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3.1 out of 5 stars17
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 April 2013
In a small town called Blackwater in Louisiana, the prized asset at the natural history museum is a huge woolly mammoth. When the curator, Frank Abernathy, drills into the ice to collect a sample, a strange blue object falls from the ice and sends a signal to space. A little while later, what appears to be a meteorite crashes into the museum where an alien lifeform is released and enters the mammoth. The mammoth comes to life and kills the security guard, and when Frank returns, the mammoth has gone. Frank who is a widower lives with his young daughter, Jack, and his dad, Simon. He's just missed Jack's birthday as he was busy working at the museum, so when Frank gets home, Jack's understandably annoyed. Jack later sneaks out of the house to go to a party with her boyfriend, so Frank decides to go and find her. Just as he's about to leave the house, two government agents knock on the door to question him about what went on at the museum. Frank explains that he'll only answer their questions if they help him find his daughter, to which the agents reluctantly agree. The mammoth attacks the party as Frank and the agents arrive, they survive the attack and agree to help the agents track down and capture the beast, before the government detonate a nuclear bomb to destroy the mammoth, and the town.

Vincent Ventresca puts in a very likeable performance as Dr Frank Abernathy, he was a good lead and I enjoyed his acting, he's given most of the funniest lines. Summer Glau is good as Frank's daughter, Jack. Glau should be best known for playing River Tam in Firefly and Serenity, she also played Cameron in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It was nice seeing her play a normal teenager, as most of her characters tend to be mentally disturbed or emotionless. Tom Skerritt is probably the most famous name in the film, and unlike some of these low budget films where their name is on the cover but they only appear for a minute or two, Skerritt is in the movie regularly throughout. He plays Simon Abernathy and definitely lends the film a bit of star quality, he's probably best known for playing Dallas in Alien. Leila Arcieri, Charles Carroll and Cole Williams offer decent support. Mammoth is directed by Tim Cox, this was his third made for TV movie in three years. He first directed the Alien and Predator rip-off, Predatorman aka Alien Lockdown, it wasn't very good. He then made Morphman aka Larva which also starred Vincent Ventresca and was a much better. Mammoth soon followed and I thought it was a step up again.

There's quite a lot I liked about Mammoth. The acting was very good for the type of film it was, the story is fun, it incorporates quite a few classic B-movie elements like aliens, government agents, scientists, corny dialogue, hit and miss effects and a race against time to stop a nuclear bomb from destroying them all. The action is pretty good and most of the humour works, and at 87 minutes, it doesn't overstay its welcome. Despite essentially being a B-movie, the actors actually play it straight, which is what makes it quite funny. Mammoth knows exactly what it is but is still mostly quite serious, with just the occasional knowing wink to remind you how silly it actually is. According to Wikipedia, the film was nominated for a 2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects. While several of the effects in the film were really well done, the actual Mammoth itself isn't exactly up to the standard that Jurassic Park set, but it looked much better than what we often see on the sci-fi channel.

The DVD picture quality was very good, it's a pretty dark film at times but it always looks nice. There's a trailer, a seven minute feature with interviews from the cast and a three minute feature about the effects. There's English subtitles available.
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Rather like the wretched "Mars Attacks!", Mammoth is a Sci-Fi spoof that fails on almost every level. Populated with cliché'd characters, cringingly awful dialogue, utterly unconvincing CGI, a complete lack of anything approaching tension and a very few generally weak visual gags, it's hard to see what the target audience for this turkey could be. Sure Summer Glau, of the brilliant Firefly fame, provides plenty of eye-candy for us blokes and just maybe raises the interest above rock-bottom and saves this from being a lone-star movie, but the overall impression left by Mammoth is one of tedium. OK, so we all KNOW it's supposed to be a spoof (or just maybe a tribute?) to classic 50's creature features, but the cheap laughs thrown in simply do not work (even with my beer goggles on).

This is probably a point in Ms Glau's career that she would rather forget.
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on 2 June 2011
Due to some wierd alien technology, a frozen mammoth in a small-town museum is defrosted, and goes on a 12 certificate rampage, while a museum curator and some space-police [or something] have to try and stop it.

Mammoth looks like a lot of fun, but unfortunately isn't. Nothing wrong with the story, although the alien stuff is a bit confusing, but rather the production itself. First things first, the mammoth's not very good; had this indeed been a homage or sci-fi spoof as some other reviews suggest, then hokey puppetry or animatronics would have worked well, but cheap CGI do not good effects make. The films also very dark, so when the mammoth attacks its tricky to see whats going on. The sound mix, again, isnt very good; you cant hear dialogue but the music and mammoth-roaring will blow your walls out. But the main unforgivable, Mammoth is a bit boring, and slow on action. Summer Glau doesn't really do much, but Tom Skerritt is quite good.

Generally, MAMMOTH is a below-par creature-on-the-loose TV-type movie, with poor CGI effects. If you're not a fan of the genre, you can remove a star from the rating.
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on 19 December 2008
I'm not quite sure why people are disappointed with this film. What did they expect from it? The blurb couldn't make it more clear that it is a ridiculously cheesy spoof: "When a meteor smashes into a local museum, the fury of a partially frozen, 40,000 year old mammoth is unleashed on a small country town". It goes on to mention that it has to be killed before its "rampage of death and destruction gets to the outside world".

Did it not strike the critics as strange that one mammoth would be any more difficult to control than an elephant?

The film is full of classic B movie ingredients: aliens, government officals, scientists, 17 hours to save the world, cheesy script, etc etc. But, whereas some spoofs can actually be good films, operating as observations on the genre of spoofs (Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead), this one remains well and truly lame. The special effects are bad, the plot feels like it was invented as they filmed it, and the obligatory American sentimental scenes go on far too long. The alien premise seems fundamental to the story, but seems to get forgotten immediately, before being tacked on again.

The humour sparkles occasionally, but really not enough - it would have been better if they had gone the whole way and made it into a comedy (hiring a script writer might have blown the budget, though).
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on 31 August 2009
This could be a challenger for one of the worst movies ever!
The plot is not bad. You can even say it has got some potential but, the minute you see the "mammoth", all your expectations will fall apart.
Not worth the hard case and cover.
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on 11 September 2014
Ok so this movie is very cheesey but to me that makes it awesome! Summer Glau is good as the daughter of the absent minded professor and with the speedy delivery I think it must be the best 47p I've ever spent!
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on 29 March 2016
Better than I expected I did wonder how it escaped the museum without making a hole in the walls
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on 27 August 2007
this dvd cost me £8.99 ! from the cover it sugggets a good action film.
the movie is about a prehistoric mammoth entombed in ice comes to life
when a meteorite crashes into a local museum ,the mammoth goes on a crazy rampage !
the film should be good ,it had potential ,then after about 5 minutes i
realized its a bloody stupid comedy in the footsteps of eight-legged freaks
there was no mention of it being a comedy & for those who like serious sci-fi like me, you will feel cheated ! but if you like stupid people shouting "oh my god!" & "aaaahh!" then go on buy it !
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on 9 September 2015
Summer Glau mumbling, PS1-era CGI, fun dumb film!
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on 4 March 2009
This movie is a kind of B-Movie, but it's far to be a bad movie. Just take it for what it is, a fun divertissement. It's also a good way to see Summer Glau (Firefly, 4400, Sarah Connor Chronicles).
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