yourself (hair type, colour, skin colour, clothes and name)
Name the town and move in there; at first only the town is accesible
Meet the characters, Town Mayor, Rangers, Police man, Fisherman, Cake guy, Rich girl, Furniture girl, Flower girl, etc.
Get given jobs to do and slowly expand the daily bar that means you get more stars for the town and it slowly improves (ie. more areas unlocked, transport sytems, shops opening etc.)
Can make money using mini-games to buy items for yourself, other people or your home
Can find items on floor that twinkle
More tourists slowly come in and you can unlock more mini-games

The games:-
Make your own lei
Played in the flower shop, one of the first games you are given. Fast paced you have to quickly slide the cards over the correct flower in the quickest time with the least mistakes. Three levels, easy, medium and hard. Get paid for doing it. Get Bronze, Silver and Gold medals if you are skilled enough. Can give the leis to tourists. Fun to play but gets a little tedious. 4/5

Played in any of the three raquetball areas, three games possible to be unlocked; rally, target one and target two where you have to hit the ball using one of three possible raquets given to you by the Mayors grandson, Tim. Get paid for doing it. Extremelly hard, especially with other racquets. 3/5

Fishing pole given to you by the fishing guy, can go to any place with water and fish using the touch screen. Can sell the fish to the fisherman, or at the general store or use them in a food mixture. Confusing at first but not entertaining so much and sometimes it does not work when you try and reel in the fish. 2/5

Scuba Diving
Underwater you have little control over where you are going but have to take up to 9 pictures of sea life underwater and choose 3 to be judged. Get paid for doing it but the activity in the game itself is dull 2/5

Casino games
Card games, virtually impossible to beat and you cannot exchange the casinos "coins" back into your own money but you have to buy a gift from the machine. 2/5

Scuba diving
Flying from a plane and collecting as many gems as you can going as fast as you can doing as many arial tricks as you can. Not sure what the point of it is but quite amusing and you get paid for it. 4/5

Treasure hunting
Up in the mountains you use a scanner and dig for treasure. Very worth while and fun because you can get coins, time and jewels and its fun to try and get as much as you can within the time limit, but it is quite expensive and you cannot keep the jewels you find. 4/5

Fun and challanging, having to paraglide whilst picking up gems and avoiding birds and sudden gusts of wind can blow you off course. Get paid for doing it, however in the mountains it is expensive to do. 4/5

You can also do some custom designs, buy extra houses, decorate your own home, communicate and do tasks for tourists and locals, make jewellry and more.

A fun game but does not take very long to complete at all as I have already finished it after a few days, however some mini-games are good to play. There is virtually no multi-player option and you can only swap designs.

Use of touch screen- 4/5
Multiplayer - 2/5
Playing time - 2/5
Fun - 4/5
Educational - 1/5
Repativeness - 3/5
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on 1 October 2007
After waiting weeks for this game to be released, I am not disappointed! The DS version is totally addictive! Sure, you need a little patience when carrying out some of the tasks but it's worth it. There are quite a few mini games involved such as fishing, making leis, paragliding etc etc, and the more you play, the more you can explore the city.

This is by far more interesting than the sims 2, and much better than sims 2 pets!

2 very enthusuastic thumbs up! Fine holiday fun!
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on 23 October 2007
Ive been given My Sims for Nintendo DS and I think its really great. Ive played all the other Sims and found them addictive, but this is even better. Its new and updated, the characters are really cool and cute. Its abit like Animal Crossing but better - you move faster, you get goals to complete and there are different levels that you reach. Its really addictive, I have hardly put it down since I got it, totally recommend it to others, its great fun
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on 16 October 2007

Mysims in my point of view is the BEST sims game EA have ever released.
You get to run a town and try to get it back to it's former glory!

This game is playable and I haven't got bored at all, not stop playing, If you want a DS game I recommend this

In Conclusion, This game is full of great graphics, great plots and great EVERYTHING, No downsides and everything is great
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