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4.4 out of 5 stars182
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2013
If you have any problem with the 3D in "Dial M for Murder", you should really revise your system. It looks terrific, the restoration is sharp and pristine; no double images at all, at least in my Sony 55' with active glasses. Yes, rear projection is flat and some inserts are grainy, but that is precisely the way it was originally shot. The restoration is completely faithful to the original. Hitchcock made what is probably the most intelligent use of the 3D ever, making the movie look like a play on a stage (the story was originally a play). Grace Kelly's hand reaching out is the most carefully crafted and impressive 3D shot I have ever seen. The use of the 3D is so good that one eventually fogets about it and gets just immersed in the story. What else can be said? Oh, yes, of course, more 3D classics, please.
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on 8 December 2012
Dial M For Murder in 3D blu ray format, is for me, close to perfection.
I have viewed this film many, many times over the years. Firstly in 1954, aged fifteen, when I became aware
of the Hitchcock name as a director of quality films and Dimitri Tiomkin as a master composer of soundtrack
music and all this has stayed with me to this day.
Seeing the film in 3D mode has opened my eyes to the filmmaking skills of all concerned.
And 3D really enhances the film. Not with constant displays of "in your lap" shots but with a
depth and realism that made me feel that I was there in real terms watching the action and within
a few feet of Grace Kelly, Ray milland and the rest of the excellent cast.
For me this is a prime example of Hollywood at its all round best.
When I read some of the niggling reviews I was worried that this 3D blu ray might be a disappointment but
not only did I enjoy it immensely but to my surprise, my 14 year old grandson also enjoyed it a lot.
That is praise indeed!
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on 1 January 2006
This film's delicious 1950s banter is one of the main attractions for me. Ray Milland's interpretation of the role is, however the biggest attraction and is mesmerizing as a charming yet duplicitous husband of Grace Kelly. The plot and moreso the dialogue is perfect and far better than the hollywood action of today - especially the almost monologue of Tony Wendice (Milland) explaining how he's going to blackmail Swan into killing his wife. Despite the plan going slightly awry the sharp thinking and intelligence of Wendice comes to the rescue for the first few tests.
My favorite quote would have to be when Milland implies his relief when he doesn't have to go round for dinner at a friends, saying "she's such a filthy cook!".
And even when Wedice has Swan round to explain the plan he receives a call form his wife without getting nervy and even makes a joke - when he can't read her handwriting. I won't spoil than one. He says it in a through away manner and just underpins his charismatic character. And a very graceful ending indeed- reminds me of the ending of almost any Columbo episode except this film being inodinately patrician in comparison!
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on 1 May 2002
‘Dial M for Murder’ has many of the touches that one associates with Hitchcock, mainly, his masterly use of building up suspense and the way he makes you side with for the villain, despite yourself. The acting is excellent. Ray Milland is convincing as the charming buy devious husband who attempts to murder his wife, Grace Kelly, who makes a compelling and sympathetic victim. Only Robert Cummings grates as the insufferable ‘hero’, although this may have had to do more with the part than the actor himself.
The flaws are the films are a slight stiffness. There are two reasons for this. ‘Dial M for Murder’ was originally a play and most of the action takes place in one room. Necessary on a static stage, but limiting and unnatural in a film. It was also shot in 3D at the insistence, and against Hitchcock’s objections, of the studios. Since the cameras necessary for 3D were bulky and difficult to manoeuvre, there is a lack of fluidity that adds to the feeling that you are watching a play rather than a film, even if it is an excellent play. However, Hitchcock still manages to produce good cinema. His slow build-up to the attempted murder scene and its thrilling climax is to see the master at his best.
A wonderful film that never bores and often startles. Not quite “up there” with Hitchcock’s best, but an excellent film nevertheless.
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on 28 December 2012
Great film, always was but now to see how Hitchcock wanted it to look is just great. No computer generated rubbish just pure film craftmanship, modern day film makers take note. if you have 3D tv etc buy this, sit back and enjoy and remember when it was made. Saw this play at the theatre earlier in the year, watching this is like being back there with front seats.
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on 10 June 2013
I had seen this film many times on TV and loved it. It is a great thriller! I always wondered why the strange camera angles and foreground props, having discovered that it was shot in 3D and I now know why.
Sorry to Mr Hitchcock's attempts, but you cannot use a projected back-drop in a 3D movie! Even with the odd lamp post or workman in the foreground, back-drops just look flat, that is why I'm only giving this 4 stars.
Fortunately, as this film was originally a stage play, the vast majority of the movie takes place in a single room, so it does not matter too much that it made in a studio (Burbank I think).
Ray Milland gives a great performance and Grace is wonderful to watch in 3D.
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2007
Quite why anyone would want to murder someone as beautiful as Grace Kelly remains a mystery. But that's what smooth Ray Miland plans here as payback for his wife's daliance with an American mystery writer. Effortlessly blackmailing an old colleague into doing the job, Miland provides himself with an alibi for the dirty deed - but things go horribly wrong and the would-be killer ends up dead himself - impailed on a pair of darning scissors when he botches the murder.

From here on in, the outcome of the film hinges on the cleverness of the police to beat Miland from getting away with it. It's all slickly done and marvellously out of date now of course - but Dial M for Murder is yet one more example of Hitchcock's art and skill as a director.
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on 1 March 2015
I did not think I would ever get to see this film in 3D in the UK, although I did hear that they show the 3D version in France occasionally. I first saw this film when it was released and as a twelve year old was fascinated by the luminous clock in Grace Kelly’s bedroom, which in 3D stands out even more, there is a bit of ringing (white line around dark objects) noticeable in some scenes which another reviewer commented on, but I can honestly say it did not impede on the enjoyment of this film, 3D add’s another level of menace, especially when Grace Kelly is about to get strangled, it’s a film that will be staying in my collection.
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on 12 April 2010
Ray Milland (Welsh actor),the husband of Grace Kelly in the film..she is having an Ray bribes his very old chum,into doing a deed that is 'MURDER' fine is this oppotune time,with the keys stolen..and perfect!...until she forces off the killer and kills HIM with the desk scissors!..Now Ray had all this planned to the very last detail,then a D.S.was on the the i won't spoil the film for you..but 'How does Ray a.k.a.Tony blag his way out of this one..nearly perfect..Watch the film..Milland should have won an acadamy award*. Total suspence and real great acting by all the cast!!
*American Acadamy Award U.S.A.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2008
One of two plays that Hitchock ever adapted for the big screen (Rope was the other), Dial M For Murder isn't one of Hitchcock's true great flims, but it is a very entertaining piece of work.

It relvolves around an elaborate, and perhaps it's TOO elaborate, plot by ex-tennis player Tony Wendice (Ray Milland) to have his wife Margot (played by the exquisite Grace Kelly) killed after she's had an affair with Mark Halliday (Robert Cummings).

Given time constraints, relatively little re-writing was done for the screen which meant that the London setting was left intact as were the British nationality of the characters. This does mean however that the film is very heavy on dialogue, and it does sometimes betray the undoubted cleverness of the plot as being all a little shallow.

Where Hitchcock can excel though is in manipulating the audience's sympathies. Despite her extra-marital affair, we naturally hold our affections with Margot, after all who would want to kill Grace Kelly, but when the action switches in the second half of the film, who hasn't watched and hoped that Tony Wendice, a man who after all is allowing his wife to be executed for a crime she didn't commit, does indeed manage to outwit and outsmart his pursuers? (a trick Hitchcock had used before and would use again).This is helped no end by Millard's performance, at once charming but frightening, funny but reptillian and he's probably the best thing in the movie.

The script is not a great one, it has to be said, but in Hitchcock's expert hands it translates into a great film.
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