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4.6 out of 5 stars51
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 November 2007
I loved Voyager right from the start, the characters and the perfomances from the actors who play them have always been brilliant but I must admit the story content had some room for improvement and bar a few episodes in Season 2 really came into its own in Season 3. I recently delved back into my Voyager obsession after seeing Kate Mulgrew in The Black Donnelly's (check it out its a really good show) and started with Season 3 because I remembered it having some good quality episodes.

The season opener was strong and gave us a chance to see the crew in a new situation off Voyager. I liked The Chute, it was a good look at friendship pushed to the edge and gave Robert McNeill a lot of air time which is never a bad thing. I loved the Futures End 2 parter, again we got to see the crew in different surroundings. Warlord was a excellent episode for Jennifer Lien it gave her an opportunity to show what a great actress she is outside of the confines that her character would normally allow.

The Q and the Grey and Macrocosm were 2 great episodes that showcased Kate Mulgrew's great acting talents but my favorite episode of the season was Coda. We were able to watch the death of a main character (repetedly) and see the crew mourn their captain without actually having to kill her off. Chakotay crying over Janeway's dead body was the best scene of the season if (like me) you ever harbored any hope that the two would eventually get together.

Before And After showed us what could have been and gave us a sneak peak into the Year Of Hell story although I for one am extremly pleased that Janeway and B'elanna did not die in the real Year Of Hell. Displaced and Worst Case Scenario were also very entertaining episodes and obviously Scorpion Part 1 (Voyagers first encounted with the Borg)was brilliant and the best cliff-hanger episode on Voyager to that date. The show only got better from then on and I urge everyone to purchase these boxsets although I suspect they will come down in price at some point as all the TNG and DS9 boxsets are currently around the £15-£20 mark. Enjoy.
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Star Trek Voyager is a television science fiction adventure series based in the twenty forth century. The show followed the crew of the USS Voyager, who are stranded on the other side of the galaxy after an encounter with a sporocystian life form known as the Caretaker (see season one.)

By this third season the premise for the show, along with the various back grounds to the characters had been well established, allowing for more creative episodes. One that comes to mind is the episode "Flashback" which took us into the mind of Tuvok, and to Captain Sulu on board the U.S.S. Excelsior. Not forgetting "Macrocosm" where the ship is overrun by macro viruses - and most likely one of the very few episodes of star trek that have ever scared me. There are plenty more brilliant episodes in the season, such as "Future's End," and standards remained high. All episodes were a great joy to watch originally and again now. The season finishes with yet another great cliff hanger (Scorpion) which not only finished the season on a high, but created a much sense of anticipation for the next (forth) season.

Part of what raises the third season over that of the first two seasons was the acting. The cast of Star Trek Voyager really seem to come to life in this season, their interrelationship with one and other and the emotion they show on screen. Kes (played by Jennifer Lien) finally got more screen time to call her own.

Some people will always criticise Voyager which is a real shame, and while Star Trek may have passed its prime, the show still made for some very excellent entertainment.

Considering that the price of these boxed sets seem to have come down so much recently (averaging just over ten pounds each) there been no better time to buy them, ensuring hours of viewing pleasure.
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on 11 May 2014
I can't say just how good Voyager is. For us it captures the feel of the original series the whole exploring the unknown, discovering new races. One or two people find particular characters annoying, but in honesty, the diverse mix of characters makes it more realistic. In any given group of people (let's say a group of ten) there are usually eight I want to punch, or at the very least imagine getting eaten by giant mutated jelly babies under the control of Mr Stay Puft... erm... yes my point being, for me there is only one such person in Voyager (Chakotay, the most uphimself, arrogant, irritating, goody goody two shoes... ARRRRRRGGHHHH!!!! I HATE THAT CHARACTER.....), all the other characters are excellent and very well acted. Janeway is an especially good choice with the Doctor being a close second (channels some great Bones-esque energy into the role!).

So, if you like Star Trek and are not of the "WAH!!!!!!! IF IT'S NOT KIRK OR PICARD I'M GOING TO BECOME A RIGHT EMO AND COMPLAIN ENDLESSLY UNTIL I COULD POWER A SMALL CITY WITH MY WHINING" crowd, give it a go, I'm sure you'll love it!

*DISCLAIMER - If you don't love it that is your problem and I am in no way responsible.
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on 9 September 2004
Series three of Star trek: Voyager began the breakaway of the series from the early 90's trek; finally stepping out from under the shadow of the next gen and coming up with better stories and better villains. Among some of the best include 'Sacred ground', which sees janeway going through a spiritual test to save Kes, Futures end, the two part time travel episode that led to several more along the shows seven year run. 'Real life' sees the doctor experiencing family life, and death, and with 'Scorpion' Voyager got its most exciting cliffhanger to a series yet; the reintroduction of the Borg.
The DVD extras are nothing special; the review of the season is only ten minutes long and does not reveal anything other than outlining the stories that most people will have watched by the time they get to the seventh disc. However the visual effects feature is interesting and shows the transition from motion capture to CG footage being used more and more.
In short, season three is much better than the two preceeding it and fully establishes Voyager in the franchise. Both this, season four and season five are the three seasons when voyager was at its peak. Buy this over the first two seasons!
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on 13 September 2004
Season three marks the turning point for voyager, in which the meagre villains of the first two seasons, the Kazon, are left behind at last, and the ship and crew begin to encounter more challenging obstacles on their journey home. The writing for the characters in this series is improved on the second season, with each actor being given a more or less equal share of scripts (with the possible exception of the captain of course!). Theres the memorable reaquaintance with Q in one of the funniest Voyager episodes in the seven seasons, and the debut of the Borg in voyager announces the ships biggest challenge yet. The extras are plentiful yet the review of the series has become a lot more linear and basically goes through the poignant episodes of the series rather than give any behind the scenes tidbits. Nonetheless this is a good buy for fans.
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on 1 November 2004
i thought it was the best voyager season so far. season 3 includes episodes like flashback (where tuvok is back on the bridge of the excelsior as an ensign), the futures end (where the voyager crew end up back in the year 1996),false profit(where two ferengi have ended up in the delta quadrant and are now on a planet pretending to the people there that they are gods.
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on 27 March 2008
Season Three was when Voyager really kicked into gear, with some great stories, aliens and effects. There is fun, 'False Profits', time travel, the two-part 'Future's End', serious goings on in 'Darkling' when the Doctor messes with his holoprogram, and Captain Janeway gets to be an action hero in 'Macrocosm', when Voyager is invaded by a nasty virus, and Janeway strips to her vest, gets sweaty (and just a little sexy) and kicks some alien butt!
In 'Warlord' Kes gets taken over by an ancient warlord, and gets some serious screen time (about time too!), and almost the first girl-on-girl Trek kiss [that was saved for DS9].
All in all, Season Three is a good one - and points to the good times to come. There is a fair smattering of stories and the two crews (Federation and Marquis) are now almost fully intergrated, the characters becoming very familiar to the viewer...and is that a romance blossoming between bad-boy Tom Paris and half-Klingon half-human Belanna Torres? It starts with the conclusion to 'Basics' and ends with the first part of 'Scorpion'. Well worth having.
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on 2 April 2015
It arrived really quickly and in fantastic condition and I really can't wait to watch it as I love Voyager and I want to start collecting them all again since I ran out of room when I had them on video. I felt with series 1 -2 they were sort of trying to find their feet as there was a few bad episodes but looking through series 3 list I remember a lot of those episodes and really enjoyed them but I haven't seen a few episodes as they were missing from my video collection so I can't wait to see what they are like. I think around series 3 that the Voyager episodes started to get stronger and better, the only thing I didn't like was the 7 of 9 in the later series, I found all her scenes and her boring
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on 15 January 2005
I can't imagine why and I want to believe it is a terrible overlook. The Neelix interview in season 3 episodes contains pieces of the upcoming seasons revealing the end of the story. WHO and WHY did this is not my business but if you did not watch the whole seasons yet, axe (strictly avoid) to view the extras.
For the AUTHORS:
I have not seen the entire seasons yet and I feel very angry for discovering the end of the book while I am in the middle of the story. Unbelievable, you should delete that piece of interview from the next releases.
However, even though I am deluded I purchased the whole seasons set. It is the best series ever made. I am strictly avoiding to go thru the extras, though.
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on 15 November 2010
Star Trek Voyager is difficult to start with for a Trekker! The storyline is somewhat interesting but the characters are not comparable to those in the original series or TNG. You should be patient. Voyager's third season is actually only a step before a great fourth season and you might want to watch this one for avoiding to lose track of character and story developments. In season four, you will see the crew members to finally become convincingly real personalities and there will be pretty good episodes with sophisticated stories one after another. To get there in comfort, season three is waiting for you. One might appreciate Kes' becoming an adult along the course.
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