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on 17 July 2007
OK - so I am behind. I never played the original brain training, and I only just bought my DS. I am 32. I have got tired of consoles and games. I recently played on my friends PS3, and yeah the graphics are great, but the gameplay on the games is the same old stuff it has been for the last 10 years.

Nintendo are changing all that. Just as they did back in the say of Game and Watch. Not only is the DS an innovative format with the stylus and two screens, but they are getting games released that will change gaming forever.

I love the way this game interacts with you. It keeps a track of real time, and is a genuine training assistant. If you log on at 11.50pm he says, my it's late, you know sleeping is good for you, if you come back day after day he congratualtes you. It is a very small detail, but it just makes the whole thing very personal.

The format works really well. Nice touches like for left-handed people it flips the whole thing round so you can easily play it.

The games are not graphical wonders, they are very clever and functional. They stretch you brain, just as they are supposed to, and you will find yourself competing with your personal bests to improve.

I haven't explored the whole of this game yet, as you keep earning extra features the more you play.

I congratulate Nintendo for bring genuinely innovates games and platforms out - and joy it is selling more consoles and games!

Buy this game as soon as possible.
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on 21 August 2007
I certainly found the games in the sequel much more fun than that of the original. The original games did train your brain and were quite addictive, but in my opinion, that was for the sake of getting the highest score which many people wanted to do. However, the games in the second one are addicitive purely because they're more fun. It even includes an extra game which relaxes your brain, rather then training it, which I must say is the most addictive. Buy it and you'll be playing it for days, trying to get a brain age of 20. Basically if you enjoyed the first one, buy this. If you haven't got either but plan on getting one of them, get this one.

+ Fun games which train your brain.

+ And as if that wasn't enough, there's also 100 Sudoku puzzles.

+ Budget price of 20 pounds which is more than good value.

- Exactly the same layout as the first game.

- Some mini games are a bit boring.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 8 January 2008
... once again the program doesn't always recognise the verbal answers.

It has the sudoku puzzles like the previous one.

This one contains more difficult puzzles - maths where the numbers disappear before you can do the sum and (my favourite so far) music recital, as well as the very useful change calculator game.

As with the previous game (Brain Training) you start with only a couple of games open to play, but the more days you play the more games open until eventually all 10 games are available.

- Missing Symbols
- Masterpiece Recital
- Word Scramble
- Correct Change
- Word Blend
- Memory Addition
- Days and Dates
- Finishing Position
- Determine the Time
- Calculate the Height

One further difference between Brain Training and More Brain Training is once you have reached a certain level on the game you get the option to play on "Normal" or "Hard" level.

I will admit that Dr K's AI alter ego annoys me - he seems to go on forever - so much so that I tend to just hit the next button all the time, and I missed the bonus item - Germ Buster - a game similar to tetris where you have to match up 4 or more blocks of colour to eliminate the line. In this game you have a number of randomly placed coloured "germs" which you have to match up with the colours on the incoming two part tablets.

I like this one better than the first - there is much more variation with this one.
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on 31 August 2007
Having used the first Brain Training game and found it slightly buggy in terms of voice and handwriting recognition, I have to say I found this version an improvement.
The games are more fun and more challenging and it does feel like a real brain workout.
However, Dr Kawashima is still as tedious as ever with making almost exactly the same comments he makes in this version as in the first. He's not that clever either as he says the days are getting hotter when it's cold outside! With all the millions they made from the first, surely they could have altered this aspect of it - along with the transport analogies (Plane, train, cycle etc) of how you fare on a certain game.
This apart, it's still worth getting if your brain doesn't get much exercise in everday life. It just might make it that bit sharper. Who knows?
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on 31 July 2007
I have to agree with the other reviewers this is certainly an enormous improvement on the first which I thought was good . Having worked in a shop I find the loose change quite easy but the Masterpiece recital has to be the best thing any one has come up with . You're not always doing the same piece over and over , I have played this for almost a month and have yet to have the same piece twice . It's good for beginners like myself and for people who know a little about piano music and keys . I thoroughly recommend this and can't see them beating this if they try any more in the series.
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on 30 August 2007
Last year, gamers really started to go wild for the Nintendo DS all over again. Not just because of the DS which was redesigned into the DS Lite, but a whole new era of mental challenge games attracted new gamers young and old. Mainly, with Brain Training, the Nintendo DS got older gamers into the scheme of gaming and excitement from verbal memory games, to introducing Su Doku, the challenging puzzle game that have really made gamers go wild. Unfortunately, there have been many knockoffs to Brain Training like Mind Quiz for the PSP, that really haven't delivered and attracted the feeling that Brain Training delivered. Now, a sequel to the original mind bender that started it all, returns to the Nintendo DS, but is it good as it was before, or falls short on memory?

Brain Training 2 for the Nintendo DS tackles on more exciting puzzles than before. The gameplay is expanded nicely, but there are also a lot of changes to the gameplay here in the game. The first main change is that a lot of the verbal games like the color strooping exam were removed, because there were a lot of problems with the microphone use in the game. Instead, there are a lot more games that feed off nicely from Nintendo's other DS mind-bender Big Brain Academy here, where you have to comprehend how much you have to give back as change in pounds and pence, to memorizing a song on a piano. Another new game is called word wheel, where you have a series of letters spinning around, and you have to fill in the exact word, one letter at a time. There are also a few things that have returned here, including the picture drawing challenges, but especially the Su Doku puzzles, withe over 100 new puzzles to test your mind. The graphics are just as simple as they were before, but the gameplay is just even more addictive than it has been before, and the control also handles that just as well.

All in all, with so many mental games in the video game market right now, Brain Training 2 really does deliver nicely for the Nintendo DS. If you haven't tackled the challenges before, you may want a new mind-reading workout. I loved the original one, and I really like the new addictive challenges. I absolutely suggest you buy this sequel, and keep that brain sharp.
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on 27 July 2007
I'm really enjoying more brain training - the first one, although enjoyable was quite dull after you'd unlocked all the training. On this one though, the games are a lot more fun especially the music one and are harder too (not so good at word scrambler at the moment), but that makes you more determined to get better at them.

I also like the fact that it has a mini game attached to this one, which is highly addictive and I've sat for over 3 hours just playing this.

The only thing I don't like is the rock, scissors, paper game. I did think the stroop test was better on the first version. This could however be because I'm not very good at it - maybe I'll like it better once I improve!
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on 29 June 2007
I have played the original Brain Training several times. I found that one to be better than all the other brain games allthough I did get bored of it after a while.

More Brain Training is much better as the games are a lot more fun,

One of my favourite games is th Masterpiece Recital where you have to play the keyboard in time with the music.

I think I will be playing it for quite to some time to come
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on 30 June 2007
i agree with the other reviewer, this game is much better than the first one, the games are fun. i like the paper scissors rock game. i still play the original brain training, but this one seems to have a lot more to it. i love it.
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on 20 February 2009
Found this game initially quite good, but got bored of the games as couldn't find or play the ones i wanted to do!! Found the constant repetitivness of the instructions everytime you played the games very irritating after playing them before. There should be an option to skip the instructions. The voice command games do not work well either and often register something different to what had been said.
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