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4.3 out of 5 stars193
4.3 out of 5 stars
Format: HD DVD|Change
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on 2 August 2007
HEROES is an excellent series. The comic book style format gives you time to meet the characters instantly and then get to know what their powers are and how they struggle to deal with them without the typical american tendency to show you something and then forget about it and act like it never happened, in heroes everything come back to bite them. The special effects at times are obvious but others astounding, but also make a show that isn't for kids due to the sometimes graphic nature. Everyone I know who has seen more than a couple of episodes has become hooked and the cliffhanger endings make you want to watch the next episode straight away.

The DVD also has the full uncut pilot episode which runs for 73 mins compared to the aired TV 45 min so maybe the characters won't seem to be as rammed in for those who were put off watching the TV.

Anyway if you fed up of the normal run of the mile sci-fi we get force fed then watch HEROES.
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It's as if the 4400 never happened, humans with special powers, an evil menace needing to be stopped, angsty teenagers struggling to get a grip on whats happening. Yet Heroes is not just some ripoff. It has a completely different style, with shifts in mood from the humour of the 2 Japanese friends chasing 'destiny', to the surprisingly dark where a mother and her son are chased by a viscious gang while her alter ego begins to exert it's power, a seemingly normal cheerleader is invincible and finds her life unravelling piece by piece. The real horror comes with a killer who can't be stopped and a seemingly unimportant character becoming evil.
The style lurches from manga style scenes to dark & brooding through to bleached desert scenes and then we are launched sections that look like adverts with swooping overhead photography, quickly cut images & moody lighting. Heroes makes no bones of it's attempt to keep the interest of it's younger audience and although it's easy to see why some reviewers feel it may be a little disjointed the fact is that no episode goes by without surprise and although there are quite a few characters they all have something to contribute and all move the story forward.
This is not for the sqeamish or for those hoping for the deep & meaningful. However if you enjoy fast paced & action packed with a twisting plotline then this is going to do it for you. It is well acted for the most part, well plotted,(if a little convoluted), plenty of twists and a budget to match the writers imagination,(no cheapo effects here),.
The sound is a very good 5.1 mix and the picture is crystal clear, even the many scenes in the dark are never murky.
The extras are good with some interesting deleted scenes & a pilot episode that was never aired, although this is best watched after everything else as it compacts several episodes plots into one and is a bit of a spoiler.
This is not going to set any acting standards or get anybody thinking, but it does entertain and never goes off the boil. It's an enjoyable twist of a well used theme and I look forward to season 2.
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What if you discovered that you had a superpower -- great strength, flight, teleportation, or amazing healing? And what if you could use it to save the world?

Superheroes are everywhere in entertainment, from comic books to movies. But few manage to be as intelligent, geeky and well-written as "Heroes," a solid comic-book style TV series that explores the repercussions of several "ordinary" people who discover that they have strange -- and sometimes dangerous -- powers.

It opens with Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) reflecting on the human quest for knowledge -- even knowledge that we shouldn't have -- right before learning that his father has been killed, possibly murdered. Suresh's dad believed that "special" people were cropping up, much like in X-Men.

And we are introduced to the "heroes": stripper Niki (Ali Larter) harbors a secret dark side, cheerleader Claire (Hayden Panettiere) heals from any injury, Japanese Dilbert Hiro (Masi Oka) can bend time and space, Senatorial candidate Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) is able to fly, his brother Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) can copy others' powers, a cop Matt (Greg Grunberg) can read minds, and junkie artist Isaac (Santiago Cabrera) sees the future. There are plenty of others that show up, but these start the ball rolling.

While Claire and Hiro explore the potential of their new powers, Niki and her son try to elude some hired thugs --and end up overwhelmed by her dark side, and framed. And Suresh searches for the answer to his father's death, only to find that his genetics research is involved with the "special people," and that a superpowered serial killer is targeting them.

Even worse, Hiro takes a trip to New York (five weeks in the future), and sees the city destroyed by a massive blast -- as does Isaac, through his paintings. How to stop it? As a future Hiro tells them, "save the cheerleader, save the world." The Heroes begin slowly coming into contact, in a haze of dreams, visions, murder, swords and death -- and to stop the serial killer and save New York, more sacrifices may be made...

Unlike most shows about people with superpowers, "Heroes" isn't really about the action or flashy battles. It's half epic save-the-world-as-a-team story, and half exploration of how real, ordinary people would react if they suddenly found out that they had superpowers, and how this would change -- or NOT change -- their lives.

The storylines are incredibly intricate and complex, since there are a dozen subplots and a lot of time travel, and plenty of hints at future events. The careful painting of all these storylines even further in two episodes, one of which shows the pre-Heroic lies of the characters (and how Syler became a murderous terror), and another that shows what the future will be like if they don't change it. It's not a pretty picture.

These complex storylines are enhanced by lots of suspense and tightly directed action, and the makers always know how to throw in a shocking twist, such as a sword-carrying future Hiro showing up.. But there is also some poignancy, and very dark humor from time to time (Claire waking up in mid-autopsy, or twisting her broken neck around). Not to mention some great, sometimes geeky dialogue ("Where did you learn all this?" "X-men No. 143 when Kitty Pryde time travels!").

The actors are pretty much all good -- Larter gives a great double performance, Zachary Quinto is a wonderfully twisted villain, and Panettiere gives a good performance as a teen whose adolescence has a lot more than hormones in store. Masi Oka is the standout, though -- his Hiro is sweet, endearing, geeky, heroic, sad, kindly, funny and thoroughly lovable. The scene where he arrives in New York is adorable.

The "Heroes" are only starting their journey, and the first season of this geeky hit is a must-see for fans of intelligent sci-fi drama. And I doubt their journey is over...
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on 30 November 2011
This is one of the greatest TV programmes ever made, and this is definitely the best series. The incredible story arcs of each character as they come to terms with what is happening, electrifying twists and turns along the way and the suspense & mystery gradually being revealled are just some of the features of this series; which follows seemingly unconnected ordinary people around the world who discover they have extraordinary powers Being directed and with special effects like a full film, Heroes really is at it's peak with its first series.

However, I'm sure you already knew all that so I'll talk about the actual box-set. I recently bought this and watched all 25 episodes in only a few days - I couldn't stop myself because it's so addictive. Each disk has a few episodes and some bonus features, which are excellent. These include a full 71 minute pilot episode, many funny and informative commentaries with the cast and creators, special effects, stunts and more.
One of my favourite features, though, was the menu. I know it sounds a bit stupid but it's rare that you get an incredibly thought out and separately shot "trailer" on a DVD. It features Isaac Mendez' loft (A very important set in the series) and swoops around entering the paintings and going to different scenes of the series. It's just a small feature, I know, but makes the DVD all the more epic.

Best of all, however, is the price: at only £10.99 how can you possibly resist!? Seriously, for one of the most fantastically made dramas of all time it's definitely worth a buy. :)
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VINE VOICEon 28 October 2008
Although Ive never been fully induldged in sci-fi, this intriguing series was borrowed from a friend who rated it extremely highly and I must say, I wasnt disappointed.
Heroes follows the lives of different people who possess hidden powers ranging from reading minds to flying. Each character is cleverely written to express different emotions towards their powers. Some are afraid, some embrace it and others use their powers for personal or impersonal gain. The set-up is simple to begin with and slowly unravels as the series goes on to a much deeper, darker and complicated plot line.
The one thing that really makes this series stand out among so many other attempted tries at this kind of genre are the characters. 12 writers worked on this show and each character overlaps with others and what starts out as a few seemingly coincidental meetings unravels to show that it was 'destiny' and as the series gets to the climax, more and more of the characters are thrust together.
To give anything away from the series would be spoilers in their own right but another reviewer suggested watching this series through twice to grasp everything in the fast-paced series that swoops from one question to another each episode.
Watching this show on TV is nowhere near as enjoyable as sitting watching 4 or 5 episodes back to back so this DVD is ideal. However, despite how amazing this show really is, there are a few things that although not very relevant or hindering to the experience, should be noted anyway.

The pilot episode that was never aired is not worth watching. The plot is changed slightly and includes a group of terrorists instead of the main antagonist which, if it was aired, would ruin the entire series. The scenes with the terrorists are boring and slow the pace to such a degree that you may find yourself skipping through it. A minor point but worth noting.

The Niki/Jessica plot line feels odd and out of place in line with the inter-woven stories of the rest of the heroes and is overall a bore to watch, darkening the mood to such an extent that just feels out of place. Even the climax to this story feels rushed and odd in line with the story as a whole.

(For those who havent watched series 3 this will not make sense so I do apologize)

Isaac's ability to paint the future, although very important to the first series, just seems to me to be such an important 'gift' that it doesnt make sense to kill him off. This is evident in series 3 where Matt Parkman and the African dude can both paint the future just simply listening to music.

------------------END OF SPOILERS---------------

Apart freom these minor issues, this series is one of, if not THE best series Ive ever watched to date. If you like fast-paced action, sci-fi, drama, brilliant characters with intriguing stories (apart from Niki), an excellent plot-line that raises questions on evolution or just anything to sink your teeth into that you wont be able to put down, BUY THIS NOW! For 25 quid just look at the running time if you're not convinced. SEVEN HUNDRED MINUTES approximate running time for the whole series. You cant go wrong really.
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on 10 June 2007
Heroes is my new favorite tv-series. I've been following it with great enthusiasm this last year. I'm planning to buy this set, and I wouldn't pay 40 pounds for just any single season dvd-box.

You follow the stories of several people, most of which have discovered they possess extraordinary abilities. After one or two introductory episodes, several of them individually find out that New York is facing a big crisis. Eventually they all meet up and try to stop it. To complicate matters, there is a serial killer that hunts down super-powered people and a mysterious organization that seems to be deeply connected with everything.

There is so much going on, you have to watch the show twice to catch it all. And yet, everything fits together perfectly. You will notice subtle hints from the first episode playing out 10 episodes later. Unanswered questions all over the place that are answered as the show progresses. The story is impeccably written, and the characters are very believable. Add super-powers to the mix, and you know why I am paying this kind of money for these DVD's.

I can't wait to see season 2.
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on 20 June 2007
Only once a decade does a decent show come around and define the quality of entertainment for that generation. The 70's had Blake's 7. The 80's had Knight Rider. The 90's had Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

The 2000's have a few serious contenders: Smallville, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Supernatural, Alias, Lost.....

And now we have Heroes.

As with any TV series, Heroes takes a little time to find it's feet - but needless to say that the story is as good as anything out there at the moment.

Mr Fenton's criticism of the acting is unjustifiable. Had he bothered to watch the series past the initial episodes (which are ALWAYS dodgy no matter what series you watch - Buffy, X-Files, Charmed, etc) he would have seen the character dynamics expand and see the individual personalities start to form.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether Heroes will continue to keep up the quality of it has shown so far or whether it will jump the shark like X-Files and Lost did, but it has the potential to be the greatest fantasy series in history.

Don't be put off trying this series because someone tells you that he didn't like it. Those people probably still pine for re-runs of Gilligan's Island.

Accept that TV is changing, and find out for yourself if you like this.

And Mr Fenton....broaden your mind, please.
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on 31 July 2007
Firstly would like to point out that in contrast to one of the reviewers below, i've seen the entire series.
if you don't know already this series is based on ordinary people who find themselves with amazing abilities, the characters not only don't realise their ultimate goal, but also that many of them have connections with one another.
I remember watching the first few episodes and honestly i wasn't sure what i thought about it, i was almost underwhelmed, but i promise, by the time you get to the fourth or fifth episode, you'll be utterly hooked. the storylines are cleverly written, linking the characters, and building to the climax. there's so many cliffhangers its almost 24 esque!!
although you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of characters you're introduced to, but as the season progresses you really start to connect and care with the characters as they realise their purpose and get to grips with their powers.
heroes also perhaps has one of the greatest villains ever!!

Really can't recommend it enough!! and can't wait to get this boxset, just to go through the series again
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I remember seeing the first episode of Lost a couple of years ago, and getting hooked within the first ten minutes. The mystery, suspense, shocking plot twists and nail-biting cliffhangers at the end of virtually every episode made the show compulsively addictive. Tim Kring, the man behind 'Heroes', actually consulted the 'Lost' team about maintaining tension and mystery in plotlines - and boy, has it paid off. 'Heroes' is at least as good as any other show on TV right now, and it is SERIOUSLY addictive. For once, all the hype is entirely justified.

Like 'Lost', 'Heroes' blends strong characters and emotive drama with action, suspense and horror (it's surprisingly violent for a mainstream US drama). The writing is always sharp and the virtually unknown cast is uniformly excellent, with Masi Oka (who plays the loveable Hiro, the show's comic relief) and Hayden Panettiere (who plays seemingly indestructable cheerleader Claire) particularly impressive in my opinion. There are plot twists so huge and surprising that it can take a while to absorb them, and plenty of ongoing intrigue - however, 'Heroes' is a bit more generous to its audience than 'Lost', providing explanations and setting up new mysteries on a regular basis, so you never feel like you're just being strung along. Also, the majority of episodes end with cliffhangers so huge that they would be season finales on other shows. And just wait until you see the ACTUAL finale...

Another reviwer has commented on a perceived mid-season lull, but I have to say I didn't notice one. There were a few episodes around the halfway point which centred on slightly less momentous events than the rest of the series, but really I felt like I needed a breather at the time, and even then the show was never less than absorbing. Anyway, the series quickly cranks back up into fifth gear, and the final six or seven episodes are extremely exciting, with more than one character biting the dust and revelations galore ( I have to admit I cheated and downloaded the final half-dozen episodes - I couldn't wait any longer).

BBC2 is due to start showing the series soon. Whatever you do, do NOT miss it. And preorder that DVD boxset now!
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on 20 July 2007
I've never written a review but people have to know how good this show is. Ok so the first 2 episodes get of to a slow start but like a rollercoaster, before you know it you're caught up in the ride and once it's done you're left wanting more. The progression of the plot is steady but it doesn't drag (unlike Lost). It's an intelligent, original take on the X-Men idea of human evolution resulting in superpowers. Zachary Quinto as Sylar makes an excellent, darkly attractive villain. The grey areas of good and evil make this series an unpredictable masterpiece.

BUY IT!!! (You won't be disappointed)
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