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4.3 out of 5 stars130
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 December 2008
Finally a decent DVD version of Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness! I was ecstatic originally when the first Director's Cut of the film came out on a 2-disc edition (the second disc being the US Theatrical Cut - I wasn't so bothered about that version). Of coarse, as I'm sure many of you came to realise as I did, that "edition" wasn't so special after all. It just felt like Anchor Bay released someone's bootlegged version (a title the Americans had used) from some cheap VHS cassette. The picture was poor for the extended scenes and even the sound on the final battle was extremely ropey. I fobbed the DVD off rather rapidly afterwards.

Right, anyhow.

Now, Optimum has stepped in and finally done something about it and what we have... is another DC of the film, yes, but with better sound and picture quality, well as better as it can get for AoD. This is it; this is the version that is a definite keeper. The extended scene in the mill doesn't add much to the film admittedly, just a couple more giggles but the final battle has changed considerably and, to my mind, is a little more exciting with a few more antics in it. Plus they have kept the much favoured "apocalyptic ending". All in all this is the version of the film (since the European Cut) I'm going to stick with, and hope all you fellow AoD fans can enjoy just as much as I have. My only tiny gripe really is the lack of special features (which include the rather stupid "happy ending" - sorry to those who liked it, hail to the king baby!), but it's the film that matters.
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on 16 November 2013
This is actually the follow on from the Evil Dead 2 and has Ash,the only survivor from the first 2 movies finding himself in medi-evil times,actually,if I remember rightly this was originally called The Medi-evil Dead.This one has it all.A brilliant way to round the set up,with a touch of Ray Harryhausen to be had,loads of comedy,loads of devilishness and fun!!!
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on 24 March 2015
I've seen this years ago but just fancied watching it again. Bruce is great in the film (as always). Ignore any negative reviews, if you've seen The Evil Dead and like it then you'll like this. The phone app of the game is worth getting too. The fans abit repetitive buts it's the famous quotes that name me laugh.
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on 13 November 2002
As a big non-fan of both the horror and the spoof genre this film should have been rubbish to me, but it was without doubt one of the best films I have ever seen!
Army of Darkness has the most incredible one liners and cheesy lines ever; almost every line is quotable and will leave you laughing for ages!
Bruce Cambell's acting is brilliant both as good Ash and as evil Ash and his crazy style never stops being entertaining, especially during the two end sequences. The video is great because you get the two end sequences which are both as brilliant as each other.
Also Sam Raimi's directing is amazing and his traditional stylistic traits are seen throughout including "the car" that appears in every film he makes!
All-in-all I would recomend this film for anyone who wants to have a good night in. The film has semi-scary bits and plenty of jokes to keep you entertained!
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on 9 October 2009
If you're new to the Evil Dead movies this is as good a place as any to start. If you think Evil (sort of) twins, Ray Harryhausen style skeleton battles, big chinned heroes that say 'Groovy', boom-sticks, books of the dead, 15th century steam powered death coasters made from Oldsmobiles, the phrase "Klaatu barada nikto" and of course, Chainsaws are your thing then buy this DVD. Genius horror comedy, without which Shaun of the Dead would never have happened.

For any Evil Dead fans horribly disappointed with the quality of certain scenes on the previous region 2 Director's Cut release, this will come as a welcome surprise. Well worth the price. It even includes the U.S. S-mart ending as an extra.
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on 18 October 2012
Ever heard of jumping the shark? Well this 3rd Evil Dead installment underlines that statement.
Army of Darkness is decent enough, but the makers seem to have got their bigger budget and well, er wasted it.

Its so far away from the whole concept of demons in cabins that it just doesn't work.
People point to Part 2 being comedy, which they are wrong, but Part 3 sure is.

Campbell as usual does a good job, but I am guessing that there were plenty of problems shooting this film.
I mean it has 3 endings, all pretty unsatisfactory in my opinon.

Its a difficult film, probably best watched on its own and away from the first two Evil Dead films.
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on 24 April 2016

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on 26 November 2011
Army Of Darkness continues where Evil Dead 2 finished, with Ash going back in time through a portal to 1300 AD. He is immediately captured by Lord Arthur and his men, and accused of being one of Henry The Red's men. He's taken back to the castle and thrown into a pit, where he defeats a couple of Deadites and wins the respect of the people. He demands that the Wise Man send him back to his time, when he's given the bad news that only the Necronomicon aka the book of the dead can send him home. Ash must then begin a journey to retrieve the book, where he must say the three words Klaatu barada nikto to safely claim the book. In typical Ash style, he forgets the words and awakens a skeletal army of darkness. It's now down to Ash and what remains of Arthur's men to protect the castle and book, and to try and defeat the army of deadites.

Bruce Campbell is fantastic as Ash, he always has a sly or sarcastic remark on hand. He plays the role like he did in Evil Dead 2, with much more bravado and slapstick than the original. There's some pretty good support from Embeth Davidtz, Marcus Gilbert, Ian Abercrombie and Richard Grove, but the movie is all about Campbell, so much so that the opening title actually says Bruce Campbell vs Army Of Darkness. Bridget Fonda has a very small role as Linda, his girlfriend in the earlier films in a brief flashback. Ted Raimi has a few small parts, and for any huge horror fans, Patricia Tallman who played Barbara in the Night Of The Living Dead remake appears under heavy make up as a possessed witch.

Sam Raimi did the much more commercial Darkman after the first two Evil Dead movies, after that was successful it allowed Army Of Darkness a much bigger budget than the other two. It's clear to see this had a much bigger budget. Where the first two movies were set in a cabin in the woods, this film is more of an adventure film. I assume alot of the budget went on the special effects, and for a film from 1992, most of the effects work really well. The skeleton army look fantastic, and most of the make up looks great, especially the make up on the lead deadite.

I wasn't expecting much from the blu-ray, but i'm delighted to say that for most of the film it looks amazing. From the moment it started, I could instantly see a huge difference in quality between this and the standard version. The first thing you see when the film starts is sand, on the blu-ray, you can see all of the individual pebbles and grains of sand, on the standard version it just looks like porridge. Virtually every close up on Bruce Campbell's face shows remarkable clarity and detail, every pore on his face is visible and looks much better than some new films I have on blu-ray. The colours are now much more vibrant and the whole film looks like it was made last year instead of 1992 on a modest budget. There are moments when the film does drop in quality, the odd scene here and there is quite grainy but still holds good detail behind it, it just seems out of place when 90% of the film is grain free and looks magnificent. On two or three occasions the picture goes quite soft and looks dvd quality, but it's rare and this is just about the best blu-ray of a catalogue title that i've seen.

The problem that some people may have with the blu-ray, and it's the reason i've give it four stars instead of five, the blu-ray version is the theatrical version of the film which runs at 81 minutes, the director's cut which runs fifteen minutes longer at 96 minutes is on the disc but it's in standard definition. The difference in quality is massive, and I for one would have loved to see the longer version that Sam Raimi intended us to see in blu-ray. It's nice to have both versions, but I already had both versions on the 2-disc special edition which also had a few more extras on it than this. The 2-disc dvd wasn't packed with extras, but apart from the 2 versions of the film and the commentary from Campbell and Raimi, there's very little else here.

Army Of Darkness has always been my favourite of the Evil Dead films, probably due to the fact that I saw this one much more regularly as a kid. It does feel like more of a spin off from the first two, and relies much more on slapstick humour where the first two were very dark and had lots of gore. Anybody that enjoyed the humour of Evil Dead 2 should really enjoy Army Of Darkness, but with it being so different to the other films, you don't really need to have seen them to enjoy watching this one. If you're already a fan of the film, but wasn't sure if it is worth the upgrade to blu-ray, then I suggest you shop smart, shop S-mart and buy this as it looks absolutely amazing.
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on 11 November 2004
I bought this in the hope that I'd see more Bruce Campbell wise cracks. What you get is the theatrical feature with ungraded cuttings from the editing room floor glued in with chewing gum and paperclips. The original film is one of my all time favorites and this version proves that editors do a very good job by removing anything that is unneccesary, misleading or of poor film-making quality. This DVD is basically everything that is great about Army of Darkness with added unneccesary, misleading and poor quality footage.
Hail to the Editors baby!
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on 22 April 2006
Cant really say anything that hasnt been said before by other reviewers, but I love this film. It is very loosly connected to the 1st two evil dead films (the first i love, the 2nd im not too keen on), and isnt a horror film rather a comic/adventure/fantasy creation. I would imagine that the poor ratings given to this film by some people would be because they were expecting an old fashioned horror in the shape of the first evil deads

Even so, if you want some cheesy goodness, bad effects, and great one liners, then i would highly recommend this
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