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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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Having sporadically used Neti Pots to try and help rhinitis/catarrh I've been delighted by my local pharmacist's recommendation of this particular version.

Incredibly easy and efficient to use (no more contortions over the sink twisting the head and the neti at the correct angle to produce the desired directon of flow) this is a brilliant piece of design - a soft plastic bottle, a large cap with a hole which the nostril fits OVER (more hygienic and less chance of injury/infection than versions inserted INTO the nostril) and a hollow tube from the cap (like in a perfume bottle). You squeeze the bottle to douche the nose at a pressure of your own best comfort.

I've been using this regularly for about a month have noticed a real difference in sinus/catarrh problems - much improved.

The only cavil I do have is - don't get seduced by the terrifying hype that you MUST only use their rinse product. You really can DIY, much more cheaply. I've checked out various yoga sites, carefully read the % ingredient instructions on a rival make, and checked this out with my ENT consultant.

As long as you carefully read the pack of salt (even some of the better rock or sea salts have added anticaking agents) to make sure the contents are ONLY salt and make sure you use bicarbonate of soda (NOT baking powder which has bicarb and other ingredients), then you can mix 3 parts salt to 1 part bicarb. I make a little pot up - 3 tsps salt to one tsp bicarb, shake this all together to mix well, then for each full bottle of boiled water cooled to lukewarm, use 1/2 tsp of your mixture.

Clear noses to you all!
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on 6 December 2012
Every winter I have the same problem, following a cold I can't breath through my nose at all.
Eating can be tricky as I have to eat and breath through my mouth. I stumbled onto this product browsing through Amazon and decided to give it a try.
I am glad I did because it works ! I can now breath properly and my sinus is clear. To begin with I followed the instructions but squeezed the bottle a little too hard and I could feel pressure in my ears. So next time a squeezed the bottle gently with no problems. I used it twice a day and on the 3rd day it started to clear.
By day 5 the cure was complete. I have tried decongestants and steam in the past but these did not work. I am very pleased with the results and would recommend this to anyone with similar problems. Just be patient and follow the instructions
Worked for me !
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on 10 February 2013
Brilliant, why do G.P.s not tell me about this had to go through two sinus operations with two different surgeons until it was recommended i use this to keep my sinus clear, i have my sense of smell and taste back after 3 years.
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on 19 June 2012
I have never ever written a review but i think this product deserves one!! A very good one at that :-)
I have to admit , I think I will be using this product for life .It is excellent!!!... and has become part of my daily routine as with washing , tooth brushing and flossing etc.
I have suffered from debilating sinus infections. At least 4 a year. And with every one I feel absolutely awful, I wouldn't wish them on anyone..Once an infection has got hold ,the only cure is a very strong course of antiboitics, which my stomach is not too keen on and I then live dreading and awaiting the next infection!Steroid sprays did not help prevent them. I have tried many antibiotics for this condition in the past , but unfortunately only the very strong antibiotics work!! I was desperate and then I came across this product!!
Unfortunately I am now suffering from an awful sinus infection. - But I have to say this is MY FIRST ONE IN A YEAR NOW since using Neilmed Sinus Rinse .My GP wont prescribe the antibiotics till I have suffered for a week to ensure that what I am suffering from is not viral.Understandable I know !! But before I was using Neilmed Sinus Rinse I felt like I was suffering most of the time. NOW A WHOLE YEAR HAS GONE BY WITHOUT AN AWFUL INFECTION or any blinding headaches and I definately put in down to my daily use of this product. ONE INFECTION IN ONE YEAR, COMPARED TO FOUR OF FIVE!!! amazing!!!My thoughts.. prevention is better than cure.
I boil up approx 1500 ml of water and add 6 sachets to this and let it cool .I then poor it into a large plastic bottle and store it in the fridge and this lasts approx 6 days! Every morning I fill up my sinus rinse bottle(without the nasal attatchment as this melts in the microwave) I microwave the solution for approx 40 secs- but every microwave is different so everyone should adjust accordingly - and voila. The solution is ready for use. No waiting for boiled water to cool etc..Its very quick and doesn't impeed on my time.The boiled solution will be preserved for at least a week if kept re frigerated!!
I really do recommend this product to anyone who suffers from sinus problems.It is NOT uncomfortable to use- although I had my misgivings before first using it , but unlike you might think ,it doesnt cause the pain you feel when water goes up your nose when jumping in a pool .It is surprisingly comfortable and much more comfortable and easier to use than a neti pot ( I tried this for a couple of weeks but although it did flush out the nasal cavity, I fould it difficult to use,very messy and uncomfortable on the nose.)
To anyone reading this ,you are obviously suffering in one way or another with your sinus' and are looking for help and a solution .Well I recommend you give this a try.Trust me it will be money well spent and you will never look back!!!!
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on 22 September 2014
I have used NeilMed Sinus Rinse for many years and it is successful in helping sinus problems and also correcting sinusitus. I was very pleased to see that I could buy it on Amazon as I now live in the UK and it is not available in the pharmacies here. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from allergies or a cold.
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on 23 March 2010
Used this for the first time last night and can't believe how quickly and how well it worked. For several years my breathing has been getting worse causing me to snore at night. I also developed a post nasal drip after a cold before Christmas.

After using this once, I can breathe deeply and clearly again and no sign of the drip.

I would highly recommend it to anyone addicted to nasal sprays or that is developing a snoring problem.
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Edit update : June 2016
I just wanted to add something users or buyers may find interesting. I've been using this for 3 years now. I've bought others for family members. The reason? Common colds.
The common cold is a virus. When you catch it, the incubation period starts and every hour the virus multiplies. Once you reach the threshold of your personal immune system the virus wins the battle and overwhelms ( for a period) your body's natural defences. The collection and breeding point of the infection is in the soft tissue inside the head between the nasal cavity and the back of your throat. There's a genuine way to "stop" a cold taking hold. Wash out the virus before it reaches its win threshold. If you recognise the first few sniffles, the gritty but watery eyes, you're about 24 hours worth of multiplying virus away from getting the cold you're dreading. If, at this point, you use the NeilMed netipot and can allow some of the gentle saline solution down the back of your nose into your throat ( I know it sounds like drowning, but it's not, I promise) you then spit out the solution...and with it...the Cold virus!
I've not had a single head cold or flu since I realised this method.
For all other sinus problems, this kit is awesome...but if you use it right when you feel the sniffles, you can really wave goodbye to head Colds!

It is believed that we have about 24 hours to act before a common cold kicks in and beds down for a week or three.
The scientific reasoning behind this is, between the back of the nose and the throat is a warm, moist, incubatory area where the virus of colds and flu collect and multiply. Once they multiply to a certain level, they "win" the battle of numbers and then start to spread to the nose, inner ear, throat, etc... And can then become host to bacteria and further infections.
If you can clean, wash, flush out those first stage viral germs before their numbers grow large enough to overwhelm the immune system, you stand a good chance of , quite literally, washing away that cold you almost caught.

So, am I an expert? Do I work for the Nettipot makers?
Nope... I'm just one of those sad sacks who always got colds, from everyone, and they always lasted for weeks and weeks on end.
I tried the lot.. From echinacea and oranges, through to " first defence" and every over the counter treatment.
Then I saw a TV program about people in the Himalayas who used these weird little teapot thingies with ice cold mountain water..and washed out their sinuses with them!
Ewwwww! Gross!
Except.. It wasn't. It isn't!
I bought this kit because the bottle and sachets look much friendlier and easier to use.
Admittedly, the first time I went to use it, every ounce of common sense told me " breathing liquid through the nose equals drowning" .. And there lies the secret of how it works!
You don't "breathe" at all!
With this model, you gently squeeze with your head tipped forwards over a sink, and the warm saline water enters your nostril on one side, fills all the hundreds of tiny holes in your facial bones ( sinuses) and then washes them clean to exit from the other nostril. You then repeat on the other side.
Now, onto the really good part...
It isn't icky at all! It's just as refreshing as brushing your teeth or washing your face.... And as soon as you start to feel comfy, you can control the flow into your sinus then allow some of the saline solution down the back of your nose into your throat where you very simply " cough" it out as spit.
This, is where the cold avoidance comes in.
I bought my Nettipot 2 and a half years ago.... And every time I come across anyone with a cough or sniffle, I use my Nettipot for a couple of days.
Happy to report, not one single cold in all that time.

It doesn't matter which one you buy, though this is the one I ( and now all the family) bought. They all work on the same principle.
Wish I'd found these 30 years ago now!
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on 28 March 2013
Suffered for years with blocked nasal passages. Consultant told me to try this. What a difference it made. 2 minutes every morning is all it takes to do. I have got a clear nose and can smell and taste everything now. Give it 4 to 5 days to work. Highly recommended.
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on 22 October 2011
I was skeptical about this product, but having suffered nasal problems (thin passages leading to breathing difficulties during a cold/hayfever and post nasal drip) and pretty desperate to try anything (except surgery) I gave it ago. Initially, it felt like a miracle worker, having not known "normal breathing (and unmuffled hearing for years. But very quickly you get used to that and then it doesn't seem so effective. And you have to keep up use. I would lapse and only use it when I had sever symptoms (and it can't unclear an already blocked nose) So the product IS effective initially (washing out pollen and irritants and with continue to be moderately effective with constant use. But with a cold or and a post nasal drip, it can be less effective. It's worth a go but like other reviewers, don't expect total relief as it will depend on how your nose!

UPDATE 2012: I have despite my previous "average" review been using this product on and off now for about a year and a half. I must confess I don't use it every day or even every week, but when I start feeling the need to "clean the pipes" (dry nose, post nasal drip etc.) I've found that first using a nasal decongestant (like Sinex) opens up the airways to allow the solution better access to clearing the sinus's, right up to clearing even that feeling of blocked ears! Also, buying the pack of extra solution isn't such a big deal if you use it on and off like me. I tend to microwave the bottle with solution for 30 seconds to get the solution close to body temp for more comfort. SLOWLY squeeze the solution into the sinus to avoid a headache later- don't rush it! I tend to then put my head between my legs and then bring it up quickly (making sure not to crack your head on the sink!) to help drain as much as possible but it's worth keeping a tissue with you throughout the day incase of a drip. Do not use an hour before bed as it will then drain down your throat.

It's a good product that does the job. Shame it's not a long lasting fix!
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on 25 November 2008
This product was first suggested to me by my daughters surgeon. My 9 year old had suffered from a thick nasal discharge for a number of years. Various medications had been tried and surgery still did not resolve the problem. However the sinus rinse cleared up the problem immediately, her nose and nasal passages are now clear of the thick catarrh she used to suffer from throughout the year.It has also eradicated the offensive odour that was caused by her condition.
The kit is simple and easy to use and having suffered rhinitis I purchased the kit and found it offers far better relief than any of the medications I had previously been prescribed.
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