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4.0 out of 5 stars31
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2010
Following the success of his feature length debut, writer-director Anders Thomas Jensen, serves up a macabre dish filled with peculiar flavour and questionable ingredients. Any comparisons made with Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Delicatessen are slightly wide of the mark as both flicks are in total contrast stylistically but Jensen's sly, dry humour is definitely on par with that of the talented French auteur.

The satire revolves around two misfit butchers, `Sweaty' Svend (Mads Mikkelson), and the pot smoking Bjarne (Nikolaj Lie Kaas), who've become disgruntled with being employees and so take the risky decision to buy an empty property and set up their own business and become rivals with their ex-employer, Holger, who sells deer sausages and believes: 'It's mythological to kill an animal and then mock it by sticking it into its own intestine'.

When an electrician turns up late one evening to fix problems in the freezer `Sweaty' Svend haplessly locks the door on his way out and discovers the frozen corpse in the morning. In a state of panic both butchers decide to chop up the body and soak the meat in the marinade Svend uses for his speciality dish, `Chicky Wicky'. Due to the success of his creation and not wanting to disappoint the eager customers or his savage inferiority complex, Svend is now apparently unable to show anyone the inside of his freezer without adding them to the chilled display cabinet the following morning.

The unforced lunacy of the characters filled with deadpan absurdity culled from the comic ingredients of cannibalism and retardation is very tasty, but Jensen's real success is how cleanly he serves up his delicious story: developing strong likeable characters, infusing dialogue with thematic meaning and binding everything together with a tight, breathable plot. So, if you want to gorge yourself on gastronomic excess order yourself this Danish treat, it's gauranteed to wet the appetite. If the humour is to your taste, then you might want to try the flavour in Jensen's other brutally dark comedy, Adam's Apples which, in my opinion, was even more filling.
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on 10 August 2005
This was one of those movies I took a chance with in the local "arty type/foreign" movie theatre, my girlfriend and I roared with laughter/sniggered throughout this movie, does have some messed up humour in the form of a retarded brother and the main story line of 2 butchers serving up fresh human meat as quality meats!
Need I say more, forget about not understanding Danish, the subtitles and the charcters do a grand job of telling the story!
The Danes have a wicked sense of sarcastic humour..
Watch it now!
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on 25 April 2012
I bought this item together with a bunch of other "Sweeney Todd" related releases, when I realised that I'd have to have every release imaginable.

Being a Dane myself, it surprised me that I had never realised this movie as a potential classic. However, generally I am much more for Hollywood and English-language productions, than obscure small country released art films (which this movie almost falls into).

The movie itself, though interesting is not the best "butchers sell human meat" story I have yet to watch, but it never the less has some very unexpected, yet very Danish and very black humour, that I have yet to find in a non-Danish release.

The video seems adequate, though nothing special. It is however presented in it's original theatrical aspect ratio regardless of the box stating "16x9 Anamorphic", which it of course still is enhanced for.

The audio is available in both 5.1 Dolby Digital and 2.0 Dolby Surround in Danish.

I bought one of two British releases, only later realising that I might just have bought the bare-bones version. This however was not the case. This version contains all the extras available in the other British release as well as the Danish. There is, for a Danish production, a rather interesting behind-the-scenes feature, and once done with the talking actors part, it starts covering all the body parts used and shown in this feature.

A funny feature not available in the Danish release are the British trailers.

All features are subtitled in English, with the ability to turn them off (yay for Danes).

The case is interestingly red (as compared to the title and the Danish release) and leading ones thoughts into a classic horror movie which this isn't. Sure, it's scary and the macabre, but it is as much a tale about two off-the-map people who lose track of what is right and wrong.

This release's case names the film "Green Butchers". Being a Dane, and knowing the original title, I found that a little strange. The Danish title would be closer to "The Green Butchers" which the back of the case also proudly names it once or twice. The on-disc menu also refers to the movie by it's original title and green design.

I can highly recommend this release, if you are in the market for something gruesome and macabre, yet interestingly human.

Also check out Adam's Apples ( Adams æbler ) ( Adams Äpfel ), another movie by many of the same people, with a similar, albeit less cannibalistic world view. It's more religious and more ridiculous than "The Green Butchers" as well.

Meat is Murder

Highly recommended!
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on 20 November 2010
I saw the trailer for this film randomly and thought I would give it a go. I think most people would have seen Mads Mikkelson in Casino Royale where he plays the role of the baddie brilliantly, and arguably his role in Valhalla Rising is also notable. However he plays a very different role in this movie, and I guess he is one of the reasons I thought I would watch this as I enjoy his acting.

I think the cover DVD is very misleading, as this is not a particularly gory film, and it relies more on its comedy moments to keep the audience engaged. I thought both main leads were superb, and the storyline is somewhat bizarre yet highly entertaining. I think there is some quality comedy in this film, which did have me in stitches. I will say it was a little slow in the middle, but I thought the ending was very funny, and this is definitely very funny!

Overall, this is a quirky, odd yet funny film, and worth a watch if you want something a bit different.
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Other reviewers have adequately covered the plot of this quite delightful little film, so I'll make just a few observations.
The packaging quotes reviewers who characterised this film as "sick", "gruesome" and God knows what else, leading the potential viewer to expect a gorefest of the Texas Chainsaw variety. In fact, the humour, though definitely of the graveyard type, is actually very witty and quite gentle (at one point Svend, who inadvertently started the cannibal butchery and has a freezer by now well-stocked with bits of assorted people, says to Bjarne that he doesn't want to be around anyone and just wants to be left alone; Bjarne replies "Don't go into the freezer, then"). Think Hitchcock in "The Trouble with Harry" or, better still, Aki Kaurismaki in "Leningrad Cowboys go America" rather than anything by Wes Craven or Tobe Hooper, and you'll have an idea of the spirit of the piece; deadpan, understated and very, very funny. Recommended.
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on 15 December 2013
I will watch anything with Mads in it but have to say I was quite disappointed with this effort simply because the front cover implied greater horrors, guts and gore which really didn't happen. Sure, there were a few scenes with a bit of blood and bodies but nothing as promised. I wasn't quite sure if this was meant to be a black comedy or pure horror. There were a few instances of humour but I found it mainly a sad reflection of two very dysfunctional people who even after the story ends on film would go on to a unhappy end.
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on 26 October 2012
Firstly this is not a horror film but a very very dark and odd black comedy . The first time I watched this I was bemused ; so was not how I was used to seeing both Mads Mikkelsen or Nickolaj Lie Kas , it seems so cartoony barbaric and silly I turned it off . However one cold and dreary wintery afternoon I decided to watch it again and this time loved loved loved it . More and more oddball characters , plot twists and laugh out loud . Such a change from danish dogma/ police/ bleak family trauma . A real odd treat and how great to see Mikkelsen in such a roll . In end I think it is a film about daring to be yourself and finding a friend . Ignore the cover and just enjoy the dark humour . An adult pantomime .
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on 30 October 2011
I bought this a while ago and only managed to watch it tonight. Wow, what can I say? It's unlike anything I've ever seen! I was laughing during and after watching it, and I don't know exactly why! Who would have come up with such an unlikely plot and make it a great black comedy? Only the Danes and Northern Europeans! This is a compliment!

I won't be giving away anything here, except recommending film lovers to give this a try. I was expecting to see a horror movie (which is not my usual genre anyway) but got a surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and my fascination and love for Scandinavian and Nordic films and books will continue, as long as they serve quality entertainment like this.
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on 4 March 2014
I almost turned this film off after the first half hour, but then it began to improve. It cleverly deals with the subject of cannibalism without the blood, guts and gore that usually accompanies such films, and the actor who plays Bjarne and his brother Eigel is very good, but overall I can't recommend the film. It is obviously badly subtitled (either that or it's a poor script). I admit, there are some moments of humour and pathos in it, but the only word I can really use to describe it is... strange!
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on 1 September 2015
Strange and very dark humour. A little slow at first and most of the characters are hard to like (and the plot is not entirely novel) but it's well acted and ultimately this dark humour works well, plus there's a nice twist in the story! Don't make the mistake of expecting this to be a horror film, it's just a very dark and twisted comedy.
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