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4.1 out of 5 stars139
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2009
I bought a pack of these wondering if in fact they would work.
I can honestly say the product worked perfectly well.
Make sure you line up the hole for the view finder before slipping over the camera, It's a lot quicker. I used this with a Nikon D300 which is weather sealed according to the manufacture but in the manual said will work in conditions up to 85% humidity) so as a better part of caution I thought something like this would be a good Idea. The only problem is it's best to use with a hand strap rather than a neck strap. My concern of water getting in around the view finder was unfounded and pulling the lens cord and gently securing it behind the lens hood gave good protection with the rest of the controls easily used through the clear plastic. The rain was quite heavy and as other people ducked for shelter I stayed out and continued to shoot. Absolutely no trouble with moisture ingress but do remove as soon after as possible especially on hot days as humidity inside as the temperature rises increases rapidly.
In all I would buy them again simply because they are small, pack easily, easy and quick to put on. Usable with care and with care removing re-usable. Do remember they are really disposable products but as such reasonably robust.

I have now had the chance to use this item a second time during a very hard downpour while photographing the Edinburgh military tattoo. The rain was so hard I got soaked and couldn't actually see what I was shooting through the view finder. I kept one hand inside the cover at all times to use the camera so it wouldn't get wet. At the end I waited for shelter before taking the bag off and putting it away in my camera bag inside a freezer bag because the camera bag was wet inside.I had put more than one silica pack in the camera bag to remove any excess moisture. When back at the holiday let I took the camera out, took the card out and removed the battery. The camera bag was so damp I put it in the tumble dryer. I left the camera out over night with compartment doors left open.
In the morning I hung the rain sleeve up to dry out and its still usable. The camera worked fine and is still working well four months on.
This product is not for everyone and if you are worried about the moisture proofing of your camera I would say don't use it. For those of you with pro or semi pro bodies it is an extra level of protection. One thing if you are worried about water creeping between the lens body and the cover. What I did was to wrap a couple of thick elastic bands on the barrel just behind the lens hood. Then tightened the rain sleeves lens opening just in front trapping it between the bands and the lip of the lens hood. This gave a reasonable 'step' barrier between the rain cover and lens body.( I was using the Nikkor 70-300mm.) Also I would suggest a long flower pot style lens hood to stop rain hitting the front element. In all I am pleased as it gives me loads of confidence to continue shooting in adverse weather conditions.
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on 27 December 2013
Having tried some homemade plastic bag camera cover solutiuons that didn't work, I tried and was pleased with the OpTech Rainsleeves.

They can be fiddley or difficult to line with the hole with the viewfinder so that you can add the viewfinder eyepiece to hold it in place but it does work.

The rainsleeves seem good for multiple uses. I've used one three times so far in heavy rain on an EOS 60D with a 17-70 heavy zoom lens with great rain protection.

Also, unlike a homebrew plastic & elastic band solution, it's possible to focus a lens through the sleeve.

Quite recommended for the many budget photogs who can't afford weather resistant bodies and L glass.
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on 17 December 2013
I use mine a lot and don't care for it very well! It has saved my camera & lens many times.

It wont last forever, but that's probably why you get two! I predict one will last me a year. Overall, happy.
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on 4 September 2014
This does the job of keeping the water out (well it's a plastic bag with a drawstring on the end) but my main problem with this is that it will not fit a DSLR with a grip attached. I tried using it with a D800 and vertical grip and 80-200mm f2.8 lens and it was a long struggle to get it on without ripping the plastic as it was so tight, let alone trying to fit your hand inside afterwards. I tried it once outside in the rain and it was actually impossible to get it on at all without the camera and the inside of the rainsleeve getting soaked as I just could not get it on quickly enough. Without a grip attached to the camera, it fits fine. Although the sleeve is not wide enough for my purposes, it is however, strangely massively long. In the end, I had to cut the length down with a pair of scissors as it was just getting in the way.

One final note, some people may like that there is an eye hole cut out so that you can screw your eyepiece from your camera over it but I would rather the sleeve was completely sealed without the hole cut out as all I really want is something I can pull out and quickly cover my lens and camera with if you are caught shooting outside in a downpour without having to fiddle about with unscrewing delicate eyepieces from your camera in the wet etc. This might be OK if you're going to put the sleeve on your camera when you're inside your house before going out to shoot...but who actually does that?
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on 14 July 2013
Pros: Cheap, lightweight, simple to put on
Cons: If you use it for more than a few minutes at a time then it's liable to get condensation on the inside.

I'm not really sure how they could make this product better for the price... I'll make sure there's always one in my camera bag in case I'm caught short - but use a breathable/sturdier version if you know you're going out in the rain...
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on 9 August 2012
Let's not be under any illusions here. This is a plastic bag. It is specially sized and has a draw string in it but basically it is a plastic bag with a hole in each end which I guess really makes it a sleeve.

That said, I thought these worked great. They keep the spray off my camera and the down angled back side allows me to operate the camera without water getting in it. You could use a regular plastic bag but then you have the issue of how to seal the area around the lens and you would have to poke a hole to see through the viewfinder. For the price it was worth it to me to get one pack of these sleeves and use them instead of figuring out some strange work around with a plastic bag. Now, I do keep a plastic bag in my camera kit too, just in case. I also keep shower caps in my bag but they are not big enough to work on a large lens camera.

For the price, these are great and they work just fine. I have had no problems with mine. I am sure it will eventually get a hole in it. The plastic could have been thicker too. I can always tape up any holes.
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on 19 October 2010
i do a lot of outdoor photography, and, a lot of great shots are missed when its raining, because of trying to keep our expensive cameras and lenses dry.
i bought the optech rainsleeve through amazon,[at a good price] after reading it in a photo magazine
my first impressions are very good, i was out doing landscapes when it started to pour down, i put the rainsleeve on [easy to attach] and carried on taking pictures, i must admitt at the time i was a bit aprehensive that maybe it would leak somewhere,
no worries everything went well, there are two in a pack, you just have be careful you dont pinch them with your nails and tear them, a good product.
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on 26 January 2016
I photograph international soccer in sometimes torrential african downpours and for my nikon with grip, tele-convertor and 70-200 lens these are ideal (they would probably also fit a longer lens / combo).

A key feature of this product (and failure of almost all other covers, with the exception of the £150 Think Tanks) is that this has a small opening designed to fit tightly around your viewfinder eyepiece (ie all the others seem to expect you to peer thought a layer of soon to be soaked / misted plastic).

For shutter control, your right hand easily fits up the same opening as can be used for a camera attached tripod. For zooming etc, you simply operate the lens from the outside of the plastic.

If you use a monopod / tripod attached to the camera then this will work. My monopod attaches to my lens so I had to cut a small hole in the underside of my rainsleeve. (I use a blackrapid camera strap which connects to the camera tripod mount, so again no problem here, but not sure how it (or indeed any of the other covers) would work with conventional neck straps.)

Yes - these are polythene and so will need some reasonable care, but I am still using the same one almost 2 years after purchase (ie i still have the second one in the pack as a spare). I simply let it dry and carefully fold it up after use. A bonus is that they take up almost no space in even the smallest bag or pocket.

For less than £10, a no-brainer purchase for any camera bag.

ps A top tip for any rain hood.. try to put it on when you first think it is going to rain (ie not after it has started raining... as any rain that gets on the camera/lens soon becomes vapour / steam in the sealed environment of a rain hood.
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on 3 February 2014
When I purchased the above article thought that they would have been stronger. I could have made one myself with a clear plastic bag.
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on 19 April 2013
I give it four stars because despite being a good product I found that it's quite difficult to attach it on your own. I had the opportunity to try it out during a snowy day earlier this year and had it not been that my wife was with me, I wouldn't had been able to put the rainsleeve on. We were already outside and it began snowing. Of course you can put it on your own before going out but if you don't do that and go outside and the rain or snow catches you by surprise, you will most likely struggle to get this on your camera.
My camera is small. It's a Sony a33 (equivalent of a Nikon D3100) and so once the rainsleeve is on there will be quite a lot of 'unused' space because this cover is big.
However, it did protect my camera and lens from getting wet and I ended up taking some worthy shots in the snow that I wouldn't had been able to get had I not had this protective Rainsleeve.

So, if you have a smallish camera, you will probably struggle and fiddle quite a bit with it even when it's on BUT it will protect your gear.
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