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on 22 December 2006
Normally the first generation of a product is a disappointment, but the 3088 is not.

The phone is a nice enough phone if you are used to DECT cordless handsets, installation is a doddle, just plug the ethernet cable into your broadband connection (you will need some sort of router if you don't already have one, and want to use your computer at the same time).

It logs onto Skype, you see your contacts and away you go. There's even a voucher for 30 minutes of Skype out calls so you can call landlines as well.

Skype are running a promotion at the moment that gives you six months of free calls to UK landlines if you buy £10 of Skype credit, so that's pretty good.

I have a SkypeIn number, so this phone now is my central London office! - voicemail works just fine as well when I can't get to the phone (or don't want to).

All in all, a great little handset, no major quirks, nice colour LCD display, and it will work on your landline like a normal cordless telephone as well.
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on 18 September 2008
I'm buying these phone to give to customers and after using the Belkin and Netgear wifi phones with great dificulty this is a breath of fresh air easy to setup and use. Excellent call quality compared to the above mentioned wifi phones and still wireless. I have had 1 faulty phone so only 4 stars instead of 5. I have bought 12 of these in the last 3 months and are Definitely the best skype phones I have used.
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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2007
For years now I have used Skype with its pros and cons. Main con was always the need for a PC. I tried VoIP services, but there are usually hidden costs like the contract duration at Vonage for example.

The Dualphone solved my main issues - I have a phone that fully replaces my old phone. You can call using your landline or skype. The quality on Skype is very good, so that is what I typically use and I don't need to keep my PC on.

The setup was very straightforward and took me five minutes. Just hook up the special router, charge the phone and log in on your skype account.

There is one issue that sometimes comes up. If you are on your PC and logged into Skype it may conflict. As a result Skype may not recognise the credit you have on the Dualphone.

There are some minor improvements they could make to the interface, but all in all it was well worth the investment.
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on 29 January 2010
Like one of the previous reviewers I was excited with the prospect of this technology. However in the first week I decided to upgrade the firmware as per instruction manual. Upon completion the display went blank and stayed that way. RTX Dualphone support was less than satisfactory, sent me the std. email. Turn it on/off then when the screen reads..... Did they bother to read the fault? (display was blank)???
Follow up emails to them have been less than satisfactory. I asked if they have a formal "complaints" procedure but I have been ignored.
I would not recommend this product based on the un-satisfactory support recieved.
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on 30 April 2008
This review is based on over 6 months use.

Was a bit unsure about these first generation Skype phones but for me this product has, and continues to be, exactly what we are looking for. I can't fault it. That said, one would always like to pay less but I did expect to pay a bit more for a first generation device.

My girlfriend and I are seasoned Skype users (SkypeIn and SkypeOut). We regularly ring UK to NZ, Australia and Ireland (PC, landlines and mobiles) - on a daily basis. The Skype calls seldom have any problems (the echoing and lag can be call dependent but is now generally very good to exceptional). This device only makes the process simpler and easier for us (no booting the laptop and putting on the headset first thing in the morning - we can call from any room, bed, etc).

The sound quality of this device is also great (I was concerned about the volume mentioned in some other reviews). As an example I can ring and talk clearly to my 86 year old grandmother in NZ on this phone using SkypeOut and the sound volume and clarity is great/excellent. The errors are ours.

In our flat (not huge) the wireless range is good (no problems in any room). It's a simple plug-n-play into your router and away you go (< 5 mins setup). Login and away you go. More complicated Skype functions I perform on the PC (just easier), that said the UI on the phone is simply and easy to get used to - though I do always forget which button does what (left v right). Once of the buttons flashes blue when you miss a call - great and easy to see from a distance. The screen is pretty good too - it's is cute to see the users graphic when they ring, etc.

A side effect of having a dedicated Skype phone (with decent broadband bw) is that we have freed up our laptop and can make simultaneous Skype calls. My girlfriend on the Skype phone, me on my Nokia n800 or laptop, etc. If required we can still video conference on the laptop.

The charge time on the phone is good - no hindrance. Every now and again we have to leave it on the cradle overnight. We try and leave it off the cradle to properly power cycle the batter. The battery indicator is clear to see when charge is low.
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on 10 December 2006
When I ordered this item I was a little sceptical about whether it could be as easy as they described. I have to say that I am not an IT whizz and this item was so simple to install. Literally follow the five steps. Then turn the phone on - put in your SKYPE user name and password - Thats it!

The phone iteself is nice and has a modern sharp look to it. The menus on the phone are very simple and just like a mobile with good clear address book. I terms of ringing someone - Key in your number like on any normal phone then press dial - it gives you the option of using SkypeOut or your landline, select which one you want and start talking. The range seems to be pretty good. Admittedly I have not tried it to the 300m but it certainly works at the end of the garden. This is a good phone. Hope you find this review useful.
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on 21 September 2007
Having had this phone in service for a week I am quite pleased, although it is not for the inexperienced. It takes a little getting used to. Volume needs to be louder - both for earpiece and tones, the latter of which are rather limited and not easy to hear even in the same room if there is music or tv playing. Skype calls are, I am told, by recipients much clearer than when using the computer, although the Skype to Skype calls are not quite so clear as on the computer. One problem I have had was, after downloading new firmware, my whole airport system went off and took some time to get back again, but it could just have been coincidence.
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on 20 January 2010
RTX DUALphone 3088 for Skype (No PC Required)
Living in rural Spain without a landline and poor mobile signal, I rely on Skype to keep in touch with my Family & Friends in the UK. I have tried headsets, and both corded and cordless USB phones, which have been OK but you have needed to keep the computer turned on to receive a call. When temperatures reach 40c in summer, this is not always an option, so I had great hopes for the RTX Dualphone (even though I didn't need the landline bit of the 'dual').

The courier arrived with the parcel just as I was preparing lunch so I decided to unpack it and put it on charge whilst I had my lunch. I plugged the base unit into the router and the handset/charger into the socket and was amazed to see that it found the base, connected to the internet and started downloading firmware updates all by itself. By the time I had finished my lunch, it was ready to use!!!!

The clarity of the calls is certainly a lot better than with the USB handsets and I don't need to close programs in order to improve the call quality.

My only beef (which is why 4 stars and not 5) is the voicemail. It is either on or off, that's it, and when it's on, it answers after 2-3 rings. You cannot change that (I have e-mailed their helpdesk and they confirm this). It doesn't matter what your Skype computer settings are set to, if the phone is on, it controls the voicemail from within the phone. If you don't turn voicemail on, the phone just rings and rings (so I am told) but you do get a missed call notification.

The only way I have found around this is either to turn off the base (but the handset is continually searching for it) or set your status to 'OFFLINE'. Then the computer voicemail settings appear to take over. This can be set to kick in after however many seconds you want. Any voicemail messages show on the computer but also flash blue on the handset when you go back 'ONLINE' with the handset. Not ideal, especially when you are maybe at home but busy and would like voicemail to pick up for you but OK if you are going out, as long as you remember to go 'OFFLINE' first.

It gets a bit confused if you have the phone set to online and access Skype on the computer at the same time but I just turn the base off first if I want to access settings or messages (you can't access messages (IMs) from the handset).

Apart from this, and all in all, the best Skype phone I have used.
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on 31 March 2009
I have owned one of these phones (and two handsets) over several years. Initially the firmware (software in the phone that runs the hardware and the screen) was of very variable quality. This eventually settled down to being satisfactory.

The hardware (the electronic bits of the phone that you can touch) have continue to eventually fail or perform poorly. After a while the ability of the first handset to ring failed, so I had to buy a new handset. The new handset which I have had for about a year, now loses its sound quality after a call has been in progress for around 8 - 10 minutes.

Good overall design concept but poor execution. I do not recommend it.
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on 7 December 2010
I've had this phone for about eight months now and I bought it to go for one of Skype's `all-in' monthly call plans.

* Able to use Skype without a PC;
* The handset takes standard AAA rechargables, so if the supplied batteries fail, you can easily replace them (check instructions first);
* Intuitive set-up in a few minutes;
* Decent talk time/standby time with the batteries supplied.

* Sound quality is only OK (when calling landlines, I get the impression that whoever I'm talking to can hear me more clearly than I can hear them);
* Relatively expensive. I paid eighty quid for mine and this is probably because when I bought it, there was pretty-much next-to-no-choice of these types of dualphones;
* Poor choice of ring tones (you might think I'm being picky, but wait until you hear the choice available!)
* The ring tones aren't really loud enough;
* Very slow response when accessing phonebook entries;
* No button backlights (bit of a pain when using in low light);
* No ringer on charging cradle.
* The buttons feel quite 'rubbery' and poor quality when pressed.

Overall, it does a job, but it ain't great.
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