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4.0 out of 5 stars This promised so much...
...and for the most part delivered. Being a huge Marvel fan, I queued on the opening day, with a horde of shouting kids, to see what promised to be one of the best films ever. And it almost was. Sure, I could gripe about the minor details that don't agree with the comics, but that's neither here nor there. The one thing that did disappoint me was the lack of screentime...
Published on 7 April 2008 by Gareth Franklin

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2.0 out of 5 stars You've taken your eye off the ball.....
Everything is lining up great for Peter he's finally got the love of his life, MJ to marry him.

But one night when a strange meteor crashes it clings on to Peter bonding him with an alien symbiotic suit.

Once the symbiotic is attached to him it changes his life.

Peter realises that he is doing everything wrong he decides only one way can...
Published 5 months ago by Mr. Corey S. Newcombe

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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars This promised so much..., 7 April 2008
Gareth Franklin "Monsieur Ugine" (Ugine, France) - See all my reviews
...and for the most part delivered. Being a huge Marvel fan, I queued on the opening day, with a horde of shouting kids, to see what promised to be one of the best films ever. And it almost was. Sure, I could gripe about the minor details that don't agree with the comics, but that's neither here nor there. The one thing that did disappoint me was the lack of screentime for Venom, who could and should have been amazing. But he was as scary as a bouquet of flowers. Having said that, I do like the way it's left open for a certain other symbiote to appear in the future... To finish, although it's not as good as the second installment, it's certainly worth a look.
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4.0 out of 5 stars With trilogies comes great responsibility., 18 Nov 2011
Spike Owen "John Rouse Merriott Chard" (Birmingham, England.) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Spider-Man 3 (2-Disc Edition) [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
Peter Parker is very happy, he's in love with the sensual Mary Jane Watson, his studies are going great, and America loves his alter ego, Spider-Man. But his world is quickly turned upside down as he comes under attack from Sandman, Goblin Jr and an alien substance that transforms Peter into something far darker than his super hero better self.

There is a school of thought that says that sequels are always the tricky films for directors to take on, that may be so in most genres, but for comic book adaptations, all films are tricky. By the time of director Sam Raimi releasing Spider-Man 3, he had not only shown the world that he clearly loved the Spider-Man characters, he showed that he also knew how to better the franchise with the second instalment. So really, if we are all honest here, it was going to take a monumental effort to not just only better parts one and two, but to merely make a film to sit alongside those finely crafted pictures as well! That he managed neither is no great surprise when watching it now after the dust has settled a few years later. In his over eagerness to entertain us the fans, and with studio interference that Raimi to date refuses to over elaborate on (Venom-AKA Eddie Brock-it was-ahem-requested he find room for), Raimi lost sight of the less is more policy that made the first two Spidey movies great.

When I first came out of the cinema after my original viewing, my head was chocked full of villains, not only that, but also Peter's love life struggles, it is in short, way too much for one movie. I had enjoyed myself for sure, hell! Raimi knows how to give his fans a good time, but when you break it own there are so many missed opportunities it grates substantially on the discerning movie watching fan. Thomas Haden Church is a fine actor, but as Marko he has little to do, so come the excellent transformation into Sandman, Church is a forgotten prop. Then there is the almost unforgivable act of losing James Franco {Goblin Jr} in amongst the collage of goings on, his Harry Osborn has a neat complexity to him and more attention to detail with this character arc would have provided great rewards I'm sure. Kirsten Dunst returns as Mary Jane but appears to be regressing in acting ability, is she bored I wonder? Or is she just not that very good an actress? The less said about Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom the better, tho in fairness Raimi never wanted the character in the film, so it's hardly surprising that the best thing about the character is the entertaining effects as Venom snarls and snaps. Bryce Dallas Howard is sparky as Gwen Stacy, and J.K. Simmons as usual owns every scene he is in.

Yet in spite of my grievances, after my HD revisit to the film I find myself warming to the Raimi franchise misfire. Clever themes such as power and its devilish off shoots are fleshed out, while the humour here is possibly the best of the three films thus far. The romantic angle between MJ and Peter is given serious thought and dare I say it, an adult make over. Whilst Tobey Maguire really has improved as an actor with each subsequent film, not withstanding an ill advised Saturday Night Fever sequence, Parker's venture to the dark side is excellently realised by Maguire. But ultimately it's with the action sequences that many younger viewers judge a Spider-Man film by, and part three is not found wanting, with a double team ultimate smack down raising the bar in gloriously over the top enjoyment. 7/10

At the time of writing the above Raimi had agreed to do Spider-Man 4, I feel sure that lessons would have been learned, as it is now, both Raimi and Maguire have left the franchise. The head honcho executives have other ideas for the next instalment.......
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4.0 out of 5 stars Darker Power, Darker Responsibility!, 14 May 2014
This review is from: Spider-Man 3 (2-Disc Edition) [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
This movie is not as bad as I remember it!

`Spider-Man 3' is the last film of the trilogy of movies starring Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi.

After watching 'Spider-Man 2' in the cinemas in 2004 and watching that film over and over again, I couldn't wait to see the next instalment already and eagerly announced - Spider-Man 3. I looked forward to seeing the continuing story of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson as they begin their romance and wondering what would happen with Harry Osborn and where he would go after discovering Spider-Man's secret. It was going to be three years to wait for `Spider-Man 3' to come out in 2007. 2007! Three years! But I learned how to be patient and was hoping it would be well worth the waiting of seeing the film in the cinema. Again directed by Sam Raimi, this film brings together the lead cast of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco for one last showdown and one sweeping finales to a trilogy of successful Spider-Man movies.

What I remember in 2007 is being really excited and keen to see this new `Spider-Man' film. I wanted to watch all the trailers, previews and look through the magazines to see what the story is about. I had high expectations and was convinced this was going to be the best `Spider-Man' film ever. It was natural I should feel like this, hoping it will be three times better. I don't know who said it originally, but it's true you can have too much of a good thing. That was how I was feeling after I watched `Spider-Man 3'.

It's not a bad film really, but it wasn't what I wanted. I felt too much had gone into the story and too many characters in it and were undeveloped, making it lacking and unfulfilled to watch the movie. Also I felt the ending wasn't uplifting and reassuring as I hoped it would be, as I didn't realise or know that this would be the last film of the series to feature Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in `Spider-Man'. I felt deprived after watching `Spider-Man 3' initially in the cinemas, as it wasn't what I expected and I wish I hadn't seen the trailers to spoil the surprise and ensured the disappointment afterwards. But after watching the film recently for this review, I realised what the film was trying to do. The theme of the story is about forgiveness and overcoming the dark aspects of one's personality in order to become a better person and show goodness to people. I did enjoy `Spider-Man 3', but it's not the best of the trilogy and I hope in this review I'll be able to elaborate on certain points that didn't work out as I hoped it would.

This film is on a 2-disc DVD, completing the trilogy in fine form.

The comic book aspects of the movie include the following. As well as Peter, MJ, Harry and Aunt May, there's a selection of new characters from the Spider-Man universe. The most significant selection is that this movie has not one, not two, but THREE villains!!! That's right, three! There's the Sandman; Harry Osborn the new Green Goblin/New Goblin and there's Venom. I wanted it to be Venom as the main villain for `Spider-Man 3'. But Sam Raimi wasn't keen on Venom as he preferred the Sandman most of all. Due to fan pressure though (which I'm sure most fans like me regret doing); Raimi did a compromise of having both Venom and Sandman in the same film, which meant that there were too many villains to contend with one film, making the story lacking. There's also the character of Gwen Stacey in this film. Gwen Stacey! She was Peter's first love in the comics. So she's out of place in this movie, creating a love triangle between her, Peter and MJ which I personally didn't like. But the main story of this movie, is the alien costume story as Peter comes into contact with alien symbiote that came from out of space and makes him the black Spider-Man. This film explores Peter going into the dark side and becomes vengeful and bringing the dark aspects of his personality fully out into the open.

The story of `Spider-Man 3' is this. Peter Parker has now managed to finally balance his double life as himself and Spider-Man. He's really happy, as most of the people in New York are praiseworthy of him for his good-doings. He's managed to balance his school and work life; and has also managed to balance his relationship with the girl of his dreams, Mary Jane Watson, who he loves so much. He intends to marry MJ, but things get in the way as Spidey finds himself up against a new menace called the Sandman. He also finding himself being confronted by Harry Osborn who wants vengeance on him for the death of his father. As events unfold, Peter is soon absorbed by an alien goo that takes him over, making him the black Spider-Man. He's become more powerful than before and he feels good about it. But the black costume makes Peter and Spider-Man vengeful and they show the dark side openly, endangering the ones he loves.

Tobey Maguire as ever gives a stunning performance as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, making him one of the actors I really admire. He gives a performance that is believable and easy to relate to when he's Peter Parker. Peter in this story goes on a journey where he struggles to control his dark side. He becomes increasingly over-confident in this movie and having the black costume added onto him only increases that, and he starts to become arrogant. It's an unusual to Peter we've never seen before, perhaps too unusual. But Tobey brings across the drug addict/alcoholic style of becoming evil pretty well when he's wearing the black costume underneath, and becomes aggressive and vengeful. At first I thought it was bad interpretation as Tobey seemed to make Peter like a dancing junkie at times. But after recently watching the movie again, I found that what Tobey was doing as Peter in being manipulative and vengeful towards MJ and Harry was quite disturbing and shocking to watch. I wish I could have seen more of that of him as Spider-Man as well as Peter Parker in the fights he does against villains like Sandman. Peter manages to overcome his dark side and we hope that he will win back the ones he loves and become good again as himself and Spider-Man.

Kirsten Dunst again does a lovely performance as Mary Jane Waston in `Spider-Man 3'. I love those early love scenes between her and Peter when she's performing the Broadway musical and song `Fallin' in love', which I know is a jazz number my dad likes. I like it when they meet backstage, and when they up on a web of love sharing intimate scenes and kissing each other in a moment of bliss before the plot thickens. MJ's acting career is in jeopardy however, as she gets a bad review on her performance in the Broadway musical and soon gets fired. She soon becomes a singing waitress at a jazz club in the end. Peter doesn't seem to realise this as MJ is reluctant to tell him anything because of him being enamoured of her. She soon becomes jealous when Gwen Stacey turns up and finds herself kissing Harry by mistake when she needs some company. It's a deeper progression into Peter and MJ's relationship in this story and was one I hoped it would work out alright in the end, since Tobey and Kirsten are so great together playing their characters in their love story.

James Franco returns to play Harry Osborn, but also the New Goblin. Harry now knows Peter is Spider-Man and is determined to exact his revenge on him believing he killed his father. Peter has been trying to talk to him about it, but Harry doesn't want to know. Eventually he becomes the New Goblin and abducts Peter in a tussle between skyscrapers. I don't really like the New Goblin's costume since it's not the first one and doesn't look goblin enough. Harry gets a bump on the head and soon loses his memory from amnesia. Peter's wondering if it's permanent, and is relieved when Harry doesn't remember the incident or know that Peter is Spider-Man. Peter hopes it will stay that way since he is getting to be on good terms with Harry again as if he's returning to his old self. It's a lovely story thread where Harry and Peter become friends again along with MJ. But pretty soon the memories flood back into Harry and it's only a question of time before he decides what to do with Peter and Spidey. Will Harry be able to redeem himself and do something right and good in the end?

The first Spider-Man villain in this movie is the Sandman played by Thomas Haden Church (who I've seen before in `George of the Jungle'). Sandman's real name is Flint Marko. Marko is a small time crook who gets himself caught in an experiment involving sand. The experiments results in Marko becoming a man made out of sand and he gets to do extraordinary things in attacking people such as Spider-Man such as making the sand rock-hard and punching you. I like what the visual effects team have done with Sandman in this movie and it's very impressive and just exactly what I hoped for in terms of bringing the Sandman to life. It turns out that Marko was actually the real killer of Peter's uncle. This is something I didn't like as I always believed Peter's uncle's killer was that crook from the wrestling arena who Peter should have stopped, and it meant his exploits as Spider-Man mean nothing. But it was an interesting twist on the Sandman story and it was invigorating where this would go in terms of the movie's story.

With Venom, there are three aspects to his character. There's the alien costume, Peter Parker and Eddie Brock Jr. (played by Topher Grace). The alien costume comes down to Earth from space and attaches itself to Peter when he's feeling dark thoughts about his uncle's killer, Flint Marko/Sandman. Eventually Peter when finally realising the costume's affecting him strangely and making him change into a bad person, he rids himself of the costume from the tolling of the church bell that makes the symbiote react to loud noise. The costume soon latches onto Eddie Brock, who was once a former photographer of the Daily Bugle who framed Spider-Man and gets fired by Jameson. Brock is pretty angry with Peter and wants vengeance for being humiliated. So when the black costume attaches itself to him, he relishes the power it gives and he becomes Venom. I really Topher's interpretation of Eddie Brock making him the all-time bad boy that's opposite to Peter. I also like how they've done Venom in realising him and making him alien-like and vicious in his vengeance on Spider-Man. It's such a shame though that Venom never got to be in the story fully as we only see him towards the end in the finale battle of the story. I would have liked it if they saved the second half of the Venom story where Brock becomes Venom and just dealt with the alien costume on Peter before he gets rid of it. Then we could have had a `Spider-Man 4' where Spidey gets to face Venom more interactively if that makes any sense.

I like Gwen Stacy played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She's not really one of Peter's girlfriends in this movie. She's actually Eddie Brock's girlfriend (sort of) and is Peter's partner in their science class with Dr. Connors. She's sweet and loving as I expect Gwen to be, and is not malicious of any kind. But she does bring tension to Peter and MJ in their relationship, even though Peter has been telling Gwen about MJ. She gets to kiss Spider-Man in an upside-down kiss which upsets MJ when she sees this, and is handling her polished fingernails on Peter's shoulder when he and MJ have dinner together. She gets used by Peter when he's under the dark influence to get back at MJ when having a job as a singing waitress at a jazz club. When Gwen realises Peter's being really nasty and vengeful, she's deeply apologetic towards MJ before she leaves.

Rosemary Harris returns to play Aunt May in `Spider-Man 3'. She gets to hear Peter announce his intentions to marry Mary Jane and she gives him so encouraging words of advice when she shares how Uncle Ben proposed to her years ago. She also is there for Peter who after his ordeal with the black costume is broken down and feels he's hurt MJ. Aunt May encourages Peter to forgive himself as she knows he's a good person and will always do the right thing. It was lovely to see Rosemary as Aunt May in this movie for long last time and is for me a lovely person to play this loving aunt of Peter's.

There's James Cromwell who also appears in this movie, playing Gwen Stacey's father, Captain George Stacey. I know James Cromwell well for his appearances in the revived `Star Trek' franchise, most notably in my favourite film `Star Trek: First Contact'. So to see him in a `Spider-Man' movie was a real treat. He's captain of the New York police who's trying to catch Flint Marko who's escaped from prison. He loves his daughter Gwen devotedly. He also is the bearer of bad news when he tells Peter and his Aunt May about the true killer of Uncle Ben, which gets Peter really upset and angry.

J.K. Simmons returns playing J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle again, and as ever is terrific. I love every scene with Jameson in the movie. His scenes are some of the best and helps to provide the comic relief of this movie. I love it when he gets buzzed all the time by his secretary Betty Brant to take his pills and picking up the wrong one - `Not that one. Not that one.' Jameson's involvement in this movie concerns Eddie Brock when he and Peter are in competition with each other for photos of Spider-Man. When he finds out Eddie's faked his own photos, Jameson profusely fires him. Jameson gets to be there during the climatic battle scene between Spidey, Venom and Sandman and has to purchase a camera from a kid in amongst a crowd, which is very funny to watch. I'll miss J.K Simmons playing Jameson in `Spider-Man' as he's made for the part.

The director Sam Raimi does a splendid job in directing this film of `Spider-Man'. He also gets to take part in the writing of this movie, which seems fair because he knows the characters inside out and knows the journeys each of the characters get into due to his passion and knowledge of the `Spider-Man' universe. Again, he directs the film with a fine balance of drama and action, and is certainly outstanding even if the script suffers with so many characters and plotlines involved in the story.

The set design and action sequences are truly spectacular such as Spidey rescuing Gwen from a falling building; Black Spidey fighting Sandman in the tube train tunnels and of course the construction site used for the climatic battle when Spidey tries to rescue MJ from a taxi cab hung up on a huge web created by Venom. It was great to revisit the Daily Bugle for one last time as well as Peter's apartment when either MJ and Aunt May get to see him. Also we get to see Aunt May's new home in a flat since she gave up her house in Queens in the previous movie. We also get to go back to Harry's big house (that was once Norman Osborn's house) in New York and see MJ and Harry having lunch together, becoming friends and dancing to the song `The Twist', which was sweet and funny at the same time.

The special effects in this movie are also spectacular. The CGI for the Sandman, Venom, the black goo attaching itself to Peter are pretty amazing and well done. Also the stunt work is fantastic and it makes you really exhilarated as with the first two movies to a part of the action in `Spider-Man'. For all the three films, you really do feel you're travelling through the skyscrapers along with Spider-Man making the whole thing spectacular.

The thing about `Spider-Man 3' that disappointed me was the ending. It was rather a sad ending, and it didn't really do anything reassuring for the audience to ensure the Spider-Man series was going to continue. I mean yes, there's that lovely scene with Peter and MJ in the jazz club and they're dancing as they forgive each other and there are no words. But it ends rather abruptly on that and there isn't the usual swinging Spider-Man scene through the city at the end to conclude the film and give something reassuring. I wanted the story to continue and hoped there would be a `Spider-Man 4'. I didn't think for one minute that would be the last film in the Tobey Maguire/Sam Raimi Spider-Man series.

Plans were made to do `Spider-Man 4' however and there was the hope Tobey Maguire would reprise his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man with Kirsten Dunst alongside him and Sam Raimi directing. I was really excited and looking forward to this when it was announced. But sadly, due to script problems and disagreements in the studios, the film got cancelled and Sam Raimi wasn't to direct another Spider-Man film which is a shame. I would have liked there to have been a `Spider-Man 4' and it's such a shame the Tobey Maguire era had to end on a film with mixed results. But it's good the era ended on a trilogy and Peter and MJ are still in love with each other, together and have forgiven each other. We could imagine in our hearts and souls what would happen and where to go next for a potential Spider-Man movie in the series with Tobey and Kirsten as Peter and MJ.

The special features on this 2-disc DVD of `Spider-Man 3' are as follows.

On Disc 1, there's an audio commentary with director Sam Raimi and cast members Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, and Bryce Dallas Howard. That's one big cast commentary for a Spider-Man movie. There's another commentary on the production side including producers Laura Ziskin, Avi Arad and Grant Curtis, editor Bob Murawski and special effects supervisor Scott Stokdyk.

On Disc 2, there are two sections - a `Special Features' section and `Features'.

In `Special Features' there's some amusing bloopers/outtakes during the making of `Spider-Man 3' with cast members. There's some photo galleries of `Spider-Man 3'. There's a music video of the song `Signal Fire' by Snow Patrol that's from the CD album called 'Music From And Inspired By Spiderman 3'. The music video features a stage play of kids re-enacting the first two Spider-Man films to promote 'Spider-Man 3'. There's also an `Advertising Campaign' section featuring trailers and TV spots from around the world on `Spider-Man 3'.

In `Featurettes', these are a series of behind-the-scenes making of documentaries on certain aspects of the `Spider-Man 3' movie. They features interviews with cast and crew such as Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Thomas Haden Church, Topher Grace, Bryce Dallas Howards, director Sam Raimi, producers Laura Ziskin and Avi Arad, Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider-Man), etc. The featurettes include the following. There's `Grains of Sand - Building Sandman'; `Re-Imagining the Goblin'; `Covered in Black - Creating Venom'; `Hanging On...Gwen Stacy and the Collapsing Floor'; `Fighting, Flying & Driving - The Stunts'; `Tangled Web: The Love Triangles of Spider-Man 3'; `Wall Of Water'; `On Location Cleveland - The Chase on Euclid Avenue'; `On Location New York - From Rooftops to Backstreets'; `The Science of Sound' and `Inside The Editing Room'

So `Spider-Man 3' isn't the greatest finale to a trilogy of movies featuring the webslinger. But it's far from terrible. 'Spider-Man 1' and `2' were masterpieces compared to this one. I suppose I wasn't willing to accept this could be the last film of the Tobey Maguire series, and because of that I couldn't help but feel a slight bit of disappointment after watching it. The structure of the story's not great and there are too many characters; too many villains for Spidey to contend with. With the first two films, they had one villain for each and they were great. Because of the complexity of the story it lacked something and there wasn't enough time to develop characters. One thing however I did appreciate about this film was the themes of forgiveness and being able to overcome and redeem the sins of one's actions. My best mate who was feeling depressed at the time when we went to watch this film, came out afterwards and really enjoyed it. It gave him some reassurance, which is great and meant this film does something for you. It certainly does for me. So for all its flaws and complex elements, this is a good `Spider-Man' film and a fitting way to end the era of `Spider-Man' I love so much. I will always cherish my happy memories of the `Spider-Man' trilogy.

I wish I could say there's a `Spider-Man 4', but we can all imagine it in our hopes and dreams...
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2.0 out of 5 stars You've taken your eye off the ball....., 7 Feb 2014
Everything is lining up great for Peter he's finally got the love of his life, MJ to marry him.

But one night when a strange meteor crashes it clings on to Peter bonding him with an alien symbiotic suit.

Once the symbiotic is attached to him it changes his life.

Peter realises that he is doing everything wrong he decides only one way can make it right by getting rid of the alien symbiotic suit by ripping it off which eventually leads to the birth of Venom.

Peter now must faces all his darkest demons...

When I first saw this movie back in 2007, I thought it was really good, a tad too long, but good nevertheless.

Seven years later and several viewings later, I realise now that Raimi took way too much on with this, and should have concentrated on just the feud between him and Harry, bit throwing in his uncles killer, relationship problems, Gwen Stacey, and Venom, of course.

It becomes bloated very quickly, and is at least twenty minutes too long. The whole Parker turning into a goth/Simon Le Bon wannabe is pointless and not part of this film.

Church and Grace are good in this movie, but hey are sidelined, as is many characters in this film.

There are signs of brilliance though, the first meeting with Harry and Spiderman is awe-inspiring and one of the best set pieces of the series, and Franco really shines in this, totally watchable whenever he is on screen.

The same cannot be said for the main character. When you start to find Parker annoying, you know that the film is in trouble.

It's not a bad movie, just really overlong, bloated, and at times, quite depressing that it's gone downhill like this, so rapidly.

The big disappointment of summer 2007.
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3.0 out of 5 stars disjointed and slow, 3 Aug 2008
Amazon Customer (cheltenham, england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Spider-Man 3 (2-Disc Edition) [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
Sam Raimi reinvented the superhero movie with his brilliant Spiderman film and its equally impressive sequel. Can he repeat the magic a third time? Sad to say, Spiderman 3 is a somewhat confused end to the trilogy. Too heavily reliant on CGI, it feels disjointed, moving from action set piece to discussions about the nature of the superhero to Peter's arguments with his girlfriend with little to apparently link them. The inevitable bad guys appear and disappear again for no particular reason, and the result is a bit of a mess.

The lot of the modern superhero is not an easy one. Not only does he have to save the world three times a day, but he has to battle with his psychological motivations, girlfriend trouble and his own personal demons. This time round Spiderman has three villains to contend with, some alien goo which brings out his dark side, and on top of this his relationship's in trouble. Tobey Maguire's geekiness has always grated but he is so pathetic as Peter you just want to shake him. And the sequence where 'bad boy' Peter enjoys his new self- yes, I know it's supposed to be a joke, but I'm afraid it's just risible. Kirsten Dunst does a good job as MJ but she doesn't have the greatest presence, and none of the villains are powerful enough to fill the screen.

That is not to say there aren't good ideas. Raimi's films always look fantastic, and Spidey 3 is no exception. There is at least one interesting idea- how does the superhero keep his ego in check when faced with his adoring fans- but it is quickly forgotten in the rush to the next computer animated set piece. Once again, the girlfriend's main role is as bait for the villain to lure Spider-man to save her- feminism lives! The tame ending left me wishing for the good old days when superheroes turned up, beat up the bad guys and went home without so much as a moment's doubt in their heads.

Still, millions of people love it, and I'm sure this is not the last we've heard of old Spidey. Next time, I hope someone has the guts to give us an old-fashioned superhero flick and leave the psychology at home.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Film very entertaining. Blu-ray is spectacular, 17 Oct 2007
R. A. Locke (UK) - See all my reviews
I really loved this film, it's a bit more tongue in cheek than the first two films and a lot less serious but if you want a film to watch that will entertain you from start to finish then there is nothing wrong with Spiderman 3. The blu-ray is spectacular. The images are incredibly crisp and fast but it was the sound that really blew me away. The bonus blu-ray disc is also a nice bonus with a lot of interesting featurettes. Love it.
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3.0 out of 5 stars If only...., 1 Aug 2007
This film really could've been special. But, as so many other reviewers have pointed out, its a real let-down. Why do directors always assume that more is better? The first spidey flick had its faults but it was still pretty amazing stuff and we were just glad to have a spidey flick after all the years of false starts and court battles. And the ending did just enough to whet our appetite for the next instalment.
The second one built on the success of the first and took it to the next level. Supreme casting of Alfred Molina as Doc Ock meant we had a villain that was both straight out of the comics yet believeable and another ending that left us salivating for more, turning this into a franchise that you could see would just grow and grow.
And then the inevitable. Too much, too soon. Batman Forever made the same mistake, cramming in too many characters and villains which spelt disaster and the beginning of the end for that franchise. This film could have easily survived on just Sandman and Harry as the villains and the alien symbiote could have made a brief appearance at the end, allowing for a very tempting Spidey 4, focusing on the black suit and Venom.
Ideally Raimi would pull together a director's cut collating all 3 movies and removing all the fluff and nonsense that just aren't necessary - the musical interlude and the landlord's daughter offering chocolate cake and milk (!?) in S2 and far too many instances in S3 to mention.
The franchise is by no means dead becasue of this movie but it does leave you wondering where they're going to take it next. Overall, its still a good film and the amazing effects and dedication of cast & crew just about take it across the finish line but there's no denying, every fan out there of both the films and the comics, if being totally honest, will be thinking, if only....
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4.0 out of 5 stars Spiderman 3 - the hero movie of movies, 4 May 2007
M. Snell "snellyboy84644" (South Australia) - See all my reviews
May 3rd, 2007, most possibly the highlight of the year (so far).

Having been a fan of the first Spiderman movie, and a little more critical of the second, I walked into the cinema with some mixed expectations to say the least.

Upon hearing that there would be a number of 'bad-guys' really impressed me, but at the same time confused me. Surely Green Goblin (Jr), Sandman, and Venom, seemed to overload the already full screenplay. And that isn't even mentioning the addition of a new love interest.

The storyline (without giving much away), follows Parker in a city where Spiderman is loved and Mary Jane loves him back. But he has to combat the combined threat of an old friend seeking revenge, a convict desiring wealth, a young man wanting what he doesn't have, and finally his greatest enemy - himself.

Surely my rating shows that I wasn't disappointed.

The opening credits introduced a brief but completely relevant history of Parker's story , thus meaning that everyone knows approximately where the previous movie finished. From this point, one of the many things that impressed me was the just how funny the film is, which, given that the storyline gets somewhat dark and very serious at times still manages to make you laugh, where perhaps similar situations would make you cry. Although some could argue that this is over-done, it works very well with the storyline; where some similar comic-turned-movies have suffered.

The second thing that struck me was the amazing special effects, which made some of the most seemingly impossible actions seem convincing; almost like you see them on the streets every other day. Notably, the effects of the both Venom and Sandman were absolutely superb, surpassing films such as the Matrix trilogy for the awe factor. The combined use of these effects during the amazing fight scenes and the quieter bits, make it visually stunning.

But, the one thing that really stopped me liking this film and started me loving was how the film was structured. Mr Raimi is ultimately responsible for this (as the director). As i mentioned earlier, the screenplay is pretty damn full, yet somehow the movie is not too short, nor too long; so (your thinking) everything must be 'crammed' in; the answer is simply no. While there may seem to be too much content covered, it is done at a depth which neither wants the viewer to speed up or slow down; again something very rarely done to such a high standard.

These points combined with a fantastic cast make the movie. All the cast perform wonderfully has their respective characters, Maguire is on fine form, and Franco makes the Goblin live again. Grace (Venom) and Church (Sandman) also perform superbly. The only member of the cast who disappointed me was Kirsten Dunst, who didn't quite seem to be on the ball, as she was in the previous two. The surprise for me was J.K. Simmons (Jameson), who was superb as the editor of the Bugle.

Overall, I would advise any movie goer to watch this movie, since it displays so many fantastic qualities; which are far too many to list. Although, it may be a little too much for a small child to sit through, but it will leave many kids (and adults) with their mouths wide open.

The reason for the four stars you ask? If I could choose fraction a below five, I would. The reason for this slight drop is the fact that we will almost certainly never get a Spiderman 4 (which is probably for the best), but its the 'end of an era' kind of feeling.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Dark Spidey, 22 April 2009
C. NEALE (UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Spider-Man 3 (2-Disc Edition) [DVD] [2007] (DVD)
After the immense success of the first two films, I was really excited to go and see Spiderman 3. The whole ad campaign for this film was about internal darkness 'The battle within', as the posters said. I expected a darker and more serious Spidey, however this film turned out to be responsible for some the silliest and craziest scenes I've ever seen in a superhero movie (that dance scene in the street, for example. Funny? Yes. Needed? NO.)
One major disappointment was the way this film handled the villains. Sandman is an okay character but perhaps too sympathetic. With Doc Ock, Raimi really made him feel human, to make his transformation all the more shocking and real. Sandman's backstory, however, is just going over the top. He's the father to a really poor family who's got a dying daughter and is a misunderstood ex-con and didn't mean to kill Uncle Ben and only wants to be loved.... it just felt forced to me, despite Thomas Haden Church's nice performance. And his origin scene? I don't recall Sandman's creation in the comics, but it definitely wasn't: Guy falls into giant sandpit. Big metal things spin really fast. Sandman is born! It's a small part of the film, but a scientist says 'It's probably just a bird. It'll fly away.' when they notice a creature in the test pit. If scientists are so reckless these days, no wonder supervillains keep popping up (however I have a suggestion for Spidey 4's villain: Sandbird, the misunderstood pigeon turned supervillain)
Venom is introduced waaay too late, accompanied by an underwhelming performance from Topher Grace. While the black suit's visuals are amazing, its story is totally ridiculous. In the comics, the suit is a symbiote, bonding with its host until it sucks out the good and creates an all powerful creature of pure evil. In the film, it's an alien that gives you an emo hairstyle and makes you thrust to 'Fever'. They should have developed Sandman more and introduced Venom at the end, as a cliffhanger to Spidey 4. Or just don't have Venom! You don't always have to please the fans! Just leave Venom be!
That said, I did enjoy parts. Like Harry's character throughout the series. He's gone from troubled rich kid to vengeful billionaire, and now, in a sinister turn from the great James Franco, the heir to the Green Goblin name.
The special effects are awesome, the performances from MOST cast members are excellent (Tobey MacGuire, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, a nice cameo from Willem Defoe and the always great JK Simmons as J Jonah Jameson) but I have one question: Do we really need a touching speech from Aunt May in EVERY movie?
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Spider, 19 Jun 2014
Amazon Customer "Big Ears" (CHELMSFORD, ESSEX United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Possibly the worst nature documentary I have ever seen, there wasn't even any spiders in it, just some bloke with a tight suit that had a spider web design on it. Save your money
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