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4.4 out of 5 stars100
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 9 March 2013
I completely agree with all the preceding reviews that say how wonderful this bit of kit is:
..I finally have a "voice" to reply to motorists who think they can intimidate you with their horns;
..I fell much safer travelling at speed through traffic knowing I can warn careless motorists that I am there;
..I love the way it fits neatly into one of my bottle holders;
..Although it is shown to fit on top of straight handlebars I have managed to fit it nicely on the side of my dropped handlebars just under the brake lever where I usualy have my hand so the button is easy to reach without changing my grip.

I did have a little mishap recently when I discovered the button that activates the horn had somehow dropped off. I thought it was securely attached with a metal pin. I thought I would have to buy a whole new AirZound kit, and felt lost without my "road voice".
But then I found the email address of the manufacturer online and wrote explaining my problem.

What amazing customer service! Not only did they reply within the hour despite it being at the weekend, but they sent me a new button and pin immediately all the way from Canada to the UK and did not ask for any payment, not even the postage! How can you not love a company like that??!!

Don't wait, go out and buy one of these AirZound horns and you will wonder how you ever survived without it.
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on 8 December 2012
Reservoir bottle fits securely to bike frame - I've set mine inside a bottle cage, but you could fit on most parts of the frame using the provided zip ties.
Tubing was more than adequate for my size of frame 18'' MTB - I routed in parallel with my rear derailleur cable.
Biggest problem for me was getting a good location for the lever on the handlebars, as you want it somewhere accessible without having to lift your hands off the grips, but also need to avoid fouling gear and brake levers - this is a little tricky as the lever and attached horn is quite large and an awkward shape - the mount is such that it can only be slid on to the handlebars so you will need to remove grips and potentially gear clamps and brake clamps to get it in the position you want.
The horn itself has an adjustment valve to adjust the noise level that it produces - essential as this horn is seriously loud and at the fully open setting on the valve is painfully loud.
In use the horn is excellent - certainly effective as an alert to other road users at junctions etc. and I have found mine a real enhancement to my bike safety. Reservoir can be easily refilled using a bike pump - you really need one with a pressure gauge to avoid over-filling the reservoir bottle and you can't really guesstimate this by pushing on the bottle like you would a tyre - so if you don't have a pump with a pressure gauge you should factor in purchasing one to the total cost of buying this kit.
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on 1 November 2008
AirZound 2 Rechargable Cycle Horn

If you're a cyclist looking for a horn that connects nicely to your handle bar, is loud enough to hear for both pedestrians and motorist alike, then the AirZound 2 Rechargable Cycle Horn is the one!

When fully charged, this little monster can blast around 120dbs of (what sounds like) sound from a fast approaching vehicle - enough to make any grown man shudder, and then swear after you with the sudden realisation that you're `that cyclist' a few yards down the road he stepped out in front of (or he's yet another pedestrian on his mobile who fails to look before crossing the road)!

An ordinary pump just won't do for this baby. If you want to make the best of the AirZound 2, you'll need a high pressured cycle `Shock' absorber pump [it's small, portable and costs around £34.00 - but worth every penny]. It has a standard car valve connection - the same as the AirZound 2. Although the AirZound 2 instructions recommend the maximum air input as 80psi, during winter months you can actually go up to 120psi. This is at your own risk! And I would strongly recommend you don't go there during hot summer days, as warm air expands and your AirZound 2 will pop as it exceeds the bottles ultimate pressure, thereafter being rendered useless!

AirZound 2 Good Points:

' The actual `horn' is small and unobtrusive.
' You can regulate the sound volume (high/low) by simply turning a small red knob located on the horn's side.
' You can replenish the superior sound quality with regular air via a cycle pump (though would recommend a high pressured `Shock' pump).
' The sound (when the volume regulator is on high) is louder than some car horns!
' The AirZound 2 bottle which contains the pressured air, fits snugly into your water bottle compartment, thus giving many individuals the impression that this is simply what it is - a water bottle (so it's less likely to be stolen)!

Recommendations from my Experience:

' Secure your AirZound 2 horn to your handle bar at around a 45 degree angle. This reduces pressure placed on the top grey front section in front of the red button pressed to activate the horn. This is the weakest part of the AirZound 2.
' When replenishing the air pressure for your AirZound 2, firstly unhook the horn from your handle bar before screwing on your pump valve. As above, this also reduces pressure placed on the top grey front section of the horn, and helps to prevent damage to the AirZound 2 valve threading.
' Don't put too much air in - pump in more than 80psi at your own risk!
' Take your pump with you when out cycling. When cars are in the cycle lane and you start tooting your horn, that air in your AirZound 2 won't last very long!

Follow these basic recommendations above and your AirZound 2 should last for many years.

If you're anything like me and sometimes get breathless during cycling [and no, I'm not unfit..., I'm just getting old!], once you get an AirZound 2, you'll find that cycling is not cycling without it! You'll take great pleasure in tooting that horn and watching the teenage generation [you know how they stay. They stroll into the path of motorists/cyclists as though they own the road] jump to avoid damage to themselves from that 'oncoming vehicle' that's almost upon them. You'll chuckle as you see that motorist swerve to avoid hitting the `car' he/she's about to cut off [call me wicked!]!!

So would I recommend this product to any cyclist out there?

Hell yeah!

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on 9 March 2010
"LOUD!!!" is one word to describe it.
It's saved my skin on a couple of occasions already, mainly from cars and lorries pulling out from side roads; it certainly makes them stop.
So in my book it's worth it's weight in gold.
But the plastic where the horn clips onto the handlbars broke after just 1 month (perhaps it ws just my bad luck), which is a shame.
I still like it, and i think I'll just attach it with a jubilee clips or something similar.

(added this section later on)
There seems to be a common problem with the airzound and the valve failing, either they won't fill up at all or they they don't hold the air for long.
There are some quick fixes which the manufacturer suggest but mine died and I'd only used it for 4 or 5 months. I'm hoping the airzound 3 is an improvement.
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on 23 July 2012
As someone who's cycled on roads for 30 years, man and boy, all I can say is.. WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG?!!!!
As a cyclist, you tend to have a 6th sense when it comes to motorists/ pedestrians, doing stupid things just as you are about to pass them, this little baby not only lets them know you're around, but gives many a much deserved wake up call to start looking out for cyclists and pedestrians.
I lost count how many times I had to use this,
to let motorists know I'm around, that you're
a) not looking in your mirrors as you're about to turn left and run me off the road
b) in the bike area at lights
c) run a red light
d) turned into a main road from a side road right in front of me without giving a toss
And for Pedestrians who
e) walk into the road without looking when you're really motoring ( I had a school kid do this on me, luckily I anticipated it and slowed before I got to the group of kids, he escaped with bruises when something much more serious could have happened)
f) get off a bus and walk round the front/back and walk into the road
g) headphone wearing morons lost in thier own little bubble who walk into the road,

Obviously, it packs a mean punch when fully pumped, so don't use it on some old dear who's wandered onto your cycle path in the park! but there is some serious gratification to be had when someone deserves a good blast!!

I'm docking it a star because I had to struggle to get it into a suitable position on my bars, and it could do with being a bit more heavy duty.
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on 19 March 2013
Cycling has never been so much fun!

I have used this product on several occasions and have scared people witless. An arrogant and spotty little teenager, wearing his headphones stepped out in front of me the other day. He was full of bravado and arrogance, which was made clear by the way he was walking. To compound his arrogance he was playing up to a group of teenage girls. There is no doubt he had seen me and thought he would show off to his female friends by making me swerve to avoid him. Of course, It would have been a bonus to them all if I had fallen from my bicycle. As he stepped into the road I anticipated his intentions and Gave him a long blast of Airzound. Whaaaaaaaarph. The teenager suddenly realised his mistake and must have though that my bike was in fact a truck. He went reeling backwards onto the pavement with his arms and legs flailing, his girlfiends jumped and screamed at the noise. The teenager tripped on the kerb (or was it his his underslung trousers) and fell on his backside. Pulling his headphones from his ears, I rode past and said "It's a lovely day for it, dont you think"? The poor lad was too shocked and embarrased to respond with any verbal retaliation. Top item for any cyclist!
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on 23 February 2013
The Airzound 3 is a pretty good bit of kit - nice and loud (ears ringing in the garage after use) and not too heavy or bulky.

The one negative is that anyone with a think pair of handlebars, as is typical on a road bike, is going to struggle to fit it without inventing some sort of mount. The provided mount only fits the normal size of handlebar that you get at the end of a flatbar handlebar. It also fits less well with drop handlebars - you'd probably want to have a good think of where you want to mount it, convenient to use, but in the way of some handlebar positions, or less convenient to use but out of the way somewhere in the middle.

Easy to use, and just needs a basic bike pump and a bit of care to fill up.

All it needs is an alternative mount for larger bars, a few pence worth of plastic.
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on 3 January 2014
This gives the little person on a bike a BIG voice in traffic; drivers certainly wake up when you use this to remind them that you're there!
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on 24 November 2012
Pros: Loud. Makes drivers notice you. Easily recharged quickly with a decent hand pump but a foot pump is advised to prolong its use between recharges
Cons: Mount is a bit tempermental and can come off easily if you knock it but this very rarely happens for me, also fiddly to get it on (would recommend one for each bike so you never have to take it off). Runs out fairly fast if you hold it on but short bursts are just as effective and last longer.

Summary: if you want a cost effective and environmentally friendly horn this is very good once you get used to it and it does what you need it to do, the niggles can be sorted with a little customisation fairly easily. All in all would recommend to anyone looking for a simple, loud horn that'll stop (most) drivers from hitting you.
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on 14 April 2016
Loud! Sharp high-pitch airhorn sound, cuts through town centre noise and is very effective at "helping" pedestrians who step out into the road (or wander across marked bike paths) without looking.

It's so loud and harsh I would strongly recommend having a traditional little bell on your bike as well, for the times when you want to convey a gentle "excuse me" sentiment rather than the harsh "OI, BUMFACE!" message that you'll produce with this!

Mine came with some big sticky velcro, so I have the air tank mounted on my bike frame without putting it in my bottle holder. I believe it also came with zip ties as well (or I might have used some of my own, I forget).

You fill the tank by flipping the "button" up on the horn, to reveal a Presta (MTB-type) tyre valve underneath. Hook your pump on to that and fill like it's a tyre. You'll know when you need to fill it again - the sound gets quieter and eventually gives up entirely.
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