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3.1 out of 5 stars60
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2010
Not for weak stomachs, this is a deliberately challenging and harsh 'eye for an eye' picture. Gillian Anderson and Danny Dyer make for an intruiging couple as Alice and Adam. She's a high flyer. He fits TVs. But when she invites him on a date to a lavish country house party, and the two end up getting together, it looks like things couldn't go much better.
They couldn't. It's horrendously downhill from there as they offend a local driver and he decides to set his psychotic friends on them in order to keep their predatory attentions away from his own daughter.
Suddenly Adam and Alice find their night going to hell, as Adam is savagely beaten half to death, and Alice is gang raped.
Recovering back in her lavish flat, it looks as if the couple might manage to put the events behind them, until Alice runs across knowledge of where the attackers live, and realises that she can't let go...worse, that she needs revenge and won't rest until she's got it...
This turns into a very harsh and challenging film of conflicting goals, tested morals, and a study of how far people can go when driven by rage.
As Adam and Alice close in on their prey, it's obvious that maybe their sanity is cracking along with their bonds.
It's a highly dramatic film. Gillian Anderson is superb as Alice, and Danny Dyer is more serious, less cheeky chappy than usual. As a result they make a fascinating pairing of age difference and culture clash. There's also friction about just how far they should go, which is acted believably and feels very realistic.
The ending, when it comes, is a violent, traumatic and emotionally cathartic climax that is hard to watch but also not unexpected. What is unexpected is the way the different characters react. It's brutal and bleak, and emotionally draining, and you may feel a little uncomfortable afterwards. But any harsh exploitation film that's trying to make an important point should perhaps make you feel that way.
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on 3 August 2014
I have had this film for some years now, and watched it a few times. It has something that makes it one I can continue watching.
I find this to be a very special British film that goes straight to the point when it comes to the human mindset in extreme situations.
A real attractive business woman (Gillian Anderson) gets a younger man (Danny Dyer) to install a surveillance securitysystem in
her house. He can see her in the shower, by spying on one of the monitors, and he`s a easy prey when she decides to take him
with her at a businessparty as her boyfriend. On the way back home to her, they have to drive through a dark forest, and get into a
conflict with another car, full of brutal men. Longer down the road, their car get a problem, and stops in the middle of the dark forest.
The other car reach them, and stops to rape the businesswoman, and beat the boy half to death.
She survive, and so does the boy, but his manhood is destroyed since he wasn`t able to protect her, and he becomes bitter with
sexual problems. They stay together as two wounded souls, and finally they decide they can`t go on without a brutal revenge.
The woman has a old rifle she inherited from her father, and they start a amateur like hunt, trying to stay brave enough to go
through with their plans when they find a remote farm in the woods where the violent men use to visit a father and a daughter.
If I go further into the story now, I will ruin it for people who haven`t seen the film.
It goes on unbelievably brutal, since the boy is so filled with hate and bitterness over what they did to him and the woman.
Gillian Anderson seems taylormade for this film, and I would never have believed that she could have been picked for this very
special role. British film never stops surprising me in a positive way, but I would never dreamed of something like this.
No actually pictures of the rape scene, but it`s shocking enough anyway. And so is the molesting of the boy.
But the revenge ends much worse.
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on 30 April 2007
Straightheads is the story about a successful, controlling career woman, Alice, played by Gillian Anderson, who decides to take her young alarm man, Adam, played by Danny Dyer, on a date.

However both Adam and Alice are assaulted on the way home, following which their lives become entwined, with both obsessed with how they were hurt, unable to speak of it to others. When Alice discovers where one of the attackers lives, she persuades Adam to consider revenge.

The film is not so much about revenge as about violence, in particular how violence begets violence. It explores themes of war indirectly, including how armies protect, and fail to protect, soldiers from the dehumanising effect of perpetrating violence. Although not set in a war zone, many of the characters have a military background - including Alice's father.

It is also a film about moral contingencies, about how it is impossible to judge another's actions by absolute standards, unless you have been in the same situation.

A film about violence that failed to show that violence would be cheating, but this film is never gratuitous or voyeuristic. We understand what happened to Alice and Adam, how the attack felt, how it damaged them, by observing the aftermath it leaves behind.

Set in idyllic English countryside, the film is beautifully shot and elegantly directed.

Anderson and Dyer give brilliant, understated performances, who undergo a real journey in the course of the film. They are ably supported by the rest of the cast.

An pertinent film, that deserves viewing.
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on 29 April 2012
This film is without a doubt one of the gems of 2007. Its a simple good old revenge movie! for a first time director he has done a brilliant job!! the cast was great, especially Gillian anderson, it was good to see her do such shocking roll, and shes got her boobs out a hell of a lot of scenes!!!! It was an enjoyable film so watch it.. Although its not a horror film, It will probably appeal more to horror fans due to the rape, revenge, and violence!
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on 7 August 2013
brought this because of mrs anderson , and was very surprised danny dyer can act this has to go down as one of his best if not best performance .
the movie is well worth getting , very good thriller this sort of film has been done before many times , i will not spoil it by going in to detail but as a big movie buff i highly recommend this film all the actors played thier parts really well and gillian anderson well i just adore her , she was excellent .
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Straightheads is not a very pleasant film, but judged on its own terms it is probably quite good. The violence is nasty but at least the camera is not on the violent contact itself. It tells the story of a revenge for a brutal attack and rape, with the interest mainly on the psychological trauma and the unpredictable aftershock. This is quite convincing, managing to convey its meanings through minimal dialogue. This in itself is an asset, as it makes the whole thing quite terse, and the photography is good throughout the 75 minutes running time. It feels less exploitative than some films of this genre. Gillian Anderson is photogenic in the lead, and nicely contrasted to Danny Dyer, who exudes a certain sexiness in some of the non-violent scenes, especially before the catastrophe. I would have liked to see them in different material. I bought the film to see him, really, as I had liked him in Borstal Boy, which is a more lyrical film altogether. He is also excellent in the short film Wasp by Andrea Arnold, included as an extra with Fish Tank.
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VINE VOICEon 11 September 2008
I usually read the reviews before I decide to view the film particularly if I have never heard of it. The reviews were mixed.

I like a good revenge film as it is something we have all thought about but never have the guts to do.

In this case a successful career woman takes up with a much younger man who has just happened to come round and fit safety devices in her house. She is the super sexy and sophisticated business woman and he watches her undress and keeps the clip. She knows she is being watched and then decides to go out with him. She takes him to a party. They hardly know each other but after the party they are attacked on the way home. He is badly injured and she is raped. The violence is not graphic.

Their lives are bound together by the tragedy and they try to recover. Her father dies and she moves back to the area where the attack took place.

One day she spots one of her attackers. There are times in the film when you jump with surprise and shock and that keeps you watching. When she spots her attacker she decides on revenge but the younger lover is not so keen.

If the film has any faults it is the fact that you know so little about the couple that you are no drawn into to be sympathetic of their plight. The attackers are shadowy figures and you know very little about them

You do not have the opportunity to hate them and the main one who raped her is treated sympathetically as he explains why he did it.

In a revenge film you want to have total sympathy wit the victims and total hatred for the attackers. In this film you are torn as you do not know enough about each.
Also normally you are encouraged to relish the end of each of the baddies but this does not happen here.

If you want gratuitous sex and violence this isn't for you . The sex is tasteful and the violence is mainly off camera.

I liked Gillian Anderson's convincing English accent but I think she did attend an English boarding school. Danny Dyer the young love was less convincing but maybe I am wrong and that is exactly how a 23 year old alarm man caught up in a revenge story with an older woman would react.

I liked it and it is definitely worth a watch. The parts I found disturbing were not the overtly violent or sexy bits.

Again I like these films because they are set in Britain and are therefore more realistic and disturbing.If they are set in the mean streets of the US they are just films. unlike some reviews this is exactly the sort of things are lottery money should be spent on. We have enough crumbling churches if people wants to restore them. The British film industry needs funding and maybe like the Olympics we will be up there again.
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on 31 October 2014
I don't usually watch films like this (realistically violent revenge stories), but I love both Anderson and Dyer so put myself through it. I did find it disturbing and prolly would have turned over if it weren't for the two leads, both of whom put in outstanding performances. Since I don't normally watch these types of films it would be hard to compare with others. One thing I liked was its quirkiness. I'll give a a spoiler-free example: the point in the story where the attack occurs is a real surprise, and disturbing in itself for sensitives souls like me (thankfully a small part of it is resolved satisfactorily). If someone watched it not knowing what it was about they would be truly shocked.

The DVD I watched didn't have any extras so I'm really curious about the director's commentary. If anyone who reads this saw that version I would much appreciate some info on that. Is it worth buying just for the commentary? Is it insightful? I've been disappointed by so many pointless commentaries that it leaves me wary.
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on 26 September 2014
Fantastic, gillian Anderson fans should be queing up for this one, not to mention a good performance from Danny
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on 8 February 2016
Shocking and dark this movie grabs you and just doesn't let go! Gillian Anderson is an amazing actress and this movie proves it!!! Danny Dyer is also great! the story is dark and intense but if you can stick to the end you will be glad you did!
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