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on 1 May 2010
Even though the presentation in the video is not quite up to scratch, the exercises are very easy to learn. I like the simplicity of the format in the book and the dvd. You are not snowed under with loads of words to read or instructions to work out. Everything is kept very simple and easy to follow. The pictures are really clear in the book and on the dvd. You can actually work out what the exercises are very easily by just looking and watching. It is true that when Eva speaks on the dvd she doesn't always speak very clearly, but saying that I do have a problem with my hearing and can understand what she says, even though she does mumble at times. It is true there are one or two mistakes made on the video, but it is clear where these are made, and you can correct them. I am not a person to pick up and follow things easily, but the dvd and book are extremely easy and simple to follow, if I can do it, Im sure most other people can.Even though i haven't been doing the exercises long, they do seem to be having an effect on my face. I can really feel the muscles working when I am doing the excercises. Also Eva is would you believe in her eighties,born in 1928, and the picture was taken on the front of the dvd and book in about 2007, so she must of been about nearing the beginning of her eighties when it was taken.So I think the results of her exercises speak for themselves through the pictures.
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on 21 August 2013
Overall I'm very pleased with this product - The positives considerably outweigh any negatives. I have investigated several facial muscle programs and believe this one to be the most comprehensive currently available

Personally I find the DVD presentation lacking; not that well edited in places and as each exercise is repeated you get to see any mistakes twice! The model persistently uses a different finger to that specified in the booklet detail - which may seem a picky point but as most folk will know there can be a considerable difference in pressure strength from different fingers and with pushing delicate facial skin I would have though if a detail was worth specifying in the book, it should be followed through on the DVD. I would have preferred a short explanation/demonstration of key points for each exercise rather than seeing the whole thing worked through twice and have the explanations interrupting the natural flow and count for each move(leaving you holding part-way through the pose for the 1st few times you watch it as you're not sure what comes next - it can be uncomfortable)

Having said all that, I did find it helpful to have the DVD to accompany the far more detailed booklet which is included - and it only takes a short while to familiarise yourself with the movements and then you can ditch the DVD altogether and simply use the comprehensive booklet as an aide memoir of the correct sequence - which is when you will really start to feel and see the benefits as you'll me working those facial muscles more fluidly. From the very first try out of the DVD, I could feel the muscles working which was promising. It's too early to tell yet if there will be any major change but I can already see an improvement to the colour and 'tone' of my skin which I believe is down to improved blood flow as a result of getting those muscles moving. I do firmly believe as with any part of the body, the fitter you keep it, the healthier it will be and undoubtedly the better it will look. Overall I'd recommend this and don't think anyone who follows the steps on a regular basis would be disappointed - only 4 stars because of the DVD letting the side down, otherwise would have been a 5.
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on 20 March 2015
OMG! If I hadn't have brought this and done the exercises myself I think I would have struggled to believe this possible. I'm 47 and was looking early fifties. After a week the difference especially above the eyes was truly amazing. I had always had quite oriental eyes in that I had large padded eyelids above the eyes which gave a beautiful full and eastern look - I loved my eyes and they were my best feature. Then stress and age took over. Now, I have the control back. Also my jowls are gone and chin way more defined and this is now 3 weeks of doing the exercises. Seriously ladies - put the work in and see the results. The biggest surprised is how the skin plumps up and the wrinkles smooth out. The confident boost is so great I used to avoid looking in the mirror now I can't wait! I think there may be a limit to how much improvement can be made - only time will tell that. But, I will come back after another 4 weeks and let you know, I don't read the book I put coconut oil on my face and neck and watch and do the dvd. Easy peasy. If ther were 10 stars I would give it.
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on 11 May 2010
I have had experience with Eva Fraser before as years ago I started on a course of rejuvanessence facials combined with her exercies (if you have never had one of these facials, they are amazing. Sadly my therapist moved away and there is now nobody nearby that does them). At that time, I noticed a real difference. This DVD is good in that you can actually see the exercises being demonstrated and I do not agree with previous reviewers who said they found the sound quality bad. I was able to hear every word. I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and so too early yet to say if any dramatic difference is noticed but I see subtle changes and hope this will continue and improve as I persevere with it.

Like anything, you have to be motivated to keep at it but I plan to do so.... watch this space!
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on 19 July 2011
Firstly I think if you get this dvd you should take your time and learn the exercises. This is important. I have now been doing the exercises for a while and my eyebrows which were beginning to fall into my eyes have lifted. I should have taken a photo before I started so recommend that you do. My face is also firmer so as long as you learn the exercises and then do them it works.
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on 16 July 2012
The results are well worth the small investment on this DVD. Although she suggests you do the excersises 3 or 4 times a week, I combined them and try to do them daily.
Not all the excersises are clearly demonstrated so you learn a bit by trial and error but in general it's a good programme.
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on 12 July 2015
I have been doing Eva Fraser facial exercises for almost 19 years and I think they are wonderful. For many years I used her video and then that stopped working and for a couple of years I switched to Joseph Corvo, but without video /dvd. They were good but my face just lacked something. Then I tracked down this DVD on amazon. It is different to the original video but I think this one is better. Granted, there are one or two bits in the dvd that probably should have been edited out so it could run more smoothly, but you can always fast forward those bits. I have seen an improvement in my face and the 'the thing that was lacking' no longer is. If you do these exercises on a regular basis they work. That's it, they do work. Very highly recommended. Must go now, off to do them.
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on 6 December 2011
The book and DVD are very basic but I LOVE the exercises.
Can definitely feel everything tightening up and it's quick to do.
Too expensive for what you get 'but', if you make an effort with it will reward you.
Good luck!!
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on 7 July 2011
I have been doing the exercises just 4 weeks ago now and already receive compliments that I'm looking really well. The DVD explains the exercises clearly for the most part, although one instruction 'as though you're taking off in Concorde' is totally unfathomable and my enquiry direct to Eva's web site has received no response as yet. The suggested daily exercises take no more than 7 minutes - I timed them, so I chose to do them morning and evening to speed up the results - I mean who hasn't even got 7 minutes available to them if they really want the results.
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on 4 October 2012
Wow! What a great DVD that makes a big difference to how you look. Ive been doing the exercises for about a month and can definitely see a huge improvement. Beats fillers and muscle relaxants hands down! i love it. THANKS EVA! x
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