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5.0 out of 5 stars With the exception of a few duds it's Doctor Who (and just plain television) at its best
I got into Doctor Who a bit late in the game. By the time I finished Fear Her the first few episodes of the 3rd series had already aired, so I knew Rose left and was replaced by Martha. I was very very skeptical to say the least. Here's my episode by episode review:

The Runaway Bride: I'd only ever seen Catharine Tate in Starter for 10 (Yeah, I'm American)...
Published on 20 Aug 2007 by Cici

3.0 out of 5 stars faulty disc
Pleased enough with the balance of the series but disc two would only play the first episode. Disappointing as discs sent are usually of high quality, apart from a real stinker - the dutch series one.
Published 8 months ago by Patricia Gammon

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5.0 out of 5 stars David Tennant Rules, 12 May 2009
Rodney Stephens "Rosskernow" (Cornwall, UK) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
If you are an avid Dr Who fan how could you be disappointed with all the series complete plus so many extra with Dr Who confidentials and even video diaries by the hunky David Tennant. Hours of super entertainment
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4.0 out of 5 stars very good series of Doctor who, 1 July 2008
S. J. Pinder "scifihorror fan" (Cornwall,UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
i have found series three of Doctor who to be very refreshing...although there are a few duds this year it doesn't harm the show but makes the better episodes shine.
Martha Jones exceeded my expectations,as i thought that she was going to be another Rose Tyler she turned out to be a great companion and very three dimensional although lacking Roses charismatic persona she brings something new to the table,and her character is explored with depth.
eppy reviews-
the runaway bride-4/5-a very good christmas special...Catherine Tate was a breath of fresh air and was extremely entertaining tpo watch(glad she was the main companion in series 4)the Racnoss is a great creation and reminds me of the alien queen from the Alien franchise.

Smith & Jones-3/5-a decent starter to the series and introduces us to the fab companion Martha Jones:)

The Shakespeare Code-3/5-a decent episode while not as good as the previous it still has a few effective scenes and the Carronites are creepy.

Gridlock-3/5-an average episode about an intargalactic traffic jam:)with a twist.

Daleks in Manhattan-3/5-a nice start to a two parter but it does drag on some scenes...the Daleks aren't as terrifying as they used to be but its great to see them...and that hybrid.

Evolution of the Daleks-4/5-a very good episode to say the least...very exciting and if you can get past the tacky American accents(the british can't master it...why not employ people from America)it is an enjoyable experience.

the Lazarus experiment-4/5-another very good episode that is very effective and moves along the main plot.

42-1/5-my least favourite episode...very dull and very boring.

Human Nature-5/5-an atmospheric opening to a great two parter...those scarecrows give me shudders...Martha shines again.

family of blood-5/5-the concluding part...may confuse some viewers,but nevertheless is a very good and effective concluding part to the storyline,Tennant once again proves why he is the BEST doctor.

Blink-4.5/5-Stephen Moffett writes a very effective of the best episodes of series 3 without a doubt and one of my favourite episodes the weeping angels are very basic and terrifying,but it isn't Stephen at his best(overshadowed by the superior library two parter in series 4,and a footnote to Girl in the Fireplace),but what makes this rise above is the fact that it keeps making you think,and it hits you with a scare over and over,making it a tame slasher flick(of sorts),the supporting cast are fabulous,and although Tennant and Agyman are only in a few scenes they still manage to move the plot along which is why it stands out,and can easily understand why people say it is their favourite episode but i feel that there are a few superior episodes to this,but make no mistake...its extremely good.

Utopia*-5/5-another one of this series' greats and in my top ten list(#8) that sees the return of the fabulous capt.Jack Harkness:P:P there is some action...and an amazing script written by Russel T.Davies,we see the return of one of the doctors ultimate foes!!.
Derek Jacobi is very spine prickling when he turns around and then we just know he has transformed into the psycopathic Master...and god i love it!!!
the cast manage to shine,and the gritty harshness of the episode makes it very effective and this series greatest episodes...and certainly one of the gretest ever!!!

Sound of Drums-4.5/5-very good second part to the trilogy that moves the story along and is entertaining and contains plenty of action.

Last of the Timelords-4.5/5-the series final,genuinely great episode although the defeat of the master seems quite rushed it was fab acting all round and that is all that matters...Russel T.Davies has provided a fabulous finale (only beaten by the electifying/astounding/amazing/fantastic Journey's End!!!)it wraps up the series and proves just how 'big' a plot can be...BRING BACK THE MASTER!!!.

overall series 3 was a very good series form new Who and in a way is superior to the previous two series' of the show...Martha was fantastic on the show(and she makes a remarkable return in series 4 for 5 episodes).
wanting to get this on dvd along with series 4(the best series to date!!!).
so better than the previous two series' it has a lot to give here and there are a few great episodes in store...i recommend this series to everyone who loves sci-fi(also the astounding series 4).
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE TENTH DOCTOR IS BACK WITH A NEW ASSISTANT., 9 July 2007
NEO "Daren" (orpington kent) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
Dr Who has really gone where no Time Lord has gone before to borrow a phrase. This brilliant series starts off with the Dr brilliantly played by David Tennant who is more like a re-born Tom Baker. Who finds himself in a local london hospital where he meets medical student Martha Jones played by the sexy Freema Ayoba. Then the whole building gets transported to the surface of the moon ! , by the rhino like Jahdoon. The Dr tracks a space vampire like being which has emerged from the Space time Vortex to feed. As ever the clever time Lord beats the menace and saves Martha to boot. All in all this is a brilliant series to be topped off by super evil John Simm as the Master. It's a must buy for the who fan young and old all topped off with some special features.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Quite simply amazing, 19 Feb 2008
L. Green "Feltano" (London, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
Barcode: 5014503238520

The return of Doctor Who to the BBC is one of the best things ever to happen in modern television. It is by far the best programme on at the moment and while the first two series were already excellent - series three blows them out of the water. It's ability to move the viewer is incredible, the production value resulting in a veritable piece of eye candy and every episode is directed and scripted wonderfully to result in a finished product that is simply beautiful.

Far more consistent in quality than the last two series here's what i think of each of the episodes of series three.

1. Smith & Jones - 9.5/10
Introduces the gorgeous Martha, by far a better companion than Rose and it clear from this first episode how amazing her and The Doctor's chemistry together is. The idea of the hospital in space is just genius, this is a high paced episode that never lets down the suspense.

2. The Shakespeare code - 9.5/10
Nice to see some more episodes set in the past like this one, Shakespeare and the witches are beautifully acted, i love the whole look and feel of this episode.

3. Gridlock - 9.5/10
Some heavy themes of hope such like going on in this episode, again, brilliant imagery and we see the return of the face of Bo (not actually one of my favourite characters but he role is shown to be vital later in the series)

4 & 5. Dalek's in Manhattan & Evolution of the Daleks - 9.5/10
A lot of people don't like these episodes but i love them - while the theme of the Daleks continuing to 'just escape' is getting pushed a little far now they are always effective villains. The idea of the Dalek's evolving and beginning to express emotion is extremely powerful as is the sub-plot of the romance between Talulah and Lazlowe.

6. The Lazarus Experiment - 8/10
This and the next episode, 42 feel kinda like buffer episodes between the two awesome 2-parters in this series. The theme of aging/rejuvenation is done well but the plot is a touch too simplistic.

7. 42 - 7.5/10
The unfortunate worst episode in the series - that said, it is far from bad though. It is important to stress that these two episodes here do not let the series down, when viewed as a whole instead of in weekly chunks it is simply part of the amazing 'Doctor Who Series 3 experience'.

8 & 9. Human Nature & The Family of Blood - 10/10
The beginning of the perfect second half of the series. The idea of the Doctor as a human and fearing to return to his Timelord self and leave behind nurse Redfern is heartbreaking. Baines is a terrifying villain in his arrogance and clipped commands. The scene where the school takes up arms against the scarecrows in the light of the coming war is incredibly moving.

10. Blink - 10/10
It needs to be said, Sally Sparrow is one of the most instantly likable and amazing characters in Doctor Who ever. Her interaction with the Doctor across time by way of the DVD easter eggs is done to perfection and the stone angels are scary as hell.

11, 12 & 13. - Utopia, The Sound Of Drums & Last of the Time Lords
The epic three-parter that closes the series, from the far-future to modern times gone wrong this is drama of the highest quality. Sees the welcome return of Jack whose inability to die doesn't seem like a cheat at all - instead he becomes, like the Doctor says 'a fact' - that being his reasuring constant presence alongside the viewer. John Simm is brilliantly evil and eccentric as the Master.

And with all that said, words still don't do it justice. Freema as Martha is amazing and i am so sad to see her leave after only one series, come back please! David as the Doctor is amazing, please don't ever go! If you think you don't like Doctor Who then i emplore you to watch this series - you will fall in love with the characters, the worlds and most of all you will know in your heart that Doctor Who is truly the finest thing on TV ever.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Strike 3 for new Who!, 25 Sep 2007
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
The third series of the new Doctor Who doesn't quite measure up to it's second series but it comes damn close. First and foremost a sigh of relief that David Tennant didn't follow in Christopher Eccleston's footsteps and only do one series cos he's the best Doctor since Tom Baker.

So we kick off with the 2006 Christmas Special with Catherine Tate as the one-off companion. I loved it personally, of course originally skeptical about Tate but plesantly surprised by her performance with some lovely touching scenes at the end and a good little story to follow ya Xmas dinner. It will be good to see Tate's Donna develop more in series 4.

Then came the full run of series 3 in spring of 2007 and what a great run. Ok so it wasn't all perfect, Smith and Jones could of been a stronger story to kick off with but it was fun to watch and introduced the fantastic Freema Ageyman as Martha Jones, a worty successor to Billie Piper's Rose and a brilliant development over the course of the series. The plots to The Lazarus Experient and 42 were disapointing simply because of the over use of these kinds of stories in science fiction but still totally watchable because of Tennant and Ageyman, however Michelle Collins in 42 was simply awful, go back to doing soaps love!

I've heard a lot of grief for the Dalek two parter but I loved it, a great continuation of the Dalek thread with some great performances and a nice little 'what next for the Daleks cliff hanger'. Ok so it ain't the best Dalek story ever but it holds its own. Shakespeare Code was the weakest point for me but then followed by the brilliant Gridlock and a good send off for the Face Of Boe

But the brilliance of the series lies with the last 6 episodes; 'Human Nature', 'The Family Of Blood', 'Blink', 'Utopia', 'The Sound Of Drums' and 'Last Of The Timelords'. Simply perfect stories beginning with a wonderful two parter allowing Tennant to flex his acting muscles and Martha to take entre stage, with a chilling enemy and the brilliant Jessica Hyns thrown in! Followed by Blink, far superior to series 2's 'non Doctor' story 'Love & Monsters' and with one fo the most original ideas for a villian seen in years. And concluding with a spectacular three parter resurrecting the Master, bringing in the witty and talented John Simm with a killer story and astonishing soundtrack (and a friend of mine was killed by a Toclafane is the Sound of Drums, go Nikki!). look I've waffled on enough, just buy it! Unforgettable!
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5.0 out of 5 stars THE Greatest Modern TV Series, 30 Jun 2007
Mrs. S. L. Taylor "Matt Taylor" (Merry Old England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
It's taken him 3 series-but finally Russel T Davies has ressurected Doctor Who into something that resembles its original self.

Ok...Series one was good. Series two had some brilliant episodes and some terrible episodes.

But this series has been absolutley incredible! Not a single episode has been anything but brilliant. SO for this reason, I'm going to be as critical as possible, in order to give you an idea about each one.

1-Smith & Jones-After so long, it borught I smile to my face just to see his face again. This is probably one of the weakest stories in the series, but for obvious reasons. The general plot line was exactly breath-taking, but an epic story would have clouded the introduction of Martha Jones who beats Billie Piper by FAR. Despite this, the story is exciting and enjoyable. Definatly not one to be missed.

2-The Shakespeare Code-A very enjoyable story. The relationship between Martha and The Doctor begins to develop well and though the enemies are quite cliche, Shakespeare's involvement is both entising and hysterical on occasions. An interesting and original plot for Doctor Who. Again, not one of the best, but the seeds of the series are still growing and are WELL worth the wait!

3-Gridlock-An incredibly original storyline, this episode plays beautiful on the 'traffic jam' idea, being uncomfortably claustaphobic most of the way though. The return of the 'Face Of Bo' was hugely welcomed and after a second familiar face [an enemy from the Troughton years] are brought, the story dusn't seem like it could get much better. However it does-throughout the entire episode, the promise of Bo's ancient secret is ever lingering in the background. Untill the end. His final words to the Doctor sends shivers down my spine-even now. The first completely floorless episode of this series-its just getting warmed up!

4&5-Daleks Of Manhatten/Evolution Of The Daleks-It was refreshing to see The Dalek's involved in such an classic series style plan. If you are a fan of the original series-this story is definatly for you. The whole thing feels like the classic series-and brings all the best qualities of the new series. In my own personal opinion, the use of the Daleks in the series was a mistake, after being used twice in the first series and once in the last-they could of done with a break. Much of the fear they used to bring has been numbed by this point, which is a shame. But the Emporer Dalek keeps the old enemy exciting and unpredictable. The final scene of the first episode is breath taking. Infact the second episode even more so. Though this double episode, to some was the poorest part of Series 3, fans of the Classic Series will favour this above all.

6-The Lazerus Experiment-Again, this episode has an old-series feel to it in terms of storyline. Mark Gatiss is execellent throughout and the final moments made me cry-which does not happen regularly. Martha's family is brought into the story again which is needed by now and the ever ominous name 'Mr Saxon' comes into the main frame. Old fans of the show may be developing their own ideas about who this character is...I shall say no more for now.

7-42-Seen Sunshine? If so, imagine the storyline of that put into Doctor Who and you've pretty much got this episode sussed. Not to say its not good though, its fabulous. The villians, once again, feel like something from the Classic Series-stalkish and absoltuly terrifying. The entire episode is fast paced and involving and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The climax to the story is slightly disapointing and to be brutally honest, weve seen ot all before. But that dusn't really matter when the episode is this enjoyable and tense. Not the greatest, but very fun. It was nice to see the Doctor in space again. This episode will be enjoyed most of all by fans of 'The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit from Series 2.

8&9-Human Nature/The Family Of Blood-Originally a book written at the time of Sylvester McCoy. This story is the first to create an huge passing of time especially in the eyes of Martha. This story is brilliant-absolutly brilliant. The lead villian, played by a young man of only 18, is incredibly creepy-just look at his eyes! The main enemy creatures in the story are terrifying aswell! One of the few storys in Doctor Who that needed a double episode and got one. Everyone I have spoken to about this episode has said the climax to the story made them cry...including myself I'm sad to say. Infact the entire story has a beautiful metaphor behind it, based the year before World War 1 begun. This story shows the Doctor in a light which has never been shown and probably never will be again.

10-Blink-If I told you Doctor Who could scare you senseless, would you believe me? I'd probably slap me for saying it. But they did it. From the very beginning of the episode, you know this won't be any old story. The last time they tried to do an episode from an outside character's point of view, it was 'Love & Monsters' in Series 2, which most Doctor Who would deny ever existing. But this one is incredble. The enemies of the story are horrible, absolutly horrible. This story made me scream twice...actually scream. A timeless Who Episode you will NEVER forget...just don't blink!

11-Utopia-The first small boulders begin to fall, and slowly, very slowly I become aware that a great avalanche is near. This episode is perfect-I say perfect because no other word I think of does it justice. DEREK JACOBI! Do you need anything more in an episode??? Well guess what-you get CAPTAIN JACK back again-and about time to! This episode begins literally straight from the ending of Torchwood's first series and see's Jack running for his life towards the TARDIS. My main criticism of this story is the underplaying of the creatures-the cannabalistic, sabour-toothed humanoids, covered in tatoos and pearcings-they are only really used twice in the whole story. But does it really matter? Not when the rest of the story is breath taking. Jacobi is timeless, and the return of Jack brough equal smiles all round. BUT THE CLIMAX. Classic fans of the show crossed their fingers for the awaited return of The Doctor's greatest nemesis-and it boy did it happen! The plot twist is jaw dropping-it literally had me shouting at the television. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined Derek Jacobi-one the England's greatest actors on the greatest show ever made-uttering the words that every fan was dying to hear:

" Master!"

And so the avalanche begins.

12&13-The Sound Of Drums/Last Of The Time Lords-Never in my opinion has a double episode in the new series of Doctor Who successfully climaxed the tension its first episode had created. This was the first. The desperation is dragged throughout the story and the viewer really can't begin to imagine how the Doctor [or rather Martha] will ever solve the situation. So many questions are built up in the series and all are answered, much to the viewer's satisfaction. John Simm is perfect as The Master, he brings something new and fearful to the character. He truely is the perfect match for David Tennant's Doctor. Just so we don't get to involved with new character's, Tennant's acting is beautiful in this story, bringing tears to the eyes of Who fans worldwide. Martha's character is once again developed well and the second great passing of time in the series is introduced.

The final moments are the story are greatly upsetting. Captain Jack says his goodbye's and gives away possibly the most shocking story twist in all of the show's history. Not only that, but smiles develop as it becomes of obvious a Torchwood Series 2 is on the cards!

Martha's departure is unexpected-deeply upsetting and yet, somehow appreciated. Her character has been developed beautifully throughout the series and we have come to love her as much as The Doctor has. Though her goodbyes bring tears to our eyes, we are lead to believe she will return, and lets hope she does!

And once again, the Series ends with a confusing and hilarious ending. A great crash in the TARDIS sends the Doctor flying to the floor. Picking himself up again-the Doctor finds the front of a giant boat sticking into the TARDIS. Picking up the rubber ring which has fallen off the Doctor's confusion increases.......THE TITANIC?!

This series has been amazing, and to be honest, my Saturdays will never be the same again...well, not untill Series 4 begins! But for now...the pre-order is on the cards, and I urge you to do the same! I hope this review has been useful to you, whether it has been to recall the fantastic series which it has been, or to find out whether it's worth adding to your DVD collection, if the latter-THE ANSWER IS YES!!!

Bye bye Doctor, we'll see you at Christmas! x
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great cover for a great series!, 28 Aug 2007
Ms. D. Drew "Davidtennantmad" (Kent, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
The fangirl inside of me (who regularly makes an appearance when these particular people are around) was delighted with the cover. So that adds points. Aside from that, I liked the series... mostly.
I didn't start watching Doctor Who untill it was rereleased in 05, with Ecclestone. I was hooked. When Tennant took over the role of the Doctor, a couple of new obsessions arose. Firstly, I was turned into a Tennantfangirl (hence the username) and I was immediatly a 10Rose shipper - Ijust loved the dynamics! So, naturally, I was apprehensive of Martha - but I made no judgments before I'd seen her in action.
I loved her character in the first few episodes, but after a while, I felt like her character had weakened. She went from being this independent young woman to this woman who was constantly saying she loved the Doctor, or sending him puppy dog eyes. Admittedly, Rose did that too, but I liked the dynamic that created. In the last few episodes however, she redeemed herself in my eyes, mainly because she regained that independence.
As for those last three episodes themselves... wow. I was on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, crying with the Doctor, and not only that, I was chanting at the screen.
I do think some of the episodes were flagging - the Dalek ones particularly frustrated me - especially as you can gaurantee we will be seeing them again. I loved, however, The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock, and Blink. For me, they all have equal brilliantness, for different reasons. TSC was amazing as I love Shakespeare and I loved the idea of the three withces thing! And as for Gridlock... well. That was breathtakingly amazing. Blink? I have never been so terrified of a TV show. I refused to take my eyes off of any statues I saw for weeks afterwards, and even my mum had nightmares.
Can't wait for series four, and I am definately going to put this oxset on my christmas wish list.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Yin and Yang, 7 Aug 2007
ds (Whitby, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
With six discs to go at it's a pretty fair bet to say that this series of Doctor Who will pack more features than ever before into the package. This is not entirely a bad thing and will have most serious fans queuing to purchase. It's just that this year the series has seen more average Who than previous ones. However, it's not been all bad, not by a long shot. There's been much more that's good to talk about, so let's start.

The opener was the strongest first episode we've had yet: better than 'Rose' and infinitely preferable to the dull and stolid 'New Earth' of series 2.

Episodes 2 and 3 (Shakespeare and Gridlock) were admittedly slight on plot but full of nice characterisations and fun. Just what is required for peak-time Saturday viewing.

Unfortunately, the whole series lost its momentum when it hit the insipid, dull and not very convincing dalek two-parter. It wasn't all the writer Helen Rayner's fault but something was missing from the story and it just fell utterly flat.

The Lazarus Experiment and 42 steadied the ship somewhat, being solid if unremarkable, but it wasn't until we hit Human Nature and Family of Blood that the series really hit the heights again. Pretty much everything about those two episodes are perfect, with a connection that leads us into the final three episodes of the series (of which more soon).

Then we come to Blink. A tour de force from the Moff, who simply doesn't do Doctor Who duffers (this from the man who has all four series of the wonderful Coupling sitting at home). Well written, supremely acted and all done with very little Doctor at all. Inspired.

We then hit what is essentially a three part finale. The whole Utopia/Futurekind thread of the story is something of a McGuffin (though not totally) because the whole purpose of the whole episode is to get to the final 15 minutes and the wonder of THAT reveal, which had Who fans rubbing their hands with glee, and gave Derek Jacobi a chance to act quite stunningly evilly. The last two episodes work reasonably well, though it's easy to see why the finale itself could be seen as anti-climactic. After the peak of last year, it didn't quite match but was still one of the best things on terrestrial TV earlier this year.

Tennant has never been better as the Doctor. After occasional outbreaks of over-gurning histrionics in season 2, this season saw him get the mix absolutely bang on - not too dark, not too manic, just dark and manic enough (very Pat Troughton). Freema Agyeman has taken a bit of a pounding in some quarters; not entirely without foundation, but certainly not entirely fair either. She didn't do a bad job with what she was given and really did come good in the Human Nature two-parter. John Barrowman made a welcome cameo and give the series a nice, satisfying little twist at the end - the pay off to a question asked since the second episode of series one.

In the end, the high points of this series have raised the bar even further than it was before, showing just what new Who is capable of. The only problem is that throws the bits that don't quite hit those heights into sharp relief. This, I suppose, is the price of success.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who Series Three, 3 Aug 2007
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
I have just read all the reviews here, and it strikes me as a little narcissistic that so many reviewers have written "this was the best episode", "this was the worst", because "the best" and "the worst" are relative. What one person finds terrifying, another finds exciting. What one person finds fantastic, another finds awful. That is what Doctor Who is about. If you are a fan, you will like the box set. It's as simple as that.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Almost perfect, 18 Oct 2012
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Complete Series 3 Box Set [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
Very much enjoyed this, great value! Had a few problems with the last disc at the beginning everytime I put it in but it soon sorts itself out so no worries.
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