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4.5 out of 5 stars238
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 7 November 2007
I was a newcomer to Doctor who and didn't start watching until the series was revamped in 2005.I really enjoyed the first season and when the first season ended and Christopher Eccleston left I was skeptical that David Tennant would live up to such a role but he surprised me and made the role his own and showed he was a great actor and the chemistry between him and Piper was awesome so when she left at the end of season 2 I wondered how our fair Doctor would do on his own and with the introduction of a new companion of Martha Jones(Freema). I initially didn't like her character because she was so whiney and dissing Rose all the time despite actually knowing anything about her.However by the end of the series especially the last three episodes Martha(Freema) really came into her own and became a great companion and had grown up a lot.

I think her turning point was in the episodes 'The Family of Blood' and 'Human Nature',which in there own right were exceptional episodes and for me stood out for season 3.Tennant shows in this two episodes his incredible acting range.

Simms 'Master' was was so inventive and incredible enjoyable to watch.I was a little dissapointed with the final episode 'The Last Of The Timelords' because with the Doctor defeated the Master with the power of one word was a bit Peter Pan like to me.However I think that was the only thing like that that stood out in that episode.Also Jack revealing he was the 'Face Of Boe' a bit unbelievable to me too.

Apart from what i've already mentioned this was a really good season and things can only get better from here.

I received my season 3 boxset on its release date of November 5th, it has a great cover with both the lovable Tennant and Simm on the front and the dvds are packed full with extras.The only thing I was dissapointed with is that the boxset had no plastic slipcover to slide the hardbox into like it did with the previous two seasons.Looking at the season 3 boxset next to the first and second one it looks odd without it.
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on 10 November 2014
Season 3 of Doctor Who continues the adventures of David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. In the final episode of the previous season, a tragic turn of events separates the Doctor and Rose before he can admit his love for her. The new season finds the Doctor alone but he quickly takes on a new companion, the medical student Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman). Martha is a strong and confident character and she decides to travel with the Doctor because she wants to have great adventures, which is what what she gets.

This season features even more excellent stories than Season 2. The first of these is the season's first two-parter, consisting of Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks, in which the Doctor once again confronts his old enemies, the Daleks. This episode is very atmospheric as it takes place in New York at the time of the Great Depression. It presents the Doctor with a dilemma as his confrontation with the Daleks presents him with an opportunity that has never arisen before. The episode also features one of the first performances of the now well-known British actor Andrew Garfield (Never Let Me Go, The Amazing Spiderman) as a young man named Frank. The next 2-part story, which consists of Human Nature and The Family of Blood, is even better. The Doctor and Martha are being chased by a family of alien beings that wishes to consume the Doctor's life force in order to prevent its own death. In order to prevent this the Doctor turns himself human, which forces him to forget who he was, and transforms into a teacher at an independent school in England in 1913. He asks Martha to protect him but she is faced with a problem that she is not prepared for - what should she do if the Doctor falls in love? This story is followed by the standalone episode Blink, which is unanimously considered one of the greatest Doctor Who episodes of all time. It follows the adventures of the intrepid Sally Sparrow (Carrey Mulligan) who seeks to solve the mystery of the Weeping Angels, one of the most dangerous alien species introduced in the series. The Doctor and Martha play a minor but important role in this episode, which focuses on Sally who is an exciting character. The episode also includes one of the greatest dialogue exchanges in Doctor Who:

Kathy Nighingale: What did you come here for anyway?
Sally Sparrow: I love old things. They make me feel sad.
Kathy Nightingale: What's good about sad?
Sally Sparrow: It's happy for deep people.

The show's final story, which takes place in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords, is even more epic and it features an epic struggle between the Doctor and a rogue Time Lord, the Master. In the first episode Martha and the Doctor are recharging the TARDIS in Cardiff and as they leave Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) manages to latch on to the TARDIS and ends up with them billions of years into the future at the end of the universe. The three companions face a bleak future as humanity is struggling to escape to Utopia, where they believe that they will be safe. However, all is not as it seems and the greatest danger to humanity comes not from the carnivorous Futurekind but from someone closer to the Doctor. I don't want to reveal too much but I will mention that John Simms, who was absolutely brilliant as the detective Sam Tyler in Life on Mars, delivers a tremendous performance as the manic Master.

The rest of the Season 3 episodes are all rather good. In The Shakespeare Code the Doctor and Martha meet the famous Bard and they come to face to face with creatures from another world masquerading as witches. The episode plays with history as Martha becomes the inspiration for Shakespeare's Dark Lady. In Gridlock the Doctor is forced to engage in a frantic search for Martha in New New York after she is kidnapped and forced into a car that enters the neverending traffic on the city's highway. In this episode the Doctor also comes face to face with an important character from his past who reveals a great secret to him. In 42 the Doctor and Martha finds themselves on cargo ship hurtling towards the centre of a sun. A member of the crew is taken over by some strange creature that seems bent on destruction. However, there is more to this situation than meets the eye and the Doctor soon makes a startling discovery about the sun. The previous episode, The Lazarus Experiment, features Mark Gatiss as Professor Richard Lazarus who seems to have discovered a way to rejuvenate the human body. However, the Doctor is suspicious of his fellow scientists and soon that discovers that Lazarus has had to pay a terrible price for the return of his youth. Martha's family - her sister, brother and mother - also plays an important role in this episode and the interaction with them shows us that even early on Martha is committed to helping the Doctor. The first episode of the Season, Smith and Jones, is also rather good in introducing Martha and it features an interesting storyline in which the hospital that she works in is transported to the Moon. However, the antagonist in this story is not particularly threatening and the episode does not stand compared to the rest of the standalone stories of the season.

In short, Season 3 of Doctor Who is every bit as good as Season 2. In fact, it features even more exciting moments and build up to the best finale in the series. The Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones, is very likeable and easy to relate to, although it is annoying that she constantly pines after him and seems unwilling to accept the fact that he does not reciprocate her feelings. The return of Captain Jack Harkness is also very welcome but it is John Simm's playful performance as the Master that simply steals the spotlight. I find it difficult to criticise this season and can only recommend that you give it a go so that you can prepare yourselves for Season 4.
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on 30 April 2008
This is the 3rd series of the "new" Doctor Who and the second to feature David Tennant in the title role. He has really settled into this and his new sidekick Martha (well played by Freema Agyeman) proves to be an excellent foil. There are some first-class episodes in this series, particularly 'Blink', 'The Lazarus Experiment', '42', 'Human Nature', and 'The Family of Blood'. 'Blink' is one of the cleverest episodes of Doctor Who ever made. The last 3 linked episodes 'Utopia', 'Sound of Drums' and 'Last of the Timelords' work really well, including some outstanding make-up and special effects. I would say this is the best series of the new Doctor we have had. Extras include David Tennant's video diary and some promotional clips. This is great TV and I look forward to the release of the 4th series on DVD. Highly recommended!
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on 15 August 2007
I thought that series 3 was frankly ,marvellous. Let me go through the episodes:

Runaway Bride) An ingenious plot with some great moments, e.g showing Donna the start of the universe and the Doctor's dark moment at blowing up the building. Fantastic!

Smith and Jones) Good, and I thought it introduced Martha well. Although the first 15 mins were a tad like a soap opera the Doctor madeup for it by being absolutely hilarious!I am loving the genetic transfer!

Shakespeare Code) I loved this story telling and the cheek involved by siggesting all Shakespeares best lines came from the Doctor!

Gridlock) For me the worst episode as the car scenes were too long although the last 15 minutes were as good as good can be!

Daleks in Manhatten and Evolution of the Daleks) I think that the story was good but that iot could have been filmed better and the american accents could have been better! I enjoyed it although I know some people have said it was awful!

Lazarus Experiment) I loved this! Martha was announced by the Doctor as a full time companion in the last heart wrenching scene and the only thing I felt was bad was the tacky human face on the monster.

42) Really resembled The impossible planet/satan pit but I did enjoy this although it was not my favourite episode. David was fantastic as per usual but being possessed by the sun - thats not something you learn and drama school I am sure!

Human Nature/Family of Blood) This was amazing and was a great cliffhanger and really developed Martha as a character. Go Martha! The doctor had some sad scenes and i though jessica hynes was great in it!

Blink) I loved this episode and was my favourite of the series. This was probably the only one that did genuinely scare me! My son had nightmares for days after! All I can say is fabulous!

Utopia / Sound of Drums/ Last of the Time Lords/ These three were very different and although I did love Derek Jacobi and John Simm as the Master there were two things I found tacky. 1) Finding Utopia so that humans can live in harmony. Tacky? Totally! 2) Reversing time. It is as if Russell T Davies did not have enough time to finish so he said "I know! Lets reverse time and come up woth a posh name for it!"

Overall however great!!!!!! I defineitly reccommend it to anyone, Doctor Who experience or not!
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on 20 August 2007
I got into Doctor Who a bit late in the game. By the time I finished Fear Her the first few episodes of the 3rd series had already aired, so I knew Rose left and was replaced by Martha. I was very very skeptical to say the least. Here's my episode by episode review:

The Runaway Bride: I'd only ever seen Catharine Tate in Starter for 10 (Yeah, I'm American) so I had no idea of her comedy show (or how repititive it was..killed a great thing, imho) so I only knew her strictly as an actress. I really really enjoyed this episode. I think it was refreshing to see a companion stand up to the Doctor in a way that we hadn't seen in a while and honestly wouldn't you be a bit overwhelemed and angry if that happened to you on your wedding day? All in all good Doctor Who 8/10

Smith and Jones: Great fun! A perfect introduction to Martha and a great season opener..! And I don't mind the blue suit at all. The pacing was great, I could've done without the "genetic transfer" but all in all a great episode! 9.5/10

The Shakespeare Code: One of my favorites episodes of the entire show. I'm a massive fan of Dean Lennox Kelly (Mostly because of Shameless) so I was happily shocked to see him play Shakespeare. The story was great as were the performances. 10/10

Gridlock: I didn't care for this episode the first time I saw it but after watching it a second time I found myself appreciating it a bit more. It was great to see Martha finally confront the Doctor and get a straight answer from him. It was also nice to see the Face of Boe again. 8/10

Daleks in Manhattan - I've only watched this episode once and I don't plan on watching it again. I live in NY so I'm biased but Tallulah's accent was way over-the-top, so that was a bit of a turn off for me from the minute she spoke. The story had great potential; it could've been quite epic really. It just felt tired and old and the episode began to drag quite a bit toward the end. Even though I had the second part available to watch right away I gave myself a couple of days to digest what I had just put myself through. 6/10 (which is only so high due to the acting, mostly by David and Freema)

Evolution of the Daleks - Take the pacing of the first part and slow that down by a hundred times and you get this episode. It wasn't terrible..the acting is great, the effects are good, the story had such potential (some moments are great while others fall terribly flat) but it's definitely forgettable. 5.5/10

The Lazarus Experiment - This is when I regained my faith in the series. While it wasn't great it was interesting to have the villian be human. Mark Gatiss was great (as always) as were the rest of the cast. The effects were good considering how complicated Lazarus was designed. All in all a decent episode. 8/10

42 - I know that everyone calls this the "The Impossible Planet" of series 3 but they're not THAT similar. Okay, maybe they are a bit, but the differences that are there are great enough to allow me to enjoy this episode. The story is interesting, the acting is absolutely superb (This is when I finally began to notice just how brilliant David Tennant really is). Once again a bit more of my faith in the series was restored. 8/10

Human Nature - Where do I even begin? This is, without a doubt in my mind, the best Doctor Who story ever written. Everyone is absolutely fantastic, especially Jessica Hynes and David Tennant! I'm used to seeing the former in strictly comedy roles but she is a great dramatic actress! David Tennant completely transformed himself! There was nothing of the Doctor in John Smith. Freema was great as well; she really shown in this episode, I was finally convinced she had what took to be a companion. The Family were brilliant as well. 10/10

The Family of Blood - This is what television should be. Plain and simple. I have never cried so much over an episode of a show in my entire life. The dilemma that John was faced with really got to me. I found myself even more upset when the Doctor reappeared (I just didn't think it was fair, I can't explain it in a short review). By far the best episode of any television show I have ever watched. 10/10

Blink - An amazing episode to follow the previous two with! Sally was a pleasure to watch, very relatable, and the Easter Egg bit is genius! David Tennant stole the last scene with his bow and arrow. The ending is also perfect; just when you think the danger is over..10/10

Utopia - Very very slow moving but the pay-off is well worth the wait. Having Jack back was great! It was also nice to see him back to his old Doctor Who self. I'm just a bit saddened that the Jacobi didn't stay on..though I do think John Simm was great as well. 9/10

The Sound of Drums - Great episode. It was interesting and exciting to see the group on the run as outlaws. The pacing is perfect and John Simm captures that manic insanity the Master now seems to have perfectly. 9/10

The Last of the Time Lords - I love this episode. It drags a bit in the middle but the Scissor Sisters sequence was perfect!! It was interesting and refreshing to see the Doctor stuck in a situation like that. The climax was great as well (if a bit cheesy and I was a little surprised at how no one seemed to care that the President had still been killed..mind you if it was our current President I wouldn't either, but still) but the ending ripped out my heart. But I'm convinced it's not the end of the Master. I just can't wait to find out how the Titanic was able to crash though the TARDIS.

All in all I'd give it a solid 9/10 (the crap episodes were crap but the amazing episodes really redeem it for me).
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on 11 January 2010
This series the show leaves the powerhouse characterisation of Rose Tyler behind and builds on its strengths. 2 regular compaions for the price of 1 as Donna debuts 1st in "The Runaway Bride." She's rather more strident than in seies 4, but for 1 or 2 moments where we see there's more to her than attitude. Catherine Tate creates a memorable character and makes a good 40's screwball comedy pairing with David Tennant. Fast paced romp with a great Spider monster (metebelis 3 eat your heart out!).
Series 3 proper begins with the Space 1999ish "Smith & Jones" where rhino headed space filth/group 4 security the Judoon (a great creation) transport a hospital to the moon to hunt for a fugitive. A fun & strong debut for Martha who emerges as better educated but not smarter than Rose.
Celebrity historical "The Shakespeare Code" offers a witty romp with alien witches, sci-fi sorcery and a lost play. Still Gareth Roberts' best script.
"Gridlock" takes us back, (err forward?), to the world of the Face of Boe who is dying and has a last message for the Doctor. As for S & J the writer is Russell T Davies who gives us fun concepts a permanent traffic jam and the return of an old Troughton monster (even if the script's a little muddled).
The Daleks are back in Helen Raynor's "The Daleks in Manhattan" (which almost sounds like a musical)& "Evolution of the Daleks." many didn't like this but I think it's fun in a Peter Cushing Dalek film kind of way, the trailer would go like this "A flight into the Fantastic 30's. See the Empire State Building, the terrible pig slaves and the Dalek Sec mutant!" A mix of Frankenstein & Phantom of the Opera, with a great recreation of 30's Manhattan.
Stephen Greenhorn's "The Lazarus Experiment" offers nothing new in its tale of a scientist seeking eternal youth who unleashes a monster but it is done with enough panache to still be good.
"42" from Chris Chibnall with a ship on the edge of destruction and a malign alien force is good but a bit too like the previous series' "Impossible Planet/ Satan Pit" & just like "24", the real time I did not find convincing.
Paul Cornell triumphantly returns adapting his earlier Dr Who novel as "Human Nature/The Family of Blood". Another high spot as the Doctor turns himself human and hides his memory to protect him and Martha rom an agressive species, giving a different role for DT to play. Poignant and rich.
"Blink" is not just another high spot but the high spot of the series as Stephen Moffat makes a virtue of the Dr-lite episode with one off character Sally Sparrow batting scary alien statues guided by DVD easter eggs of the Doctor. Great performance by Carey Mulligan and what a fascinating new alien-no wonder they're coming back!
Russell T Davies gives a 3 part end with "Utopia"/"The Sound of Drums/The Last of The Timelords" providing a rousing conclusion. From the end of the Universe back to earth he brings back Captain Jack who was issues about being left behind previously and the return of the Master. The Master becomes the British PM and drags the whole world into oppression and near destruction. John Simm is the maddest Master yet and while some would say he's OTT, the script allows for this, it works and more subtle playing would never have served it. Again no surprise he returned later.
The best story arc yet suggest the Master may have been pulling a few strings all season.
David Tennant gives such good portrayals he's offering a serious challenge to Sir Tom Baker's hold on the public imagination. High spots are where he is reacing out to The Master and when he becomes John Smith temporarily.
Freema Agyeman is great as Martha and makes her a very sensitive character which is served by the theme of unrequited love for the Doctor , even if his lack of awareness makes him almost gittish at times.
John Barrowman always makes the most of good material, and here is no exception.
Martha's family are perhaps too numerous. While Adjoah Andoh's bitter mum Francine and sister Tish (she needs a good employment agency since she only ever takes jobs with nutters)as played by Gugu Mbatha Raw both make agood impression, but the dad & brother get little to do.
A great selection of guest artists e.g. Spooks' Miranda Raison & Sir Derek Jacobi and a great deal of care taken with nuances e.g. the dalekified humans have Tommy guns with exterminators on the end.
The Confidential cut downs are up to the usual informative standard and offer a standout as David T investigates "the fan". He also provides some marvellous video diaries e.g. topless Daleks as rehreasals see the operators glide about in skirt sections and is a major and welcome contributor to commentaries always funny and self effacing e.g. pointing out a spot on his face. There are plenty of others on the commentaries e.g Russell T and Steven Moffat.
There are deleted scenes a particularly good one being from The Shakespeare Code & outtakes (in the grand tradition of Star Trek they were probably funnier if you were there.).
There's a highly enjoyable Children in Need concert of Dr Who music too.
Freema Agyeman turns presenter to give us a tour of the studios.
A great package and recommended for all fans.
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on 1 July 2008
i have found series three of Doctor who to be very refreshing...although there are a few duds this year it doesn't harm the show but makes the better episodes shine.
Martha Jones exceeded my expectations,as i thought that she was going to be another Rose Tyler she turned out to be a great companion and very three dimensional although lacking Roses charismatic persona she brings something new to the table,and her character is explored with depth.
eppy reviews-
the runaway bride-4/5-a very good christmas special...Catherine Tate was a breath of fresh air and was extremely entertaining tpo watch(glad she was the main companion in series 4)the Racnoss is a great creation and reminds me of the alien queen from the Alien franchise.

Smith & Jones-3/5-a decent starter to the series and introduces us to the fab companion Martha Jones:)

The Shakespeare Code-3/5-a decent episode while not as good as the previous it still has a few effective scenes and the Carronites are creepy.

Gridlock-3/5-an average episode about an intargalactic traffic jam:)with a twist.

Daleks in Manhattan-3/5-a nice start to a two parter but it does drag on some scenes...the Daleks aren't as terrifying as they used to be but its great to see them...and that hybrid.

Evolution of the Daleks-4/5-a very good episode to say the least...very exciting and if you can get past the tacky American accents(the british can't master it...why not employ people from America)it is an enjoyable experience.

the Lazarus experiment-4/5-another very good episode that is very effective and moves along the main plot.

42-1/5-my least favourite episode...very dull and very boring.

Human Nature-5/5-an atmospheric opening to a great two parter...those scarecrows give me shudders...Martha shines again.

family of blood-5/5-the concluding part...may confuse some viewers,but nevertheless is a very good and effective concluding part to the storyline,Tennant once again proves why he is the BEST doctor.

Blink-4.5/5-Stephen Moffett writes a very effective of the best episodes of series 3 without a doubt and one of my favourite episodes the weeping angels are very basic and terrifying,but it isn't Stephen at his best(overshadowed by the superior library two parter in series 4,and a footnote to Girl in the Fireplace),but what makes this rise above is the fact that it keeps making you think,and it hits you with a scare over and over,making it a tame slasher flick(of sorts),the supporting cast are fabulous,and although Tennant and Agyman are only in a few scenes they still manage to move the plot along which is why it stands out,and can easily understand why people say it is their favourite episode but i feel that there are a few superior episodes to this,but make no mistake...its extremely good.

Utopia*-5/5-another one of this series' greats and in my top ten list(#8) that sees the return of the fabulous capt.Jack Harkness:P:P there is some action...and an amazing script written by Russel T.Davies,we see the return of one of the doctors ultimate foes!!.
Derek Jacobi is very spine prickling when he turns around and then we just know he has transformed into the psycopathic Master...and god i love it!!!
the cast manage to shine,and the gritty harshness of the episode makes it very effective and this series greatest episodes...and certainly one of the gretest ever!!!

Sound of Drums-4.5/5-very good second part to the trilogy that moves the story along and is entertaining and contains plenty of action.

Last of the Timelords-4.5/5-the series final,genuinely great episode although the defeat of the master seems quite rushed it was fab acting all round and that is all that matters...Russel T.Davies has provided a fabulous finale (only beaten by the electifying/astounding/amazing/fantastic Journey's End!!!)it wraps up the series and proves just how 'big' a plot can be...BRING BACK THE MASTER!!!.

overall series 3 was a very good series form new Who and in a way is superior to the previous two series' of the show...Martha was fantastic on the show(and she makes a remarkable return in series 4 for 5 episodes).
wanting to get this on dvd along with series 4(the best series to date!!!).
so better than the previous two series' it has a lot to give here and there are a few great episodes in store...i recommend this series to everyone who loves sci-fi(also the astounding series 4).
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on 7 September 2015
As I work my way through Series 1 to 4 on blu ray, I've just completed watching Series 3.

Picture quality is just as good as on Series 1 and 2. The upscaling works very effectively and as the image is less compressed than on DVD, the picture is overall sharper and far less noisy than the DVD. This will probably be more noticeable on larger screen sizes, say over 42 inch, than on smaller screens so it is worthwhile upgrade if you have a large screen TV. The colour balance is much better on these discs than the on the DVDs, in my view.

As on the previous Series, the sound mix is excellent! The DTS-MA HD 5.1 soundmix is very clear, well balanced (with good use of the rear effects channels) and the sound image is more focussed.

The extras are all ported over from the DVD set, including the "Blink" easter egg (which can be found on the trailers section if you're still looking for it).

The episodes are all presented in 1080p 24hz and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pitch of the soundtrack. (My understanding, gleaned elesewhere, is that these discs were pitch corrected)

If you're a Who fan of the revived show then it is a nice treat for yourself to buy this set.
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on 7 August 2007
I really enjoyed this series of Doctor Who and thoroughly recommend it.

David Tennant has now made the role of the Doctor completely his own, this series is his tour de force, and the stories in this collection are all interesting and suspenseful with some reaching the level of epic and high drama at its best.

The special effects are marvellous, reaching a standard that almost allows them to be taken for granted while the musical score, never intrusive, is a delight in support of the action.

There are wonderful acting cameos, not least of all from Derek Jacobi and, of course, John Simm plays the pantomime villain with commendable verve.

The highlight, though, has to be the arrival of Freema Agyeman as the simply wonderful Martha, described quite rightly by one newspaper as "the star of the series". Martha is attractive, well-educated, intelligent, resourceful, sassy, brave and ultimately heroic and Agyeman achieves with ease the seemingly impossible transformation from star struck medical student to saviour of the planet in spell-binding fashion. This was a doubly difficult task for Agyeman to pull off. Her predecessor's popularity bordered on sainthood and the story theme of unrequited love Martha was saddled with did her character no favours at all. Agyeman, however, totally aced it from start to finish. Her acting was first class, not least of all given the high physical demands placed on her by the part, and her wide range of subtle facial expressions used to convey her feelings in the complex relationship she has with the Doctor were a joy. I cannot wait to see her reprising and developing the role further next year.

Agyeman has already won one award this year. On the strength of this performance, it will surely not be the last.

So, good stories, superb effects, magical music, captivating cameos and the exciting emergence of Freema Agyeman: all in all, "absolutely fantastic!"
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on 12 November 2007
Wow! What i loved most about this series was how deeply it explored the central protagonist, this is clearly a character that its creaters are passionate about exploring & taking to a new depth. Now perhaps its not the best series of the three overall. But even then that is no bad thing! Doctor Who, as im sure many will agree, is one of the few things on tv today thats worth watching! It has such a reputation to live up to nowadays that it is bound to be criticised by people who stupidly expect it to get better & better with every series! im not saying thats impossible, but when you have such a ridiculously high level of quality to live up to it's human nature that now and again it will dip in content. Russel & the gang had a lot on their plate with Billie's departure but that didnt stop them from taking the series in new and daring directions whilst playing to the strengths of what we've come to love in the show! I only wish Derek Jacobi and John Simm (fellow legends!) could of had more of an imput. I think the only let down waz the anti-climax of the final episode, considering how perfectly the 'sound of drums' episode set everything up. However, despite the lack of action in the final episode, when compared to the previous two series, i believe it made up for it in the level of acting quality, particularly Tennet who has completely immersed himself as the time lord. Congrats to Freema too who had alot to live up to but pulled it off no doubt! The great british icon lives on!
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