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4.6 out of 5 stars199
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 7 June 2009
This is cheap way of creatively shooting in the sun (or studio). Ok these do not compare to the Lastolite's, they may be similar but they are not. These are reasonably well made Chinese copies. The downside is that you have to zip the alternate covers over the original frame, a pain sometimes as the zips aren't a perfect fit.

But to be able to carry such a diverse range of diffusers/reflectors in one bag for such a low price is remarkable. The reality is that once expanded the reflected light from say the silver finish is indistinguishable from any other reflected source.

With such a reasonable cost, it is worth every penny to any amateur/pro who otherwise wouldn't carry a set, and as a press man there are times when for instance, you might have to shoot a full length back lit portrait in blazing summer sun, no amount of fill-in is going to help, but a carefully angled reflector........

Also shooting fill flash through a diffuser is also another great effect, far better spread than the small plastic diffuser that comes with pro Nikon and Canon flash. So overall great value, but the build quality is what you pay for, having spent a fortune on Lastolite over the years, and on the odd occasion leaving them behind on a busy job, I would recommend these.
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on 7 March 2008
Just as described and excellent value-for-money; will add fill to any photograph taken with flash or available light. Reasonably well-made - a good value alternative if Lastolite reflectors are beyond your budget. A valuable accessory for any serious photographer. Folds up to fit in an easy to carry pouch; watch out when you open it for the first time... it suddenly pops up to full size - quite a surprise!
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on 13 April 2010
Received this reflector kit as a birthday present. I'd been considering buying a plain Lastolite reflector, so was very pleased to be given one with a variety of different reflective surfaces incorporated into one unit, for use in varying situations. Only time will tell if the build quality will stand up to repeated use, but as an enthusiastic amateur, I expect to be using it only occasionally. The zipper does tend to stick and needs a good tug to close the envelope - it obviously needs to be a tight fit to keep the reflector rigid - I'm not sure that it will stand up to repeated use. Otherwise the unit seems ok. One word of warning!! The reflector opens itself with a heck of a bang when you release it from it's bag. Keep it away from your face, and especially keep pets or children at a good distance when you release it. Folding it back up is a bit of an art, but you soon get use to it. Altogether a fairly good product and seems good value for money.
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I had wanted a reflector for a long time before I bought this one. Having seen them on TV and in various guides I knew that they could be very useful tools, but I didn't fancy paying a small fortune for one nor the hassle of carrying around a huge shiny disc!
When I spotted this reflector at such a reasonable price I decided to go for it and I have to say that I've been really impressed. The quality is pretty good for the price and is certainly good enough for the occasional use that I intend it for. Of the five different reflector sides I'll probably only use two or three but at least the others are there if I want to try them out. The 32" reflector actually folds down and becomes a 12" disc which is remarkable really. It comes with its own carry pouch too so it can be safely carried or thrown into a bag without worrying. There is only one small downside and that is learning how to collapse the reflector. It's not that difficult with practice but for a really good guide take a look on YouTube and search for 'How to fold a light reflector'. You'll see then what a great piece of kit this is too.
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on 30 September 2008
A useful lightweight reflector set that allows the user to maniputlate light well.

Only downside is when trying to fold the reflector to put it back into the storage/carry case. Can take a while, but gets easier with practice.

Quality is OK, but dont expect too many uears of use.
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on 13 April 2010
It works well and it is cheap, The four colour sides are very handy!(white silver black and gold).
A bit difficult to fold it back at first but once you get than hand of it it's ok.
just be careful when you unfold it for the first time. I hit my nose, now I know better... over all very good purchase!
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on 6 May 2009
Similar to more expensive products on the market and just as fiddly to get back in the carry bag (try it after a couple of beers). The build quality is as good as any of the others and I cant see any reason to doubt its durability.
The picture doesnt show how it works so a short description:- the diffuser is on a sprung ring and the reflectors consist of a reversible zipped bag which goes over the diffuser(are you with me so far?). You have a choice of a black and a silver face with the cover on one way or a white and a gold with it on the other. Anyway, its as cheap as chips so if you need a multi reflector just buy it because it works
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on 18 August 2010
This reflector is relatively big. It can be folded so that it takes up less space and put in the carrying case included. But it can take some practice to find out how to fold it.

Bounces off sunlight well. Maybe not as well as Lastolite or Sun Bounce for instance, but it does for sure bounce off quite a bit of light. It includes 5 colors to create different reflection depending on what light you need to make.

This reflector folds down to a rather big totally round dish, but it doesn't take up much space in the depth, only in the width it's a little unpractical in the way that it can't be stored in any camera bag. The 110cm is much smaller when folded, but to fit in a camera bag one would need a reflector at about 70cm or maximum 80cm. Though, when folded out this is hard to beat as to how much of an area it can light up.

Good product, relatively cheap (even though again, the 110cm Ex-Pro reflector at approximately 17 pounds is proportionally cheaper in both size and price).

The best part not to say, was the shipping. Ordered from Ex-Pro in UK Saturday, had the parcel Monday in Copenhagen. And had it sent with standard shipping.
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on 15 June 2012
Torn between 4-5 STARS ( I wouldn't rate/recommend the Ex-Pro - Professional Photography Light Reflector Stand for Photo refelctors I bought with it).

I would recommend the 47" x 70" reflector to anyone on a budget! I was dubious about getting it, because it was so cheap, but really surprised how nice it is.

PROS a) it does what is says it does b) the price is great c) the interchangeable reflective covers zip on and off easily and are surprisingly sturdy and fairly quick to interchange (NOT the actual product case/cover which is rubbish) c) the metal spring frame the entire devise is made of seems sturdy enough d) the transparent reflector is a nice bonus for defusing hard sunlight overhead if you clamp it up to a couple stands and it is large enough to get a person or two under it at least to the waist, without the reflector casting shadows from it's edges on the subject if you jig it up properly - not perfect, but wayyyy cheaper than other large scale, purpose build sunlight diffusers. The covers zip on a

CONS: a) Worst thing about this is that the carrying case is VERY poorly made and packed up after 2 times taking reflector in and out! The zipper is too light weight and the actual opening is about 1" too small making it tough to get the reflector in or out without the need to force it. The actual cover is made of thin polyester lining material - way too flimsy in general for the product, making it very awkward to hold still & open to be able to slide the reflector back in. (I am very soft with using things and was not in a rush putting it back in either time, but zip broke on second trial also it's hard getting it back in without a seocnd pair of hands... antone on a budget diesn't usually have a second pair of hands)... If you'll find this an issue (kind of annoying as I'll need to make a new case myself), then go for a more expensive model like Lastolite which have really sturdy canvas type cases and strong zippers. b) The finish and colour on the actual reflective material itself is a bit cheap/poor/crumply looking compared to a Lastolite, but it still does the job well enough and compared to the price of a professional brand - even with the inconvenience bit of a difference in actual product quality - I'm happy with it....


**again I would NOT rate the Ex Pro reflector stand at all: Although "most of it" is very sturdy and professional looking: a) it does not actually hold the reflector (reflector spring is too wide to fit in the little finger clamps that are meant to grab and hold the sides of reflector; anyway these finger clamps are not sturdy and look like they would break easily - making the rest of the sturdy construction useless even if it did work) and b) the parts on the "boom?" arm don't lock in place on the stand , to be able to keep the arm up, so the whole thing slides down. You end up trying to balance it up, but the slightest amount of weight (ie actually clamping a reflector in) changes the balance it the whole contraption slides down. c) no instructions and takes a long time to put up. Very awkwardly designed. A disappointment.
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on 21 November 2011
I needed a reflector that I could use to "fill" on the whole body... This does that job!

Firstly, build quality is good and it's pretty heavy compared to the other (smaller) reflectors I have.
Secondly, it pops up fast so be prepared, my title is instant wall, it feels like that! It remembers it's folded shape, I can put it down with one hand!
Third, I've bounced on the silver and the gold as well as diffused sunlight in the afternoon and it's spot on.

I have also bought material I can slip over this because, as my title suggested, it's a wall, local curtain maker created a glove out of some blue crush material so it slips over the reflector! Works damn well as a portable back drop, I'm now looking at other material.

This went from a useful accessory to a must have item in my equipment. I'm thinking of buying another one for location work.

I'll post a few images shortly.
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