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4.0 out of 5 stars Good film with great special effects
Fantastic Four is a film that shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's a good film with amazing special effects and action sequences. The cast is good, particularly Jessica Alba. She's great as Sue Storm. Some scenes and dialogue could have been left out of the film. If you're expecting something like X-Men, you'll be very disappointed.
The DVD set is great too. Plenty...
Published on 24 Mar 2006 by Michael E

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3.0 out of 5 stars lightweight fun for the undemanding.
I enjoyed this despite its flaw. As a comic book fan, but not Fantastic four devotee, I know a fair amount about the source material. The plot is well insignificant as this is really a character driven origin story, the problem is that the characters aren't that strong. Okay the Fantastic four are fairly iconic, and have never been deep. Reed is a stretchy...
Published on 9 Mar 2006 by genejoke

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2.0 out of 5 stars Utter tripe., 5 Dec 2007
M. Behenna (UK) - See all my reviews
Being the first movie on the Fantastic Four, I knew beforehand we couldn't expect much action, given the need for our heroes to gain their powers and deal with the emotional repercussions. But I still expected more action than this. What you basically get, is a single fight between the team and Doom at the end. What you're forced to endure till you get there, is torture.

The actors are simply awful. Ben is dressed up in an hilarious orange suit which doesn't look remotely rock-like, Reed is your generic perfect leader, Johnny is the Tony Hawk style member hyped up for the teens, and Sue is played by Jessica, who had enough trouble playing a stripper on Sin City, let alone an intelligent scientist.

The dialogue is cheesy. Really cheesy. This is one of those movies which may have you laughing at just how bad everything is. It's bad, but at least it's not suicide pill bad. It's your average movie where most of the women are blondes obsessed with boob jobs.

Don't get this, consider the second one.

Edit after watching the second one: Don't consider the second one. Dear god don't consider the second one!
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2.0 out of 5 stars Uninspired adaptation, 1 May 2006
After the breaktrough of the cgi digital efectes on Hollywood pictures of the late 90ths to the present day, filmakers were able to tackle some very dificult projects to bring to the screen. In this list we include the Marvel Comics adaptations!
If Spider Man, X- MEN, Hulk and even Daredevil achive a stunning visual similaraty with the Comics World they recreate in the case of Fantastic Four the film seems much more restrained in this area, using a very conservative aproach to the material similar to the 80ths early 90ths Comics adaptations (Superman, Flash Gordon, The Phantom, or even Batman)well such aproach doesn't seem much relevant today when dealing with a fantasy world that can now be reconstructed to perfection like X-MEN, SPIDER MAN AND HULK have proved.
Nothing wrong with the cast simply an unispired direction to a not very ambitious production. A sequel is on the works already...lets hope it will have a little more ambition!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good Film, 28 Jan 2006
Niamh (All over the world) - See all my reviews
This film is full of action. I think ages 6-12 would like it best. The scientific mumbo jumbo would be hard for under 6's to understand. There were some great scenes with fighting & explosions. A few bad points....Victor & Mr Fantastic looked plastic like Action Man dolls. The special effects didnt look real, they looked like PS2 effects. It was generally good.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Flawed Brilliance, 17 Sep 2005
Martin Anderson (London) - See all my reviews
There are so many things wrong with this film, some of which allow of being remedied by a director's cut. They include:
Numerous editing gaffes:
- Sue's meaningless strip on the bridge (not even any nudity to justify it, since she's invisible).
- Vancouver bridges turning up in new York.
- Canadian phone systems available in New York.
- Continuity errors that will become legendary through their sheer number (start with Reed Richard's vacillating grey streaks and take it from there).
- Multiple-elevator cuts to an apartment with only one elevator.
- Many, many, many more. The list stretches further than Reed Richards himself.
Many credibility gaps that were easily remedied to begin with:
-No zero-g on the space-station (could have made it spin, could have let the characters float + space-station looks a bad rehash of the Enterprise).
Casting issues:
-chipmunk-cheeked Jessica Alba, a twenty-something who looks about sixteen max, as a geneticist? Sue Storm in the comics was the same age as Reed Richards, and he had grey streaks for heavens' sake, here the excellent Ioan Gruffud looks like he's cradle-robbing. I suppose I'd complain less if I thought Alba was a knockout, which I don't. She barely, just barrrrrely has the range to cover this kind of not-deep comic-book action.
I could go on...
I loved it.
I can't wait for the DVD (though I will force myself to wait for the money-grubbing special edition, since as I say, this film truly needs re-editing).
The Marvel comic strip portrayed a funny, bickering family with superpowers -ASBO material on steroids- and the film's writing and approach nails this perfectly. And what's not to nail? It was massively entertaining in the comic books and it's no less engaging here, particularly the hilarious, relentless ribbing of Ben Grimm (The Thing)by his colleague the Human Torch; it's not good-natured, Grimm would really kill him if he could catch him! None of them can agree on anything, so it's not hard for the slimly-realised Dr.Doom character to drive a wedge between our reluctant heroes.
The effects were adequate at worst and dazzling at best; I'm biased towards Gruffud because he's a Brit and I've always liked his TV and film work; Michael Chiklis was born to play The Thing much as Hugh Jackman was to Play Wolverine in the much darker X-Men trilogy -and like Wolverine, he is the soft-centered rock-candy of this group dynamic; the film has a slick and effective line in wit, and though this is usually expounded by the excellent portrayals of The Human Torch and The Thing, everyone gets a go.
If the plot is thin, we'll cut it some slack, since character is the heart and soul of the Fantastic Four, and time spent (hilariously)in routine domestic chaos really captures what the essence of the comic strip always was. Indeed what plot there is is so superficially constructed as to be considered irrelevant and not intended to distract you from your enjoyment of the movie. All 'origin' superhero movies suffer from this narrative disjointedness, including arguably the very best of them, 'Superman', which is three distinct movies rolled into one (or four, if you remember that it was shot back-to-back with Superman II).
I get truly weary of fat-cat, idea-less Hollywood producers touting the line 'This is a great popcorn movie, check your brain in at the door and enjoy' - ah, the multitudinous cinematic sins that phrase has tried to gloss over, particularly in recent years.
But if you get the balance right and the tone right, the old maxim works like a charm: here we have a superhero movie that is not profoundly introspective like 'Spiderman' or trying to parallel deep schism in society like 'X-men' (I also love both those film series, incidentally). Instead it poses an amusing question - what if we, with all our sheer ordinariness and undeservingness, copped hold of incredible super-powers, and we were neither instinctively good enough nor evil enough to really know what to do with them? And what if the whole world knew about it (no secret identities in FF).
I am amazed at the pasting this film took from the critics, and pleasantly surprised to find that Joe Public (like me)seems to love it, based on the acres of rave reviews at popular movie websites.
Don't wait for the sequel before getting into Fantastic Four - the narrative drive that superhero sequels lord over their 'origin' films sacrifices novelty, after all. Origin stories are entertaining in themselves, and this one is a corker.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic flawed, 4 Feb 2006
russell clarke "stipesdoppleganger" (halifax, west yorks) - See all my reviews
I was bored okay. While on holiday in Mablethorpe and after much nagging by my 9 year old son I gave in to both him and my ennui and took him to the cinema( If the living room sized venue that serves as such in Mablethorpe can be classed as a cinema) to see The Fantastic Four. He thought it was good, so if you are a 9 year old boy reading this, go for it. For those of us with (Slightly) more sophisticated taste...well let's just say this film will come nowhere near slaking your jaded palette.
Based on the "Marvel" comic strip The Fantastic Four sees four, so at least the numbers add up, scientist types accompanied into outer space by the reptilian business man, Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) who financed the trip. Why he comes along is never explained though it could be because his current girlfriend Sue Storm (Jessica Alba) is up there with her ex, the big boffin behind the whole trip Dr Richard Reed ( Ioan Gruffudd). Anyway they are engulfed by a radioactive cosmic storm that alters their genes, DNA or something so they are all endowed with startling physical attributes. Reed can alter his body shape at will; Storm can render herself invisible and form force fields while her brother Johnny (Chris Evans) becomes a human torch. Token muscle guy Ben Griffin (Michael Chilkis) changes into "The Thing" an orange rock platelet humanoid. Meanwhile Von Doom slowly ,why he's slow and no one else is , is never explained, becomes a metallic being which is neat encapsulation of his cold un-bendable character I think.
It's not exactly rip roaring entertainment so far, but it's an origin story so that's fine. But then for a film about super heroes nothing very super happens. Far too much time is spent on the tedious Storm/Reed/Doom triangle and the characters are given way too little to do. Reed hangs around the lab trying to think of some way to reverse the process. Storm pouts a lot while bro Johnny shows off leading to a sub plot about the perils of sudden fame which is ironic seeing as after this turkey it's something most of the cast won't have to worry about for a while. The Thing mopes about , somehow making it from Switzerland to New York to see his wife who horrified by his metamorphosis firstly runs away screaming then gives him his wedding ring back without so much as a by your leave. Which seems a bit harsh? What, no marriage guidance, no long teary discussions ending in thrown tea cups. Still at least it saves time for some mind blowing action....Errr except there isn't any. The climatic showdown is shockingly low key, while the other sequences mostly borrow ideas from far superior movies. The worst truly cringe worthy plot development is The Things romance with a blind woman who can see past his stony exterior to the good guy inside. That was done with true originality in the superb "Manhunter". Here it's like low rent "Mills and Boon"
What truly hamstrings The Fantastic Four though is the script by Mark Frost and Michael France who don't create characters but models for a video game. Von Doom is the most risible super villain ever. Not only is he dull visually but he lacks ambition. Not for him global domination. All he wants is to get even with old business colleagues and kill The Fantastic Four. Why ....surprise, it's never explained. I suppose the movie needed it so or maybe he knew how the movie would turn out. Director Tim Story fails to invest any of his characters with any psychological depth, the way that the "Spiderman" and recent "Batman" films did. In those the characters acted in a believable way. In this, one dimensional characters are given unbelievable things to do. It looks as naturalistic as a Leslie Ash lip job. And of course if you don't buy into the characters and the story the movie is doomed. Or in this case Von Doomed.
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2.0 out of 5 stars not as goos as i hoped, 1 May 2006
I bought this film because i am a fan of

ioan gruffod and his acting but this is one of the worst films he has ever done. i can honestly say ioan doest usually send me to sleep but in this case the film alone did.

I reackon its good for young children who like all that action and special effects but not for me.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Please this was poor, 3 Dec 2005
I saw the advert for this, and convinced my mate to see this film with me, as the advert looked really good, but it turned out that all the good bits on the advert, were the only good bits in the film.
The plot/Storyline is the exact of Spiderman 1, A high up exect gets fired gains these new powers and kills off all the board who fired him. Its unorigional and poor script writing
This film is a P.G, great so the kids can watch this, but what about the die hard fans of the comic, we were all left feeling, is that it, the charecters lines are extremely cheesy, its not funny and i was so bored i almost walked out, but i wanted to see how much worse they could make it, and they did, i feel sorry for people who think this is a good film, they have been fooled by Hollywood once again
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Viewing, 20 Aug 2005
I went to see this in the cinema with my 4yr old newphew, though it was slow to begin with, which he didn't like, but loved the ending. The beginning was slow for my liking. True it wasn't as good as all the other Marvel comics to be made into film, but it's great for kids. If anything i'll buy it to keep the kids entertained over x-mas or other family get togethers.
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2.0 out of 5 stars fantastic bore, 11 Sep 2005
simon gurney (london United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
fantastic four reaaly fails to do justice to the feel of the original comics, despite the lip service paid by the director. obviously the story has been altered to more fit with modern tastes and science, but it doesnt work.
the fundemental flaw with the four is the cast, the charcters are just one dimensional, and the only ben grimm (the thing) manages to carry and weight!, Ioan Gruffudd is an interesting choice as Reed Richards, but he just doesnt carry it, as for the invisble girl and the torch, enough said.
the director seems to think he has a movie to spare for introductions to his franchise here a la x-men, and thats really all this is, comic adaption by the numbers.
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1.0 out of 5 stars deja-vu?, 11 Nov 2005
By A Customer
I got about two sixths of the way into this film before I realised it was a total rip-off of this comic book I used to read when I was a kid called The Famous Five or something like that. There was even a guy made of orange bricks in it and a scientist who was made of really long string. There are no original ideas anymore (except my one about a superhero who is made entirely out of eyes, but I've already said too much).
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