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4.0 out of 5 stars1,106
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2011
For those of you who don't know whether to buy these, read this. I have been using these with my computer now for about 3 years, at the time I enjoyed them a lot and never found anything wrong with them. As time has gone by, I have really been able to appreciate these headphones more and more. I have tried countless headphones, in ears, on ears, full size the lot. At the time of purchase, I compared these to my £65 Sony in ears, and it was a close one, with the Sony's just taking the lead on detail. However at over double the price, I found this to be quite remarkable. I have since tried other headphones, including my friends £130 shure SRH840's and a few sennheisers. Obviously the Shures had more detail, but no where near enough to justify the price difference. I am starting to believe that these headphones are really quite a spectacular buy at this price, Listening to high quality mp3's and flac files through them is an absolute dream, they deliver a very pleasurable listening experience, sometimes surprising me just how much detail they pick up. There have been a few times where I have taken these on trips over my much more portable in ears (sennheiser cx870 and sony mdr-nc22?) just because I enjoy the comfort and sound from them. The balamce is superb, separation is good, plenty of detail, superb bass. The bass really shows when playing games, insurgency: modern infantry combat shows this off really well with rockets and general ambience detail really drawing me in. When I first tried them, the sound of bombs detonating and sneaky opponents opening fire unexpectedly behind me was enough to make me jump. To wrap it all up, the comfort and fit of these is second to none, I prefer them over a lot of dearer sennheiser headphones and even the shure srh840 which seem to sit away from your head. The only complaints I have about these is that after a while (I mean over 3 hours) the top of my ear becomes sore, and I need to take them off for a while, the build feels a little bit plasticy, but I can accept that at the price. Also, the jack for the headphones became faulty on my set, but I simply added a custom neutrik metal jack to it instead and now all is good. Do not hesitate to buy these and ignore negative comments about these headphones because they are simply unbeatable at this price point, not to mention having great MIC quality on top of the headphone aspect. A Superb buy.
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on 24 February 2011
Most headsets I've worn have been uncomfortable to wear and this one is great, I don't even notice it after a long session of gaming, he quality is also excellent, really recommend the product, the only thing I've found annoying is that the removable mic can be put back in the wrong position and it's really easy to miss that it's wrong.

I also meant to buy the usb version but accidentally bought the jack mic, just make sure you have the correct one.
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on 14 August 2007
This headset is pretty bulky-looking when you are wearing it, but it makes up for this by being really light and very comfortable. With some headsets excessive use can leave your ears quite sore in places, however I have yet encounter any such problems in this case (and i have used them for quite a few extended gaming sessions so far).

The sound quality is excellent, the difference I noticed going from my previous pair (which admittedly were bought on a much smaller budget), was so great it spurred me to open up amazon and give this a good review!
Of this headset's audio am most impressed by the bass; it really adds alot more depth to those explosions :)

The detachable microphone is a good idea; i haven't had any problems with it, however I usually leave it connected so i don't lose it! The sound quality you get from it is pretty good too.

The size of the headset (the band which goes over your head) can be adjusted, as with most headsets. I needed to make the band as short as possible to get the perfect fit, and my head isn't particularly small, so if you have a smallish head it may not fit too well.

Overall i'd say its well worth your money even if you aren't much of gamer; it works very well for music and Skype too.
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on 27 February 2014
As a heavy gamer using headsets for hours at a time, the sound quality and comfort this headset offers is definitely one the best ones I've had. Amazing value for money!

Had this headset for 2 years, using it every day, rolling my chair over the wire each day, the only bad thing about this for me is the incredibly long wire! Tripped up over it countless times, yanking it from my computer and resulting (over a 2 year time period of daily use!!!) the volume control on the wire being loose, affecting sound quality until you adjust the volume and wire position slightly.
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on 25 March 2011
Ok, So before i bought this i had a Creative HS600, I was in the market for a new Headset after the Mic broke on it, so i came across this, And i saw reviews in which people were saying that this headset was Better than some £60 headsets And boy do i believe it, This headset is fantastic.
The one thing i wanted was the ability to have a Gaming headset, But also somthing i could use for music, and boy, Does this work, The bass response is Fantastic!, Your brain will shake if you crank up the bass in the Windows EQ, I find that the audio does need some tweaking in the EQ to bring it to it's full potential , But i do that with any sound device i have ever had, and i suggest you do too.

The mic is amazing, So clear and also so responsive, The one thing i will say though is that Detatching the mic can be a bit.. Hard, as it seems to be Stuck in pretty good, Which is not really a bad thing.

Bass 10/10 for this price range
Microphone 10/10, best i have had
Comfort 9/10 It's very comfy, But at times it can get slightly uncomfortable after very long use, 6 hours+, where it pushes against your ear, But the velvet ear cups make up for that, All it takes is a little movment to get it comfy again.

It has a long cable, i think it's somthing like 9 feet?, i'm not too sure, But it's sure long enough.

All together this has to be the Best headset i have ever owned, and i Do agree, This IS better than ALOT of more expensive headsets.

If your a gamer, and your into your music, you really cant go wrong with this fantastic headset!
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on 19 November 2013
This is the second pair I've bought but it is great value for money, the mic is fantastic, they are comfortable and the last a long time. The sound quality is also terrific, though I just use them to play games, talk on skype and occasionally listen to music.
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on 2 December 2013
I've had these for 2 years now, I've bought them on the 12th of December 2011 and I'm still using them.

The noise cancellation of the headphones isn't that good but if it's quiet in your home then the only thing you'll hear is what is coming through your headphones and it comes out in amazing quality, the bass is good, no static or anything, I prefer my headphones even over my speakers with subwoofer, it really helps me get immersed into my games.

The microphone is great too, people always say they hear my clearly, no static, no noise, no background sounds, it's great.
I've tested it myself too with short recording to test how I sounded and it's what you want, just your voice, nice and clear.

The quality/build of the headphones is nice too except for extended periods (longer than 6 hours) after that your ears will start to feel muffy.
Besides that they're sturdy, they've already fallen several times, I've thrown them against the wall in anger, I've walked away from the pc with them still on pull the whole cable and everything with it, they still live after 2 years.

I'd suggest this to anyone with a small budget for pc gaming and communication.

Worth the price times 3.
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on 8 May 2013
Very good sound quality. Headset tight and make your ears ache after a while - 2-3 hours. Maybe this will ease as they "settle" in. The microphone quality is very clear. For the price these headphones offer a good purchase.

Perfect for gaming if you are in raid chat, etc.. I teamed these up with a USB 5.1 sound card adaptor which lets you control the sound levels separate to your computer sounds, i.e. you can have your game playing through your speakers and your voice chat through headset. The adaptor cards can be purchased very cheaply - mine cost 99p.
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on 13 November 2013
Well I read the reviews before I bought this product, and some of them say that the product is faulty, the microphone socket is stiff (mine isn't), they sound terrible etc, and one bad review out of 100 can actually be really off-putting. Please just ignore them, they were probably damaged in transit or something. I ordered this pair anyway, and I have no regrets.
I'm a student and money is pretty limited for me; and I only bought the pair because I needed something comfortable and practical for Skyrim on my laptop. However, I now take these everywhere; they're light, comfy and the sound quality is great. For £22 they are completely worth it! If you're worried they'll break just be careful with them. On my game I was able to hear sounds that I could never hear before, like Dragons calling from far off, and people whispering in next rooms(good so that I don't stumble into the midst of 6 or 7 heavily armed bandits or mages).
These headphones are amazing. The only downside I have is that you don't get a bag and they don't fold up; however this one minor negative has absolutely no negative effect on this great product.
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on 27 February 2011
Great head set the 1 ive wanted always, and i got it the cheapest from amazon, i would highly recommend to any gamers ( if u get a creative sound card to) the sound is immense and bass is great, happy buy as per usual :)
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