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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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It's been three years since Interpol last released an album, the solid sophomore album "Antics," and only a year since they signed onto a major label.

But like Modest Mouse and the Decemberists, they aren't changing their sound to try to get MTV videos and commercial play. Instead, the New York band keeps chugging along with what they've always done -- lean, dramatic rock'n'roll with choppy edges, and some explorations into new territory.

It opens with a gently circling riff and what sounds like chimes. "Show me the dirt pile/And I will pray that the soul can take/Three stowaways/Vanish with no guile/And I will not pay/But the soul can wait," Paul Banks sings over a sensual, textured rock song that grows more intense with every second. "So much for me believing that sorrow/So much for dreams we see but never care to know/Your heart makes me feel..."

And that's just the warmup. Interpol stretches out into different kinds of choppy, Joy-Division style rock'n'roll -- the blazing rapid-fire "Heinrich Maneuver," ringing sinuous rock'n'roll, swirling guitars, grimy classic rockers, mournful guitar pop, and a timid ballad that blooms into a sprawling anthem of shifting voices.

It finishes on a great note -- the epic "Lighthouse," a fuzzy grey sprawl of rippling guitar and strings, with only Banks singing like a regretful ghost. It's completely different from all the other songs, and though it's a jump into the dark for Interpol, it pays off beautifully.

In fact, the finale is just the more extreme example of what Interpol play around with here -- in some of "Our Love to Admire's" songs, they weave in some smooth piano or epic moments. Most of the album sticks to what they have always done (albeit with more polish), but they do explore some new soundscapes -- which hopefully will lead to more of the same.

But the main force of the music is the solid rock'n'roll sound, as doomy as ever -- dark, sharp, ringing riffs and some thudding bass, along with solid drums to keep a beat going. Occasionally they diddle with other sounds as well, like fuzz bass or long quiet riffs, and the album is lightly sprinkled with brief piano, stretches of cold synth, and a few little chimes in the quiet moments.

The songs themselves aren't much more chipper. In his rich, sensual voice, Banks sings of broken loves, "molten skies," past anger, and some relationships that turn really creepy ("And I can bind you with no ties/and lease time and watch you fall"). But it's not all misery -- one song describes a man who "lives my life in cocaine," and a "daisy" girl who inspires him to stop.

"Our Love To Admire" edges into some new territory, but mostly stays safe in the solid, ringing rock'n'roll that they've done before. And even then, they've given their old sound some new twists -- very enjoyable.
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on 13 July 2007
If you like Joy Division, early Cure, Kitchens of Distinction and, more recently, Editors this album is for you.

I was hooked on Interpol 3 years ago on hearing 'Untitled' and 'Evil' on late night radio. Having bought and loved 'Turn on the bright lights and 'Antics' and played them to death since then I couldn't wait to hear 'Our love to admire'.

It was certainly worth the wait as the album is simply brilliant. The musicianship is top notch and the songs sear into you everytime. The themes haven't changed from previous albums but there has been a musical development and a certain polish to them. Its seems like the band are getting the best from their instruments plus adding a few new ones and to quote from 'Pioneer to the falls' the tracks go 'straight into my heart'.

At the moment my faves are 'Pioneer to the falls', 'No I in threesome', 'Pace is the trick', 'Mammoth' and 'Who do you think?' though the other tracks aren't far behind.

Well done to the band for another brilliant offering and I just can't wait for the next one!
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on 14 August 2007
okay. so interpol are my favorite band. i listened to their debut album three or four times a day for probably a year. i think 'stella was a diver' is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard. antics was good, but paul banks was a happier man, and so it had a different feel to their debut. 'Our Love To Admire' is a great record. Interpol have set the bar so high that they cannot top their first album, but i would say that their third LP is on par or possibly better than antics.
Heinrich Maneuver, Who Do You Think? and No I in Threesome, the three tracks that shout SINGLE from every note, are all excellent. But its the quiet, desperate moments, such as in 'rest my chemistry' when Banks sings 'she's so young....', or the fear in his voice on 'pioneer to the falls' that captivate more.
Also, much has been made of the final two tracks, that they dont feel like Interpol tracks, or that they are weak songs that end the album on a dull note. I couldn't disagree more. 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Lighthouse' both push the interpol sound in different directions, while being subtle enough to be unmistakably the work of kessler, fogarino, banks and carlos d. The vocals sound so distant on Wrecking Ball, but still defiant. And Lighthouse is a song that is catching a lot of flak right now for being 'experimental'.....since when is experimentation a cause for disdain? I think its one of their greatest moments as a band. Beautiful, and lovelorn, with just the tiniest glimmer of hope. Its why i love this band. If a fourth album is on the cards, expect further small steps and lateral moves. Evolve or die isnt just a catchphrase.
oh, and anyone who claims editors have made interpol unneccessary is deceiving themselves. editors could have, and probably were, created in a marketing office.
z x
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on 20 July 2007
this album is brilliant!

I listened to this album with some trepidation as Interpol are probably my favourite band. First couple of listens suggested quite a monotonous record, with quite a trebly production which left me thinking, where the hell is Carlos D?

However, I needn't have worried. Repeated listens show this album to be a masterclass in modern guitar music, this time with plenty of electronica. Carlos D is in there, but his work is a bit more subtle this time. The focus moves towards Paul Banks voice, which is as interesting as ever and holds up well given its not the bands strongest point, although some of the lyrics remain as obtuse as ever.

This record stands up well against the modern classic TOTBL and is probably a song or two stronger than Antics. Top tunes all round, my favourites being the slow burning opener Pioneer To The Falls and the grinding Rest My Chemistry, in fact the only weak track is the closer which attempts to go all Sergio Leoni and fails miserably.

So thats it, Interpol go from strength to strength and my faith in this important band remains. Editors who?
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on 22 July 2015
i,ve had this cd for a while now and to be honest have only played it a couple of times without really listening to it.
I am trawling through my collection alphabetically so now is the time to listen to this with fresh ears.
I don't like comparisons preferring to listen to the music as I hear it but there are obvious hints of the killers in there which is ok with me.
I am a person who listens to the music more than the lyrics first and this cd has already captivated me in regard to this.
to anyone else who has a large music collection going through it alphabetically is a great way to listen to the music you have that you may not have played in a long time.
therefore it was a delight to play this and experience an album where I would highly recommend people give it a listen
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on 10 July 2007
I have been listening to an advance copy of this album for over two weeks now (I've since bought it), and there were the obvious stand-out tracks that hit you immediately, such as Pioneer To The Falls, The Heinich Maneuver, Mammoth and Pace Is The Trick.

All of these tracks are good enough to be on Antics and Turn On The Bright Lights. Some of the other tracks are not immediate hits, such as Scale, All Fired Up, Wrecking Ball and Who Do You Think. However, in time, you will find that you listen to these tracks more than the stand-out tracks. Along with Lighthouse, these are now the tracks that make me want to listen to this album.

I now think this is better than the last two albums. Genius.

All I can say is well done lads, you've gone and done it again! You've gone and made another classic album!
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on 5 February 2010
Third and best album, except for Turn On The Bright Lights which was the first album, so techically this review doesn't make sense.
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on 1 August 2007
Don't get me wrong, the heading `More Antics' doesn't mean it's more of the same - in fact both albums have their own unique style. What I mean is that in many ways despite the weight of expectation `Our love to admire' equals Interpol's previous stellar outing which is no mean feat.

It kicks off with a song many bands would not be brave enough to send out first - `Pioneer to the falls', but it really works well and sets a tone for what is to come. `No I in threesome' and the `Heinrich maneuver' are both perfect slabs of Interpol, impeccable bass lines (Carlos is awesome throughout), the strained vocals and often witty and perceptive words are all intact. Indeed one thing that has always set the band apart from its contemporaries are the strange yet alluring lyrics, on this album this has continued to great effect, a few of my favourites are - Through the storms and the light, baby you stood by my side and life is wine, you feel the sweet breath of time it's whispering, its truth not mine there's no I in threesome (from `threesome' obviously) and - `I haven't slept for two days, I've bathed in nothing but sweat, and I've made hallways, scenes for things to regret' from `Rest my Chemistry'.

There is much more to admire (sorry) here, `Wrecking ball' and `mammoth' both stand up against their better songs and perhaps the highlight for me `Pace is the trick' is Interpol at their most powerful, it's a beautiful song with a hint of a slowed down version of `Not even jail' towards the end.

There is no doubt Interpol are a fine rock band, they are original and have carved a niche for themselves in the music world, `Our love to admire' is definitely a grower, but give it time and it could well be your favourite album of the year.
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on 25 April 2014
Like me it came on a recommendation. If you like Joy Division, the Editors etc then give it a whirl and by God it grows on you. "No 1 Threesome" especially. Give it a try, what have you got to lose - there's so much mainstream rubbish out there, thank God for bands like Interpol.
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on 10 July 2007
I feel I have to add my ten pence worth regarding this latest offering from one of if not the best bands around today.The previous review by'David'is so way off the mark its laughable.I suggests he invests in a decent Hi Fi if he thinks the production is loaded with treble and the vocals are weak and sibilant!What do you listen to your music on pal? A £20 Alba system from Argos.
The production is rich and epic...far more so than the previous two albums.This is no doubt down to the involvement of producer Rich Costey.The songs are vintage Interpol but there is some experimentation present particularly on the last couple of tracks 'Wrecking Ball' and 'the Light house'the latter of which sounds not unlike some undiscovered Pink Floyd offering which suggests an interesting new direction may be imminent.But all in all you get what you pay for.Fans of Interpol love the band because they produce a sound which is warm and familiar to them.It encloaks them in a security blanket.Poor imitations from wanna be interpol bands like the Editors are blown away by this spectacular offering.
'David' I implore you to do yourself a favour and to listen to the CD on a decent set up.Tell me then it sounds weak and Sibilent!!
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