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4.1 out of 5 stars40
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2008
I bought my Xbox 360 along with this game after reading about it on wikipedia and watching some clips on youtube. It looked amazing, and I must say, it didnt disappoint.

The graphics are quite stunning. Some games dont use the consoles graphical potential to its maximum but Dark Sector does. The cinematic look really creates an atmosphere, and with there being no icons on the screen at all except when you check for ammo or pick an item up makes the experience a lot more realistic.

The AI are relatively intelligent, as you would expect. They take cover, have good aim, and sometimes have an annoyingly good judgement of grenade throwing.

In some reviews I've read, people have said the story is disappointing and hard to understand. I disagree. The story is quite enticing, and somehow fast paced (the 10 chapters are each quite long). You really get a feel for the character Hayden and although some elements of the story are not fully explained, its easy to step into his shoes. And trust me, at one point you'll find yourself amused yet shocked at the twist.

The controls are at first quite confusing, I often found myself shooting instead of throwing the glaive and vice versa, but once you get the knack for it, you can really unleash the power of the glaive and your customised weapons. Using aftertouch with the glaive is very satisfying, especially when theres a load of zombies stoof in a row.

I have to of course list some flaws.
The game is quite dark. Sometimes its hard to see things and whats going on, especially when your trapped into a corner by a gang of mutants.
Sometimes the range of the glaive is irritating. Battles are often quite spread out and when your forced to take cover because of the billion soldiers, its annoying when your glaive reaches 1cm in front of their faces.
And the final flaw, the ending! Don't get me wrong its a good ending, your enticed right up to the last minute, but the final cinematic is brief and doesnt explain what happens afterwards. I doubt a sequel, but am annoyed I didn't get to see what happenned to Hayden and all the other infected.

I am yet to get Live, so cant comment on the online play.

All in all - a brilliant game, and for anyone who likes shoot 'em ups, gore, and horror games, this is for you.
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on 2 April 2008
I got this game on monday and have so far really enjoyed it. The visuals are very good and it has a Gears of War look. I am currently on the 4th mission with 9 overall. The first few missions are very short but they are just to introduce you to the controls. Following missions are much longer.

The animations are excellent. I just finished my 1st boss battle and it was very movie like. The glaive is pretty cool too and works well as do the guns.

The main gripe I have is the Melee attack doesnt work properly. It takes a few hits to kill an enemy and by then they can hit you once and your near dead. The story is also rather bland and sometimes you dont know who people are or what your doing. A hint or objective display would have been useful.

The multiplayer isnt bad though it is over very quickly. Once the main character is dead the round is over. There are only 2 modes which are ok but they really need to release more to keep people interested which has been promised as downloadable content.

Overall if you liked Gears of War and Residnent Evil 4 then chances are you will like Dark Sector. It uses elements fom both games. It will keep you occupied until GTA 4 arrives and also is a nice change of pace from all the FPS im playing at the minute.
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on 30 May 2008
at first, i never knew this game existed until it slowly creped up and announced itself! seeing the videos for it got me interested but i was still unsure as whether to buy it or not however i was not completely disappointed when i eventually made the purchase!

the gameplay, graphics and sounds are awesome with the glaive sounds truly spectacular but the story was badly produced however i feel that the story could have been improved.

it does however has it fair share of flaws i.e. leaning against walls, peeking round corners? , bodies in the air and so on however an excellent game with interesting features.

hopefully the potential sequel will have fixed all the bugs and has a better story behind it with new features and abilities.
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on 9 March 2009
when i ordered this game i was not expecting much at all. but when it came and i played it for the first time i was stunned with the quality and game play, from the graphics to the character and his abilities. there are parts which will make you jump( as it did me). the bosses are really cool although the last boss is solid so beware. i love the after touch ability you have with the glaive as it lets you zoom in and direct the glaive where you want it to go and who you want it to hit. overall i will give it 9 out of 10 in any game it could have been improved in parts.
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on 28 April 2008
This game is great. If you want an amazing third person shooter to keep you occupied for a week- buy this game. But when I say "week" it actually only lasts about 5-7 hours depending on skill. But then again, all games seem to be this length these days.

Lots of magazines and websites critized this game for the story. But at least it tries to do a story. it may not be oscar winning stuff but it is decent enough for a game. GOW didn't even have a story! Yet they don't really mention that in all of the reviews you read... Na, and OXM definetly aren't corrupt...

Any way, if you liked GOW and other games that delpy the cover mechanic, then you will definetly like this. If you like action and shooting just buy this. What are you waiting for? This kept me going until I got GTA 4. Well, I'm hoping to get GTA 4 tomorrow. But buy this game! It is definetly underrated!!!
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on 14 April 2008
This has to be the most under rated game ever! I got it as there was not a lot of games out that i didnt already have and i fancied something new, and to be honest it has blown me away! Im a big gears of war fan and have been desperate for a game that can thrill me with quality graphics and animations that gears gives. Dark Sector is a mix of gears of war, the darkness, resident evil and assassins creed (for the fight scene visuals).

Graphically, this game is equally as impressive as gears of war......sometimes its even better! gameplay is also of a very high quality with animations that will make your eyes pop out of your head! plot....not sure what the plot of the story is but who cares!! everything else about this game is fantastic and you will love every minute of it!

i could write lots more about the A.I. the weapons, boss battles etc but the longer im writing this, the less time i have to play it!

gotta go....there is a zombie out there waiting for me to decapitate him!!

ps...should also mention that this game has the best 5.1 sound quality of any game i have ever played.
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on 22 June 2013
Bought this game used for a very low price and have to say its quite fun to play, the controls feel gears of war-ish if slightly more sticky, especially when taking cover. The Ai is pretty decent and react to your movement and respond well, but the best part is the glaive, a throwing 3 pronged blade which can be used either in real time or slowmo for that extra special kill, seeing limbs flying off is always fun and the weapon also comes in handy when opening locked doors or solving puzzles. The campaign is about 6-8 hours long and improves each chapter, there are 10 chapters in total with the end of the later ones having some pretty awesome boss fights, it'll test you on brutal difficulty and can even be a challenge on normal, overall a really fun campaign that you'll remember and some great gameplay, must check this one out.
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on 10 August 2008
I bought this game over 3 months ago and forgot to post a review, so here it is, my review, Dark Sector has been made using the gears of war system so the view of witch you play is the same and the darkness of the game is the same too, the campaign in Dark Sector is good with 10 levels to go through, after each level it gets harder and each level gets longer, but you unlock special abilities within your character to overcome these foes. Well i wont spoil the game, it is great fun but you can get stuck some time, therefore having to look up a walkthough. but other than that IT IS GREAT. The online is good as well, but as not almost of people play this game online, you very often see the same names pop up in every game you play.
Overall 9/10 as nothing can be perfect.
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on 7 September 2008
a good enjoyable game that kept my interest. the combination of glaive and pistols made decision making an important part of the game. Some of the baddies were interesting and i particularly liked the puzzle element to the game.

i'm currently on chapter 7 and i believe there are approx 9 and for me, this game is definiely long enough.

i should also add this game is NOT for kids. I won't even let my 10 year old be in the same room when i play it.

On the whole I was surprised by how good this game was and if you like shooters it is definitely recommended
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on 31 March 2009
I thought this was a pretty good game and once you get the hang of using the glave which you have to as you couldn't complete it otherwise it works . But the boss battles are very drawn out and hard towards the end. In fact I had to give up, even though I knew what I had to do to defeat the boss in question, even after 30 attempts I still couldn't do it .. So in frustration I moved on to another game . So four stars for this one, tempted to give it 3 but maybe I'm just a rubbish gamer.. Just be warned you may not see the end ....
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