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4.1 out of 5 stars37
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 17 July 2007
There's no doubting the popularity of this guy. He's everywhere!
And good luck to him, he's had a couple of excellent singles and now he has his all-important album.

This could have been a 5 star album but there are a couple of tracks which are a let down.

But i'm not one to dwell on negatives, i talk about positives, and there are plenty of these on here.

We all know Acceptable In The 80's and The Girls, but the tracks that really stand out include Colours, I Created Disco (my personal fav!) Disco Heat + Certified (a Mylo esque track).

Also worth a mention is Vegas, which is a cheeky edit of Acceptable In The 80's. Very similar track, but it's still v. good!

Recommended definitly for the music, but also just for the fact that he is dance music's biggest star at present, and you might want to know what all the fuss it about.
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on 23 January 2016
Reading the reviews i am not sure if people really understand where this album is coming from. Similar to myself Calvin Harris is from a small town in Scotland. He wrote and recorded this album in a home studio, probably in his bedroom at his parents house in Dumfries in Scotland (population 40,000). For those of you that are unfamiliar with small Scottish towns, generally they are bleak places with very little happening.

Not only did he record an amazing synth album, he did it on an 1990's commodore Amiga - which in my opinion is one of the greatest achievements of this album. You can pick these up for £100 off E-bay, although i imagine he probably had it lying around.

When you hear him singing songs about being in the industry etc, you can take it from me that this is said tongue and cheek because at this point he certainly wouldn't have been heavily involved in the industry (if at all). The album is called I Created Disco! I think this says it all! Although ironically now he is in the industry and one of the highest paid DJ's - so you would be forgiven for thinking this album is from someone that has an overly inflated ego, as opposed to a joke! Especially if you don't know the background to how this album was created.

I remember blasting this album out at house party's and gatherings a good few years ago, so it brings back fond memories. I think where the beauty of this album lies is that although allot of it is tongue and cheek, the songs were also really relevant to me at the time - such as merrymaking at my house! Because that's exactly what i and all my friends were doing at the time, in fact i am quite sure this album might have got us evicted from our house for over playing it out loud - so thanks Calvin!

Best track form the album in my opinion is Disco Heat! Could listen to this one on repeat (in fact i think i might have done)

Cracking album - recommend giving it another spin with a fresh pair of ears!
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on 29 November 2011
Calvin Harris is probably best described as one of those musicians who have found better exposure in collaborating with other performers over the years, creating entertaining results along the process. But back in 2007, all we had from him was this album that spawned 2 very catchy chart hits (Acceptable in the 80s, and The Girls), which are still quite popular pieces of dance pop to this day- the number of times we hear Acceptable in the 80s for a documentary about the 1980s is countless.
The rest of I Created Disco does not hold up, unless you are really a hardcore fan of electro pop. The vocals are not interesting, the beats sound like homage to classic electronic from the late 1970s and early 1980s, and they just do not make an impact, for the album, as a whole. Trying to listen to the album more then once is inadvisable, unless you do not mind torturing yourself to the same beats repeatedly. However, the last track, Electro Man actually sounds something you can tolerate, let alone appreciate, in what Harris is doing to make you love what he is trying to do. That is the real hit, which criminally deserves more exposure then it did back in the day, amongst all the uninspiring music from this album.
In short, Calvin Harris' I Created Disco is not a statement that will hold up with fans of electro in the end, and it is probably best to sum up that he created disco that is not worth banging on about, particularly with some of his more recent material being more substantial in contrast.
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on 4 December 2009
I knew I liked most of the album before I bought it, and it basically was just what I expected. Unfortunately, the couple of tracks I didn't know felt like just fillers, and some of better known tracks were so familiar, I just didn't get any great buzz out of them any more. Having said that, I really rated the more recent "Ready for the Weekend", where I didn't know the tracks inside out, so I guess it's a case of familiarity breeding a slight lack of enthusiasm ( but definitely mot contempt )
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on 15 January 2008
Calvin Harris arguably produced one of the best dance tunes of 2007 with 'Acceptable In The 80s'. With its very retro synth lines, catchy vocal hook and commercial appeal, the track caught the imagination of the nation. The debut album, therefore, was expected to continue that trend.

What we get, however, is dull electro trash that is as pointless as it is boring, with tracks that lack little imagination and substance. The album starts well with the catchy, funky 'Merrymaking At My Place', but it all goes slowly downhill from there. 'Colours' starts well but ends up going round in a boring loop, and the same can be said for 'The Industry', 'Traffic Cops' and the abysmal 'Electro Man'.

There are flashes of brilliance - the well thought out and produced title track 'I Created Disco' and the funky 'Disco Heat' with it's disco inspired guitar hooks spring to mind. But even these can't detract from the feel of the album being full of fillers, tracks that start well but end up going nowhere. And ironically it's a track that sounds like an edgier version of Acceptable In The 80s 'Vegas' that is the highlight of the album.

'Acceptable In The 80s' set such a high benchmark - it's disappointing that 'I Created Disco' falls way short.
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on 25 September 2015
I Created Disco by Calvin Harris features some of his classic club hits such as Acceptable In The 80’s and The Girls. This is the perfect music combination for those who enjoy the classic music intersection of club and electronic music.
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on 29 March 2014
Thought I would give this a try. Impressed, but not overly impressed. Some songs are amazing, some songs are just dumb. Some of the lyrics seem a bit retarded......not very intellectual. Guess if your 'off your nut' you would dig this.
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on 24 June 2007
By releasing "Acceptable In The 80s" and "The Girls", Calvin Harris has unveiled such alluring tasters to this album that it just cannot possibly disappoint. And it doesn't.

"I Created Disco" gets going right away! We are welcomed by the catchy "Merry Making At My Place", which serves its purpose as an initiation into the album - an example of the flawlessness to come; simple, yet utterly catching and enthralling, leading us further into the party with "Colours" - again, rather simple, but totally infectious - followed by the excessively 80s (yet very modern in its message) "This Is The Industry".

By this stage, you know the rest of the album will continue to impress as we approach the two tracks that have given us a sample of this album via the charts: "The Girls" and "Acceptable In The 80s"; the former bringing the band back to this century after the fantastically nostalgic feel of the latter.

We then continue further down the electric route with the slower "Neon Rocks", which is as mesmerizing as the faster tracks, in a relaxing rather than exhilarating approach.

Then comes "Vegas", which is so...Vegas! This is followed by title track "I Created Disco", which is actually one of the weaker tracks, inserting only a sporadic pleasing jingle into what is mostly a rather plain tune. Nevertheless, the pace picks itself up again instantly thanks to "Disco Heat", which provides exactly what its title promises, slotting us back into club-mode.

We wind down again when "Certified" arrives - an evocative, poignant, gentler track which is utterly relaxing and cool, leading immediately into the totally chilled, tropically jazzy "Loves Souvenir", and then ending with "Electro Man".

What makes the album refreshing is it offers both lyric-laced and instrumental tracks, dotted with one or two interludes that are industrially haunting in themselves.

The album is a night out and a house party encased into one. It's Human League meets Hooverphonic. It's 80s nostalgia combined with contemporary electronica. It's energetic yet relaxing. It is stylistic genius!
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on 17 May 2009
After seeing calvin harris at last years Big Weekend i knew i had to buy the album eventually. Finally got around to it last week and i wish id bought it earlier!
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on 4 July 2007
Calvin Harris album was eagerly anticipated by his however falls on me to say it was not worth the wait...a very mediocre album this is...acceptable in the 80's and the girls are the only standout tracks..the rest just seem like filler. Mylo's debut album had the benefit of not just good singles but good albuum tracks too,this falls short of that by a way. The main prob is many of the tracks sound the same and feel like theyve been rushed out and after a couple of plays all you'll be playing back is prob the 2 singles.

The man has promise for sure but lets have some better tracks next time calvin!!
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