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3.3 out of 5 stars24
3.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo WiiChange
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2008
'WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008' is this year's installment from wrestling's leading organisation and is also the first wrestling game to come out for the Nintendo Wii.

I've not played a wrestling game since WWF Wreslemania 2000 on the N64 (which was brillant for the time) and haven't actually watched wrestling since about 1999, so I don't really know most of the roster, but it doesn't stop it from being a good fun game to play. All of the moves are performed by swinging the Wii remote a nunchuck in different directions, giving you a more interactive experience than frantically bashing buttons faster than the other player. This also means that you don't have to spend ages learning moves for each wrestler, as generally pulling a move off correctly is down to luck.

The character models of the wrestlers (and the refs) are very realistic, both in the ring and during their entrances, but the crowd looks like they are made of cardboard and are not that much better than the crowds from the days of the N64 and the Playstation.

SOUND - 5/5
All the wrestlers have their original theme tunes when entering the ring. There's also loads of commentry from the Raw, Smackdown and ECW commentators and they seem to be in time and accurate with the action that is happening in the ring.

Unfortunately this is where this game falls majorly. I've played the PS3 version of this game and there are over 100 different match types to choose from - Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell, ladder and the 24/7 mode. Not here. On the Wii there's only 1-on-1, tag team, hardcore (where chairs are the only weapon) andTriple Threat. This is ok for multi-player but when playing through the Career mode in single player, it can get a bit repetitive. There's also a Tournament mode which is King of the Ring, but this is strangely only 1 player. Aside from the multi-player modes, the only thing that'll really keep you playing this for a long period of time is unlocking the Legends such as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, Bret "Hitman" Hart, Rick Rude, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shane and Vince McMahon and Mick Foley (amongst a few others) in Career mode, which did really appeal to me as these were the superstars from back in my day.

Although it is good fun to play making great use of the Wii's controls, there just isn't enough content here to keep me interested long enough and will only be coming out when playing with friends now that I've unlocked all of the Legends. So unless they sort this out in next year's installment, I think I'll be getting Smackdown vs Raw 2009 on the PS3 instead, as there is endless amounts of fun on that version.
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on 14 November 2007
I got the games last Friday and was excited to play the first WWE game on we. Being a WWE fan myself, I had been looking forward to a wrestling game on wii since the consoles launch.

After playing the game for an hour or two, i was both impressed and disapointed. The controls were very good and responsive, hittingm someone over the head with a steel chair has never been so satisfying.

However the game lacks depth, alot of it...with only 5 possible matchtypes and no WWE favourates like ladder matches, hell in a cell and elimination chamber the exhibition mode quickly gets dull, matches last around 3 minutes at he most and dont offer any real excitement of a good long match. There is also a great lack of moves in the game, with all the charcters each having a similar set moves set which you will see all of in the first 20 mins of play.

Overall the game is fun, for a while, but the lack of modes and features makes you feel robbed as the ps2 version has the all.

there is much improvement to made for 2009, which I look forward to.
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on 11 November 2007
i got this game yesterday, and at first i really was regretting the buy, but i gave it another shot today and set myself a time to play it, it was getting better and better, although is quite repetative.
the controls are abit above average but dont really use the full capabilities of the wii controls.
it is quite satisfying pulling off a 619 by rey mysterio of Last Ride by the Undertaker, but the manor in which the finisher possibilities come up are stupid, you hold A + B and then all of a sudden they are set up for your finisher.
i may be judging this too soon as i havent seen the types of matches that can be played, but for now at least, its ok, but getting better
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on 8 December 2007
No mercy, wrestlemania 2000 and quite possible day of reckoning -

these are all semi decent wwe titles on past nintendo consoles. Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 was hyped as the best yet, and with the wii remote i thought it was worth getting...

..oh, how wrong i was. i played this for about an hour. got a little enjoyment out of the control system until i notices you can't RUN, there are NO match modes, no weapong exept chairs, restricted to not going over the barrier at ringside, and the controls seem vert hit and miss.

now, i'm a massive fan of wwe programming and the games. but, this version could have been good if THQ would have ported the PS2 version over directly with a new control system.

BUT once again, nintento fans are left with a massive let down title.

get it on the 360, ps2 or ps3 if you have either of them. it's actually a game on those consoles.

i really hope THQ get their act together for next year's wii title.
hell, if they put no mercy on virtual console it will be better.
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on 11 November 2007
Well first of all you have to remember its the first wrestling game, let alone wwe game, on the wii. It was never going to be as good as the ps3 or 360 one but as far as it goes its a good base to start at. I was a big fan of the Day of Reckoning series on gamecube, and thort it was alot better than the WWE SD V R games, so i was disappointed to see Nintendo wouldn't be continuing the DOR series and switching to the other.

The game itself is lacking deptch but never the less it is fun. Matches generally only last a few minutes max, which in some ways are good as in previous games you can get bogged down in one game for 20-30minutes. The controls are simple to pick up, and i personally do enjoy the interactive way you do the moves, even if they are limited at moment. The intros are good, DX one is worth a look, and the way you do taunts is new and takes full control of the wii controller (for example for the DX chop u hold C and do a chop motion with the wii num-chuck and controller) Their is a large roster on the game containing RAW, Smack down, ECW and legends on it so you get a good choice on character selection.

The downsides is their is limited match choices, expected really as its the first ever one on wii and to expect everything on the first installment would be pushing it. Your opponents seem to get up quickly if you try to the top rope, their is no stamina gauge, and for me the game play needs to be slightly speeded up <as a Day of reckoning fan the game speed was always quicker than the smack down series).

Overall tho for a first try its decent, probably not worth £40 but if you have a few games lying around u dont want its worth trading in and getting this on the cheap (i got it for £7 after trading in mario football and dragon ball Z). Hopefully tho the TNA game which will be released spring time next year will be better and provide some good competition for WWE games.
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on 13 November 2007
Considering e-baying it already. The controls don't work. There are glitches galore. No cage or ladders even!

I cannot believe THQ consistently rip off Nintendo WWE fans. This is by far the worst yet. Really small roster, no options of matches apart from single, tag, triple threat and hardcore. No weapons apart from chairs.

Worst of all the controls just don't work. It's total random what move you do, climbing the ropes, executing a slam, submission move; the controls for all of these appear to be hold 'a' and wiggle the remote. To get up, guess what you have to do? Wiggle the remote!

Avoid, avoid, avoid!
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on 3 December 2007
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 finally comes on to the Wii but did it play well and what is the game like. Before i went to college i went and bought the game for a price of £34.99 cheapest price in stores to buy this game.
This game only has 5 modes and this is what it is Single, Tag Team, Hardcore, KO Mode and Triple Threat. So i'm going to tell you about them.

Single well you already know what that is but very short.
Tag Team this was so easy to win all that happens you lay your finisher on your opponent the tag team partner will break up the pin throw them out of the ring you pin your opponent 1,2,3 you have win or the computer has.
Hardcore what is so hardcore on this all it has is steel chairs and its just boring i can't even say its hardcore.
KO Mode - all you have to do is KO your opponent simple
Triple Threat - fight three wrestlers in the ring

This game also features King of Ring and Beat The Clock Match will also smackdown vs tournament and road to wrestlemaina.

The game controls lack their just is not much on them but mainly lifts like power bombs it really just feels like your fighting the same match over and over. I found at least one wrestler i enjoyed playing as and that was Rey Mysterio is finisher the is good with the Wii controls. The taunt system is also a good idea to have in this.

But what i do like in a wrestling game is the modes the fighting i like having a pretty long match but with this every match. But with the wii version of this the matches usually lasts under 5 and 3 minutes, the entrance's last longer then the time your wrestling you can tell that this was mostly made for multiplayer.

Main Event mode is the main game 24/7 mode has been removed and Main Event mode sees you fighting on Raw or Smackdown you even fight on ECW. Now the crazy thing on this game is the Pay Per Views you will end up fighting at No Mercy on here weekly but in the real WWE this event only happens once a year This happens on countless times. Willam Regal you will fight over and over as he sends you messages to fight him this gets boring as it happens all the time which makes you think GOD I WISH I COULD BLOCK HIS NUMBER. This gets boring and brings the game down to shame.

This is another problem i have suffered with playing this making a wrestler and creating the entrance you can not preview them. Take this right you looking in the entrance section and it says entrance 1, entrance 2 so ok i can not preview them i dont know if the player is going to come out looking like an idiot. The only way to actually see the entrance is to leave the creat a entrance mode and start playing a match just to see it that would take ages. It makes it look that this was rushed.

It just feels like this game wasn't worked on as good as it could of been made this is no where as good as Day Of Reckoning. What should been used on this game is the classic controller we would of got a better game out of it but no we get the Wii controls which does not even suit the game.


Good Points
- Graphics
- Arena's (they do look good)
- Taunts
- Joey Style's gives some exciting commentary

Bad Points
- Controls are limited
- Main Event Mode is nothing like WWE should be
- Matches are to short
- Cannot watch your entrance during in create a character mode
- Commentary gets annoying after you played it a few times its the same
thing Jim Ross and Jerry The King Lawler's commentary sounds the same as last years
- Matches feel the same no matter what
- Lack of moves
- no hardcore only has steel chairs

The price should be lowed down because £39.99, £34.99, £29.99 is way to much for this and it should of been worked on a lot more this game.
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Its got good graphics, good atmosphere and good gameplay (once my arms stop hurting I'll play some more). What I think people are complaining about is that you can't memorize all of the special moves combos and 13 button presses to annihilate your opponent in one fell swoop. I don't know about the roster yet as I haven't got miles into the game but I love the controls, I managed to punch, grapple, throw, kick and bounce off the ropes into people, I also managed to pick up a chair! Ok so I didn't manage to hit anyone but I had a good time trying to, and my wife had a good laugh when we went head to head, great entertainment the Wii is really growing in my estimations!
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on 2 February 2009
Not a bad game, could definelty do with a few more match types (which I think are on the 09 game). a lot of the actions are quite repetitive but still worth a play!!
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on 29 October 2011
Brought for the Nintendo Wii and keeps me occupied for hours on Career mode, very fun for wrestling fans, excellent graphics could of had more weapons for ECW
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